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The boss’s bride Batch 5

⛈️ The Boss’s Bride ⛈️
🌩️ By: Adeagbo Barakat Susan🌩️
🌨️ Chapter Twelve 🌨️
💚 Lucas’s POV 💚
Finally I got their address, since yesterday that he took her, I finally found their address
I’ve been searching for Kira and the guy that took her yesterday and I finally found their address
I asked some people who know Kira if she was married but all of them answered negatively, I knew it, Kira can’t fall for anyone else
She love me and me alone, now all I have to do is get the love of my life back
💙 Calvin’s POV 💙
I felt something against my che-st
Warm and soothing, like it belonged there
But what was it?
I opened my eyes and looked around
It was little late in the evening, say quarter past six
I was in my room with Kira’s hand against my che-st
I smiled at that fact
Kira, who would have thought she’d be in my be-d and tou-ching me like I belonged to her
Who would have even thought I’d be taking care of her right now?
Why does something feel off when I’m thinking about the fact that I’m taking care of her?
I thought about it and when I finally remembered I rolled off the be-d, hitting my head in process
She stirred and I stilled hoping she won’t wake up before I finish cooking
When I was eventually sure she won’t wake up, I went to the kitchen and Started on kitchen soup and blend salad
It took a while but after almost 2 hours I finished cooking
I was setting the table when I heard something flash in front of the window facing outside
I looked outside but I didn’t see anyone
Was I imagining the flash I thought looking again care fully
Suddenly I felt someone’s breathe on my arm, I j£rked away, that must have startled her because she staggered backward, she almost fell but I caught her and pu-ll-ed her to myself
I couldn’t help but stare, I quic-kly shook my head mentally
” What are you doing down here? ”
” I don’t know, I was slee-ping comfortably but it felt like something left me, this made me uncomfortable so I couldn’t sleep ” she said moisturizing her lowerl-ip
I prayed fiercely in my mind
” You said? ” She asked but I shook my head and re-leased her
” Nothing, dinner is re-ady let’s eat while it’s still h0t ” I said leading her to the dining chair, I helped her sit and I finished serving the food
She kept showering me with praises while she ate and I couldn’t help but blush, I’m don’t think she realized I was blu-shing because she was busy with the blend salad
Why is this scene so akward?
Is it not supposed to be the other way round?
🌨️ Chapter Thirteen 🌨️
🖤 Kira’s POV 🖤
What on Earth is wrong with this guy, he has been ma-king me as nervous as what nervous can be, ma-king me act out of my normal character
I looked at him as he unconsciously picked a fruit from the fruit salad I made him prepare for me earlier
I mean he has been pampering me and I’m planning to use it to my full advantage
I pouted hoping he would see it before I loose my cool and laugh and he did, his gaze strayed to mine like it was out of habit, he quic-kly swallow the fruit and cleaned his mouth
” Sorry, I didn’t mean to eat it , plea-se don’t pout I’d make something else for you, what do you want?…pizza? ” He asked and I almost laughed but I kept my cool, I won’t want him to realize that I’m not mad
I frowned like I was going to cry and he reached out to pu-ll me up but I snacked his hand
” Oh come on, I’m sorry, plea-se plea-se plea-se I’m sorry ” he said pu-lling me up this time and ma-king me stand between his legs.
” I want to watch a movie….. ”
” Okay movie ” he said nodding
” And.. ”
” And? ” He asked obviously tired of my demands
” Yes and ”
” Okay what else? ”
” We’d go on a stroll ”
” Oh! ” He exclaimed his face going from from a re-ady wince to a surprised one
” Why is your face like that? ” I asked tem-pted to t©uçh his face but then I held back
” I was expecting you to tell me to get something from somewhere far ”
” Well should I? ”
” No plea-se ” he pleaded and I nodded, he stood off the chair and went to pick the movie we were going to watch
I have to admit, what I wanted was to just stroll with him
I pray God to help me because I can’t help but want to sl!pmy hand into his larger one
I really want to see if his hands are as soft as they look
God plea-se help me do what’s right
Don’t let me do anything improper with this man
I prayed, but then I had to take a pause, we are married so what am I terming improper?
” Kira! ” Calvin called from the sitting room to alert me cutting throu-gh my thought
” I’m coming old man ” I said and proceeded to meet him in the sitting room so that we can watch the movie
” I’m not an old man ” he whispered into my ear just before the movie started
That shook me a bit
God what is going on?
💜 Edaward’s POV 💜
I don’t know but I feel really miserable
The two things in my head are the bartender girl and that fiery witch
More of the bartender girl anyways
I went back to the bar where she worked because I thought I didn’t get enough of her, but unfortunately I was told she no longer worked there since the day she left my room
I couldn’t find the bartender girl neither could I get the fiery witch
I looked at a lady that walked up to me, she was trying ha-rd to flir-t
” Wanna go to my room? ” I asked and she nodded
I took her hand and we made our way to my room.
💚 Lucas’s POV 💚
Kira! oh my Kira
How I miss Kira’s submissive attitude, even though the Kira people have been telling me about is not my Kira
My Kira was always been cool and submissive, she only get mad when it comes to one thing and that’s all
My Kira would always apologise everything little thing and she’d never think of raising her voice except when she is really driven to the edge, before that can happen it is always a long and ha-rd push
My Kira would soon be mine again.
💙 Calvin’s POV 💙
It was well past 10 when we eventually finished the movie I picked for us
I was surprised Kira was not looking bored at all, infact we shared exclamations throu-ghout the movie, exclaiming at the same scenes
It made me really happy, I mean it definitely mean we have a lot in common
Kira still wanted to go out to walk and I didn’t see anything bad there, I mean everywhere was cool, the full moon was shining bright in the sky
The stars were also dancing in the sky too
The setting felt ro-mantic so I felt I might as well take her out for fresh air
We walked up the estate, everywhere was quiet and peaceful
I walked beside Kira and watched her look at the sky
” That star is beckoning, it’s calling us to come closer ” she said pointing at the star far ahead
” Seriously?”
” Yes ” she said facing me, before I could say Jack she sli-pped her hand into mine and broke into a run, I followed closely behind
We st©pped when she was breathless
” Woah! ” she exclaimed when we st©pped
” Yeah woah! ” I said too laughing
” That star seems to be teasing, we were running towards him and he was running away ”
” You are really funny ” I said pu-lling her closer and enclosing with both hands wra-pped behind her back
She looked at me like she was dazed
” Surprise? ” I asked and she nodded, she [email protected] herl-ips and I gro-an ed
I prayed in my mind while she stared at me blankly
I couldn’t resist
I placed a soft k!ssin her hair and went back to looking into her eyes
” Is that [email protected] of the care the doctor said you should give me? ” She asked looking almost disappointed
I was about to answer when I heard a loud thud in the flower garden beside us
Kira was so scared that she clutched my shi-t
” Calm down, I won’t let anything happen to you ” I said reas-suring her and she nodded
” Wait here and scream if you see anything unusual” I said but she held my shi-t ti-ghtly looking into my eyes, she shook her head
” We might be in danger Kira and I can’t risk taking you with me, plea-se ” I said but she still held on ti-ghtly, but I believe her eyes are letting me go but her hands are not just willing
I re-moved her hands and k!$$£d her cheek a little more than light
” Remember scream ” I said and I switched on my phone’s t©uçh and I went into the flower garden, thre-ading carefully, I looked out carefully expecting someone to lunge at me like it happen in movies but, I looked around carefully but I still didn’t see anything [email protected] from a medium stone crushing a sunflower to death
I wanted to go further and continue looking but then something suddenly cli-cked
Could it be that someone used the stone as a distraction?
” God plea-se don’t let it be what I’m thinking ” I prayed rushing out of the flower garden, but unfortunately it was
A man dressed on all green including his mask was holding Kira , with a hand to the mouth
” What are you doing?, Let her go! ” I yelled but he shook is head and stepped backward taking Kira with him
” plea-se let her go ” I pleaded but he shook is head
” Mine ” he said and that infuriated me, she’s not an object for goodness sake, she’s my wife
” plea-se let her go ” I said and he shook his head, he took two steps backwards but kept his eyes on me
Suddenly I saw someone, a lady actually coming out of the other side of the street with a stick, she st©pped and looked at me, then she placed a hand onl-ips and shook her head
I continued to look at the green guy who was backing the lady with the stick
” plea-se let go of her ” I said pla-ying along and he took another two step backwards
I kept pleading until the lady got close enough, she sma-cked him twice on the his head, it must have hurt so much that he re-leased Kira and ran into the flower garden crying in pain
I couldn’t run after him because I had to hold Kira, she looked like she was going to faint
” Is she okay? ” The lady asked and I shook my head
” I don’t know, she’s been sick, this is all my fault I shouldn’t have left her alone ”
” Well you didn’t know it was going to happen ” Kira said and I smiled
” Look who’s not blaming me ”
” Devil ”
” I think she would be fine ” I said to the lady that saved us and she smiled
” By the way my name is Tonia ” she said and my eyes wi-de-ned that’s Kira’s name too
” Oh pardon my manners my name is Calvin and this is my wife Kira, she happen to be bearing Tonia too ” I said and Tonia grinned
” I’m not your wife, nice to meet you namie thanks a lot ” Kira said weakly holding my hand for support
” You are both funny, but I’ve to run, my mum would be waiting for me ”
” Okay Tonia but plea-se have our card and call us when you have the time ” I said giving her my card
” Okay, bye ” she said venturing back
Back to thinking about Kira
Who would want to kidnap Kira?
Perhaps Edward?
🌨️ Chapter Fourteen 🌨️
💚 Lucas’s POV 💚
What kind of crazy human being would hit someone else on the head
I hope my plan is fool proof but I doubt it, Kira would probably know I’m the one because she know me too well
” Ouch! ” I exclaimed when the doctor cleaned the wound I sustained again
I’m so going to get the person that did this to me
Who am I kidding I don’t even see the person, the only thing I know is that the person is a lady, because if it had been a man I’d be knocked out flat
” Ouch! ” I exclaimed again while the doctor apologized
I want my Kira back, I really don’t like how she was laughing with the guy, I don’t want to believe she has moved on and is doing well without me
Kira with the feathery t©uçh, hands so soft that you’d fall asleep while she t©uçhes
I want my Kira back!.
💜 Edward’s POV 💜
The bell in the church rang so loud distracting my thoughts
Thoughts I’ve been trying to get away from
Yes I am too
After taking the lady to my room, she started undressing but I couldn’t even look, because when I tried all I could see was the bartender
I don’t know why?
I even thought it was probably because I envisioned her b©dy as Kira’s so I tried to do that with the lady but it was not working
I was not even arou-sedso I s£nt her off with $5000
Even when she left my thoughts are still not back together, I was still thinking about the bartender so I left the h0tel and strolled looking for what to distract me but nothing seemed to be helping until I got in front of church
Actually a bell was ringing so loud that it distracted my thoughts, I had to trace ut until I got in front of the church, people were rushing to get in, a lot of people were there like the president of the country was Inside.
Curiousity got the best of me so I
followed them in to see what was going to happen
When we got in I took my sit at back on one of the rolls of benches which were occu-pied by men
It’s been long since I’ve been to a church so everything looked strange
Suddenly the bell st©pped ringing and the peaceful fire burning my thoughts was quenched
Everyone was murmuring but the moment the choir started singing everywhere [email protected]£ quiet, my piling thoughts were forgotten too
Little wonder, who wouldn’t want to listen to the rich blend of different instruments and beautiful voices
They sang few songs and then sang an hymn everyone had to join in, I practically kept shut throu-ghout because I didn’t know to what so
When they finished, the preacher took over immediately
He started preaching but I couldn’t sit still, a different fire was burning but this time anger
” You should not turn against God because man hurt you, you should not carry a burden that’s not for you at all, do not let what human lead you to a state of denial….. Do not let people break you….. ” I couldn’t listen again
He does not know what he was talking about, he does not the feeling of being used and being broken
He doesn’t know at all
I stood up and made my way outside, he was saying absolute ru-bbish!.
🖤 Kira’s POV🖤
Calvin picked me up and carried me all the way home
He dropped me on his be-d and left the room for me to freshen up
I did it as fast as I could and called him back in after dressing up for be-d
” How are you feeling now? ”
” I’m better ” I replied and he sat beside me
” Do you think Edward is the one that tried to kidnap you? ” He asked ru-bbing his knee
” Nah, it’s Lucas ”
” Who is Lucas and how did you know that? ”
” The guy that took me to the hospital, that you met at the hospital has a weird obse-ssion, he loves green like his own self, so it’s quite obvious ” I explained thinking about the way Lucas just [email protected]£ out of nowhere and [email protected]£d me
He was not ha-rd on me, he only whispered softly telling me he wants me back
” Who is he? ” Calvin asked startling me, I looked into his eyes to see his eyes darkening
Is he angry?
” Who is he? ” He asked again and I shook my head
” Nob©dy you should worry about ”
” This guy tried to kidnap you! ”
” Hmm so you care? ” I asked and he shook his head
” Of course I care ”
” You do? ” I asked excited, he just said he care
” Of course, what would I say to the doctor when he comes?, That the person he asked me to take care of was kidnapped? ” He asked and it felt like someone splashed dirt on me
He only care about the doctor’s patient
” Yeah, good night ” I said standing up to go to my room but he held my hand
” What? ”
” You are supposed to sleep here so I can watch over you, and if you are not comfortable here I’d come over to your room ” he said standing up
” You don’t have to worry about that, I’d be perfectly fine ”
” But the doctor…… ”
” I said I’d be fine be fine ” I said removing my hand from his and moving out before he could say another word.

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