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The lover boy Episode 3 & 4

💖 The Loverboys💖
(What happened to them?)
Episode 3
By: Faith Lucky.
Jeanne’s Pov:
She paused and took in some jui-ce.
“Oh, that?” She asked and continued eating, but I wasn’t.
I was just staring at her, hopefully waiting for an answer.
“Well, I have no idea. Nob©dy does – maybe except the loverboys” she replied and I sighed disappointed
“But it all started four years ago” she added.
“Theo was the leader of the band back then and him and Alex were best of friends. They seemed inseparable.
“Normally, Theo was a nice quiet guy, while Alex was the flir-ty type. Carl, I
Daniel and Malcolm were just like Alex – always having fun.
“But unexplainbly, Theo disappeared; like he just disappeared and nob©dy has heard from him since then.
“So, Alex took over as the band leader, but things were never the same again…”
“Like the deaths of his girlfriend?” I interpolated and she shrugged.
“well, yeah. The death of his girlfriends. It’s also kind of complicated.
Since Theo left, Alex has fallen in love with two girls and they both ended up dead”.
“So what do you think?” I asked.
“Do you think it’s just a coincidence?”
“Well, I don’t know about that. Like I said, it’s complicated. Maybe its a coincidence, maybe it’s not. But one things for sure; something really big definitely happened between Theo and Alex – something really big”.
A brief silence stepped in for a while.
“I heard they’re no female workers in the loverboys mansion” I broke the silence.
“Oh, yes. Alex’s idea” she replied. “He’s been trying to avoid contact with girls in every way.
“You know his dad is late and his mum and little sis actually live in the mansion because of the kid.
She’s a very very busy woman and travels out of the country a lot.
So, as a result, she stays in the mansion so whenever she was away, the loverboys could help in looking after Molly.
But the loverboys are usually very busy and many times, Molly has gone missing.
“Huh? Why doesn’t she just get a nanny or something?” I asked, muddled.
“Hello? Have you forgotten I said no female workers in the mansion?
Alex’s mum has hiredhired about eight nannies – if I’m not mistaken – but they all lost their jobs within 24 hours”.
I [email protected]
“You mean Alex s£nds them away?” I asked.
“Nope. Not Alex, but Molly. She always cooks up one complain or the other or ill treat and scare the nannies away and in the end, they end up running away.
But, it’s rumoured Alex’s the one behind it. I heard he’s actually the one ma-king her s£nd the nanny away and that’s because he doesn’t want any girl around him. Even their cook is a boy.”
“But why’s he suddenly abstaining from girls?” I asked.
“Well, maybe he’s scared to fall love again. I mean, after what happened to the other two girls he loved. Anyway, I don’t know; I have no idea” .
I nodded and looked down at my food.
“So, who’s your favourite among the loverboys?” I asked and she blu-shed.
Episode 4
Jeanne’s Pov:
“So, who’s your favourite among the loverboys?” I asked and she blu-shed.
“Huh? Of course it’s Alex. Who else could it be?” She replied happily.
“But…If you were to chose between Theo and Alex, whom would you chose?” I asked and she looked stuck a bit.
“Well…I don’t know. Theo’s also very lovely and comparable to Alex. But, I think id still chose Alex” she replied and I smiled.
“What about the lovergirls? Are they also in my grade?” I asked and Carissa crinkled up her face.
“Who? Those spoilt arrogant [email protected]?” She asked and I pu-ll-ed a surprised face.
“Huh? Why are you saying that about them? I love them” I said defensively and she scoffed.
“Trust me, darling. It’s because you haven’t gotten to meet them.
They’re vipers, especially their leader – Kimberly. She’s a she wolf. You really nee-d to be careful with them” .
I scoffed and shook my head. Is she serious or something?
Kimberly is my role model.
How can she tell me to be careful around her?
Carissa and I went on talking for sometime and I kind of enjoyed her company. She was a fun person.
After lunch, she followed me to clas-s. But since we were in different grades, we couldn’t stay together and she left afterwards.
To be sincere, I didn’t entirely enjoy my first day in Alpha High because I didn’t get to meet any of my superstars – aside Alex who had just acted blinded towards me.
After some hours, the school was over and everyb©dy headed home.
When I got home, luckily, dad was still around. And so, his wife and kids didn’t have an opportunity to bully me.
Too bad he’ll be leaving tomorrow.
I had dinner with him and explained briefly about my first day in alpha high. Although I didn’t tell him about the Alex [email protected]
We spent a long time together and after a while, I went up to my room for a bath and a rest.
Well, like I said, I only get to enjoy these privileges when dad was around .
The moment he leaves again by tomorrow, my life’s gonna turn into a living hell.
I brou-ght out my diary and wrote about my little experience with Alex.
It was very brief, but meant a lot to me . I kept smiling the whole time.
I remembered his sweet words to me:
“Do you realise this is a restricted area?”
Hold on; did I just say sweet?
Well, at that moment, they were scary. But right now, they’re sweet.
Oh, Alex!
I could recall how cute he looked when he turned around to pick up the keys – those dazzling eyes of his; the nose; the sweet pinkl-ips and the hair.
I wish I could be hold that face again. Even if it was just for a second.
‘I really like you, Alex’ I wrote in my diary.
‘And I wish I could take away the sadness you feel.
Too bad you now dislike ladies’.
I closed the diary and led upwards, rethinking the whole thing.
I really wish I can get to see Alex again.
Well, tomorrow was tuesday, right? And we had further maths.
Mr Leonard’s definitely going to f0rç£ him to come to clas-s.
Oh, God!.
I really can’t wait.
I wish I get to sit next to him.
Next Morning
I woke up the next morning, feeling kind of excited.
I had breakfast and dressed up and after that, dad dropped me off at school.
“See you later, Jeanne” he told me as he st©pped in front of the school and awaited me to step down.
I was sitting down at the front seat with him.
“Dad” I called sadly.
“When will you be travelling?”
“Oh; in less than two hours” he replied and my eyes drooped.
“Uhm…how long will it take before you return?”
“Uhm…I don’t know; maybe some weeks”.
My heart ached when he told me about it. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like living with those family of his.
“Don’t worry, Jeanne. Everything will be fine, okay?” He said she k!$$£d my forehead and I smiled and left the car.
Back again in Alpha High. I hope today won’t be as boring as yesterday.
I started walking into the building, admiring all the students I [email protected]£ across. Too bad none of them paid attention to me.
I got to the clas-sroom and took a seat at the back close to the window.
More students kept trooping in and I looked curiously for the loverboys.
Oh; maths was the last subject before break.
That means the loverboys might not be coming now.
Too bad.
After a short while, the first teacher [email protected]£ in and took us on science.
I just jo-lted perfunctorily as that wasn’t what I was waiting for.
Then, after 45 minutes, the next teacher [email protected]£ in and took us on social norms. And finally, it was time for maths!
I can ha-rd ly wait!
The maths teacher [email protected]£ in and commenced teaching and I was kind of puzzled because the loverboys were yet to come.
I itched my head and couldn’t pay attention to the lesson because my mind was occu-pied.
Where are the loverboys? I thought they never fail to miss Mr Leonard’s clas-s?
I [email protected]£ brood and totally lost focus in the clas-s.
I had really planed on seeing them.
“Can anyone help with the equation on the board?” Mr Leonard’s voice broke into my thoughts and I took a look at the board.
It was a familiar equation.
“Yes? Anyone? Jeanne? The new student?” He called and I felt surprised he had actually called my name.
Some of the students turned and looked at me and I [email protected]£ nervous.
“Jeanne, can you help us out?” He asked again and I stuttered and stood on my feet.
“Uhm…okay sir” I replied as I walked up to the front of the clas-s and took the marker from him.
Then, I faced the board and started solving the equation.
like I said, it was a familiar equation. But since it was further maths, it had to be lengthy.
I was still focused on the board, solving the equation when I suddenly heard the students [email protected] and jiltering.
I turned to see what was going on and…Oh, my God!
The loverboys!!!
They’re here!
They [email protected]£!
Oh, my God!
They really did come!
Am I dreaming?

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