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The contract Episode 3 & 4

She just hoped she would get the job after all the trouble she went throu-gh just to get to Mr. Ademi’s office.
She was still nervous about seeing him again. She had to admit, he was very attrac-tive. She had no idea who he was and she was very rude, but still, he offered her a job; so he was nice too. She shook her head trying to get rid of her thoughts. Who cared if he was handsome or nice? She just nee-ded the job. She had a bill to pay.
She walked up to the reception where a man was sitting there cl!çk!ng away on a [email protected]©p. She mustered enough courage and walked up to him with a polite smile.
“I’m here to see Mr. Ademi.” She said with a strained smile. He looked at her with suspicion. He gave her a curt nod and asked,
“Do you have an appointment?”
“He gave me his card?” She said unsure and then placed her purse on the table. She started rummaging throu-gh it, obviously frustrated and the man rolled his eyes at her. After bringing out her l!pgloss, phone, a gum wra-pper, her C.V, and some scra-ps of paper, she brou-ght out the rumpled card.
“Here it is.” She smiled triumphantly and he grunted in response while eyeing the card.
“31st floor. Meet his secretary.” He grunted rudely and looked back at his [email protected]©p without waiting for her reply.
She looked at him in surprise. Weren’t receptionists supposed to be friendly? He obviously hated his job.
Ignoring his attitude, she walked towards the elevators. She pas-sed the one that re-ad, ‘pri-vate’, and went to the other one. When she got to the 31st floor, she as-sessed her surroundings.
The secretary’s desk was by the window blinds and a comfy couch was opposite her. There was a chandelier in the middle and the room had a homely look. He obviously didn’t bother with extravagant designs.
She walked up to the secretary, with a polite smile. If she could get past the rude receptionist, she could get past the woman.
Besides she looked nice enough. She was a robust woman who looked like she was in her late thirties. She had a pair of glas-ses on, and her hair was [email protected] and pu-ll-ed into a bun.
She looked up at Abena as she saw her walk in. With a raised eyebrow, she asked,
“Do you have an appointment?” Abena drew in a breath.
“Not exactly, but Mr. Ademi gave me his card, said I should come on Monday morning for a job interview.” She explained sheepishly. “Your name?” The woman asked with a straight face.
“Abena Omotosho… ma’am.” She said trying not to show that she was [email protected]£d.
“He didn’t mention anything like that.” The woman said narrowing her eyes at Abena suspiciously.
“He didn’t even ask for my name.” She gave a f0rç£d laugh.
“So…” The woman looked up from her [email protected]©p.
“plea-se, I really nee-d this interview. It’s very important. He said he’ll see me.” Abena pleaded and the woman’s expression softened.
“Okay. I’ll s£nd you in when he’s finally free. But that’ll take a very long time.” The woman warned.
“No problem. Thanks. I’ll wait.” Abena let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. She slumped wearily on the couch and before she knew it, she fell asleep.
“Miss, Miss, Mr. Ademi would see you now.”
Abena opened her eyes and blinked.
Suddenly she remembered that she sle-pt off while waiting for him. She ru-bbe-d her eyes and nodded at the secretary. She checked the time, 2pm! How long did she wait for this appointment?
As she straightened her clothes and hair, she reminded herself that the wait was worth it because she would get a well paying job.
She strode into the office with the little confidence left in her.
“Good morn-afternoon sir.” She smiled politely and he gestured for her to sit down.
His office was hvge. The room had a cool look. His table was in the middle with two chairs in front of it and his own chair at the other side. She saw the door to the bathroom at one side, and a kitchen at the other side. The blinds were closed and the air from the A.C hit her unexpectedly.
She sat down opposite him and handed him her C.V. He gave it a cursory look before looking at her. “Abena? That’s-”
“Ghanian.” She cut in confidently. He nodded before looking back at the C.V.
“You finished university on [email protected] time?” He asked.
“Yes. I had to.” She shifted uncomfortably in her seat and ru-bbe-d her sweaty palms against her trou-sers.
He dropped the C.V on the table and stood up. He sat down on the table just in front of her.
“How old are you?” He asked.
“22.” She replied with confusion. Wasn’t that included in her C.V, and why was he seating so close to her? She was alre-ady nervous and he was ma-king it worse.
“You look 19.” He muttered.
“What?” She asked looking up at him.
“I said you don’t look a day over 20.” He quic-kly said.
“Oh.” She looked down.
“How’s your health?” He asked.
“Good. I haven’t gotten sick in the past six months.” She replied.
“Miss. Omotosho, or Abena, can I call you Abena?” He started and she gestured for him to continue. “The job I have for you isn’t at the office.” He finished.
“If it’s at home, I don’t mind. I can clean, cook, I’m very neat and organized-”
He held up a hand to st©p her. “I don’t nee-d a cook or cleaner. I alre-ady have them.”
“Then what type of job is it?” She asked curiously.
“Don’t overreact. Just hear me out.” He said cautiously and she replied with a nod. “See, I want you to get pregnant for me.” He stated. Her jaw dropped and she stared at him in disbelief.
“What do you take me for? A w—e? I’m not going to sleep with you for money?” She exclaimed but he still looked calm and collected.
“I didn’t ask you to sleep with me. Trust me, I don’t ask women to sleep with me, they offer. I dont want you to sleep with me.” He said eyeing her with disapproval.
She suddenly felt self conscious but refused to make it obvious. “Why? Am I not pretty enough?” She spat out obviously offended.
“You are. That’s why I chose you, I want my daughter to be like you… but more sophisticated. You’re not the type of woman I would sleep with.” He shrugged ignoring the glare she sh0t him.
“Back to what I was saying, I’m asking you to get pregnant for me. Have my baby for 40 million naira.”
“40 million?” Her jaw dropped.
“Yes. It’s very reasonable, isn’t it?” He sm-irked.
She realised the kind of offer he was giving her and [email protected]£ back to reality. After all the trouble she went throu-gh just to get to him, and then he asks her to get pregnant for him! What did he take her for? A baby producing machine?
Burning with anger, she stood up and her palm cracked against his cheek. He stared at her in surprise, but she ignored him while muttering some Yoru-ba profanities before slamming the door.
*Some days later*
Abena gro-an ed in frustration and dropped the newspapers noisily on the centre table in her worn out mini flat that she shared with her step mother.
It was almost a week since the outrageous, yet tempting, offer by Mr. Ademi, and she had applied for every vacancy yet no one would employ her.
The hospital had called her the day before and gave her two weeks to meet up with the payments or they won’t attend to the patient.
Every job interview she had gone for, the women looked down on her and the men asked her to sleep with them.
It won’t be so ha-rd if you just accept his offer.
This wasn’t the first time a thought like that erupted in her head.
40 million naira.
That was the exact amount she nee-ded to pay the hospital. After that, she would be free, and she would start over.
She stared at the vacancies on the newspapers.
Cleaner: 20,000 monthly.
Marketer: 55,000 monthly.
Teacher at nursery school: 35,000 monthly.
Driver: 22,000 monthly.
Personal as-sistant: 34,500 monthly.
It went on like that. It would take forever to pay up, and by then, the patient would be dead. She nee-ded [email protected] of the money in a two weeks, or it was over.
As she picked up another newspaper, a piece of paper fell off the table. She picked it up, it was his card. Rumpled and all, but his phone number was there. She had [email protected] him, true, but maybe he wouldn’t mind. She dialled the number and decided to swallow her pride.

“She [email protected] you?” Joseph bur-st out laughing.
“It’s not as funny as it sounds jare, you don’t have to laugh.” Tobi snapped but Joseph kept on laughing.
It was a saturday, and they were at the Quillox club pla-ying a game of football in a pri-vate room.
“I love that girl! I told you shay. I told you it won’t work. But you, acting all high and mighty, saying that no girl would reject that kind of offer. Next time, listen to your lawyer.” Joseph chuckled, ignoring the deadly glares being s£nt his way. “She’ll call back.” Tobi said confidently.
“You’ll see. And if she doesn’t, I’m sure that there are other feisty, confident and beautiful women re-ady to do it.” Tobi shrugged.
“That’s why you picked her?” Joseph raised an eyebrow with a small smile tugging at hisl-ips.
“Yes. I told you, I want a girl. And I want my daughter to be like her, with a lot more clas-s of course.” Tobi explained.
“You’re such a snob.” Joseph rolled his eyes. Tobi opened his mouth to reply but closed it when he heard his phone ringing.
He looked at the caller ID suspiciously before accepting it. “Hello… Yes, this is Mr. Ademi. Who’s on the line?” He asked in business like tone.
“Abena Omotosho. I’m sorry, the name doesn’t ring a bell.” He said rudely before looking at Joseph and flashing him a confident grin.
Joseph rolled his eyes but he still had a look of surprise. “Oh, I remember you now.” Tobi sm-irked.
“Oh, you would like to accept my offer? Well that’s good to hear. Although I have a few people who are also lining up for the job, I’ll give it to you since you were my first choice.” He lied smoothly.
“Well, meet me at the Oriental h0tel, presidential suite. My lawyer would meet us there.” He said.
“Yes the money is still the same.”
“No, I’m not going to sleep with you. I said that alre-ady.” “My doctor would check you first, in the morning.” “Alright. See you there.”
He looked at Joseph with a hvge grin plastered across his handsome face. “What did I tell you, ehn?”
“You’re not normal.” Joseph shook his head.
“Whatever. Did you prepare the contract” Tobi asked hopefully.
“Yes, sadly.” Joseph huffed.
“Don’t be such a spoil sport. It’s a perfect plan. And everyone goes home happy. I get a little girl, my mother gets a grandchild and finally leaves me alone, and pretty Abena gets her money. Everyb©dy wins!” He said triumphantly.
“Okay okay, whatever. But you’re going to enter wahala. You’ll probably fall in love with the girl or something.” Joseph joked.
“Haha. Very funny.” Tobi retorted with a straight face.
“Just come to the h0tel on Monday and st©p saying ru-bbish.” Tobi instructed.
“Whatever.” Joseph said dismissing the subject with his hand.

“Wow. This place is… do you come here often?” Abena asked as she walked into the suite. She couldn’t mask the surprise on her face, but Tobi looked bored. It was obvious he was used to it.
“Only when I have important meetings in the area.” He said in a monotone voice. “So this is important?” She asked still taking in her surroundings. “Yes it is. Now st©p staring and come in.” He ordered sharply.
“Calm down. Nawa oh.” She frowned and walked past him.
Joseph was sitting on one of the couches in the suite, and two other couches were there, diagonally positioned from it on both sides. There was a chandelier in the middle of the room and a flat screen tv opposite the three-seater couch were Joseph sat. A dining table was seen, a little distance from the couches, and she could sp©t a mini bar in a corner.
“Can I have something to drink?” She asked nervously.
“Of course. Just no alcohol. You’re going to be carrying my baby.” He said dryly.
After having a glas-s of orange jui-ce, they sat at the dining table, Tobi and Joseph on one side, while Abena shifted uncomfortably at the other side.
“So, my doctor has checked you out. He says you’re good-”
“I don’t see why that was necessary. What did you think? That I was malnourished? I have HIV? Or that I’m barren?” She interrupted him bitterly, alre-ady fed up with his rude attitude.
“Let’s just get this over with. Joseph is my lawyer. He’ll go over the details of the contract for you.” Tobi stated ignoring her outbur-st. “Why? Because you think I can’t re-ad?”
Abena narrowed her eyes at him.
“Well you’re not exactly fully educated, but it’s because you don’t have a lawyer pres£nt.” Tobi retorted loosing his patience quic-kly.
“Whatever. Joseph, plea-se go on.” She turned to Joseph who tried his best to look as professional as possible. He wasn’t okay with the plan, and he felt bad for the pretty girl who sat across him.
Joseph cleared his throat before looking at her. “Okay, it’s simple. You’ll be paid 40 million naira to have Mr. Ademi’s baby.
You’ll be paid 10 million once you conceive, 10 million in your third month, 10 million in your sixth month and the final 10 million when you put to be-d. [email protected] from the 40 million naira, you’re not entitled to any allowances, your hospital bills are alre-ady paid for-“
Contract accepted but yet to be concluded
But is it right for her to do this?
“Since I own the hospital.” Tobi pointed out. Rolling his eyes, Joseph continued to speak.
“If you don’t get pregnant after three tries, the contract would be terminated. If you lose the pregnancy, the contract would be terminated but you would keep the money you’ve earned till that point. You would be required to visit his doctor on appointed [email protected]£s given to you once you conceive, and after you conceive, Mr. Ademi would not see you until you’re six months pregnant, just to check on you and all. You would not do any form of tedious work that would put the baby’s health in danger, only desk work is allowed. After you give birth, you would never look for the baby, or even hold him or her-”
“Preferably a ‘her’” Tobi cut in.
“As I was saying,” Joseph continued while shooting Tobi a glare. “You would not take [email protected] of the baby’s life, just give birth and disappear. Is there anything you would like to add?”
“No, nothing.” Abena said quietly suddenly losing her confidence and the contract was placed in front of her. She held the pen and stared at the papers in front of her.
“Just sign here, and we’re good to go.” Joseph said pointing at the dotted lines. She drew a breath in and contemplated on whether to do it or not. It would be great to have the 40 million naira that would take all her problems away, but having a baby? That was an important thing to do, and it would be her first time. Her first child, would she be able to give it away?
Would she be able to go throu-gh nine months of pregnancy, and childbirth, just to have her own child taking away, bought for a sum of 40 million naira. She would be selling her child!
But won’t it be worth it. For the one in the hospital, the one she has to save. It was a sacrifice she would have to make.
Tobi tapped his f!ngerson the table impatiently. “Having second thoughts?” He asked with a scowl on his face. “If you can’t do it, I won’t mind. I’ll just find someone else who-”
“Who said anything about second thoughts?” She snapped before scribbling her signature on the paper and handing it over to Tobi. Tobi scribbled his signature quic-kly with a confident sm-irk on his face before looking at her. She rolled her eyes and looked away, fighting the urge to wipe the sm-irk off his handsome face.
She had just made a deal with a devil, a handsome devil.
“I have to be in court in… thirty minutes.” Joseph said while placing the contracts in a briefcase. “You guys can fix your next appointment. I’ll see you. And don’t worry, I’ve called an Uber.” Joseph said patting Tobi on his shoulder.
“What appointment?” Abena asked after Joseph left. They were alone in an h0tel room and Abena rid her mind of the thoughts of all the things that could happen.
“Babies don’t just appear you know, you have to make them.” Tobi said pouring himself a glas-s of red wine.
“I’m not going to sleep with you!” Abena blurted out and Tobi plastered an amused smile on his face.
“I’ve told you that won’t be necessary. We would make the baby throu-gh artificial insemination. You’ll just put the thing in yourself and thats it. Just meet me here by this time next week for the stuff.” He said.
“Thing? Stuff? Abeg be more specific?” She asked with confusion written across her face.
“You know, the thing.” He gestured but she shook her head still confused.
“Argh, so naive. The semen, sperm, the thing that makes babies.” He gave an exasperated sigh.
“Oh. Okay.” She said uncomfortably. “I’ll be here.”
Abena walked into the h0tel room and saw Tobi sitting with a satisfied smile on hisl-ips. How could he be so… jolly, when she was still unsure about what she was doing.
“It’s inside. Don’t spill it or anything. I worked ha-rd for that.” He instructed and she scrunched her nose in disgust.
“Keep the details to yourself abeg.” She said while dropping her bag on the couch and going into the room.
She [email protected]£ back after a while and he stared at her hopefully. “I’ve done it. Calm down. Now what?”
“Now, we wait. You better get pregnant.”

*A month later*
Tobi and Joseph sat on the couch in the Presidential Suite drinking wine. “Don’t drink too much. We have to keep the remaining for the [email protected]” Tobi said.
“I thought you use champagne to [email protected]?” Joseph asked revea-ling a bottle of champagne.
“Oh, you’re amazing! Where is she anyway. We agreed to meet here by 11:30.” He asked while checking his watch.
“Dude, calm down. It’s just 11:20. She still has ten minutes.” Joseph said.
“This had better work.” Tobi muttered.
“Why Having cold feet? Don’t think your sperm is good enough?” Joseph tea-sed.
“Excuse me! My sperm is better. I’m a sharp shooter, you should know that. I don’t miss.” Tobi boasted.
“How would I know that? Do I sleep with you?” Joseph rolled his eyes.
“Whatever. Sharp shooters don’t miss. You’ll see.” He said. Joseph opened his mouth to speak but Abena walked in.
“Finally. What took you so long?” Tobi asked standing up.
“It’s not even 11:30 yet. Calm down.” She said irritated.
He handed her a couple of pregnancy test str!ps and Joseph handed her some more. “re-ad the instructions and do exactly as it says. They said you can’t rely on one so use all of this.” Tobi said dumping them on her. She looked at him with an amused smile. “They say it one red line for pregnant.” He added.
“No you idiot. It’s two.” Joseph cut in.
“What do you know. Have you ever gotten pregnant?” Tobi snapped.
“I have two kids you idiot. It’s two lines.” Joseph retorted. Abena raised her hand to speak but they didn’t notice her.
“I don’t care if you have ten kids. I heard that it was one line.” Tobi said glaring at his friend.
“From who? An idiot like you? Look Abena its two lines. Use like five of them.” Joseph said without looking at Abena.
“This is my baby. I give the instructions, not you. Use six of them.” Tobi said.
“Guys!” Abena spoke up and they looked at her. “First of all, its two lines. And I don’t nee-d all of this. I alre-ady did it.” She announced.
“And?” Tobi asked with a hopeful look on his face. “I’m pregnant. Two red lines.” She said with a smile on her face.
Tobi laughed in excitement. “Yes! What did I tell you? Sharp shooter baby!” He grinned as Joseph engulfed him in a hvg.
“Congratulations man.” He said with a smile.
“Are you guys [email protected]?” Abena asked curiously.
“Ew, no.”
“I’m married with kids woman.”
“Good. I wouldn’t want you to end up in prison, you can’t pay me from there.” She said laughing at their expressions. It was surprising how he could be so serious and then later, be so pla-yful. When he smiled, he looked beautiful, she wondered why he didn’t do that when he was out in the public.
“Well, go in there, and give me two red lines, again.” Tobi instructed with a pla-yful smile plastered across his face.
She rolled her eyes, still smiling, and took a str!p before going into the bathroom. Tobi laughed again and sat on the couch.
Joseph sat beside him. After sitting a comfortable silence for a few minutes,
Joseph asked “How do you feel?”
“Great. I’m going to be a father.” Tobi replied.
“So the end justifies the means?” Joseph asked.
“I thought you were happy for me.” Tobi asked his smile disappearing.
“I am. Its great that I’m going to have a godchild-”
“And who said you’ll be the child’s godfather?” Tobi asked pla-yfully, changing the subject.
“Hey! That’s not fair. I allowed you to be the godfather of my first child. You have to do the same for me.” Joseph whined.
“Did I ask you? You did it out of your own free will.” Tobi chuckled.
“Abeg abeg, don’t give me that. If you don’t make me the godfather, I’ll kidnap your child.” Joseph joked.
Tobi was about to speak when Abena walked in. She threw the pregnancy str!p at him and he skrie-ked like a girl before jumping up. She laughed.
Who knew a billionaire could be so pla-yful? Tobi Ademi, Nigeria’s youngest billionaire can skrie-k… like a girl.
“That’s your pee on that stick.” He complained.
“Well it’s your baby.” She shrugged pla-yfully. “Money.” She simply said with a serious expression on her face.
“That’s all you ever think about. Won’t you rejoice with us? We’re having champagne, although you can’t have any. I’m sure you won’t mind fruit jui-ce.” He said.
“Just hand the cheque over. I have somewhere to be.” She replied.
Rolling his eyes, he gestured to Joseph who brou-ght out a cheque sl!pand handed it over to her.
“See you in six months. Keep your [email protected] of the contract!” He said as she was about to leave.
“Whatever.” She said.
“Don’t have S-x on my baby woman!”
Abena emptied her breakfast into the toilet and gro-an ed in frustration. She was at home, unfortunately with her step mother, and for the past few days, she wasn’t able to keep anything down.
She looked down at her stomach and saw the baby bu-mp. It was obvious that she was pregnant now, and her step mother was alre-ady suspicious.
“Who’s the father of the baby Abena?” She heard the voice she had grown to hate. Her step mother.
Abena’s mother had died when she was just five, three months after she had given birth to her younger sister. Three months after, her father married Bridget, and although Abena was young, she hated her from the beginning. Two years ago, her father had a heart attack and died, his company crashed, and Abena was left with Bridget.
“Theres no baby.” Abena lied although it was very obvious.
“So what, your stomach size increa-sed for no reason, you’re tired all the time and you’ve been puking like anything.” Bridget pointed out.
Abena sighed wearily and walked past her and out of the bathroom but Bridget pu-ll-ed her back and slammed her Palm against her cheek.
Abena t©uçhed her cheek in surprise and glared at her step mother.
“You filthy s–t!” Bridget went on. “You’re just like your mother.”
Abena [email protected] in surprise. Bridget never mentioned her mother. Abena opened her mouth to speak, but Bridget beat her to it. “You see, your mother knew that your father belonged to me, but being the s–t that she was, she stole him. We were best friends, yet she stole him. And gave birth to two sluts. But I always get what I want.”
“Don’t you dare talk about my mother like that! You got what you wanted, and you killed her after!” Abena shouted at her, clenching her fists and re-sisting the urge to [email protected] her.
“It’s not my fault, your father was a weak man.” Bridget shrugged nonchalantly. She stood by the door, smiling at Abena while the latter burned with anger.
“You s—-d all the wealth out of him, and at the end of the day, you s—-d the life out of him too!” Abena pointed an accusing f!nger at Bridget.
“Well it’s his fault for having two useless daughters who couldn’t run the company without him.” Bridget spat back bitterly.
“I was 20, just in my second year of university, when he had a heart attack, because he caught you slee-ping with his as-sistant. You took over the company and burned it to the ground. Don’t call me a s–t when you’re the prostitute.” Abena snapped and Bridget froze. She looked at Abena with so much hatred and stepped closer to her. Bridget raised her hand to [email protected] her again but Abena caught it in midair and held it ti-ghtly. Bridget winced but made no move to back down. “I’m leaving. Not because you want me to, but because I’m sick and tired of you.” Abena said and walked out of the bathroom and towards her room.
She looked down at her stomach again and she felt tears welling up in her eyes. She was just as bad as Bridget.

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