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The king’s slave Episode 15 to 17

{My master and I}
By: Lilly Chidinma.
Episode Fifteen.
¤ Erica ¤
I tried very ha-rd to convince myself that the king had fallen for me but my condition continued to remind me that I am only just a slave here. King Marion is a very complex human being and nob©dy has been able to un-derstand him, he might act nice and sweet now but very soon he will go back to the ruthless and evil man I know. I don’t know what to believe now, has he changed for good? Will he free me? Or will he keep me here to continue serving him?
I sighed as I cu-mddled myself in my be-d, thinking about the wonderful moment I spent with him last night. I wish it didn’t end, but he had to go and perform his kingly duties. I went downstairs to the kitchen and met Violet washing dishes with two other maids. She smiled at me immediately she saw me.
“Good morning Erica. How was your night?” she asked and I couldn’t help but blush. I was in the king’s arms last night.. That feeling was magical.
“It was…splendid” I replied.
“Be careful not to fall in love Erica, you might be hurt in the end” she stated out of the blue, I glared suspiciously at her.
“I’m not in love with anyb©dy, what do you mean?” I asked and she shook her head, almost in pity.
“It’s written all over you. I pray God gives you strength to bear the pain” with that she cleaned her hands and entered the inner room in the kitchen. I was confused. I battled my spirit, trying to convince myself that I wasn’t in love with the king.
“How can I be in love with such a wicked king?” I muttered to myself, moving towards the sink to as-sist the other maids. None of the other maids talk to me. I asked Nadine the reason for that and she said that I shouldn’t worry about it.
¤ Princess Annabelle ¤
I had made my way into the mysterious village of Hamelton. Getting in won’t be ha-rd because my father and king Xander are business [email protected] My dad supplies him with diamonds which my kingdom is richly blessed with. I approached the palace gates in my carriage with two of my handmaids. We were halted by the guards outside.
“Who goes there?” one of the guards grunted. I stepped out of the carriage with my veil covering my face.
“Princess Annabelle of the diamond city” I answered. My kingdom is known all around the world as the diamond city because it is our best natural resource.
“My lady” they all bowed and I smiled.
“I’m here to see the king, it’s a friendly visit” I announced and re entered my carriage. The gates were opened for us and we were ushered into the grand castle. The place was big, but dark and scary. It had big statues of goblins and gnomes which instantly gave me goosebu-mps.
We stepped out of the carriage and entered the inner court on foot.
“His majesty, the almighty king Xander of Hamelton!” the announcer yelled out. My heartbeat increa-sed instantly, I looked up only to see a hvge figure descending the stairs.
He wore a red royal robe adorned with the finest gold. His crown was of pure diamond and his stature was like that of a b©dy builder. He was an old man, he should be around 70, but still as agile as ever. He [email protected]£ to stand in front of me and I bowed, afraid to look at his pimpled, wrinkled face.
“Your majesty” I bowed again. He took my hand and k!$$£d the back of my palm.
“My lady, welcome to my kingdom. What brings you here today?” he asked, his voice was de-ep and husky.
“A friendly visit my lord. My father would have come on his own but he s£nt me instead because he had a battle to plan for” I lied. I was very scared but I didn’t let that show.
“Hmm, I see. Walk with me” he said. We started walking towards the outer court.
“How long do you intend to stay?” he asked, his arms behind his back.
“Two days” I replied.
“That’s okay. I will s£nd some of the maids to prepare your room, then give you the best treatment. Tomorrow will be a day of feasting on your behalf. Your father is a good friend of mine and I am loyal to my friends” he grinned and I smiled at him. We took a short walk around his dark court before some maids took me to my room.
“How on earth am I going to get this man’s head?” I asked, sitting on my be-d.
“I’ll have to complete this mission as soon as possible. Tomorrow at the feast, I’ll find a way to kill him” I said and sighed.
That means I’ll have to find a way to bring Erica here with the guards. As soon as I kill King Xander, I nee-d to run away as fast as I can to avoid being caught by his guards. I called in my handmaid and gave her a message to return to Axel city ad bring along with her, Erica, two guards and another carriage. I have to be prepared for this tough mission.
“I must be queen” I said and sm-irked in satisfaction.
Episode Sixteen.
¤ Erica ¤
“My lord, you s£nt for me” I bowed, keeping my n£¢k bent in the pres£nce of the king. I was praying that he doesn’t ask me to str!p because I was still in pains from the last time we met.
“Erica, I’ll be travelling with my second in command, Adrian for business purposes. I am informing you because I feel you should know” he said and spared me a short glance. I was surprised though, he’s involving me in his personal matters and that’s a hvge step in the right direction for me. Nadine will be so happy to hear this.
“Yes my lord” I answered with a bow and excused myself. I was overwhelmed with joy over the king’s action, my heart was literally twirling. I entered my room to get some rest but I was breached by a stern looking guard.
“Meet me at the back gate tonight, a horse carriage will be waiting for us, as soon as the sun goes down” he informed and tried leaving but I called him back.
“Hey, where are we going?” I asked.
“To meet the princess Annabelle” he replied and left. Now I remember, the princess had told me that she’ll be nee-ding me at Hamelton village soon to esc-rt her back here. According to her, she’ll be bringing something that will shock the entire kingdom.
¤ Princess Annabelle ¤
“Who is there?” I asked after a knock [email protected]£ on my door.
“My lady! The king has asked us to bring you down for the feast” a lady’s voice outside answered and I sighed. Tonight is the night that I finally get rid of Xander. I will take his life and bring his head to king Marion. I opened the door and joined the maids. We went downstairs where everything had alre-ady been prepared.
The dishes were la-id out in an attrac-tive arrangement on a very long table. They must have spent a whole lot of time preparing all these food. King Xander was waiting for me at the foot of the staircase and he took my arm, leading me to the dining table. We sat down to eat while the musicians began pla-ying some soft music. After a short time, I excused myself and met one of my own handmaids at a corner of the castle and gave her a substance to put in the king’s drink.
“Make sure you mix it in his drink and serve it to him” I ordered and she bowed before leaving. As soon as Xander drinks the substance, he will be at my mercy, he will tell me everything I nee-d to know about his mysterious powers. I went back to the dining and continued the feast.
* * *
My eyes met with that of my handmaid and she signalled me that the king had taken the substance in his drink. I was relieved. I looked at the king and he was alre-ady looking drowsy. This is the perfect opportunity to get the information I want before he falls asleep. I got up from my seat and went to him.
“My king, you don’t look so good, plea-se let me take you up to your room” I said.
“It must be something I ate or drank” he said, holding his forehead and growling.
“No, you’re just tired” I as-sured, not wanting him to suspect anything. He finally took my hand and allowed me to take him upstairs to his room. His room was extremely big, with nothing but weapons hanging on the walls. It was dark because all the windows and curtains were shut.
“My head hurts really bad my lady” he said.
“You’ll be fine, you just nee-d to sleep, but before you sleep… I heard that nob©dy has been able to defeat you in any war, what’s your secret?” I asked, mas-saging his che-st. He gro-an ed, reluctant to tell me anything but I’m not giving up.
“plea-se, tell me the secret, tell me how you manage to be so powerful and unt©uçhable” I said and he grinned.
“Well, I have fortified myself, my father fortified me when I was a child. Now no enemy can kill me, he will be struck dead instantly” he finally opened up and I sighed in satisfaction.
“But there must be something that can defeat you right? There must be something” I stated and he chuckled.
“Absolutely nothing!” he yelled and continued laughing.
“I know there is, tell me Xander, tell me” I urged. I continued to plead with him until he finally opened up.
“A woman” he said.
“Woman?” I asked.
“Why do you think I don’t have a wife or children? It’s because once I have int£rç0rs£with a woman, I’ll lose my powers and be vulnerable to” with that, he fell asleep and I smiled in victory.
This is amazing, I finally got the truth out of him, now I know his biggest weakness… Me.
I decided to sleep with him in order to neutralize his powers, that way, I’ll have his head. I locked the door immediately and began to undress him.
Episode Seventeen.
¤ Princess Annabelle ¤
I finished plea-sing myself with the unconscious king Xander and wore my clothes again. I wonder why a man with such a big di-ck would not want to use it. I was very much satisfied with what I have done. At least I have managed to neutralize his powers and now nothing can st©p me from killing him.
I took out my pocket knife, re-ady to slit his throat when his eyes flung open. I got up and stepped back in fright, the knife fell out of my hands as I stood, staring at him in shock. He looked at his n-ked b©dy, and then at me.
“What have you done?” he asked in a sober tone, then his eyes turned red with rage.. I have put myself in serious trouble.
“!?” he growled, getting up from the be-d and approaching me. I skrie-ked in fear but he st©pped when he realised he was n-ked. His instant pause gave me enough time to open the locked door and run for my life. I ran down the long hallway, sweating and breathing profusely. This drug was supposed to keep him asleep for a few hours, but it didn’t work. I looked back and saw him behind me, I [email protected]£d my ball go-wn and continued running.
“St©p her! Don’t let her escape!” his voice echoed throu-gh the palace. The guards too started running after me, I managed to make it outside the palace gates but he wouldn’t quit. He continued chasing me.
“You must pay for this! You have ruined me!!” he yelled as he continued to chase me down the path that leads to the forest. I had to run for my life, if he gets a hold of me, he will surely put an end to my life.
¤ Erica ¤
I was inside a carriage with two of the guards, on the path that leads to king Xander’s castle. I suddenly heard a woman’s voice calling out for help in a distance and I alerted the guards but they seemed less concerned.
“Can’t you hear that voice? Someone might be in danger” I informed.
“What happens here is non of our business. So forget it” one of them said. I rolled my eyes and folded my arms, focusing on the road.
But the screaming continued, infact it got louder and closer, I [email protected]£ very worried. The voice even sounded familiar. I decided to go and check it by myself.
“St©p the carriage!” I ordered.
“And you think we’ll obey the instructions of a slave?” a guard said and they both laughed. I gro-an ed and took a drastic step. I jumped down from the slow moving carriage and took to my heels.
“Hey! St©p her! The king will kill us if she goes missing!” I heard them saying but I didn’t st©p to look back. I continued running and finally bu-mped into someone, we both fell and I was shocked on seeing who it was.
“Princess Anna?” I asked. Fear was written all over her face. Her face was pale and cold I as-sume. She didn’t say anything, she just got up and continued to run.
“Wait! My lady st©p!” I shouted and stood up, running after her.
“My lady! My lady! plea-se st©p running!” I screamed but she didn’t st©p.
Suddenly, she tr!pp£don a tree root and fell down, hitting her leg on a rock, she was unable to stand again. I reached where she was and knelt in front of her.
“Why are you running? Who is chasing you?” I asked, holding her shoulder. Her eyes were wi-de and she was breathing heavily.
“He wants to kill me” she murmured.
“Nob©dy will kill you” I as-sured but then I heard some noise behind me, I turned only to see a gigantic male figure in front of me. He was big and muscular, with a dangerous frown on his wrinkled face.. Clad in a red royal robe and diamond encrusted crown, clearly he was a king but what has made him so angry?
“plea-se forgive me.. I only wanted to be queen” Princess Annabelle pleaded.
“You must pay for what you did, you have ruined what took me years to gain! You took away my powers and have made me vulnerable to my enemies, for that, I won’t let you live” the angry king said while gnashing his teeth.
“No, you won’t harm her” I said, standing in his way. He used one of his hands to throw me across, ma-king me hit my back against a tree. I fell helplessly and painfully on the ha-rd floor.
“Stay out of this..peasant!” he spat at me and faced the princess. I knew I had to do something to save her, though she hasn’t been very nice to me.. She’s still a human being and I can’t let her die.
“Leave her alone” I breathed heavily. I stealthily went over to his side and pu-ll-ed his sword. With a loud scream, I used it on his n£¢k and his head [email protected]£ rolling down while blood splattered everywhere.
“Erica!” Princess Anna screamed in fear.
I stood there in shock with the sword in my hand, suddenly, the dream I had [email protected]£ back to me… It actually [email protected]£ true.

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