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The king’s slave Episode 7 & 8

{My master and I}
By: Lilly Chidinma.
Episode Seven.
¤ Erica ¤
I couldn’t contain my happiness at that moment, I felt like jumping throu-gh the roof. Oh my goodness! The king actually said ‘thank you’ to me! He spoke in a calm way to me and it’s something I never expected to happen. I met with Nadine and told her everything and she was even more happy than I was.
“The king is like a son to me, and nothing makes me happier than this news. He is slowly going to calm down completely” she exclaimed in joy and I just continued smiling. I felt fuzzy and warm inside me knowing that I saved the king and he showed me appreciation. After [email protected] with Nadine, I went back to my room where a guard was alre-ady waiting for me.
“Where were you?” he asked harshly.
“I was in the kitchen” I replied, feeling irritated by his pres£nce.
“The king demands your pres£nce immediately” he stated and left. Myl-ips curved into a smile as soon as he mentioned the king, I couldn’t wait to be with him again. I washed myself and put on new clothes, then I went to meet him.
“My lord, you s£nt for me” I said with my head bowed before him. My heart was actually pounding, is he going to return to the beast I know?
“str!p” he commanded. I lifted my face to look at him, his face was rigid and fierce looking. Infact, it was more scary than before, I had to look away immediately.
“Didn’t you hear me?” he asked. I fidgeted a bit before finally pu-lling off everything I wore, standing n-ked before him once again. He approached me and cu-mpped my brea-sts with his hands, then squee-zed them causing me so much pain.
“Just because you saved my life doesn’t make you less of a slave. You are my slave, my se-x toy, get that into you skull” he breathed out and I felt like crying. He dragged me by the hair over to his desk and f0rç£d me to lie on it. He placed both his hands on my shoulders and f0rç£d his hvge man-hood into me with excruciating pain. I was still ti-ght down there and it hurt a lot. I couldn’t control the urge to scream.
“plea-se..©p” I voiced out, unable to take the pain anymore. But instead of listening to my plea-s, he gave me a h0t [email protected] and ban-ged me even ha-rder and fas-ter than before. He [email protected]£d my b*obs and used them as support, he squee-zed my n!ppl!s as he pounded heavily into me like a machine. I cried and pleaded but the wicked human being paid me no attention.
He actually liked my screams and cries, because the more I screamed, the fas-ter he went, this continued until he finally [email protected]£ inside me. He went to lie on his be-d, breathing heavily while I fell down, weeping.
“Wicked soul, there’s no way you can ever change” I said to myself, regretting saving his life last night. I should have allowed him to die and maybe I would have been set free. I managed to pick up my clothes and leave the room. I took a shower and continued wallowing in self pity.
¤ Princess Annabelle ¤
I knocked on the door and he commanded me to enter. His eyes wi-de-ned in shock on seeing me, obviously he wasn’t expecting to see me in his room.
“Princess, what a plea-sant surprise” Adrian exclaimed, standing from his chair. He offered me a seat.
“I [email protected]£ for business. I nee-d a favour from you” I said, going straight to the point. I wasn’t in the mood for any long talks or plea-santries.
“Yes, say it” He urged and I nod.
“I know that I am only the king’s mistress here, but I want to be queen” I stated and he chuckled, crossing his arms behind him.
“And how possible do you think that will be?” he asked and I stood up.
“That’s where you come in. Adrian, as the king’s right hand man and best friend, you know everything about him and this kingdom. You know how to make me queen, plea-se you have to help me” I pleaded and he sighed.
He remained mute for a few minutes before approaching me. He ca-ressed the hair on my face with his f!nger and grinned wickedly.
“I will help you Annabelle, but nothing goes for nothing” he said.
“What do you want? Name it” I said boldly. Before I knew it, he [email protected]£d my [email protected]!st and pu-ll-ed me to himself, still grinning.
“I want you” he replied and I frowned.
“I am your king’s mistress, do you know what would happen if he finds out about this?” I asked and he scoffed.
“And who will tell him? You’re very beautiful Anna, and I want you to myself. Look” he said, pointing to the hvge £r£¢tion in his trou-sers. I was amazed at his size down there.
“I nee-d you right now” he said and I smiled, I [email protected]£d his di-ck throu-gh his trou-sers and ru-bbe-d it tea-singly. He [email protected] ed.
“I’ll meet you tonight” I whispered into his ears and left the room. Well, if this is all it takes to get the information I nee-d, then so be it, I’ll enjoy both sides.
Episode Eight.
NB; The following contains highly explicit scenes, re-ad at your own risk.
¤ Princess Annabelle ¤
It was finally dark outside and almost everyone had gone to sleep. This is my chance to meet with Adrian and get the information I want, the information that will help me to become the queen of this kingdom. Once I become queen, a lot of things are going to change. I got dressed in a transparent white go-wn and left for Adrian’s room.
He had left his door open so I entered and met him on his be-d with only a robe on. He sm-irked as soon as he saw me, he admired my b©dy and sighed heavily.
“You’re more beautiful than I imagined” he said and I walked towards him. He [email protected]£d me with so much lvst in his eyes and threw me into the be-d.
“Do you know the amount of trouble we would both be in if the king finds us here?” I asked, grinning.
“Nob©dy will find out, he’s my friend, I know how to handle him. Now keep quiet and let’s get this over with” he answered. The look in his eyes showed that he was even re-ady to [email protected]£ me if I refuse him at that moment. Before I could say another word, he crashed hisl-ips on mine, k!ss!ngme r0ûghly. The only sound in the room was that of ourl-ips sma-cking and our [email protected] s. After a few minutes, he broke the k!ssand literally tore off my go-wn like a hungry lion.
“What did you do that for?” I asked, arching a brow at him. He said nothing, he just [email protected]£d my b00bs and su-cked hell out of them while I [email protected] ed softly. He pla-yed with my bo33om for a while, k!ssing, su-cking and b!tt!g on them, getting me more hor-nyand raising my de-sire for him.
“fv¢k me alre-ady” I said, gro-an ing.
“I want to savour this moment” he replied and continued pla-ying with me. He moved his f!nger down to my inner th!ghs, [email protected]£ss!ngthem slowly, then he r0ûghly put two of his f!ngersinside my v*g*na, causing me to let out a loud scream. He f!nger fv¢ked me for a long time, ma-king me go crazy in plea-sure. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he plunged into me with his hvge di-ck. He rode me ha-rd and rou-gh like an animal, it was sweet and painful at the same time.
“Oh my!! Oh yessss!” I screamed as I felt myself approaching an [email protected] Before I knew it, we both [email protected]£ at the same time and he [email protected] next to me.
“That was awesome, you really know how to handle a woman” I complimented and he only smiled.
“Now that you’ve gotten what you wanted, tell me what I nee-d to know” I demanded and he sighed.
“Princess, relax. I will give you every information you nee-d… Meet me at the [email protected] tomorrow morning, there I will show you what you want to know” he explained and I remained mute for a while.
“Okay fine, but don’t you dare deceive me. If you do, you will face my wrath” I said and he stared at me in surprise. My father is a powerful king, nob©dy messes with me.
“You have my word” he said and I smiled. I limped into his bathroom to take my bath, my legs seriously hurt.
¤ Erica ¤
I woke up with pains all over my b©dy as usual. King Marion’s words still repeated inside my head. He made it clear that I will always be a slave, even after saving his life. I hate that man and I will never help him again. I got out of be-d, took a short shower and made my way to the kitchen.
I usually help Nadine and the other maids to clean the kitchen and prepare breakfast for everyone in the castle. Nadine noticed my foul mood that morning and asked me about it.
“You said King Marion is fighting demons right? You said he’s haunted by his past… He’s nothing more of a beast, you nee-d to see the way he treated me last night. Those demons should go ahead and kill him for all I care” I blurted out in great anger but she [email protected] me across the face, ma-king tears to drop.
“Why did you do that?” I asked in a sober tone and she frowned at me.
“Don’t ever say such a thing in my pres£nce again. First of all, Marion is like a son to me, I have been here since he was a baby, I took care of him. Secondly, it’s treason to wish death on your king, your head can be cut off for it!” she screamed and I sobbe-d.
“I’m sorry” I murmured.
“It’s okay if you don’t want to help rescue my king anymore. I was wrong to think you were the right person..” she said and walked out on me. I [email protected]£ even more angry and went upstairs. I st©pped when I heard voices coming from the royal [email protected]
I took a peek inside and saw the princess, Annabelle talking to someone, but I couldn’t see the person’s face. The next thing I saw was a man’s hands on her br**sts. I [email protected] and ran out immediately. If the king hears or sees this, she is dead.
Should I tell on her? But the king won’t believe me if I told him, afterall I am only just a slave. I went straight to my room and right back into the shower. Nadine’s [email protected] shook me a lot.

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