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The king’s slave Episode 37 & 38

{My master and I}
By: Lilly Chidinma.
Episode Thirty seven
¤ Erica ¤
I walked briskly and happily towards the living room. The living room was a small place only meant for members of the royal family to discuss personal issues or just entertain themselves. It was not very far from the throne room. My mother and Nadine were waiting there for me.
I entered the living room only to meet the two women engaged in a conversation, gossiping and laughing, I was happy to see my two mothers like that.
“Hi you two” I greeted, sitting between them.
“And how is our princess?” they asked in unison and we all bur-st out laughing.
“I’m fine.. So mom, now that you’re here, who’s taking care of our house back in the village?” I asked, because she [email protected]£ with most of her luggage.
“Don’t worry about that. I’m here to stay with you until you deliver your child” she replied and k!$$£d my forehead.
“I hope you’re eating enough food?” she asked with furrowed brows. I rolled my eyes and sighed, now that she’s here, she’ll stuff me with so much food that I’ll beg for mercy.
“I’m ma-king sure she eats just the right amount” Nadine ch!pped in with a smile.
My mother placed her palm on my cheek and tears filled her eyes.
“My beautiful daughter.. I never knew a day like this would come. A day when you will no longer be a slave.. But our future queen. I’m so happy and so proud of you” she said and I wiped the tears from her eyes and hvgged her. Indeed God has blessed me beyond my wildest imaginations. Just imagine, an ordinary pauper like me, will be marrying the king in a few days time.
“Enough of the sappiness now, this is a moment of [email protected], not tears. Come, let me take you to the feast we have prepared” Nadine said. We got up and followed her to the dining where a mighty feast awaited us.
King Marion had gone out with some ministers to witness Annabelle’s prosecution. I refused to go with him, because I couldn’t bear to watch the gruesome scene. I kind of feel sorry for the poor woman, if only she had stayed off evil, it wouldn’t have ended this way for her.
* * *
Later that night, king Marion returned, looking tired and weak. I prepared a warm bath for him and made some special oils to mas-sage him with. I felt he nee-ded it, to relieve him of his stress.. Being a king is tougher than it looks.
“You know, you shouldn’t have gone throu-gh all this trouble for me. You’re pregnant” he reminded, while I sat on his back pressing it gently.
“I nee-ded to” I simply answered.
“Really? What if you harm the baby? You don’t nee-d any strenuous work” he insisted and I sighed heavily.
“Okay, I promise I won’t work anymore” I said but that was a lie, and he figured it out quite easily.
“Tsk! You work like a donkey, you won’t give yourself rest” he said, I could feel he rolled his eyes. I got down from his back and gave his ear-lobe a little tug.
“How dare you call me a donkey?” I pouted. He got up and sm-irked at me.
“I didn’t call you a donkey. But if you were to be one, you’d be one adorable donkey” he said and I [email protected], he bur-st into laughter immediately.
“Grumpy old man” I called, sticking my ton-gue out.
“Crazy pregnant lady” he returned with the cutest smile I have ever seen. I couldn’t resist, I had to smile back. He leaned in and gave me a pas-sionate k!sson thel-ips. Then he carefully la-id my on the be-d and ca-ressed my b©dy. From my stomach, to my th!ghs, he traced his f!nger.
“I love you my king” I said in a whisper.
“I love you too, fat lady” he answered and I sprung up.
“Did you just call me fat?” I asked, frowning dangerously.
“I wonder how you’ll fit into your wedding go-wn” he added, stro-king his chin and ma-king me more furious. I hit him with a pillow and he got off the be-d, ma-king faces at me.
“Just you wait, I’m going to tell Nadine that you were teasing me, and then see what she does to you” I threatened and began leaving the room. I was actually very hor-nyand nee-ded him in me immediately. He followed me downstairs and held me.
“plea-se don’t tell Nadine, she’s going to yell at me” he pleaded and I sm-irked.
“Really? Would you do anything I ask you to do?” I asked, he nodded.
“Anything at all” he answered.
“Okay, carry me upstairs” I ordered, his eyes wi-de-ned.
“Carry YOU? I’m afraid for my [email protected]!st” he whined and I glared at him.
“Alright fine” he gro-an ed and lifted me. We almost fell and it was hilarious, the maids and guards turned their attention to us, they murmured and giggled. He took me to his room and dropped me on the be-d. He attem-pted to leave but I pu-ll-ed him back and k!$$£d him de-eply.
“Don’t go” I whispered.
“You should have told me that you wanted me” he grinned and buried his face in my che-st.
Episode Thirty eight.
¤ Erica ¤
I couldn’t help but laugh as the maids tried to f0rç£ my wedding go-wn down my baby bu-mp. They finally managed to succeed and each heaved a sigh of relief. I admired the go-wn in front of the big standing mirror and smiled. It was a perfect fit and it was beautiful.
“My lady, plea-se sit for your make up” one of them said. I sat in front of my cabinet as they brou-ght out a big box which contained exotic and different kinds of make up. It was specially imported by king Marion for me.
After what seemed like forever, they were finally done with my make up. I heard noise coming from outside and I guessed that the king’s esc-rt was here. They were s£nt to pick me from my house to the palace where the wedding will hold.
I can’t believe this day has finally come. The best day of my life, the day I finally get married to the love of my life. I will be his wife, his queen…
“Erica, the king’s royal esc-rt is here. Let’s go” my mother said, emerging from the door, gorgeously dressed in a nûd£ coloured floor go-wn. Her hair was packed in a neat bun which made her look so much younger and clas-sy.
“Look at you mom! You’re looking like the bride” I complemented and she giggled. We headed down to meet the king’s esc-rt with my maids. We entered the carriage and left for the castle. Many of the villagers followed behind the carriage, singing songs and chanting happily. I was extremely excited and happy.
We arrived at the castle and Nadine was the person who helped me out of the carriage, maids threw rose petals at my feet until I reached the door of the throne room. I looked at my king, standing at the ‘altar’ and waiting for me. I couldn’t help but blush when he smiled at me. I was led to the altar by my mother, then my eyes met with his.
He was looking exceptionally handsome in his black suit and red robe. His gold crown rested perfectly on his luscious locks. He looked nothing short of perfect.
“Lovely” he win-ked and I blu-shed again and he giggled. The priest began re-ading the wedding vows, I paid little attention to what he was saying because I was overwhelmed by the turn of events.
I can’t believe how quic-kly everything went by and here I am, about to be married to the love of my life.
“I do” I heard king Marion say and I snapped back to reality.
“And do you, lady Erica, take..”
“I do, I do” I snapped, not allowing the priest to finish his s£ntence.
“Alright then, I now pronounce you, king and queen of Axel city”
“You may k!ssthe bride”
King Marion [email protected]£d my [email protected]!st and gave me one of the best k!sses I’ve ever had. Then he raised my hand, turning to the hvge crowd.
“I pres£nt to you, your queen!” he said and everyone bowed.
“All hail the queen! All hail the queen!” they continued to chant and tears dropped from my eyes.
“Make a speech” he whispered to me and I nod.
“Um..” I started, a little bit nervous.
“I’m very happy to be queen to such a wonderful community and I promise to carry out my duties in accordance..” I paused and looked at my mom and Nadine, they both gave me a thumbs up.
“Well, with the permission of my king, I would like to make my first declaration” I said. The king gave me a go ahead.
“Sometime ago, someone was banished from our midst. Yes, he was somehow guilty of what he was accused of, but he is the one who saved our king. He gave me information about Annabelle’s plot to kill the king, without him, we wouldn’t probably be here today” I explained and looked at the entrance. Everyone turned to see who I was looking at.
“Adrian” I called. He shyly walked into the hall and approached the king, falling at his feet.
I had invited him to my wedding two days ago, I wanted him to be rewarded for the information he provided, I owe him one for saving my king.
“My king, I know I have wronged you and don’t deserve your forgiveness or to be your right hand man. All I ask for your majesty, is to allow me stay in Axel city. I don’t have any home, have mercy” he pleaded. I was actually scared of what king Marion would do but he surprised everyone.
He approached Adrian and pu-ll-ed him up.
“You were, you are and will always be my right hand man, and my best friend. Welcome home buddy” they hvgged each other and stirred up a great jubiliation in the crowd. I was t©uçhed by the act, I was happy that their friendsh!pis fixed.
“Let the [email protected] begin!” king Marion announced.
“You sir, are coming with me, you look terrible and I nee-d to fix it” he added and k!$$£d my cheek before leaving merrily with Adrian. I sighed, sitting on a chair.
“I can tell you’re tired” my mom appeared from nowhere.
“Of course, your condition is the cause. Come, Nadine has prepared your room” she said and I followed her upstairs while the merriment continued in the hall.
Just two more episodes to go….!

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