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The boss’s bride Batch 4

⛈️ The Boss’s Bride ⛈️
🌩️ By: Adeagbo Barakat Susan🌩️
🌨️ Chapter Nine 🌨️
🖤 Kira’s POV 🖤
What’s wrong with me?
Why am I not scratching his face out alre-ady?
But wait!
What is wrong with him?
He look like someone stole his shaving cream, like someone that just fell off the moon
He pu-ll-ed me all the way to the parking and pressed me against his car
” What on Earth is wrong with you? ” I asked and he hvgged me suddenly, he hvgged me so close that I could smell his bath soap, a mixture of vanilla and strawberry… A rare mixture for a guy like him
He re-leased me again and glared at me
” Did he hvg you like that? ” He asked and I shook my head hoping I heard wrong
” You said? ”
” Did that dude hvg you like that ? ” He asked again and I pushed him with every single strength I had
” Are you crazy ?… Your per-vert friend almost killed me and I was out for a week and now you are accusing me of what now?…. That’s it, all of you are crazy ” I Said turning to walk away but he suddenly carried me…. I was too weak to protest but I yelled anyways
” Keep quiet and st©p ma-king noise… We are going home Now and you are going to behave yourself ” he says in the most bossy like tone I’ve ever heard… I had to keep quiet
What’s going on!
💙 Calvin’s POV 💙
What on Earth is this boss lady doing to me?
I couldn’t control my anger and possessiveness when I saw the crazy dude holding her hand like some kind of Romeo
I couldn’t help but hvg her when I saw the mark of purplish print of f!ngerson her n£¢k, she was telling the truth
Edward indeed tried to strangle her, he tried to kill her for real
I didn’t want her to catch me unfresh so I re-leased her and asked her if the crazy dude hvgged her like I just did
My pretty witch… She flared up and pushed me, then started nagging, she was really cute but it was not funny when she tried to walk away… I carried her and she started telling again, I quic-kly changed to my bossy attitude
” Keep quiet and st©p ma-king noise… We are going home Now and you are going to behave yourself ” I said and she kept quite looking at me, with puppy like eyes, I almost laughed
I drove us home and took her to my room, heaven knows where Edward is
I dropped her on the be-d and she scrambled to the far end
” Why did you bring me to your room? ” She asked gr-abbing the be-dsheet
She real look cute in the baggy hospital wear
” To consummate our marriage ” I said and her eyes wi-de-ned
” What?… No way… I’m not doing anything with you ” she said jumping out of my be-d
She was running towards the door but I blocked her
” What do you want? ” She asked melting against the wall
” Look here…. I’m going to consummate our marriage if I want to and you are not going to do anything about it, I married you alre-ady and nob©dy can hold me ” I said picking her up
I gently placed her on the be-d and putting my legs to block her from running
” You… You are not going to do that are you? ” She asked but she didn’t move
” Nope… Not yet ” I said and she closed her eyes
I watched her breaths evened and I realized she had fallen asleep
Who does that ?
🌨️ Chapter Ten 🌨️
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🖤 Kira’s POV 🖤
He was chasing me in the forest
He caught up with me and pushed me to the floor… That crazy per-vert, he started strangling me again
‘ let go ‘ I tried to say but I couldn’t get it out…
His hand sli-pped un-der my go-wn but before he could t©uçh me in the inappropriate place someone pu-ll-ed him off me
He pu-ll-ed me up and I was happy he [email protected]£ to my aid, I thought he was going to help me out of the forest,but he suddenly pushed me against a tree trying to gain access to my mouth… I shook my head as [email protected] as I could, I could hear my ex best friend’s cruel laughter
I can’t let him take advantage of me, I can’t let him do this to…..
Suddenly someone shook me, I opened my eyes, but all I could see was still the forest and someone tou-ching me
It was a nightmare but it was so real that I could not get over it
” It’s okay Kira I’m here ” Calvin said beside me, another man on the same be-d?
That was the last thing I wanted so I jumped off the be-d and ran towards the door, unfortunately I couldn’t st©p long enough to open the door, instead I ran into the door made out of strong mahogany.
The next thing I knew was darkness.
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💙 Calvin’s POV 💙
It was few minutes past six in the morning and I was slee-ping beside Kira on my be-d
Yea, well she’s my wife and I’m considering courting her properly, might as well start off by getting used to her beside me… Not like I was not used to her even though we’ve not been married for up to a month.
Suddenly I felt her j£rk beside me and I opened my eyes sleepily, she [email protected]£d hold of tank t©p fisting it in her hand, she was practically fighting me while she was asleep, every thought of slee-ping eluded me as she j£rked ha-rder, twisting and turning
” Kira plea-se wake up, it’s a dream ” I said but I don’t think she heard, she shook her head violently hitting her head on side stool, my eyes wi-de-ned as I saw blood trick-ling down the sp©t
She sustained an injury
I quic-kly got hold of her and [email protected]£d her close to me and shook her
Her b©dy was tense but then she st©pped j£rking and shaking, I re-leased her slowly…
” It’s okay Kira, I’m here ” I said but the next thing I knew was she jumping out of the the be-d and running straight towards the door
I was too shocked to even run after her, the next thing I knew was her b©dy dropping to the floor
I rushed out of the be-d to meet her, I shoot her but she didn’t stir
” Kira… plea-se.. … No no… plea-se don’t do this ” I quic-kly put her on the be-d and phoned the doctor
He promised to be there in few minutes, I kept checking her b©dy to see if she was going to move but she was a still as a log of wood
This is worst than being tra-pped in a cold because every second felt like she is going to die, and I didn’t know what to do, if only I didn’t chase her out the other day, all this wouldn’t have happened
After what I felt was like decade later, the doctor was esc-rted inside by one of the security guards, I was so happy that I almost hvgged the doctor, the moment the doctor saw her and I explained what happened, he got to work, clean, checking and injecting
After a full 34minutes 30 seconds of treating her, he turned to me and shook his head
My eyes almost popped out of it’s socket, I [email protected]£d hold of his cloth
” What is wrong with her? ” I asked with a shaky voice
” Woah calm down, nothing is wrong with her, infact she is not really in a critical condition ” he said and I re-leased him then bowed in relief
He patted my back and I stood up straight again
” She is going to be fine but, how come she has this…. ” He said pointing at the purplish print on her n£¢k, then eyed me suspiciously
” Wait!…. No no no I didn’t do that… She got into some accident, with a bad person, I just brou-ght home from the hospital yesterday ”
” If you say you didn’t do it, I believe you son, but the problem is she is still having breathing difficult, that was more of the reason why the door knocked her out, so you have to be very careful with her now, she should not be doing anything much and you should not let her out of your sight, if possible carry her every where for next two weeks, because right now she is very vulnerable and constant fainting for her might lead her to coma, so you have to be very careful, make her happy and take very good care of her ”
” Okay sir ”
” I’d be leaving some drugs for her, make sure she takes them and make sure she eat healthy foods ”
” Okay sir ”
The moment he left I sle-pt beside Kira, even with the gauze covering her wound and the worried look on her face she still looked very beautiful
My heart skipped a beat
What is going on?
Am I really beginning to care for this stubborn angel than I really did for every other girl in my life?
I propped my self up on one arm and looked at her beautiful face, her temptingl-ips slightly open, her eye brows questioning every gaze I cast on her, her hair begging to be tucked behind her ear, so I did, I tucked the stray hair behind her ear and placed a k!sson her temple.
I don’t know why but I grinned like a college student
What is really going on?
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💜 Edward’s POV 💜
I knew he was going to find her, so I decided to find her too but unfortunately he got to her first
Calvin is behaving like a fool in love and I think it would be best if I stay clear of them for a while before I come to claim what is mine.
I have to have her to myself soon, the fact that she is with another is ma-king me really restless and I hate it.
” Here is what you ordered for ” the bartender at the h0tel I was staying said looking at me se-ductively
Cheap…. I thought as I looked at her, I won’t have to break a sweat before I take her to be-d
” Okay, when do you get off your shift? ” I asked taking her fine manicured hand and she blu-shed
” In thirty minutes from now ”
” Good, wanna come up to my room?, $10000 if you stay till tomorrow morning ” I said giving her a killer smile
Her eyes wi-de-ned
” Really? ”
” Yeah babe ”
” Room number? ”
” 306 ”
” I’d be there in thirty ” she said then turned to leave, shaking her bu-tt with extra f0rç£
I said it cheap!
Now to go back to thinking about my fiery witch.
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💚 Lucas’s POV 💚
I can’t believe I actually loosed Kira
I can’t even believe Kira married someone else
She was supposed to be waiting for me like she always do
She was supposed to run back into my arms the moment she saw me but then that was not the case
She behaved in the totally opposite way
I can’t believe she’d marry another when I’ve only been gone five years
I can’t believe it and I won’t believe it
The guy probably did something to her and I’d get the love of my life back
I’d get her back no matter what
I know I’ve hurt her before, including the fact that I didn’t contact or try to reach out to her for the past five years but, I am back for her and I won’t let her go again.
🌨️ Chapter Eleven 🌨️
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💙 Calvin’s POV 💙
It was a little past eight and I figured when Kira wakes up she’d be hungry
I went to the kitchen to cook, but then what what do you make for someone that is sick , I thought about it for a while then decided to make what my mum used to make for me whenever I was sick back then. I quic-kly made custard and poured a lot of milk, I was slicing fruit to compliment it, when I heard Kira’s cry from upstairs, I threw the knife to God knows where and rushed upstairs like a bull charging for it’s victim.
I met her sitting on the be-d crying
A lady past twenty years crying?… Weird!
” Kira what’s wrong ? ” I asked sitting beside her
” My head hurt ” she said in a very babyish tone
” Oh sorry about that, you sustained a head injury ”
” What? ” She asked feeling her head until her hand t©uçhed the gauze
” Ouch! ”
” Hey be careful ” I said and she glared at me
” You did this to me didn’t you? ” she asked and I frowned
” No!… Why would I want to do that? ”
” Oh… Because you are cruel and you hate me ” she said breaking into another round of tears
” Oh no no, plea-se don’t cry, I said side hvgging her
” Kira see I don’t hate you, and you see I’m going to be taking care of you, so plea-se don’t cry, plea-se ” I said and her cries st©pped but she was still sniffing
” Look at me ” I said and she took her head off my shoulder to look into my eyes, remind me not to do that next time, my shoulder felt cold the moment she re-moved her head
” I’m going to get you something to eat now ”
” No I’m not hungry ” she said trying to lie down on the be-d but I st©pped her using my hand to st©p her back from tou-ching the be-d , I made her sit again
” Hey you have to eat and you are going to take your drugs, do you un-derstand? ” I asked in my boss like tone and she nodded looking at me with that puppy eyes
I quic-kly turned my head to chuckle quietly, this lady would not be the end of me
” I’m coming ” I said going downstairs, I quic-kly finished slicing the fruits and I placed the food in a tray and took it to her room
The stubborn angel was actually asleep when I got there so I had to wake her up
” I said I’m not hungry ” she said and I eyed her, she quic-kly sat up
” I’m gonna report you to my dad ” she said like a baby but I shook my head
” You can do that just make sure you finish this ” I fed her the custard but she finished the fruit without help
I gave her her medicine and made her sit for a while before she eventually sle-pt off.
As soon as she sle-pt I took my phone and called the doctor
” Hello Sir ”
” Yes, how may I help you?, Is anything wrong with her? ”
” I’m not sure, but she has to been behaving kind of weird, talking like a kid and crying a lot ”
” Oh that should he an aftermath of fainting again and stress, her [email protected] is probably foggy, but she would be fine in a day or two ”
” Oh okay, thank you sir ” I said and hung up
I went over to the be-d and sle-pt beside her, careful not to go too close to her
She looked pretty as always
I knew I should be preparing to make lunch but it felt really comfortable to sleep on the be-d beside Kira doing nothing
I mean really comfortable
Like very very comfortable
Maybe too comfortable because I began to feel really sleepy and I eventually fell asleep.
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💜 Edward’s POV 💜
All I heard yesterday night till this morning is the pleading and cries of the bartender girl
I couldn’t just help but imagine her b©dy was my fiery witch’s own neither could I help but think her pleadings and cries were that of the witch
I looked at her pretty face and her tears streaked face, I shook my head and I lifted the cover to get out of be-d but then I saw it
I checked myself to see if I had a wound but it was not from me
I checked the be-d and saw that it was also stained, it was then I realized, it was from the bartender
No wonder she was crying throu-ghout, it was her first
I suddenly felt weird, I never sle-pt with a v!rg!nbefore, I looked at her and I shook my head again
I woke her her gently and she gro-an ed
” Hey wake up ” I tried to say in a rude tone but it [email protected]£ out as that of a young of a young boy begging to plea-se his mother
She stirred and opened her eyes
The moment she saw me, she scrambled to the side and sat up
” Go clean yourself you are stained ” I said and she looked at the be-d
She stood up and left to go to the bathroom but not before I caught tears threatening to fall
Is she regretting this?
I thought with my ti-ght£ñing my che-st, but I shook it off
What do I care?
I’d pay her off and that would be all
And when she [email protected]£ out of the bathroom and finished dressing I did, I paid her and she gave me a weak smile and waved me good bye
I couldn’t resist the urge to tell her goodbye too
I watched her walked out of the room with a little limp and I couldn’t believe I did that to her.

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