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The king’s slave Episode 18 to 20

{My master and I}
By: Lilly Chidinma.
Episode Eighteen.
¤ Erica ¤
I was in utter shock and disbelief, Violet told me that my dream would come true and it actually did. What does this mean for me? What becomes of me now that I have beheaded a king? I looked at princess Anna who was now standing up.
We stared at each other for a while, then she took off again, running towards the direction that leads out of the forest. I got scared immediately and followed suit, dropping the blood stained sword on the ground. I ran out of the forest only to come face to face with the guards.
“How dare you think of escaping?” one of them asked and landed a dirty [email protected] on my cheek before bundling me into the carriage. I was too scared to speak because I thought I would be killed if anyone found out that I murdered the king of Hamelton.
We arrived at the castle and I was led to my room where they locked me up. I was asked to remain in there until the king returns from his journey. I cried my heart out, praying that I don’t get discovered. What if princess Annabelle tells everyone what I did? Then what happens to me? Will they kill me?
¤ Princess Annabelle ¤
“Arrrgggh!” I gro-an ed in de-ep anger, ban-ging my fist on the desk. I paced the room nervously, thinking of the next step to take.
“Well king Xander is dead, so what now? Will you allow Erica to be crowned queen?” Adrian asked. He sat on my be-d, watching me as I paced the room anxiously.
“No! That will never happen. I can never allow that slave to be crowned queen, if only she hadn’t shown up” I said in spite.
“But she saved your life” Adrian reminded. I sh0t him an angry glare and he kept quiet.
“I don’t care! I can’t just sit back and watch all my ha-rd work go in vain” I said and gave out a loud sigh. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head and I grinned at Adrian.
“What plan do you have now?” he asked almost with an eye roll and I giggled.
“Adrian… I nee-d you to do something very important for me. You have to go into the village and accomplish a task” I said and he sighed.
“King Marion is coming home today, I can’t go out” he objected and I frowned at him.
“Don’t you dare object me! Don’t f0rç£ me to tell the king that you’ve been slee-ping with his mistress” I threatened with my arms folded. His eyes wi-de-ned in shock and I scoffed.
“Alright fine, I’ll do as you say, but whatever it is, let’s make it quic-k” he said. I went over to him and whispered in his ears.
“What!!?” he screamed and I nodded.
“It’s very easy Adrian, do it and your secret remains..a secret” I said in a sinister tone. He sighed de-eply and got to his feet.
“As you wish, my lady” he answered with a bow and left my room.
I sat down and smiled to myself. I can’t sit back and watch Erica become the queen, I’m the only queen.. The one and only queen of Axel city.
¤ Erica ¤
The king’s arrival was announced and my room was finally unlocked. My heart sank into my stomach as I remembered the murder I committed, I wanted to tell Nadine about it, but the guilt was killing me.
“The king is calling everyone to the empty ballroom now” a guard announced to me and left in a hurry. I swallowed the lump in my throat and hesitantly went to join everyone in the ballroom.
“King Marion of Axel city!” the announcer said and everywhere went silent as the king climbe-d the podium to speak. He looked rather happy and had a small smile on his face.
“I have very exciting news. The man that killed my parents, your late king and queen has finally been brou-ght to justice!” he announced and there was great cheering. Everyone [email protected] and screamed in joy, I was just confused.
“He was found beheaded this evening in a forest near his kingdom. It’s a thing of joy for us all because our greatest enemy has been defeated. King Xander of Hamelton has been defeated!” he said with a broad smile and there was jubiliation again. I was shocked, so it was a good thing that I killed the king? I actually defeated an enemy of my king.
“I don’t know who killed him, but I promise to reward whoever it was accordingly, as it was written in my father’s proclamation” he stated and declared [email protected] throu-ghout that night.
“Maybe he’ll set me free if I tell him that I’m the one who killed Xander” I thought and [email protected]£ happy. All I want is to be free, I don’t want to be a slave anymore. I quic-kly started going to the king’s room to break the news to him but a maid stood in my way.
“I have news for you” she said.
“What happened?” I asked.
“Your father is dead” she replied and I [email protected]
“What kind of joke is that?” I frowned.
“It isn’t a joke. One of the villagers [email protected]£ here to inform you. She asked us to break the news to you. Your father was killed by unknown men” she explained. I staggered backwards, unable to bear what I just heard.
“father..” I sniffed, then the tears flowed..yet again.
Bonus episode for today!
{My master and I}
By: Lilly Chidinma.
Episode Nineteen.
¤ Erica ¤
I sat on the floor for hours, unable to move, eat or drink water. I kept on wondering who it could have been that killed my father in cold blood. What did the poor man do to them? I cried even more when I thought about my mother, she’s probably crying her eyes out and there’s nob©dy to comfort her.
The [email protected] downstairs continued, there was loud music and a lot of feasting as well, I wondered if anyone even cares about what I’m going throu-gh.. Why would they? I’m only just a worthless slave.
“Erica!” I heard my name and flin-ched. Suddenly, someone bur-st into my room. He wore a black mask, he was muscular and had two other men standing behind him. I got scared and stood up, moving backwards as they approached me.
“plea-se, plea-se what do you want from me?” I asked in fright, wiping my tears so that I could see clearly.
“It’s very simple damsel..” he started.
“Do you love your mom?” he asked and my heart leaped out of my che-st. They have killed my dad, now they want my mother as well.
“Don’t harm my mother plea-se, she’s all I have left” I replied and he chuckled. Although his voice seemed familiar but I couldn’t place it.
“Very good. All you nee-d to do now sweetheart, is to tell the king that princess Annabelle was the one who beheaded Xander.. That’s all” he stated and I sighed. What does princess Anna have to do with all this? Could she be behind my father’s death? Is this all a set up?
“Are we cleared?” he asked but I remained silent.
“Unless you want what happened to your dear father to happen to your sweet mother?” he asked and I [email protected]
“No, no, no, I agree. I will tell the king whatever you want me to tell him. plea-se don’t harm my mother” I pleaded, falling on my knees, he chuckled again.
“That’s a good girl. Now don’t even think of telling anyone about our little encounter because no one will listen to an ordinary, worthless slave” he spat out before leaving my room. I got up and went after them, hoping to be led to the mastermind of all this but I couldn’t find them. It’s like they completely disappeared or something!
I went back to my room and waited for the [email protected] to end so that I can talk to king Marion about it.
* * *
“My lord” I bowed, standing before him, looking like a dejected soul. He wore a smile on his face because of his victory, I was happy to see him like that.
“Oh Erica! You weren’t at the [email protected] Where if I may ask were you?” he questioned.
“My lord, I have something important to tell you, about king Xander.. Late king Xander” I said, changing the t©pic. He invited me to sit on his be-d and he looked at me closely.
“Is everything okay with you?” he asked. His care warmed my heart.
“Yes my lord.. You see, I was pres£nt when king Xander was beheaded, I was there” I started and his eyes wi-de-ned.
“You’re a witness?… So tell me, who did it? To whom do I owe this great feat?” he asked, hope in his eyes.
“Princess Annabelle, my lord” I breathed out, struggling to keep back my tears. The hope in his eyes disappeared and his smile turned into a nervous frown.
“My mistress Annabelle?? How is that possible?” he asked.
“Tell me exactly what happened and how both of you left this castle to Hamelton village!” he ordered furiously. I told him the whole story but I made it seem as if princess Anna was the one who beheaded the king.
“This is truly unbelievable.. Well, you may leave. Let me think” he said, standing up and heading to his study table.
“Yes my lord” I bowed before leaving. I was de-eply hurt.. I could see the disappointment in the king’s face too, he was hoping it would be me. I just lost every chance of getting my freedom.. But my mother’s life matters the most.
“Why did you do that?” I turned only to see Violet shooting angry glare at me.
“Do what?” I asked, wiping my tears.
“Why did you lie to the king when you were the one who killed Xander?” she asked. I hushed her and took her to my room in a hurry.
“plea-se don’t let the king hear this” I pleaded.
“But why?”
“My mother’s life could be in danger.. She’s all I have left, I can’t let her die too” I said admist tears.
“But you know that princess Anna is behind all this right?” she asked. Violet has always been a seer.
“So? It’s not as if I can do anything about it, I’m just a slave” I said soberly.
“You nee-d to start seeing yourself as more than that. The future of Axel city lies in your hands Erica. Annabelle will rise as queen, but will put an end to her evil reign” Violet said and left. I was just left in awe.
How will all this happen? How will I defeat Annabelle?
{My master and I}
By: Lilly Chidinma.
Episode Twenty.
¤ King Marion ¤
I was really hoping Erica would be the one, I don’t know why but I hoped she would be the one. But when she said it was Annabelle, all my happiness vanished. I am helpless in this situation, I must reward Annabelle according to my father’s declaration many years ago. My father made me promise him that I would honour his declaration at any cost and that’s a promise I’m re-ady to keep.
I summoned her into my room and she [email protected]£ in minutes later, wearing a b©dy fitted short go-wn which made her appear really tempting.
“My king, you summoned me” she bowed. I stro-ked my chin repeatedly and sighed.
“Yes I did. Have a seat” I said and she sat comfortably on my be-d.
“I have received news on what you did. I was told you beheaded king Xander, is that true?” I asked.
“Yes…yes my lord” she sm-irked, keeping her head bowed.
After Erica told me the story, I had invite other eye witnesses who confirmed it. Even my right hand man, Adrian confirmed it as well, I guess Annabelle deserves the reward.
“I’m grateful to you for defeating my father’s and my greatest enemy Annabelle. You are free to request anything you nee-d from me and it shall be yours. Take my word for it” I stated and sat on my chair. The room was silent for a while before I heard her footsteps behind me. She gently placed her hands on my shoulder and mas-saged it softly.
“My king.. I only have one thing to request from you” she said, then I felt her soft breaths on my ear.
“I want to be your queen” she said and my heart skipped a beat. The thought of a miserable mistress becoming my wife and the queen of my kingdom… It was appalling.
“Don’t you have anything else to request for? You can even have half of my kingdom” I said, trying to sway her away from her queen thoughts but she was adamant.
“I just want to be the queen.. I want to become your wife” she said again. I sprung to my feet and [email protected]£ face to face with her grinning face. She boldly stared into my eyes, which was something she’d never done before. Something is definitely wrong.
“By my father’s grave, I will give you what you have asked for” I said and she beamed. I’m not excited ma-king her my wife, but I am tied down.
“So we can start planning for the wedding immediately?” she asked and I sighed.
“Do whatever you wish, now leave me alone” I said and sat down again. She left my room in excitement while I s£nt for Erica. Somehow, I feel guilty that I’m marrying someone else.
* * *
“Why are you standing over there?” I asked her. She stood at my door with her n£¢k bent, trembling and probably sobbing.
“I’m waiting for your order, my lord” she answered, her voice [email protected]£ out shaky. I got out of my be-d and went over to her. I went to stand behind her and covered her with my arms. She shivered and gave out a little [email protected] at my t©uçh.
“Erica, tell me.. Are you upset with me?” I asked.
“Why would I be upset with you my lord? I have no such right” she replied.
“Or is it because you’re marrying the princess?” she asked.
“And how do you know that?”
“She has been announcing it round the castle” she answered and I sighed.
“I’m sorry Erica” I apologised, still feeling guilty. I held her to myself even ti-ghter, inhaling the sweet scent of her hair and enjoying her clos£ness… I don’t know what term to give to how I feel for her.
“Don’t be.. You did nothing wrong” she said and tilted her head back, ex-posing her slender n£¢k, which I covered with k!sses.
“Erica..” I called.
“My lord”
“Is this the last time I’ll spend with you?”
“I don’t know my lord”
“Then let’s savor the moment”.
With that, I made her face me and planted k!sses all over her n£¢k and shoulders, then we engulfed ourselves in a de-ep k!ss, I never wanted it to end.
Before we knew it, our clothes were flying all over the room and we found ourselves on the be-d. We k!$$£d again, before I found my way to her attrac-tive brea-sts. I bit and su-cked on them, like my life depended on it.
She [email protected] ed and cried, digging into my back with her f!ngernails. We made love like never before, sweet, tender, painless love. I ¢v-mmed more than twice into her, the plea-sure was too much.
“Erica, you’re my attra-ction, my ecstasy.. I.. I.. I lo.” I paused and looked into her innocent, grieving eyes.
“I will set you free” I said finally and she sprung up, looking at me in disbelief.
“But why?” she asked.
“Because I can’t stand to see you in this state” I answered and looked away.
“I will miss you” I added and placed a soft k!sson her forehead, then went into the bathroom. I don’t know how to express what I’m feeling and it’s killing me. It pains me to watch her leave, but keeping her here while I’m marrying the princess will bring me bigger pain.
Let’s hope Erica becomes pregnant, lol.
Will she agree to leave the castle.. We’ll find out tomorrow.
Shey I’ve tried for today???


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