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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 42

As produced by Yasminne
Chapter 42
Theme : Fool The Fool
Elisia’s POV
“The silver in the box was re-leased into the bloodstream
all at once. They had to bleed him out as soon as
possible, to get rid of the silver material.”
I watched Theo in horror, my blood running cold, and
brou-ght my hand over my mouth. “Oh no.” I whispered.
“He survived it, but he’s currently in a coma.”
A coma?
I looked down, my hair covering my face, as I tried to
hold back the tears. I should be grateful it isn’t more
worse than a coma…
Theo watched me with a grim, sorrowful expression
before [email protected] me into a hvg.
“It’s fine, go to him.” He whispered into my hair.
I shook my head, almost automatically, ma-king Theo step
back and raise an eyebrow.
“No?” He asked in surprise.
I looked up at him, my eyes glas-sing over. “I don’t know.”
Theo frowned at my response, and shook his head in
confusion. I had to admit, even I was confused.
“I guess, I had just realised how much I’ve chos£n Jay
over you…” I said, my heart twisting in guilt. “I’ve not
been fair to you.”
Theo stared at me for a couple of seconds, before
bur-sting into laughter. “And yet you always come back to
me, because I’m your mate.”
He brou-ght his hands up to my face and cu-mpped my
cheeks tenderly. “It’s fine, love.”
I shook my head, “No, it’s not. I promise to make it up to
He grinned mischievously and bit hisl-ip. “Really?”
I rolled my eyes in response, avoiding the question, and
laughed – ma-king Theo’s sm-irk disappear and replaced
with astonishment.
“Wait, what? Really?”
“Shush.” I hushed him, as I walked back to the vehicle.
Theo’s demeanour changed from pla-yful to serious once
we got into his car.
“So, when are you flying out?” He asked, alre-ady pu-lling
out his phone. He paused, observed my expression and
frowned, looking perplexed. “Are you okay? You don’t
look as worried as you did a few moments ago.”
He was right.
I wasn’t feeling worried or anxious anymore. In fact, I
was more concerned about why I seemed to be unfazed
by the shocking news. I should be distressed and upset
about Jay’s condition, but…something was st©pping me.
Call it instinct…or a feeling.
Something was just not right.
The news wasn’t sitting well with me, I couldn’t digest it
and believe it. I s-en-sed something was off, but then that
could just be my paranoia.
“It’s nothing.” I waved it off, my ton-gue feeling dry all of
a sudden.
I felt him curiously probe my mind in the mate bond,
ma-king me glance up at him.
“What are you suspicious of?” He asked in puzzlement.
I sighed, deciding to voice my thoughts.
“Something’s not right.”
He titled his head adorably, and said, “What’s not right?”
“It may sound crazy, but I have a gut feeling that Jay may
not actually be in a coma…?” I squeaked, my confession
progressively sounding like a question.”A gut feeling?” He
I nodded. “It’s an overwhelming feeling I just can’t shake
He raised an eyebrow at this. “Well, I don’t think we
should ignore it.”
“Really?” I asked, sitting up. “After all, it was Julian, your
second in command, who told us.”
He nodded, looking off into the distance thoughtfully.
“The question is, who told him? When he mind-linked
me, he mentioned Kaitlyn and Magnus informing him.”
“Most likely by email, so authenticity isn’t guaranteed.”
He added, facing back towards me. “Hacking is a
possibility, even more so likely with The Rogue f0rç£
after you.”
A thought had just come to me, ma-king me reach for my
phone hastily. “If something was to have happened to
Jay, Kaitlyn and Magnus would’ve informed me straight
I had totally forgot to check my phone for messages,
adrenaline was still pumping from the rogue
confrontation. What the kind of hell is that Darkness guy?
I cli-cked onto my messages, and scrolled to find any new
messages from my adoptive parents.
No messages.
I looked up from my phone to find Theo’s gaze move
from my phone to my eyes. He laughed shakily, anger
piercing his handsome features. It was obvious what was
going throu-gh our minds.
“It’s a set up.” We said in unison.
“fv¢k.” I exclaimed, running my hand throu-gh my hair.
To think that if I hadn’t st©pped to listen to my instinct, I
would’ve walked straight into their plan.
A familiar ringtone blared from my phone, ma-king me
jump. I laughed at my jumpiness and glanced at my
phone to re-ad the caller ID.
It was Jay.
I wi-de-ned my eyes, and looked up at Theo in
bewilderment. His jaw was hanging, looking stunned
before he gestured for me to pick up.
I cli-cked on the green bu-tton and held my phone to my
ear. “Hello?”
His familiar voice immediately dissolved any kind of
worries that I had felt, even Theo’s shoulders slumped in
“How are you?” I asked.
“I’m doing fine, listen I nee-d to talk you about
something.” He said hurriedly.
“Are you alone?”
I glanced at my mate before said, “No, I’m with Theo.”
“That’s fine, so no one else?” He asked, trying to get a
“Nope, just Theo and I.”
He sighed, and took a de-ep breath. I started to get
anxious, wondering what was ma-king him this nervous?
“Put me on loud speaker.”
I raised my eyebrows in surprise, but followed his
instructions nonetheless.
“Hello.” Theo greeted him first.
“So what’s up?” I asked, wanting to hear what he has to
“A while ago, I was uncomfortable and curious with the
close relationsh!pthe both of you have so I got Kobi to
spy on you.” He blurted out so quic-kly that I thought I
“You did what?” Theo roared, about to snatch the phone
from my hand. I pu-ll-ed it away just in time, I didn’t want
to replace this phone just yet.”You got Kobi to spy on
us?” I screeched, not at all happy.
I could literally feel him cringe away from the phone,
flin-ching at the harsh tone in my voice.
“I know, that was a d!¢khead move.”
“You’re fv¢king right about that, as-s-hole.” Theo
commented, still glaring at the phone.
“Listen, I thought it was better that I come clean about
it.” Jay admitted, sighing in defeat. “He was fine with
giving vague information until one day, he randomly
promised to get in-depth information about the two of
you. You could say I was intrigued.”
“You were…intrigued?” Theo deadpanned, his brow
furrowing a little.
“I was intrigued because he was willing to go the extra
mile to go behind his Alpha’s back, and spy on him. That
was when I first thought, there is something not right
with this guy.”
“He’s a fv¢king creepy weirdo, let me tell you that.” I
retorted, thinking about the latest encounter.
“When I asked him to keep an eye on you guys, I said it
half-heartedly but he took it seriously. I was kind of going
along with it, mainly because I wanted to figure him out.”
“The other reason being spying on us.” Theo piped up,
still salty about it.
“Honestly, it did begin like that.” Jay admitted. “However,
the more and more I interacted with him, the more I
wanted to delve into who he was. I was slowly but surely
gaining his trust and I-”
“Gaining his trust, how?” I asked.
“By acting like a fv¢king idiot, that can easily be
manipulated and pushed around.” He replied bitterly.
“The guy is a control freak, I realised that and decided to
[email protected] weak role. The guy is probably laughing at how
naïve I’ve been, wondering how someone like me will be
an Alpha.”
“Little did he know…” Theo muttered beside me.
“Little did he know I was the one deceiving him.” Jay
chuckled dryly. “He told me about how a group was
helping him get stronger, that they were powerful and
were able to provide all the information I wanted.”
“The Rogue f0rç£.” I snarled, myl-ips curling back in
“I had a hunch, but it wasn’t confirmed until the day they
attacked at my graduation.” He continued. “I made a little
bit of a scene once I figured it out, ma-king it more
plausible that ‘I hadn’t known all along.'”
“And he bought it?”
“Didn’t even question it, he would’ve had suspicions if I
hadn’t have made a scene. He managed to ‘calm me
down’ and get me used to the idea. I was actually so
pissed off, because of him I had that fv¢king silver box
stra-pped to me.”
“You managed to get that off right?” I asked quic-kly.
“Yeah, of course.” He said reas-suringly. “Matt didn’t even
struggle trying to take it off. Anyway, yesterday I was
getting bored of being tagged along when I wasn’t getting
any new information. I was so close to telling you that he
was working with The Rogue f0rç£ before he finally
dropped new information.”
“Why didn’t you tell us sooner?” Theo asked.
“I didn’t want you to act differently around him, he
definitely would’ve caught on and sped up to complete
his plan. Yesterday, he asked me if I missed Elisia to
which I replied ‘yes’. He promised to get Elisia back the
next day.”
“That mother-fv¢ker.” Theo growled, his veins popping
from his forearm from gripping the leather seats. “I’ll kill
I shook my head, disgusted by Kobi’s conniving
ways.”Wait, surely he would’ve become suspicious that
you didn’t freak out when you realised The Rogue f0rç£
was after me?” I asked.
“He actually defended himself before I had the chance to
point the f!nger at him, saying how he had ‘no idea that
rogues were going to crash my graduation’.”
I rolled my eyes, bull$h!t. Kobi was most likely the one
who ti-pped off our location to the rogues.
“When I asked him how he was going to pu-ll off bringing
you here today, he replied with ‘don’t worry, trust me’.
That’s when I thought, this is it. This is where and when
they plan to ambush Elisia.” He continued. “Have you
seen the email my parents s£nt?”
“We haven’t seen it, but Julian mind-linked me the
contents.” Theo responded. “Elisia figured something was
wrong, and she didn’t believe you were in a coma. She
didn’t get any messages from your parents which
solidified her gut feeling.”
“Kobi, or some rogue, had managed to hack into my
father’s email and s£nd a message to Theo that I was in a
coma. I managed to re-ad the email before it disappeared,
and I called Kobi straight after that. I really wanted to
figure out his ulterior motive behind getting you here.”
“I think he has rogues lur-k-ing around my territory, the
land around the airport isn’t claimed by us, so there’s a
high chance they’re there. Kobi seems to be sure that
you’ll fly out to visit me, all he nee-ds to do is convince
you to go alone.”
“His plan wouldn’t work as well, if I went with you.” Theo
pointed out. “He wouldn’t risk having the ambush be
done around my pack, even the land around the airport
belongs to me.”
“Once Elisia t©uçhes down, they’d probably tail her until
they believe it’s the perfect time to ambush and kidnap
her – she’d be out-numbered since she [email protected]£
unknowingly.” Jay carried on. “Guys, I really think there
going to make their big move like this.”
“We agree, it’s definitely a set up.” I sighed, nodding.
“So I was thinking, maybe we should lead them into our
kind of set up instead?” Jay suggested.
[email protected] at their own game?” Theo mused, hisl-ips
curling up at the thought. “What if we make it seem as
though we have no idea, and that Elisia will be on her way
to the airport?”
“I’ll look all worried and stressed before I leave, and then
what?” I asked, looking at Theo.
“Would you be cool with switching clothes with
someone?” He asked, his brow furrowing.
I looked down at my black outfit, and shrugged. “Yeah,
I’m down. But with who?”
“Do you remember Emily?”
I frowned in thought, before wi-dening my eyes in
realisation. “Yeah, this pack’s best doctor! Dr Stevenson’s
“Yeah, that’s her. I think she should go in your place,
same clothes and all.”
“What?” I exclaimed, shaking my head. “s£nd her to a
group of rogues waiting to kidnap me? No freaking way,
how can she defend herself from all those rogues?”
“There’s a way, don’t worry.” Theo reas-sured me with a
smile. “Her home is on the route to the airport, your
[email protected] will be even more convincing.”
“I have warriors re-ady to take down these rogues, I have
alre-ady informed my father of the situation.” Jay told us.
“Let us handle the rogues, try to make everything
believable on your side.”
“Okay, so Elisia and I will go back to the Manor where I’m
as-suming Kobi is. We’ll mention Elisia will be leaving in an
emergency to visit Jay. I’ll arrange for Drew to pick her
up and ‘drive her to the airport’, when in actuality you’re
going to Emily’s place.” Theo said, summarising the plan.
“You’ll give her the clothes you’re wearing, so that she
can pretend to be you until they approach her and
realise it’s not you.””Hopefully by then, we would have
alre-ady surrounded the area and go for the kill.” Jay
added. “Maybe take a few hostages for interrogation.”
“It sounds good.” I mused, slowly nodding. “Will Emily be
up for it? I mean, she doesn’t even know me.”
“For sure.”
“Okay, that’s all guys. Stay safe.” Jay said. “We’ll come out
on t©p.”
“Okay, bye.” I said, before hanging up.
I looked up to find Theo watching me. “You up for it?”
I nodded determinedly, high fiving his outstretched
hand. He swiftly caught my hand, brou-ght it to hisl-ips
and k!$$£d the back of it. His stormy, blue eyes glinted
with cheekiness as his dimpled smile made an
“Promise to be by my side forever.”
I watched him, indescribable feelings bur-sting within me.
I almost melted in that sp©t, his sweet, sudden words
caught me by surprise.
“I promise.” I whispered, myl-ips curling into a wi-de
He k!$$£d the back of my hand again before turning the
engine on, it was time to go back to the manor. We talked
about what we were going to say and do during the ride.
He was planning to ‘stay behind and do work’, something
that Kobi would be more inclined to believe.
He called Emily and told her the plan. Surprisingly, she
seemed to be re-ady for anything he asked of her.
Suddenly, I was intrigued to meet her. After that call, he
called Drew to drive me to Emily’s house, and ensured
that he doesn’t tell anyone the true destination.
“So if anyone asks, I’m driving her to the airport?” Drew
asked, confirming his Alpha’s orders.
“Okay boss.”
We pu-ll-ed up to the Manor, alre-ady smelling his scent. I
hopped out the car, trying ha-rd to make my movements
lethargic and heavy. My expression is important, but if I
had a bounce in my step, that would give the game away.
We had to sell it, Kobi is extremely observant.
Theo and I walked in throu-gh the front doors, greeted by
Kobi and Julian. Julian watched me with a worried, sad
expression – poor guy didn’t know this was all a sick joke.
My gaze moved onto Kobi, his striking evil face triggered
an urge to punch him. I thought about how much I
wanted to kill him, right now on the sp©t, but sadly
So fv¢king pitiful…
My distress must’ve shown throu-gh my expression
because Julian started to look even sadder. I started to
feel even more bad…
Ha, I’m good at this!
Kobi was watching me carefully, expressionless and
composed. His strong jaw ticked as he took in my
appearance. I made sure to ruffle my hair a little in the
car, to make it look like I kept running my hands throu-gh
Come on, buy it!
A corner of his mouth curled up so quic-k, and
disappeared just as quic-kly – it could’ve been a sm-irk.
Maybe he had bought it?
Not really looking at them, I greeted them. “Hey.”
There was an awkward silence before Julian broke it. “So
I’m guessing you’re flying out to meet him?”
I let out a sigh and ru-bbe-d my temples. “That’s the plan.”
“We alre-ady booked her a ticket, she’s going now.” Theo
spoke up, ru-bbing my shoulders reas-suringly. I held back
a shiver as I watched Kobi’s piercing gaze narrow in at
that gesture.
He frowned and raised an eyebrow at Theo’s statement.
“You’re not going with her?”
I held back a smug sm-irk, this is exactly what we
predicted. He was going to try to convince Theo to stay,
but we were going to make it easy for him. Or that is
what we will be ma-king him think.
Theo shook his head and said, “Unfortunately, I can’t. I
have too much paperwork to catch up on.”
That was true, he hadn’t worked at all yesterday so work
has piled up.
Kobi calmly nodded, his jaw ticking again. It was such a
slight movement, but it didn’t get pas-sed me. That’s when
I realised that he was b!tt!g back a smile…
If only you knew…
We will have the last laugh.
I spaced out, not really paying attention to the
conversation. It wasn’t until I heard Kobi’s voice project
towards my direction, when I finally tuned in.
“So when are you going?”
I kept my composure, trying ha-rd to look sombre. I
wanted to sm-irk at his eagerness, he really nee-ded to
know if I was leaving soon. Of course, he made it seem
like an innocent and curious question.
I reached for the doorknob, and replied, “Right now,
I noticed how his gaze swept over my outfit, soaking it in
with one look. No doubt he was memorising what I was
wearing to tell the rogues, what a moron.
I brou-ght Theo’s small blue notebook out my back
pocket, with a bunch of other papers covering it. I made
sure he got a quic-k glimpse of the small, blue book –
hoping he as-sumes it’s my pas-sport. I just happened to
have found it in the glove [email protected], and thought it
resembled a pas-sport.
I also bring out my phone, checking if I had everything.
Every single detail counts if we were to pu-ll this off.
I heard a car pu-ll up in the driveway, it must be Drew. I
glanced outside to see him get out of his car and open
the pas-s£nger door.
“Bye guys.”
I made my way out the Manor with Julian calling out,
“Contact us when you get there!”
I hurried to the car and waved goodbye before sliding
into the pas-s£nger side. I made eye contact with Theo,
who slyly win-ked at me. Drew closed the door, went
around to the drivers seat and drove off.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to fool a dumbas-s.
So it’s time to take back all the abusive words you’ve
hurled at Jay…..
Thou shalt apologize….

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