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The boss’s bride Batch 3

⛈️ The Boss’s Bride ⛈️
🌩️ By: Adeagbo Barakat Susan🌩️
🌨️ Chapter Six 🌨️
💜 Edward’s POV 💜
I was really pumped to leave my mum because she is really ma-king a big deal out of my head injury
I mean I’ve had worse injuries
I pressed the doorbell waiting for Calvin to open the door, I can’t wait to see his wife, I bet he is going to give the poor lady a [email protected] time.
I was shocked to see my casanova open the door, my fiery strong woman, it seems like God decided to give me a birthday gift two months early, I hope Calvin would let me have her, even if it is just once.
” Well, well, well, who is this?, If not the bottle smasher ”
” What are you doing here? ”
” So you are our new wife? ”
” I said what are you doing here? , or this time I might be putting a bullet into that thick skull of yours ” she asked and I smiled, just the way I like it, fierce and fiery
” Well as your husband’s best friend, I [email protected]£ here to share your home with you and maybe share some other things with you ” I said and she glared at me
” Birds of a feather…. Calvin it is for you ” she yelled and Calvin [email protected]£ out
” Hey man you are here ” he Said hvgging me
” Yes, and he is leaving immediately ”
” What?, What right do you have to say that?, You best stay in your boundary ” Calvin answered her, suddenly she did the unthinkable
” Hey, everyb©dy come outside and hear this, if I do anything to this devil and his crazy per-vert friend, no one should hold me responsible, useless pair of fools ” she yelled snd went inside ban-ging the door
” I see you found my casanova ” I said and Calvin looked at me surprised.
Really my stay here would be longer than I expected and much more interesting.
💙 Calvin’s POV 💙
I was really furious, the witch had the gut to embarras-s me in front of my friend
And the way she yelled?, Nob©dy can even hear her, this place is almost deserted, people only build houses here for vacation and the next house is still a street away.
” I see you found my casanova ” Edward said and I turned to look at him surprised
” Well…. If you had been around on the wedding day you’d have seen her ” I replied and he shrugged
” Do you want her or should I take her off you ”
” I don’t care what you do to her ” I said stomping inside, I was too furious to think about what he ask
🖤 Kira’s POV 🖤
I didn’t bother cooking dinner or lunch, because I didn’t want to even see the face, I took cereal and milk to my room, I don’t care about those fools, they’ve gone out since the per-vert [email protected]£, so why waste my strength?.
I finally decided to Open the box that was delivered today to check what was inside, I was wowed, every single thing was beautiful
The 3 denim jackets,3 trou-sers and 3 sneakers we were supposed to wear on Fridays had the company’s logo on them, so did the 3 white T-shi-t that [email protected]£ as inner.
And the phone?, 11 pro Max, the same as my current phone but I wasn’t expecting a company to be doing that much for it’s employees, I checked the [email protected]©p and behold the beauty of MacBook Air, it is the fli-pping latest version, which made me wonder if the company is sponso-red by apple company, if my dad is going to retire soon and he’d be starting a company, he should get advices From that devil.
I finished my cereal and I hung the cloths, I made my way to the kitchen and I washed the bowl, I was going inside my room again when I heard the sound of the car’s horn, they’d be inside as soon as the security guard let’s them in, I quic-kly ran back into the kitchen as an idea [email protected]£ to me, I got four eggs from the fridge and broke it at the entrance without leaving the shell.
I quic-kly dispose the shell and I ran to hide by the staircase, ma-king sure I have a clear view of them when they [email protected]£ in, I heard them at the door, The per-vert [email protected]£ in first and the moment he stepped on it, he sli-pped, he tried to [email protected] himself but ended up pu-lling the devil inside too, they both fell with a loud thud, I was about to bur-st, I ran upstairs quietly and sli-pped into my room and fell on my be-d, I laughed really [email protected], I bet they’d both wake up with pain all over tomorrow.
I couldn’t resist the urge to [email protected] scene in my head, I laughed until I couldn’t laugh anymore, thank God the doors are soundproof. When I realized I was feeling sleepy I turned face down and prayed to God, but to be sincere I didn’t know when I fell asleep.
My dream was getting crazy, something was snaking up my long nightie…. Wait!, This is no dream someone is tou-ching me, I quic-kly open my eyes and he was there, his hand moving from slowly to my knee.
What on Earth?.
🌨️ Chapter Seven 🌨️
🖤 Kira’s POV 🖤
Wait!, This is no dream someone is tou-ching me
I quic-kly open my eyes and he was there
I couldn’t see his face because it was dark and my lights are off, even the soft ones, who did that?
The moment I opened my eyes and started struggling he used one of his hands to pin my hands above my head and used the other to cover my mouth
I tried to use my legs but he used his legs to hold mine down
” Calm down fiery witch, you can’t tell me you don’t want me, I know you are just pla-ying [email protected] to get ” he said
I felt like punching his face, so disgusting, like smashing a bottle on his head isn’t enough
I suddenly st©pped struggling but I left my legs bent to the side, I won’t want him tou-ching me with his filthy b©dy
” That’s it honey, we are going to really have a good time, it’s gonna be plea-sure throu-gh out, one that your husband can’t give you ” his hand left my mouth but my hands were still pinned above my head
He ran his hand from my forehead to my nose and then to my mouth, the moment I was waiting for, he sli-pped his middle f!nger and his ring f!ngersinto my mouth and I quic-kly clasped my teeth shut on it.
He yelled and pushed my head back to make me re-lease him but I refused
He sma-cked my face and I re-leased him due to the pain that surged forth
However, I recovered fast, the fool was trying to get away, I carried my lamp and smashed it on him, he crumbled to the floor, he should thank God the lamp is a plastic one.
When he realized I was not done, he tried to scramble away, I picked the big box that was delivered earlier, thank God I emptied it.
He opened the door to get away but I got to him fas-ter and hit the box on him, he pu-ll-ed me by my leg and I landed [email protected] on my bu-tt but I didn’t let that st©p I reached for his leg and bit him [email protected] on his leg
” You bastard I’m going to end you ” he said and he pushed me he straddled me and strangled me
I couldn’t breathe well, I felt like I’d pas-s out alre-ady, but then someone switched on the light and he quic-kly got off, I turned and realized it was Calvin
” She’s a witch Cal, she called for help and I [email protected]£ in to help, before I could blink she jumped at me, I tried to run but she threatened to kill me, she hit me with a lamp!” the j£rk lied I was really furious but weak at the same time
I managed to get up and looked at Calvin, he was looking at me accusingly alre-ady
” Don’t tell me you believe this j£rk, your crazy friend [email protected]£ in and tried to have car-nal knowledge of me, he tried to [email protected]£ me and he was straggling me, I can’t deny hitting him with the lamp, how else do you want me to protect myself? ” I said meaning to yell but my voice [email protected]£ out weak because of laboured breath
” Why should I believe you?, You’ve been trying to kill me since I met you ”
” Are you crazy?, Do I look like the kind of girl that jumps on any guy she see?, Especially a per-vert like your crazy friend ”
” You are lying, witch ” the per-vert said and I flared up
” You best shut up or I’d be hitting what ever I find on your head again ” I said picking the empty almost ruined box
” You see she’s trying to kill me, she’s a liar ” he said moving behind Calvin
I charged after him but the next thing I know was Calvin pushing me so [email protected] that I fell on the floor
” Are you crazy?, Why on Earth did you do that? ” I asked this time not angry but more like hurt
” Look here, I can see what he is saying was true, do you want to kill my guest?, If you know you can’t tolerate him get out of my house! ” He yelled and I don’t know why but tears pooled up in my eyes
” Okay ” I replied ba-rely above a whisper
I stood up and took my trou-ser and my T T-shi-t from the wardrobe, I took my phone too, I left them in the room and made my way downstairs, I checked the time it was few minutes to five in the morning, I quic-kly changed my cloth around the staircase discarding my nightie there
I made my way out of the house after forcing the security guard to let me out, I managed to walk out of the estate and three streets more until I got to the road leading to the main road.
I was suddenly feeling dizzy, my throat was constricting and my vision was blurring
” Yahweh, help me don’t let me faint now” I prayed since there was no car or even anyb©dy around to help if I do
I tried to st©p and relax but I ended falling to ground
” God plea-se help ” I whispered before darkness gave me a soothing hvg.
💜 Edward’s POV 💜
That fool, how could she have s£nt her out of the house?
Now how would I have her?
I’m tired of pretending I even like being friends with the dude
All because of a stupid alliance my dad want with his dad, I had to face being best friends with him
I raked my hands throu-gh my head and I winced, that fiery witch bit me, once I have her once or twice, or even trice I’d order her teeth re-moved or even her arms broken.
I looked towards the fool’s room but it was still locked since the witch left
They are crazy and whatever they do, I must have that witch at least once.
🌨️ Chapter Eight 🌨️
💜 Edward’s POV 💜
It’s been a week and she’s not back yet, I’m itching all over for her, her fiery attitude, her nice and tempting b©dy, and the fact that she is strong headed is just everything.
All because of that fool, if only I had not opened that door, that fool wouldn’t have heard and come in.
Speaking of the fool, he has been in his room for the past one week only coming out to eat a meal a day, he always look miserable.
I hope he is not falling in love with my casanova because she’s mine and I mean mine alone.
💙 Calvin’s POV 💙
I don’t know why I’m feeling like this, I feel like my heart has been wretched out of me, purposely snatched away from me.
My feelings are hurt because of how Kira humiliated me but the shameful [email protected] is I miss her.
I’ve been searching for her since she left home but all to no avail, I couldn’t even go to work or even have fun with my best friend like I normally do, everything is just messed up.
How dare my heart hurt, it felt like she took half of it with her so why won’t it hurt?
We’ve been married for less than a month and it feels like she left on our tenth anniversary.
Could I have fallen in love with this woman in less than a month of marriage?
I can’t answer that but one thing I’m hundred percent sure of is that I want her back home
My phone suddenly rang and I picked it
” Hello? ”
” Did you find my daughter in law? ” My dad asked from the other side and my heart skipped two beats
” Not yet ”
” You best do or you’d be in big trouble, I never gave birth to an arrogant child…. ” I couldn’t take it, I feel like I’d cry if I continue listening to him
My Dad has been worried too and he had called me everyday for the past one week to check if Kira is back
I left my phone on the be-d and made my way to the bathroom, I nee-ded to take my bath, since I’ve not done that for the past two days
After taking my bath, I checked my phone and I realized my dad hung up alre-ady
I was dressing when a call [email protected]£ in, it was from the person helping me to search for Kira, I quic-kly picked
” We found her ” he said breathlessly
” Where? ”
” Trinity hospital ”
” What?, What happened ?” I asked but I hung up without waiting for a reply
I picked my car key and dashed out of the house, I drove to the hospital at full speed
I hope nothing is wrong with her.
🖤 Kira’s POV 🖤
I’m feeling tired, my b©dy aches like there is nothing else
My throat hurts too what could have happened?
That arrogant idiot and his per-vert friend
How could he have done that to me, he didn’t even believe me, he couldn’t even give me a chance to prove myself
I don’t know but that made my heart somehow, I mean…. How could he?
My throat felt really scratchy, that’s when I realized I have not even opened my eyes
I did and the ray of light coming in stung my eyes, I squinted until my eyes fully adjusted to the light
I realized I was in an hospital, but how come?
I mean… I remember praying to God for help but who brou-ght me here?
As if an answer to my prayer someone called my name and I turned to see the last person I was expecting to see
” Kira? ”
” Oh Kira thank God you are okay ” he said holding my have but I pushed his hands off ”
” What are you doing here Lucas? ”
” Kira I saw you on the street you were ba-rely breathing ”
” Thank you ” I said and I stood off the be-d, I re-moved the drip and turned to go out but I bu-mped into Lucas’s [email protected] che-st
” What do you think you are doing? ”
” I said thank you Lucas ” I said trying to leave but he held my hands
” You’ve been on this be-d since the past one week Kiki bear, you nee-d to rest ”
” Let go and don’t you ever call me that again ” I said pushing him off and walking outside ba-refooted as fast as I could but as expected he followed me
I managed to make my way outside but he st©pped me as soon as we got outside
” What do you want from me Lucas? ”
” Kiki bear can’t you see?, I want you back ” he said holding my hand
” I said don’t call me back, let go of me! ” I yelled struggling to re-move my hand from his
” I’m serious I’m here for real, I’m here for real ” he said and my stomach grumbled out of disgust
I was about to reply but someone held my second hand, I turned to see Calvin look straight into Lucas’s eyes
” You are here for real but you are also leaving for real ” he said snatching my second hand from Lucas’s
” And who are you? ”
” Oh baby didn’t you introduce us?, never mind I’d do that for us, my name is Mr. Calvin Light and this is Mrs. Calvin Light and we are just leaving ” Calvin said pu-lling me with him
I was totally speechless
Am I not supposed to be mad at him

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