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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 33

Chapter 33
Theme : Infiltrated
Sub Theme : The Rogues Are Here
Kobi was staring straight at me.
I broke his gaze and looked down at my food, trying ha-rd
to not to flin-ch un-der his gaze. My gut twisted at the
thought of him and Irene knowing that I was indeed an
Alpha blooded wolf.
“The tickets have been printed, I’ll give them to you as
soon as we’re done eating.” Julian said to Jay. “The flight
is early in the morning tomorrow, so better get some
Leona smiled and said, “Tomorrow you will officially
graduate college!”
I internally gro-an ed at the fact that we had to travel all
the way back to our state to attend his graduation, but
the upside is that I’ll finally be able to see Magnus and
Kaitlyn after so long.
We managed to get throu-gh the meal without Kobi
mentioning the Alpha thing, but there were many
instances when we’d make eye contact and he wouldn’t
turn away at all. I noticed he wouldn’t talk as much as he
used to, not that he was much of a talker anyway. The
only time he joined the conversation was when Julian
spoke about getting his first tattoo. It was obviously his
area of expertise due to the really cool tattoo sleeve he
rocks on his right arm.
I managed to get upstairs to my room without any
confrontation. I was brushing my teeth, staring at myself
in the mirror, wondering how I’ll fall asleep. My mind
was racing at 190mph, my thoughts were jumbled and
overwhelming to the point where I was getting a
A lot…had happened today.
I obviously wasn’t who I thought I was, and honestly, I’ve
never completely felt like myself until today. What a
weird day…
I found out that I’m an Alpha Blood, confronted Ms
Williams, then realised that I can clear my father’s name
with that letter, told Leona all about it, found out the true
story about what happened on the [email protected] night, Irene
smelt my Alpha scent and Jay almost found out about
I couldn’t help but wish that I had more time to talk to
Theo about everything. It’s so weird that our families
knew each other, but un-der horrible and disgusting
circu-mtances. Our family’s history is intertwined but,
unfortunately in the worst way possible.
I finished brushing my teeth, washed my face and did my
usual skincare. I walked towards my be-d and flopped
onto it. I hoped that I’d sleep well enough so I don’t feel
and look dead tomorrow morning.
“Why did you pack?” I asked, deadpanned at the luggage
Jay had filled. We were going to come straight back as
soon as the graduation’s over so there’s no point in
packing anything other than your handbag.
He looked at me and then stared at his luggage before
pushing it behind him. “What do you mean?” He asked
innocently, whistling and walking away from it. I shook
my head at him and laughed.
We were up very early in the morning, at around five,
getting re-ady to head to the airport. I had gotten re-ady
earlier and [email protected]£ downstairs to meet the rest; two of our
warriors as well as three BlackShadowed warriors were
accompanying us on the trip. They were all re-ady and
were chilling near the front door, waiting for Jay and I to
To my surprise, I had come down before Jay and
wondered what was taking him so long. I offered to go
upstairs to his be-droom and see why he was taking his
time. I glanced at his suitcase and chuckled, now I knew
“Let’s head down.” He suggested while counting the
tickets. We made our way downstairs and joined the rest
in getting into the vehicles out front. I recognised one of
the warriors to be one of the young fighters that I
advised on my second day here; the strong one.He was
sitting in the pas-s£nger seat, with his s£nior in the drivers
seat. Jay and I were comfortably chilling in the back seats
and chatting about the graduation.
“Hi.” I spoke up, tapping the teenager’s shoulder. He
looked up from his phone and turned around to face me.
“Hello, Miss Knight.”
I snorted at his formal greeting and said, “Just call me
He nodded, his cheeks reddened a little. “Okay, Elisia.”
He was quite tall for his age; he had che-stnut-coloured
hair, olive skin and brown eyes. He fidgeted un-der my
gaze, ma-king me grin in amusement. I don’t know why I
keep referring him as a teenager, even though I am one
myself – I think nineteen year olds are technically
“What’s your name?” I asked, smiling a little to calm his
“He looks familiar…” Jay murmured in the mind link.
“Lorenzo Fernandez.” He replied, returning a smile.
“Thanks for the advise you gave me on the fighting
“Ah, that’s who he is.” Jay mind-linked in realisation.
“No problem, I hope you proceed to become the warrior
you dream to be.”
The driver piped up after hearing our conversation. “He’s
doing extremely well in training; we brou-ght him along
for this trip to get him experience on working in the
“It’ll be a great experience.” I agreed, nodding. “How long
have you been training?”
“I started when I was fifteen, so pretty late compared to
everyone else.” Lorenzo replied, looking out the window.
“Wait, so how old are you now?” I asked, wondering if I’d
guessed his age wrong.
“I just turned eighteen.”
Wow, so he’s just a year younger than me? Here I was
thinking he was sixteen or something…
We drove the rest of the way without any hiccu-ps and
arrived at the airport. Jay had given out the tickets and
we made our way throu-gh security and found our gate.
We split into two groups according to what we wanted to
eat. I was craving a Subway sandwich and some of them
were craving Shake Shack. We agreed to meet near the
hvge blue pole that had a TV screen attached to it.
It had been thirty minutes since we all separated so Jay
and I made our way to the meeting point. Everyone was
alre-ady there, carrying sodas and ice creams in their
“Good morning, this is a pre-boarding announcement for
flight 265W to Washington state. The plane at Gate 11 is
now re-ady to board, plea-se have your boarding pas-ses
re-ady. Thank you.” The female announcer voice boomed
from the speakers.
“That’s us.” Jay said, shrugging on his black Adidas
backpack. “Let’s go.”
We headed towards the gate doors with each of us
holding out our boarding pas-ses to the male by the door.
We managed to find our seats just fine, I was ecstatic to
find that Jay and I were sitting next to each other. Getting
the tickets was very last minute so I’m sure the
arrangement was purely coincidental.
The pilot started to speak once everyone boarded the
plane. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard Flight
265W from Montana to Washington state. We are
currently second in line for take-off and are expected to
be in the air in approximately four minutes time. We ask
that you plea-se fasten your seatbelts at this time and
secure all baggage un-derneath your seat or in the
overhead [email protected] We also ask that your seats and
table trays are in the upright position for take-off. plea-se
turn off all personal electronic devices, including [email protected]©ps
and cell phones. Smoking is prohibited for the duration
of the flight. Thank you for choosing Lakeside Airlines.
Enjoy your flight.To my dismay, Jay had knocked out as
soon as he was provided with a pillow. Even turbulence
didn’t startle him awake, so I had to spend the rest of the
flight re-ading books and taking ph0tos of the sunrise.
After a boring three hour long flight, we left the plane
and headed out of the gate. We went straight pas-s the
luggage carou-sel and went onto the moving walkway.
“Woah, my mum is here!” Jay exclaimed, staring at his
phone screen. He began to frantically type something
back and then chuckled. “I didn’t even tell her what
terminal we’d be arriving at, but she’s somehow at the
right one.”
I looked up at the sign we were going to pas-s, it said
‘Terminal 3 – arrival lobby straight ahead. We got off the
moving walkway and headed towards the large
automatic doors that lead to the lobby where Kaitlyn is
supposedly waiting. My excitement grew with every step,
finally seeing her after so long will be one of the
highlights of this month.
We stepped throu-gh the doors and scanned for any signs
of Kaitlyn. Her scent hit me before I even saw her, she
was leaning against a white pillar with a wi-de smile on her
face. I rushed towards her, with an equally wi-de smile
and hvgged her ti-ght.
“My love, how have you been?” She asked, stro-king the
back of my head. “I’m so glad you’re here, all healthy and
She couldn’t bring herself to let go of me before Jay
coughed and said, “Okay, my turn.”
Kaitlyn laughed and hvgged her son just as ti-ghtly and
k!$$£d his forehead. “I’m so happy you’re all doing fine, I
had hoped you’d be back home by now…” She said,
trailing off sadly. Her sad expression disappeared as she
[email protected] her hands in delight. “Today isn’t the day to talk
of mundane things! It’s my baby’s graduation!”
She pu-ll-ed her son down to her height and k!$$£d his
forehead again. She cooed at him, her green eyes bright
with fondness and affection.
“Mum…” He grumbled, taking a glance at the three
BlackShadowed pack members. She looked at them in
surprise, as though she hadn’t seen them until just then,
and smiled.
“Hello, I’m Kaitlyn Steel. Nice to meet you all.” She
greeted them, with such elegance and grace. The natural
qualities of a Luna.
The three of them bowed out of respect. Our fellow pack
members bowed and greeted their leader. “Good
morning, Luna.” They said in unison.
She smiled in response and suggested to leave and head
to the Alpha House. We all followed her into the carpark,
noticing a couple fellow pack warriors following us from
20 and 50 meters away. I knew she couldn’t have come
here alone, even if she could look out for herself,
warriors are a must for leaders.
We got into the cars that were re-ady to board and started
to head towards the house. Kaitlyn got into the same
vehicle as us and started to make conversation.
“So, how was that pack?” She asked, curiosity clear in her
“It was much nicer than we expected, we made really
good friends.” I piped up. “The people there are nothing
like how they’re portrayed outside the pack.”
Jay rolled his eyes and commented, “Yeah, you’ve
definitely become friendly with certain people.”
Ugh, when will he drop it? It’s so unfortunate that he
hates Theo that much, I couldn’t even imagine how he’ll
react once he finds out we’re mates.
Kaitlyn raised her eyebrows at this and looked at me for
an explanation. “I’ve become very friendly with the
leaders of that pack.” I explained, proud of my
explanation. It was very true since I’d become close with
Leona, Julian and Theo.
If it hadn’t been for what had happened yesterday, I
would’ve included Kobi. I shuddered, remembering his
piercing gaze on me during last night’s dinner.She smiled
at my response and said, “I’m glad you’ve made friends
there, I was worried that you wouldn’t be treated very
well. I had a lot of sleepless nights, but your phone calls
were very reas-suring. Seeing you and telling me your
experiences in person is even more reas-suring.”
We talked until we had finally reached the Alpha House, it
felt weird to refer to the place as the Alpha House rather
than the Alpha Manor. A month is enough time to pick up
habits and this was one of them.
We got out the car and headed inside my familiar home.
My wolf had become more active in my mind since we
had arrived on our soil and territory, she definitely
nee-ded to return home.
Although, something de-ep within me said, “This isn’t our
home.” I shrugged it off and made my way to the office
where I could s-en-se Magnus was in. Jay had come
upstairs with me and knocked on the door.
The door swung open and we were greeted by a happy
looking Magnus. He stepped forward and [email protected] the
both of us into a hvg.
“I’ve missed you kiddos.” He admitted, chuckling as he
stepped back. “Am I seeing things or have you grown
Jay laughed at that and shook his head at him. “I don’t
think that happens when your twenty one, or Elisia’s age
of nineteen, but good try dad.”
He shrugged and chuckled again. “Alright, alright. Well,
it’s really good to see you kids after so long.”
He glanced at his watch and raised his eyebrows. “You
guys better get dressed fast, or we’ll be late to the
And with that, Jay and I rushed to our rooms and got
ourselves re-ady. We had alre-ady picked out our outfits
for this day, so it wasn’t ha-rd to rush getting re-ady. We
managed to look pres£ntable and smart in just ten
minutes and made our way downstairs where Magnus
and Kaitlyn were waiting.
They looked good, not that they usually don’t, but they
looked red-carpet re-ady rather than graduation re-ady.
Kaitlyn had straightened her usual wavy, golden hair and
it looked like a stream of gold flowing from her head. Her
dress was red, complimenting her bright green eyes, and
it hvgged her in all the right places, she looked amazing.
Magnus wore a sleek, dark grey suit with a red tie, to
match his mate, and sli-cked his blond hair back. They
were, honestly, couple goals.
Jay had worn an expensive, tailored suit in black and
paired it with a black skinny tie and smart, black shoes.
He wore a Rolex on his right wrist, a graduation pres£nt
from Magnus, and styled his hair as usual. I guess he
knew he looked good in his usual hairstyle. His
graduation go-wn was slung over his left arm and he held
the cap in his other hand.
I had worn a sleeveless, black dress that A-lined into a
knee-length dress. It was cinched at the [email protected]!st,
showcasing my soft curves and was elegantly tailored to
look sophisticated on me. I had worn my hair down in
it’s usual bouncy, wavy state with it’s ends reaching my
[email protected]!st.
After complimenting each other, we hurried to get into
the car and spent the car ride anxiously looking at the
time, hoping to get Jay there in time. The BlackShadowed
warriors and our warriors followed us closely in a
different vehicle.
His college was quite far so I tried to get myself in the
mood to re-ad the book I took with me, but all I could
focus on was the time. After what seemed like days, we
finally arrived at the destination and rushed inside. The
warriors didn’t enter because they had no invite, but they
surrounded the area to be on the lookout.
To our relief, the ceremony hadn’t started and we bid Jay
goodbye as he joined his clas-smates; he started to put on
his go-wn and cap like the rest of them. The ceremony
was being held in a very large, beautiful hall with ancient
and gothic architecture and accents.We shuffled down
the row of seats, found ours and then sat down. We all
exchanged a ‘thank goodness we got here on time’ look
and waited for the ceremony to begin.
Once it did, I wanted to leave so bad. It had alre-ady been
thirty minutes and all that has happened was speeches
after speeches, I was so bored. When they finally began
calling out names, my heart sank remembering that Jay’s
surname began with an ‘S’. It’ll be a very long day…
Just then, a weird werewolf scent wafted up my nose
ma-king me cringe. I hadn’t ever smelt anything like it
before, it smelt horrible. Was it a trespas-ser? This area is
still [email protected] of our territory, who sli-pped past the border
I turned to my left and looked at Magnus and Kaitlyn in
confusion, there was a unfamiliar werewolf in this place.
They looked tense and exchanged serious looks, ma-king
my blood run cold.
What was happening?
I looked down at where Jay was sitting, who was waiting
for his turn, and saw him staring up at us with a
bewildered expression. The scent was nauseating and
unbearable, the humans around us clearly couldn’t smell
“It’s a rogue.” Kaitlyn told me in the mind-link. Her sharp
eyes was scanning the room with an hostile expression.
My eyes wi-de-ned in shock, a rogue? I hadn’t ever crossed
paths with one, it was rare to unless you happen to
stumble across the territory of The Rogue f0rç£.
“We have a problem out here.” One of our pack warriors
said in the collective mind-link. “There is approximately
twelve rogues out here, fighting all the warriors that’s
guarding the hall. We believe that a few more have
infiltrated the building, plea-se stay safe as we fight these
motherfv¢kers. Someone will come to help soon.”
Twelve rogues?
Jay’s back stiffened, Magnus took a sharp breath in as he
began to type something into his phone, and Kaitlyn was
still scanning the room.
What are they doing here?
“This is bad news.” Magnus mind-linked Kaitlyn, Jay and I.
” We will draw no attention to ourselves until the end of
the ceremony. It is unlikely they’ll do anything with all
these people in the room.”
I hadn’t ever heard Magnus sound so serious and wary
about something, I knew our lives were in danger. I
looked around the room, wondering where they could
possibly be hiding. I knew Kaitlyn would be able to s-en-se
them out, it’s one of the special qualities of a Luna.
I couldn’t believe the perfect timing and organisational
skills these rogues have. They brou-ght along enough
rogues to outnumber and distract the warriors we
brou-ght along as a few others get into the building we’re
in. How did they know what day, time and where we’d be
going for Jay’s graduation?
Chills [email protected]£ me as I realised their power and skills,
these guys were not the kind to be messing with. They
clearly know what they’re doing. Beside me, Kaitlyn let
out a frustrated sigh and mas-saged her temple.
“They’re in this room, but I can’t find them for some
reason.” She confessed in the mind-link, sounding
desperate. “They haven’t masked their scent because we
can clearly smell them, but somehow…they’ve masked
their lifef0rç£?”
Was that even possible? I felt uneasy, now that even
Kaitlyn couldn’t s-en-se them out.
“We’re trying our best, but we’re outnumbered. It’ll be a
while before we can get to you, plea-se un-derstand Alpha
and Luna.” A warrior pleaded in the mind-link. We felt his
desperation and fatigue throu-gh the channel and we all
shared worried looks.
Kaitlyn started to scan the area again, the distress evident
on her face. The rogues had the upper hand, because
they could be anywhere and surprise attack us.
Just then, I felt a cold sharp poke on my right side, near
my ribs, ma-king me jump in surprise. I looked down in
shock and found a sharp silver knife poking where my
liver would be.
My heart st©pped in horror as I followed the hand that
was holding the knife, and landed on the man that was
sitting beside me the entire time .
He looked around thirty and wore a navy suit to match
the dress code. He smiled wi-dely, showcasing his gold
teeth, as he watched my nauseated and startled
“Hello poppet.”
Hmm, can you figure out why Rogues have unexpectedly
[email protected] urself for the next chapter.
Cos it’s not gonna come down easy.
A new character will also be introduced into the story.
Chapter 34
Theme : The Rogues Attack
WATCH OUT!!!!…….

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