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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 34

Chapter 34
Theme : The Rogues Attack
“Hello, poppet.”
My hair stood up, goose bu-mps covering every inch of
my skin. My heart was beating at an abnormally fast
pace, I was being held at knifepoint by a rogue.
Kaitlyn and Magnus stiffened in their seats and looked my
way with alarmed expressions, they also hadn’t realised a
rogue was beside me the entire time. They couldn’t see
the knife, but I could definitely feel it’s sharp point
digging into my side.
I tried to control my breathing, erase the panicked
expression I wore on my face and finally pluck the
courage to say something. I wanted to wipe that smug,
creepy smile off his face. His eerie golden, yellow eyes
were trained on me, as I look down at his wrist, looking
for the tattoo that rogues supposedly have.
He sm-irked and brou-ght his right arm over and showed
me his wrist, it had the letter ‘R’ tattooed on it. I fought
back a shudder, as he lowly chuckled to himself,
showcasing his golden teeth, and brou-ght his arm back.
“Who are you?” I asked lowly, glaring at him. “And what
do you want?”
“Your adopted parents can tell you who I am.” He
responded with a grin, proceeding to look forward at the
stage. He looked so normal in his suit and tie, like he’s
here to watch his child graduate. “As for why I’m here,
you’ll find out later.”
Kaitlyn and Magnus, who were listening to every word,
looked over at us and finally noticed his hand near my
right side.
“Are you at knife or gun-point?” Magnus asked me
gravely, using the group mind-link channel.
“Knife-point, silver knife.” I replied, trying ha-rd not to
make any sudden moves that would end up with me
being stabbe-d. I could die from blood poisoning if any
silver material enters my bloodstream; werewolves seem
to be invincible, but all it takes is any silver in our b©dy to
kill us.
“fv¢k!” Jay swore in the mind-link. He turned to look up
at me, his gaze falling onto the rogue next to me to which
the rogue grinned at.
“Hello, Jayden Steel.” The rogue chuckled, knowing Jay
was listening in.
“Who is he?” I asked, feeling uneasy.
“That man is Killian Andrews, The leader of The Rogue
f0rç£. Do not negotiate with him, he is a dangerous man.
Do not provoke or anger him, his temper is world
renowned to be the worst.”
Magnus warned me seriously.
“They mean business if the Leader of rogues decided to
carry out the mission himself.” Kaitlyn added anxiously.
Killian Andrews, his name literally has the word ‘kill’ in it.
I turned to look at him once more, to see his grin
wi-dening. “So now you know who I am.” He said, still not
facing me. I had to admit that he was very good at not
drawing any unnecessary attention to him.
I considered ma-king a scene just to get out of knife-
point, like claiming that he was tou-ching me
inappropriately or that he was haras-sing me. I sighed and
gave up on that plan, remembering Magnus’ advice to
not provoke this h0t-tempered rogue.
“I can see the clogs in your mind working ha-rd , trying to
figure out how to get out of this situation.” He pointed
out, his eyes still trained on the students being called up.
“I wouldn’t try anything if I were you, I’m not very nice
when I’m angry.”
“Why are you here?” I asked, feeling annoyed. Clearly,
they were here for us but why?
“I [email protected]£ all the way here myself, just to fetch
you.” He answered, turning to face me with a wicked
grin. I felt myself turn pale at his answer and felt Kaitlyn
reach over to hold my hand.”Consider yourself special,
poppet.” He added, wi-nking at me.
“Why did you come for me ?” I asked, trying to feign
confidence. “I’m an ordinary girl, who goes to college,
and hangs out with friends – why on earth would you
come for me?”
He shook his head at me, watching me curiously. “We
both know you’re not ordinary , don’t lie to me.”
My heart felt like It had almost jumped into my mouth
because of how nervous I was. Was he insinuating at
what I think he is? Does he know that I’m a…
No, there is no way he could know that. I had only found
out I’m a Alpha blood yesterday, and no one else knows
about that other than Theo, Ms Williams, Leona, Irene
and possibly Kobi.
My heart jumped uneasily as Irene and Kobi crossed my
mind. They couldn’t have possibly contact The Rogue
f0rç£ and told them about me…even so, why would they
do that? And what benefit am I to the rogues? None of
this made any s-en-se. It was at that moment, I started to
miss Theo.
“What benefit am I to you?” I questioned, trying to figure
out their motive.
He started to put pressure where he held the knife,
causing it to rip into my dress and scratch the surface of
my skin. I let out an involuntary [email protected], suddenly scared of
the dangerous effects of silver.
“Too many questions, love.” He warned, his face
darkening with annoyance. “You’ll find out the answers
to your questions very soon, all you nee-d to do is sit
Everyone in the hall looked at each other in confusion
and panic, wondering why there was a loud alarm being
rung throu-ghout the building. The professors
momentarily looked confused before realising it was a
fire alarm.
“There is no scheduled fire alarm today, this is not a drill!
plea-se leave the building as soon as possible, and use the
correct fire exits!” One of them exclaimed, alre-ady
heading towards the fire exit.
The hall bur-st into chaos as everyone jumped out of their
seats and rushed to get out of the building. During that
time, I noticed Killian’s attention momentarily being
drawn elsewhere, and took that opportunity to jump out
my chair and land three rows ahead of me.
Kaitlyn and Magnus wasted no time in following me, also
jumping down three rows down. I looked up to see
Killian’s expression turn furious, which made me
shudder in fright. He’s so fv¢king scary and creepy.
We hurried in trying to get out of the building, wanting to
get as far away from Killian as possible. I glanced back,
confused to see him leaning back in his seat and smiling
down at me. If he’d made the effort to come all the way
here himself, just to ‘fetch me’, why is he letting me go?
Suddenly, a pair of strong arms wra-pped themselves
around me and pu-ll-ed me away from the exit. I fought
against the person, certain it was a rogue because of it’s
scent, and tried to escape from their ti-ght grip.
I turned to look at the rogue, surprised to see them
wearing a graduation go-wn and cap. Killian knew how to
conceal his warriors very well…
I managed to sl!pout of their strong grip and began to
sprint to the exit. I had lost sight on Magnus and Kaitlyn,
but carried on escaping knowing it would be better for
me if I left the building. The female professor, who had
been giving a speech earlier, was directing everyone on
where to go to leave the building.
She st©pped me by blocking my path and [email protected]£d my
hand, accidently pricking me somehow. I withdrew my
hand and cried, “Ow!”
She watched me ru-b my hand with a confused
expression, and then anxiously asked, “Are your parents
blond, the mother wearing a red dress and the father a
red tie?”I eyed her suspiciously and said, “Yeah…”
She sighed in relief and said, “That’s good, they told me
to approach a young women wearing a black dress and
[email protected]!st-length brown hair.”
She pointed to her left, the opposite way to where
everyone was going, and said, “They went that way, it’s
the long way out of the building, but they wouldn’t listen
to me. They said it was important for them to take a
different route and that I should tell you to go that way
I eyed her suspiciously, not sure whether to believe her
or not. Time was ticking and there are rogues
everywhere; I couldn’t afford to stay any longer and
decided to believe her. She seemed pretty ordinary, not
to mention that I couldn’t detect any rogue or werewolf
scent from her.
It made s-en-se that Kaitlyn and Magnus would want me to
take a different route rather than the obvious one, as that
would be the one that rogues would also be taking.
I started to walk down the path the professor told me
Kaitlyn and Magnus went down and sprinted down the
hallways, trying to find an exit. There were, weirdly
enough, no windows and the lights seemed to be turned
off – my night vision was pretty good so I wasn’t too
That’s when I heard a quiet shuffle behind me, ma-king
me turn and throw an aimless punch, hoping that it
would make contact with who was following me.
The shadow avoided my punch and swept their feet near
my ankles to trip me up, a rookie move. I easily dodged
their attempt, managed to get a hold of their leg and
dragged them towards me; they clearly didn’t know who
they were messing with.
I brou-ght them close enough so I could see their face in
this dark hallway, just to see that it was the same female
professor that told me to go down this hallway. She
watched me with a disgusted, and also scared, expression
as I took her in. She was definitely human…
I dropped her in disgust, angry that The Rogue f0rç£
were using humans. I knew rules didn’t apply to rogues,
but involving humans into the werewolf world was a
different matter. This is a totally different level of rule
breaking, one that I didn’t think they would break.
“Guys, I’m in trouble.” I said in the mind-link, trying to
contact Magnus, Kaitlyn and Jay.
I frowned when I realised that I couldn’t find the
telepathic channel that I always used to contact them. In
fact, I couldn’t use any telepathic channel – something
was st©pping me.
I involuntarily ru-bbe-d where I’d been pricked before and
zeroed in on her ring, which seemed to have a pointy
“You injected me with something.” I stated, glaring down
at her. No-one will be able to know how I’m doing now
that I can’t mind-link anyone…
“Run along.” I ordered, gesturing towards where she
[email protected]£ from. She scrambled off the floor and ran away,
not looking back once.
A slow applause echoed down the empty hallway, ma-king
me turn towards the source. A tall figure suddenly
emerged in my line of vision, looking to be [email protected]
slowly and sarcastically. It was easy to recognise who it
was, and it made my l!pcurl back in anger.
“Killian.” I growled, taking a defensive stance.
“Oh, look! The Alpha is getting mad!” He roared, the
dangerous tone clear in his voice.
So he does know I’m an Alpha blood…
“So that is why you pu-ll-ed off this stupid spectacle of the
fire alarm and lured me into this hallway?”
“Oh, hell no!” He guffawed, amused at what I said. “This
whole fire alarm thing is too cheesy to have been [email protected] of
my original plan. No, it just happened to have occurred
and turned out to have worked in my favour.”$h!t, so
there’s an actual fire somewhere in this building? I
prayed that someone, maybe one of our warriors, had
set the alarm off to get everyone outside.
“You’re using humans to work for you.” I remarked,
glowering at him menacingly. He said nothing and just
evilly grinned at that.
“What makes you think I’m an Alpha?” I questioned,
narrowing my eyes at him. I was hoping that he didn’t
actually know, and that his actions were all based off an
hunch of his.
“Drop the fv¢king act, poppet.” He snarled, dropping the
grin. “Secrets do not last when they’re out in the open, I
always find out about them.”
“Who told you?” I asked, snarling back.
“That is for me to know, and for you to find out.” He
answered with an over-used line, stepping forward.
“Now, it’s time for you to come with me.”
Before I could react, Killian was thrown against the wall
with so much f0rç£ that he was struggling to get back up.
My eyes wi-de-ned in shock, wondering if the unknown
person would do the same to me.
“Elisia, come on!” A voice called, ma-king me [email protected] in
“What the actual fv¢k?” I exclaimed, running to the voice.
I managed to find him and shook my head in disbelief.
“How are you even here?” I breathed, not believing my
He [email protected]£d my hand and chuckled as we ran down the
hallway. “It was not easy getting here, I’ll explain later.”
He st©pped running, pu-ll-ed me into a room and closed
the door. I blinked ha-rd , my eyes adjusting to the change
in light. The windows in this room were hvge, and let in a
lot of light – unlike the hallway we were in.
Theo walked towards the windows and opened two large
ones before saying anything. “There are rogues at the end
of that hallway so we have to go out the same way I [email protected]£
in – throu-gh this window.”
I nodded at that, and starting to climb out the window. I
jumped onto the ha-rd concrete outside, cringing at the
sound it made, and waited for Theo to jump out. Once
he did, he gestured us to crouch down and stay down.
After listening out for any rogues for a while, he decided
it was fine to speak.
“I turned on the fire alarm.” He told me with a sigh. “I
didn’t know what else to do, all the warriors were busy
fighting rogues and I knew there were more inside. All I
could do was create a distraction.”
“Well, it worked.” I said, reas-suring him.
“Why were you left behind?” He frowned, his eyes
narrowing. “I thought you would’ve left the building with
them, but then I saw them come out without you. I
freaked out and went inside to look for you.”
“Thank you.” I said, grateful that he was here. I felt a
hundred times safer than I felt five minutes ago. “So what
made you come all the way here?”
His cheeks flu-shed a little before he started to say, “I
didn’t want you to go…”
I smiled at that as he carried on. “I was wi-de awake when
you guys were leaving and I couldn’t bring myself to go
downstairs and watch you leave. I started to miss you
when you left the manor, so I immediately booked a
ticket to come here and spend time with you in your
I brou-ght my cool hands to his cheeks, surprised to find
them burning up. He leaned into my t©uçh with a small,
happy smile and carried on.
” But Theo we could have take on him at that moment, if
we fight him we could have been able to apprehend him.
But instead you pushed me and make us flee” I
complained, surprised at myself, but I was right, there’s
no way Killian would get past two Alphas, no matter how
strong he think he is. That was our opportunity to get
him. “You I wouldn’t have taken that chance if I think it’s
possible? I knocked out 5 rougues in that hallway before
getting to you. If we delayed before leaving they’ll
recover and eventually we’ll be outnumbered. I know we
might be able to beat them still. but I wasn’t re-ady to risk
you getting injured. In fact, I wasn’t planning on entering
your territory without permission, but I felt you panic
and feel scared. It was so weird, I somehow knew there
was threat to your life – you were panicking so much.”
My eyebrows raised at that, I was glad he had felt that or
I would’ve still been at knife-point. I started to panic
again, remembering what Killian knew.
“Theo, Killian knows what I am.” I disclosed, feeling dre-ad
come over me. “And he wants to take me hostage, or kill
me for some reason. What use am I to The Rogue f0rç£?”
Theo’s expression darkened as he engulfed me into a
warm hvg. “I have a theory, and it’s not pretty.” He
murmured into my hair. “I’ll tell you about it once we get
out of here.”
I nodded and listened out for any abnormal sounds. “I
think it’s fine to leave our position now, what direction
should we take?”
“Right. We’ll sprint the entire way, we can’t risk taking
our time.” He replied, checking the shoelaces on his
sneakers. “I know where the entrance is so follow me
I nodded and counted down, “On three. One. Two.
We took off from our positions and sprinted as fast as we
could, until we reached the carpark that was by the other
side of the building. A large crowd of people [email protected]£ into
view, ma-king me smile in relief.
Everyone was there, humans and, most likely, rogues.
Theo and I exchanged a glance, knowing that rogues
wouldn’t dare to do anything with all these humans
Kaitlyn and Magnus rushed towards me with worried
expressions. “Elisia, where were you? We were scared out
of our minds!” Kaitlyn cried, checking if I was alright. “Jay
had gone back in for you!”
Oh no…
“I’ll tell him to come back out.” Magnus said, mind-
linking Jay. After a short moment, he nodded and said,
“Alright, he’s on his way back.”
It was at that moment both of them finally registered
Theo’s pres£nce and acknowledged him. Magnus stepped
forward with a wary expression and eyed him closely.
“Theo Hunter.”
Theo politely bowed out of respect, something Alphas
don’t do often, surprising the both of them. I was
surprised but still smiled at Theo warmly, letting him
know that I appreciated his politeness. He wasn’t
required to bow to other leaders, but he still did it
“Hello, it’s nice to meet you.” He replied with a small
smile. I looked at his face closely, and almost laughed out
loud. Wa-was he nervous ? My smile wi-de-ned when I saw
his f!ngersfidgeting with each other, he is nervous!
The fire [email protected] were alre-ady here; I watched them
as they made their way into the building. My heart almost
jumped out of my che-st when I saw Killian stroll out of
the main entrance and light a cigarette. He caught my
gaze and grinned lazily before walking off into the
I knew he wasn’t done with me.
I kept watching the entrance doors, waiting for Jay to
come out from them. I let out a relieved sigh when I saw
him appear and walk towards us. My smile wavered and
then finally dropped when I took in his appearance.
He looked rou-gh – his tie was messy, his golden hair
sticking up, and blood was dripping from his forehead.
We all rushed towards him, even Theo, wondering how
he got jumped by a rogue.
“What happened?” Kaitlyn cried, began to throw her
arms around her son. Before she could even t©uçh him,
he moved out of her way in panic and pointed to his
A little black box was attached to his n£¢k, like a [email protected] or
a choker. I looked up at him in confusion and alarm,
taking in his worried expression. “What’s that, a bomb?”
He chuckled humourlessly and shrugged. “I guess you
could say that, it has a countdown on it.”
Magnus frowned at this and asked, “What do you mean
son? What is that thing?”
Jay pointed at the black box and explained, “This box is
filled with colloidal silver, a liquid that has tiny [email protected]
of silver suspended in it. A small amount will be injected
into my blood stream every three hours, until the twenty
four hours is up. That’s when it’ll all be re-leased into my
b©dy, thus killing me.”
“What?” Kaitlyn looked pale, like she’d pas-s out any
“$h!t!” Magnus walked away, his hands on his head.
“fv¢king rogues…” Theo muttered, narrowing his eyes.
“No!” I cried, reaching for the black box. “We’ll get rid of
He shook his head. “Tampering with it would change it
from every three hours to every one hour, apparently
only the rogues can get rid of it.”
Magnus raised his voice. “Obviously, they’ve done this for
a reason! What was their price? We’ll give it to them!”
Jay looked at me and said, “You.”
Why do you think Killian is so interested in Elisia?
Someone must have informed him she’s an alpha.
Who sold her out?
What’s ur guess?

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