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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 43

As produced by Yasminne
Chapter 43
Theme : Emily
Emily’s POV
I waited patiently by the front door, every now and then
checking for any signs of a car approaching. Theo mind-
linked me, informing me that Elisia was on her way to my
place. I let out a anxious breath, wondering how
everything was going to go down.
I sat on the lowers steps of my staircase, recalling the
conversation I had on the phone with Theo earlier. He
explained that there was a rogue problem and that they
were after Elisia.
I had to admit, I don’t know too much about her other
than her reputation as the first female warrior in the
country. Of course, I got to know about her peculiar
che-st problem due to my brother informing me.
Just as I was about to take on her medical case, Theo
reas-sured me that it was sorted and that they have found
the cause of the problem. Of course as a medical
professional, I was apprehensive and didn’t believe him.
However after an-alysing her results, I believed the cause
of her che-st pain was figured out.
Ethan was right about his suspicions, her che-st pain has
nothing to do with her physical health. It was plausible
that she had figured the reason of her pain all on her
own, that’s why I stepped back and closed the case.
I was curious to get to know her, what kind of person is
she? Theo seems to be hell-bent on protecting her…
I heard a car pu-ll up in my driveway, ma-king me stand
up and rush to open the front door. I watched Drew get
out the drivers seat and rush to the other side to open
the other door. The pas-s£nger beat him to it, and opened
the door before he could.
“I’m supposed to open the door for you.” Drew tea-sed
her, stepping back as she hopped out.
“You don’t have to do that for me.” The pas-s£nger
chuckled. She closed the door shut, noticed me by the
door and waved with a bright smile.
I was a little taken aback, but waved back nonetheless. I
watched her approach me with a shy smile, to which I
smiled back.
“Do you mind if we talk for a while before you whisk me
away to the airport?” I asked Drew with a smile.
“No problem, take your time.” He said, turning the
engine off. “I’ll just chill in here.”
He leaned his chair back and brou-ght his phone out to
watch something. I looked away and settled on the girl in
front of me, I had to admit – she was gorgeous.
She watched me with a shy expression, her gray eyes
searching for any hostility from me. Her brown hair was
wavy and very long, reaching [email protected]!st length. There was a
feeling of innocence surrounding her, you wouldn’t ever
imagine someone like her be a warrior.
She looked almost angelic, besides one thing.
“Why are you covered in blood?”
She looked down at herself in surprise, taking in her
blood stained outfit.
“Ah, rogues.” She shrugged, waving it off. I stared at her,
un-derstanding it was wrong to un-derestimate her based
off her looks.
“Right, come in.” I said, wi-dening the door for her to
come in. I glanced at Drew to see if he also wanted to
come in, but it looks like he made himself very
comfortable. I closed the front door behind me and
gestured for her to go down the hall.
We reached my living room and sat down on the sofas
before speaking.
“Hello, I’m Emily.” I introduced myself. I was hoping to
find out what she’s like.
“I’m Elisia, it’s nice to meet you.”
“Congratulations on your win.” I said, referring to the
Irene and Elisia fight.”Thank you!” She said gratefully, her
expression lighting up. “And…thank you for doing this
and helping me.”
I nodded and said, “You’re welcome, but I’ll be honest
when I say I agreed to do this because Theo asked me.”
Her expression darkened a little when I said that, ma-king
my curiosity peak. “What do you mean by that?” She
questioned, still keeping her smile.
I held back a flin-ch, not liking how the tension in
atmosphere changed around us. There was a [email protected]
aura around her, a very powerful one – suddenly I was
intrigued. That aura was special, and I couldn’t put my
f!nger on it. I nee-ded to push her a little more, maybe
then I’ll figure it out.
“Well, when a handsome man asks you for a favour, you
don’t turn it down easily.” I chuckled, wanting to see her
What is her relationsh!pwith Theo? By her reaction, I
would’ve as-sumed they’re mates, but everyone knows
how ha-rd it is to refrain from completing the mate bond.
Elisia arrived here almost two months ago. I narrowed
my eyes at her, no way have they suppressed mating for
this long. It would honestly be easier to reject each other
than to put yourselves throu-gh that.
Maybe I should rule out the possibility of them being
“He is handsome.” She said in agreement. The aura was
fading away just as quic-kly as it appeared, my chance of
figuring out that aura also disappeared. This Elisia girl got
a hold of herself and her emotions before I could re-ad
into anything.
“You two seem close.” I commented, my curiosity getting
the better of me. She raised her eyebrow at me and
nodded. I sighed at her silence and let it go, I’ll figure it
out some other time.
“Okay, so let’s go over everything.” I told her. “I’ll wear
the clothes you’re wearing now and-”
I st©pped mid-s£ntence as I realised something. “I have
the same hoodie!”
She looked down at her black hoodie and then at me,
looking relieved. “Really? That means you don’t have to
wear this blood stained one.”
I nodded, glad that things have turned out this way.
“Although, it looks like I’ll still have to wear your [email protected]
and sneakers.”
She shrugged. “No problem.”
“As you know, I’ll be pretending to be you until they
finally catch on that I am not you. Hopefully by that time,
The Imperial Pride Pack warriors are in position and can
attack, I will be returning back here as soon as possible.”
I explained. “You will stay here until Theo comes back to
get you, which will probably be in around thirty
“Theo is coming back here? I didn’t know that.”
“Yeah, he mind-linked me when you left the manor.” I
reas-sured her. “He usually comes out around this time to
shift and hunt so Kobi won’t suspect anything.”
I cringed from uttering his name, I’ve always detested
that little fv¢ker.
“You don’t like him.” Elisia said, observing my face. I
nodded at her statement, although I wanted to correct
her and say that I hated him.
“He used to bully me.”
Her eyes wi-de-ned as sympathy pooled into her
expression. I held my hand up before she could take pity
on me and said, “It’s not that big of a deal.”
Yes, it was.
I still res£nted him for it. You could imagine how satisfied
I felt when Theo informed me that Kobi was working with
the Rogue f0rç£. I had a feeling he was going to pay,
finally.”He’s going to pay, don’t you worry.” Elisia said,
her voice breaking my trance. She wore a dark, and
dangerous expression. “He will pay, in blood.”
I couldn’t help but sm-irk at her words, what an
interesting girl.
“Theo will arrive here and you two will head towards the
third town.” I continued to say. “He told me you both
have unfinished business to do?”
Her eyes wi-de-ned a little in realisation before she
“You won’t be taking the main route there, you’ll be
going throu-gh the forest. It’s likely you’ll have to shift
into your wolf form if you want to get there before
sunset. Theo will try to sneak out a bag filled with both
yours and his stuff.”
“We’ll be staying in the third town, right?” She asked.
She shuffled towards me wearing a grateful expression. “I
can’t express how much I appreciate your help, thank
you so much.”
“It’s not a problem.” I waved it off with a smile. “Family
comes first before questions.”
She tilted her head at me, her nose scrunched in
confusion. “You’re related?”
“Theo and I, we’re cousins.”
She leaned back, her eyes wi-de in wonder and awe. “So
Ethan is also related to him. You guys are the only
relatives of his I’ve met.”
I smiled sadly. “That’s because we are his only relatives.”
Elisia inspected my face with curiosity, probably looking
for any similarities between Theo and I. Ethan and I
inherited the same jet black coloured hair, like Theo, but
we have different coloured eyes. We have hazel coloured
eyes whereas the Alpha’s eyes are a stormy, dark blue
It had been a while since Theo called me personally, you
could say I was startled but happy. Even though he only
called for help, at least he finally reached out after years.
I have Elisia to thank…or the Rogue f0r磅or whoever.
I shook my head to get rid of the sudden sad emotions I
felt and stood up. “It’s time to get into action!”
I headed towards my dining table and handed her a
casual outfit of mine, consisting of black jeans and a
white T-shi-t. “You can wear my denim jacket, it’s quite
chilly today.”
She nodded and hurried to the bathroom to get changed,
while I ran upstairs to find the same hoodie she had on.
After a couple of minutes, I finally found it squished at
the bo-ttomof my wardrobe. I put it on and went
downstairs to find Elisia dressed in my clothes.
She handed over her clothes for me to wear. “I used we-t
wipes to get rid of the blood stains on my [email protected] and
sneakers, it worked pretty well.”
I mumbled a thanks, went into the bathroom and
changed into the [email protected] and sneakers. I placed her hoodie
elsewhere and opened the door to let her in while I
brushed my hair out.
“I think we could totally pu-ll this off.” I said, watching our
reflection. “It’s a good thing that we’re the same height
and have the same b©dy type.”
I studied myself in the mirror as I fixed my shoulder
length hair, emphasising my side [email protected] I put on gloss on
my cherry plumpl-ips and pondered on what else to do
as I an-alysed my dewy skin.
I heard Elisia take a sharp intake of breath as she
regarded me closely. I glanced at her, my arched
eyebrows inclined slightly in question.
“I-I’m sorry, it’s just that you’re really pretty…” She
faltered, looking away. Her words made me blush, there
was something amazing about getting compliments from
someone of the same gender. I just think there is more
sincerity held in them.”Thank you.”
“How old are you?” She asked, shuffling from one side to
the other.
“Same age as Theo, twenty one.” I replied, surprised that
she didn’t know alre-ady.
“Woah, what?” She exclaimed, her eyes wi-de. “Then how
the hell are you a doctor at such a young age?”
I sniggered, it was always the same reaction from people
who realised I was too young to be qualified in my field.
“I went to college early, very early. It was deemed
appropriate for me to continue education at the level of
my intelligence and competence.” I explained.
“So…in other words, you’re a genius?”
“However, I was not able to practice on my own until
early this year. I had to be supervised with every patient I
had, it was annoying. It wasn’t until I [email protected]£ twenty one
that The Board of Physicians finally acknowledged my
knowledge and skills and agreed to let me work solo.”
“I bet that was frustrating…”
“You bet it was. They knew my [email protected] was wired
differently to someone else my age, however they
refused to allow me to practice without supervision.
Dumb logic, if you ask me.” I sighed, rolling my eyes. “I’m
glad I had Ethan to back me up the entire journey, I
would’ve had to face all these men alone in this male
dominated profession.”
“Times are changing, remember when lawyers and
engineers were a male dominated profession? Not
anymore!” Elisia chuckled. “Well, I’m not sure about the
humans but we have definitely evolved.”
“Times are changing.” I murmured in agreement.
What was the time?
I hurried to put on my small bag, I packed it with my
do¢v-ments and necessities. I [email protected] once I had a look at
the time on my phone, and ran outside to Drew. Elisia
was one step behind me, looking anxious.
“We’ve got to go!” I exclaimed, putting on my hood and
sliding into the pas-s£nger seat. “Let’s go!”
Drew jumped, startled at my yelling, causing his phone to
fall flat on his face. With a dazed look, he adjusted his
seat and turned on the engine. I lowered the window
down to talk to Elisia, but she was on her phone wearing
a concentrated frown.
“Here.” She said, showing me the screen. I looked at her
in confusion once I saw what was on it.
“A phone number?”
“It’s Jay’s, just in case something happens.” She
explained. “After all once you land, you’ll be far from our
reach. Jay and my family can help if you encounter any
I put the number into the dial pad and saved it as ‘Jayden
Steel’. I froze once I was engulfed in a warm hvg, the
upper half of her b©dy was in the car throu-gh the
“Be safe.”
Still feeling surprised by the sudden hvg, I slowly hvgged
her back too. “I will.”
And with that, we said our goodbyes for the last time
before Drew driving away. I could st©p the smile that was
spre-ading across my face, she was really sweet. My driver
took a double take when he saw my grin.
“Oh, you’re smiling?” He exclaimed, his jaw hanging
open. Just like that my smile disappeared, and I jokingly
[email protected] his arm. “I can smile when I want to!”
I sighed and looked out the window, feeling uneasy all of
a sudden. My house is pretty safe, but I felt weird about
leaving Elisia there all on her own. Especially with all
these rogues regularly infiltrating our borders.”I don’t
really un-derstand what is going on, but I know it’ll all
work out.” He spoke up, not looking away from the road.
When we finally reached the airport, I said goodbye to
Drew before rushing to board the pri-vate plane that was
waiting for me.
I found the gate pretty easily, and went throu-gh security
like a breeze. Although, I noticed one security guard in
[email protected] was staring at me closely. After a of couple
minutes, he strolled away and started to talk into his
“The package is coming.”
I had my hood up the entire time and avoided eye
contact, he was human but I was told to be wary of them
too. I was shocked and horrified to find out humans
were being used as tools by the rogues.
I got onto the jet, slumped in the cushiony seats and
sighed. Clearly I couldn’t let my guard down, even
around humans. I kept myself busy to prevent myself
from falling asleep, like I usually do on flights.
Do not sleep.
Do not sleep.
It was like a mantra in my mind, but my eyes kept
shutting. I stretched to get rid of the drowsiness and
cracked my f!ngers. I should ask for a drink, a cold glas-s
of water might help.
“Hello poppet.”
I looked up to find a middle-aged man with eerily yellow
eyes, and golden teeth smiling down at me. He wore a
smart black suit, and had a white kitchen towel slung
over his left shoulder – he worked here.
“Hello.” I replied with a small smile. His smile wi-de-ned as
he took in my face, ma-king me feel uneasy. Who was this
I couldn’t smell any werewolf scents, or rogues scents for
that matter. I would’ve concluded that he was a human,
but there was something off putting about him.
“Would you like a glas-s of water?”
“Yes.” I said, almost automatically. I cursed myself for
giving that reply, while he was handed a tall glas-s of water
by a flight attendant.
“Here you go, enjoy the rest of your flight.” He said,
placing the glas-s on the wooden table.
I thanked him, leaned back and closed my eyes to avoid
any more interaction. It could also be seen as a plausible
excuse for not drinking the water. I didn’t trust anyone,
so best believe I won’t be eating or drinking anything
during the flight. Especially from that dodgy man…
“I don’t know if you can hear me, but I may be in
trouble. There is a weird guy with yellow eyes and teeth, I
have a bad feeling.” I tried to mind-link Theo.
I shivered from how cold it was, I should’ve got a coat.
Suddenly I heard a shuffle beside me, ma-king me open
my eyes in alarm. What was he doing?
“Would you like a blanket, Miss? You seem to be cold.”
I nodded curtly, not wanting to seem like I was refusing
everything . He brou-ght out a blue blanket from the
overhead space for carry-ons, unfolded it and proceeded
to put it on t©p of me.
I st©pped him immediately with a frown. “I can do it,
“Ah, I guess you’re not used to luxury treatment.” He
retorted, his yellow eyes swirling with mischief. He didn’t
let go of the blanket, ma-king me pu-ll it away from him.
“I’m not.”
We had a little game of pu-lling and tugging before I had
enough and was about to let go, but the I felt a little prick
in my wrist.
I pu-ll-ed back immediately, inspecting the area. My heart
rate increa-sed as I realised the prick was from him, my
gaze quic-kly zeroed in on his right hand. He wasn’t quic-k
enough to hide his hand, I noticed a small vial attached
to a nee-dle.
Pretending to be aloof, I ru-bbe-d the area with a confused
expression. I yawned and announced I was going to go to
the toilet. Theo hadn’t replied, which meant I was too far
for the message to reach him.
I walked towards the toilet, feeling the guy’s stare drilling
into my back. All of sudden, my phone started to feel
heavy and bulky in my pocket. I hoped he didn’t catch
Once I closed the door and locked it, I brou-ght out my
phone and started to type quic-kly. Theo was too far to do
anything, I had to rely on Jay. The screen looked hazy and
jumbled as I tried to type correctly, what was I injected
“Help! It’s Emily! I’m on the jet with humans that work
with the rogue f0rç£. He has yellow eyes and teeth and
ban-g! ban-g! ban-g!
“Open up poppet!”
I pressed the s£nd bu-tton, praying that it will s£nd once
we land. Maybe if I’m lucky, the text will go throu-gh even
though we’re this high up.
I silenced my phone, and hid it behind the row of
scented toilet rolls. I knew if I [email protected]£ out with it, he would
probably break it and destroy any hope that help is
I opened the door with a huff, and glared at him. “This
isn’t the kind of service I paid for!”
I strutted out, well I tried to…
Once I took a step, my legs gave out beneath me and I
fell towards the floor. I tried to move my lim-bs, but
couldn’t. A paralysing drug?
The flight attendant [email protected]£ back, saw me sprawled on the
floor and rolled her eyes.
“It took you long enough, Killian.”
My heart st©pped as I watched him crouch down to my
His devilish, glowing yellow eyes were the last thing I saw
before sli-pping into darkness.

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