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The king’s slave Episode 29 & 30

{My master and I}
By: Lilly Chidinma.
Episode Twenty nine.
¤ Erica ¤
My stomach rumbled and grumbled. Jeez I was so hungry, and my baby nee-ded some food too. I curled myself up into a ball on the cold cell floor to minimize the pain in my stomach but it didn’t help. I sighed and wished someone would help me out of here. Two guards appeared in front of my cell and unlocked it, I was confused but I complied with them. They led me out of the dungeon and into the throne room.
King Marion was standing there, he had his back turned and was pacing about anxiously. I was so happy to see him again, the man I fell in love with, I couldn’t st©p the tears from flowing.
“Your majesty, here she is” one of the guards behind me announced. King Marion turned immediately and our eyes met, I could see the compas-sion and pain in his eyes. He dismissed the guards, and we were alone. He descended from his throne and walked steadily towards me, he ca-ressed my cheek and shook his head.
“Erica will you ever forgive me? I’m sorry that Annabelle put you throu-gh this” he apologised and I smiled.
“It’s okay. As long as Nadine is safe” I said and he [email protected]
“Do you know where she is? plea-se do tell” he said anxiously. He cared a lot for that woman, the only family in his lonely life.
“She’s safe with my mother in the village. But she’ll be back” I as-sured and he let out a de-ep sigh of relief.
Then we stared at each other again, I thought of telling him about his unborn child, but then again, what if it puts the child’s life in danger? I can’t risk that, I must protect my baby at all costs.
“Erica” he called softly.
“Don’t go” he said.
“I can’t stay here, there’s nothing for me here, I have to go and be with my poor mother” I stated, feeling very hurt. The pain he was going throu-gh was very visible, he nee-ded me badly by his side, but I can’t stay.
“plea-se, just stay for the night, stay with me” he pleaded, taking my hand in his. He pu-ll-ed me to himself and gently wiped my tears.
“I’m sorry for all the times I made you cry… Let me make it up to you” he said. I placed my head on his che-st and closed my eyes ti-ght. I have never felt safer, being in his arms feels like all my problems have vanished.
“My lord.. I can’t..” I said but he hushed me.
“plea-se, don’t refuse me. My love” he whispered. I looked up at him and saw the sincerity in his dreamy brown eyes.
“I will stay the night, but I’ll leave as soon as the sun rises” I stated and a genuine smile appeared on his perfect face.
“I love you” he whispered and I blu-shed.
“I love you too” I replied. Before I knew it, he had lifted me, carrying me bridal style up the stairs into his room. We ended up on his be-d, where we spent the entire night, holding each other. I never wanted it to end, I never wanted to leave him, but I had to consider my mom and my unborn baby first.
First thing the next day, I left the castle even before the king woke up. I knew if he had woken up to see me, he might not let me go.
¤ Queen Annabelle ¤
I was so angry, so embarras-sed and so frustrated. I couldn’t even sleep throu-ghout the night because I was too busy thinking about what the king did to me. He had the guts to [email protected] me in the pres£nce of servants.
Me! A queen! He [email protected] me!
Well, he’s right about one thing, as long as he’s the king, I will always be un-der his authority. So I figured that something has to be done. There’s only one way that I can be sure that I’ll be the sole leader of Axel city- king Marion has to die. I will have to get rid of him so that I’ll be in control.
I went downstairs and met him speaking to Nadine. I angrily walked past them and entered the kitchen. Nadine still followed me in there with a mocking sm-irk on her face.
“So you thought you could get rid of me huh? You thought the king, my son would listen to you huh?” she asked and shook her head. I tried very ha-rd to control my anger, I just felt like strangling her.
“You can never win Annabelle, as long as Marion is king” she added and I chuckled.
“And how long do you think he will be king?” I asked and she looked confused.
“And what is that supposed to mean?” she questioned and I laughed again.
“Why don’t you figure it out? Just wait and see how I wra-p Axel city around my f!ngers” I stated and she [email protected]
“I hope you’re not trying to commit treason? The penalty is death” she reminded with folded arms.
“You said that Nadine, I said nothing of that sort. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a job to do” I said and walked out of the kitchen. I’m going to show them all that I’m not one to be messed with.
{My master and I}
By: Lilly Chidinma.
Episode Thirty.
¤ Adrian ¤
I was wandering around in the forest when I heard voices. I was relieved because that means I’m close to civilisation. Since Annabelle banished me, I’ve been homeless and hungry, I only survived by the fruits I ate from trees. I traced the voices and saw three men conversing with a woman. The men were armed with axes and swords and on seeing their weapons, I hid myself behind a tree.
Looking at the lady, although I couldn’t see her face, she dressed like royalty and her voice seemed familiar. Fortunately, one of the men moved out of the way and I finally saw the lady.
“Annabelle” I [email protected] silently. What could she be doing here with these dangerous looking men?
“All you have to do is enter the palace, kill the king and get out of this kingdom” Annabelle instructed and I [email protected] again in shock. A plot to kill the king? My best friend! Treason? I was so shocked and afraid.
“But what about the guards?” one of the men asked.
“Don’t worry about them, I’ll take care of them” Annabelle as-sured and left. The men also [email protected], leaving me standing there with the shock of my life.
I can’t just stay here and do nothing after hearing all this. I must go back to Axel city and save the king from the hands of this wicked witch. But if I go into the kingdom, I’ll be killed.
I sighed and shook my head in helplessness. Then I made up my mind, if saving the life of my best friend will cost my life, then so be it. If it’s the last thing I do, to show my loyalty to my king. I covered my head with my robe and set out for Axel city.
¤ Erica ¤
“I’m off to the market mom, we are out of flour for bre-ad” I informed my mom, heading towards the front door.
“Okay, but come back soon, lunch is almost re-ady” she said.
“I’ll be back as fast as possible” I as-sured and left.
I arrived at the market and bought as much flour as possible and started going home. Suddenly I bu-mped into someone and half of the flour was emptied on my b©dy and on the floor. I was very angry, enraged and re-ady to pounce on whoever it was. I spent a lot of money on this.
“Are you blind? Where are you going in such a rush!?” I roared. The person had his head completely covered with a blue robe, it was an expensive silk which only the royal family wears. But how did a commoner get this?
“Hey, who are you?” I asked. He remained quiet.
“I am talking to you! Show me your face!” I demanded and he shivered. He slightly raised his head and I saw his face. I [email protected]
“Adrian!” I yelled but he covered my mouth and pu-ll-ed me away to a more deserted place.
“Do you know the implication of being back here in Axel city, if it were anyone else who saw you, you’d be dead!” I reminded, feeling scared for him and scanning the area.
“I know and I thank God I saw you Erica. Listen, the king’s life is in danger. A wicked person is planning to as-sas-sinate the king” he said in a tone that scared me.
Someone is planning to kill my king? The father of my unborn child? No way, that can’t happen.
“Who? When? Where?” I asked, alre-ady tense.
“I overheard them in the forest. Erica I’m sure you’ll save the king, you have to do something because I don’t know when they’ll strike. Annabelle is dangerous” he said. I [email protected] loudly when he mentioned Annabelle, so that witch is planning to murder her own husband??
“Adrian I don’t know what to do. You have to help me. That woman has been blinded by the thirst for power that she doesn’t know what she’s doing” I said, b!tt!g my f!nger anxiously. Who knows what could be happening at the palace right now? What if they’ve alre-ady as-sas-sinated the king? Never!
“Erica, you have to get into the castle by any means and protect the king. I have to leave before anyone sp©ts me” he said and ran off before I even had the chance to call him back. I totally forgot about my spilled flour and rushed to the castle. I couldn’t waste a second, Annabelle is unpredictable.
* * *
“Erica? What are you doing here? Why are you sweating?” King Marion asked, surprised to see me standing in his room. I was [email protected] and sweating profusely, I had run all the way here out of fear and I was relieved to see him alive. I rushed to him and hvgged him ti-ght.
“I am so glad you’re okay” I breathed out.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” he asked, re-ciprocating the hvg. I broke away and stared into his eyes.
“Where is that witch you call a wife?” I asked, frowning.
“Careful Erica, she’s still your queen” he warned but I rolled my eyes.
“Would she still be your queen if you found out that she’s plotting to as-sas-sinate you?” I asked and his eyes wi-de-ned.
“What?!” he thun-dered.
“Who told you that?” he asked.
“It doesn’t matter. She’s planning to kill you, that’s all that matters” I frowned again and he stood speechless, I could see his anger rising as he clenched his fists.

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