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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 28

The alpha and the female warrior
Chapter 28
Theme : Not What You Think
Theo’s P.O.V
I’d been changing my slee-ping position for the past ten minutes before I realised something was wrong. I woke up groggily, reaching for my phone on my nightstand and checking the time. Seeing the time woke me up completely, and I jumped out of be-d in a hurry.
$h!t, my ‘short nap’ had become a two hours sleep without me realising. I should’ve put on an alarm since I was alre-ady feeling tired; organising a [email protected] last minute was not easy and my wolf hadn’t fed since three days ago. I was in really bad shape.
I strolled towards the large mirror fitted onto my big wardrobe and checked how I looked. I fixed my hair and flattened out any crease marks I might’ve made on my navy, blue suit. I wore this suit specially to match with Elisia, I was hoping she liked the dress that I picked out for her. All Leona had to do is persuade her to wear it for tonight, I trust in her persuasive skills.
My heart fluttered with anticipation and anxiety, I couldn’t wait to see her. It had been a while since I’ve let myself feel such strong emotions, she does things to me that I’ve never thought were possible. She makes me feel excited, nervous, happy and giddy like a fv¢king high schooler.
Years ago, I promised myself not to get close to my mate if I ever found her. My parents’ relationsh!pseemed to be absolute proof that ‘love’ never actually exists, but now that I’ve met Elisia…I can’t help but think, this is real. True love lies with Elisia, I can feel it and see it, clear as day.
She is the one.
I took a de-ep breath in as I stared at my reflection in the mirror. The plan for this evening is to talk to her alone, and confess I wanted to take this confusing relationsh!pwe have to the next level. I wanted to finally accept each other as mates and lovers, all I could hope for is that she feels the same.
I ran my hand throu-gh my hair, frustrated with the immense emotions coursing throu-gh me. fv¢k, I really hope she feels the same.
I was alre-ady running late, and haven’t been pres£nt for most of the [email protected] As the host, I should’ve been downstairs talking to guests and ma-king them feel comfortable. I [email protected]£d my phone hastily and slid it into my front blazer pocket.
Just then, there was three consecutive knocks on my door. My heart rate increa-sed immediately, thinking it was Elisia checking up on me. However, the scent was all wrong and pres£nce didn’t feel right. I knew who it was.
“Wait, I’ll be right out.” I called out curtly.
The door was swung open despite the contents of my reply. Irene walked in with her usual, big smile and closed the door behind her.
“Didn’t you hear me say, ‘wait’ or ‘I’ll be right out’?” I sighed, putting my hands into my pockets.
“I did, but I wanted to talk to you.” She replied, looking down and fiddling with her f!ngers. I watched her with an eyebrow raised, confused by her intentions. I clearly knew she had a thing for me, and I never really cared or had a problem with that until Elisia happened.
These days when I look at Irene, I feel bad because I took advantage of her feelings for me. I was so afraid and opposed to having a mate, that I used Irene to hurt Elisia. The first few weeks of Elisia’s stay, I was afraid that she wanted to get as close as mates do so I pushed her away as best as I could.
I pretended there was ‘something’ between Irene and I, pretended I was fine tou-ching another woman who wasn’t her and pretended that I didn’t care or feel. But I did, I hated it. But back then, I thought it was necessary.
But I regret it.
So fv¢king much.
The time when I f0rç£d myself to hold Irene close to me, and catching a glimpse of Elisia’s reaction was the worst I’ve felt in a very long time. Since mum died.”Okay, shall we talk outside?” I replied, gesturing towards the door. I was itching to get out my own room, I felt so uncomfortable being alone with her. If Irene thinks that I have even the slightest bit of feelings for her, other than pity and guilt, then fv¢k. I’d been accepting her advances towards me in order to get rid of the possibility of mating with Elisia, but not anymore.
I had to clear things up.
“Listen, Irene. You’re right, we do nee-d to talk.” I began to say, nodding a little. “Do you realise that you have a mate? In this country or somewhere else in the world, your mate is awaiting the time you guys finally meet?”
Irene’s smile dropped and was replaced with a cold glare. “You know I can only ever love you.”
My heart st©pped at the word ‘love’ and I shook my head slowly. “No, you don’t love me. This is not love, Irene. When you find your mate, you’ll finally know how it feels to be in love.”
Tears began to pool in Irene’s eyes, her green eyes looking up at me. “What do you mean what I feel is not love? You don’t believe what everyone else says, do you? That I have an ‘unhealthy obse-ssion with you’?”
I watched her sob hysterically into her arm in panic. She’s literally crying in front of me, what the fv¢k do I do?
“Don’t cry.” I started to say, and then immediately mentally face-palmed myself after that. I thought about what to say and tried again.
“I’ve known you my whole life and you’re amazing, Irene. You’re one of the most caring person I know. It was you who looked after my mum and I, when she was abused by the man who called himself her husband. Everyone was too busy or didn’t know how to help me, but you stayed and tried to pick up the broken pieces. You’re strong, an incredible warrior and pretty; your mate will be glad when he sees you.”
I gulped ha-rd , trying ha-rd to get rid of the horrible flashes of my mum screaming for mercy. Flashing memories of mum being covered in bruises, cuts and coughing up blood, but still smiling as she made lunch for her monster husband and I. The whole household knew, the Beta family and the Gamma family, and yet no-one did anything to st©p the domestic abuse.
It’s been seven years since the last time I saw her. Seven years since her death. Since her murder.
I hadn’t thought about my mum for so long, I’ve pushed it to the back of my mind to deal with it. Overwhelming emotions took a hold of me and I almost felt like I couldn’t breathe. I was paying little attention to my environment, although for a second I thought I heard a creak behind my door.
Suddenly a pair of warml-ips [email protected]£ into contact with mine, snapping me out of my spaced-out state and into a state of confusion.
What the fv¢k just happened?
I snapped my head towards the small [email protected] that [email protected]£ from near the door, and la-id my eyes on Elisia.
I shoved Irene out of the way, causing her to r0ûghly land and slide across my marble tiled floor. But I didn’t care, my eyes where on Elisia. Her mouth was slightly ajar in shock and was staring at me in disgust.
At that moment, I wanted to die.
I approached her with my arms out, holding back the tears that was threatening to spill. I knew how bad this looked, she walked in on us alone in my room and ‘k!ssing’. My late reaction must’ve made it seem like it was cons-en-sual on my side. It was a misun-derstanding and she had know that, so I said the first thing I could think of.
“Elisia, it’s not what it looks like.”
Her stormy, gray eyes glas-sed over as she backed up, distancing herself from me. My heart sank so low at that, I almost doubled-over from the pain I felt. The betrayal and shock she felt was obvious by her expression, I couldn’t believe this was happening. This was far from the night I imagined it would be.”Seriously? Out of all the things you could’ve said, you say ‘It’s not what it looks like?”
I shook my head and tried to hold her, desperate for any signs of her hearing me out. Instead, she avoided my t©uçh and didn’t look at me.
She laughed dryly with no light, very far from being genuine. “And to think I thought you missed the [email protected] because you were tired…”
I was tired! I sle-pt for hours before Irene showed up in my room five minutes ago.
“Elisia, listen.” I had to explain everything, but only if she’ll hear me out. She had every right to be mad at me right now, I knew how bad it looked. Really fv¢king bad.
She managed to look up at me, straight in the eyes, and remained quiet. She was really giving me a chance to explain what had really happened. Even at this intense time, I couldn’t help but admire her angelic nature.
“Theo, what the fv¢k?”
I felt myl-ips curl back in annoyance as I watched Irene get up and dust herself.
“You don’t nee-d to explain yourself to her!” She wailed, pu-lling on her long, red hair.
A low female, warning growl rumbled from Elisia as she glowered at Irene’s antics, I’ve never seen her like this before. Chills ran down the length of my spine, ma-king me shiver in fear. She’s fv¢king scary when she’s angry.
“Yes, I do.” I sh0t back, replying to her comment earlier. I couldn’t take my eyes off my mate, who looked irritated, but stunning in her dress. “What you saw is nothing close to what you’re thinking, I-” I tried to explain but was, yet again, interrupted.
“fv¢k sake Theo, why are you explaining yourself to her?” She cried, throwing her hands in the air in frustration. She glared at Elisia venomously and said, “What right do you have to be upset with what you saw?”
She’s my mate, she has every right.
And I would’ve said that out loud, but I didn’t think it was right. Elisia hasn’t mentioned us being mates to anyone, excluding Julian and Leona since they solved it themselves. So until she reveals ‘our secret’, I’m keeping my mouth shut.
“If you have a sad little crush on him, then news flash bit-ch – he’s mine, was always mine and will always be mine!” Irene screeched, stamping her foot angrily.
That’s it.
“Get the fv¢k out my house.” I ordered.
I faced Irene squarely and said, “Irene, get the fv¢k out.”
She [email protected], spluttered and scoffed before saying, “Are you seriously kicking me out?”
She stood there for ten more seconds, staring at both of us in disbelief and swore. “fv¢k you, Elisia. I really fv¢king hate you.”
Don’t say anything, I mentally chanted. The more quiet I am, the quic-ker she’ll leave.
She began to march out the room, but st©pped beside Elisia to say, “Your existence makes me sick.”
My hands clenched into fists as I struggled to keep my composure. Anger isn’t the answer right now, my priority is Elisia.
“You’ve said my name so many times, but still haven’t made your point.” She pointed out tiredly. “I’m leaving.”
I have? $h!t, I didn’t mean to. I was just overwhelmed by how things turned out. She was turning around to leave, so I [email protected]£d her arm without thinking, not wanting to let her go. “Wait, plea-se. Let me explain what you saw.”
“It’s fine. Explain tomorrow, I’m too tired for this.” She responded with a low voice, pu-lling her arm out of my grasp. “plea-se don’t follow me.”
And with that she walked out of my room and Wing without a glance back. I watched her go, horrified and appalled at what had happened the past ten minutes.
So now what?
I felt like following her, even though she told me not to. But the energy she gave off…she
really didn’t want to see me anymore. I sat down on the edge of my be-d, put my head in my hands, and stayed like that for ten minutes straight.
I couldn’t believe what had just happened.
I loos£ned the tie around my n£¢k since I felt suffocated, got up and walked to my bathroom. I washed my face, especially myl-ips, and dry-towelled my face. It had only been ten minutes but I couldn’t stay away from her any longer, I had to find her.
I walked out my room and Wing, and made my way downstairs. There were a good amount of people still chatting and drinking, I nodded to many of them as I made my way to the bar where Leona was.
“Leona, have you seen Elisia?” I asked when I reached her. Since her scent was everywhere, I couldn’t track her down as easily.
“She texted me saying she was going to be-d early because she was tired from the [email protected]” She responded with a thumbs up.
She then frowned and waggled her f!nger at me. “You said you were going come down and chill with Elisia in your cute matching outfits, but you weren’t downstairs at all! She wore the dress you bought her and even accepted it as a gift from me. She looked so beautiful, if only you saw her.”
Oh, I saw her and she looked incredibly gorgeous and divine. She managed to look elegant and fv¢king h0t at the same time, how?
I thanked Leona, made my way back upstairs and entered the lobby. I paced around for ages, wondering whether it was fine to go to her room. Was she slee-ping alre-ady? What if it gets worse if I don’t give her space?
Another ten minutes pas-sed before I finally made up my mind, I was going to her room and talking to her. I entered the guests Wing, where her and her pack members are staying, and approached her door. Taking a de-ep breath in and plucking up the courage, I knocked on the door.
No answer.
I li-cked myl-ips in nervousness, and knocked again.
“Who idth it?” A high-pitched voice rang out. I frowned in confusion, the voice sounded like her but didn’t at the same time.
“It’s me.”
“Yeah, can I come in?” I asked nervously.
She laughed and said, “I donth know, can you?”
I hesitated, unsure what I should say next. “Elisia? Are you okay?”
“I’m as ‘appy as a fv¢king bunny.” She shouted from behind the door. My eyebrows sh0t up in surprise, alarmed by her use of language. I wanted to laugh but the remembered what situation I was in, and the urge to laugh disappeared.
“I’m coming in, okay?” I called out, my hand hovering on the door handle.
“Okay, but I’m warning you. You might be a liddle shocked.” She replied, giggling a little.
With a frown and anticipation, I twisted the door handle open and stepped inside. The stench of alcohol hit my nostrils so ha-rd , I st©pped in my tracks and took in the scene in front of me.
She was laying on t©p of her be-d in her pyjama shorts and shi-t, drinking from a bottle of spirit, with four empty bottles of whiskeys and vodkas laying near her feet. Her hair was put into high two ponytails, ma-king her look really cute. But damn, she was drinking straight up
I rushed to her side and snatched the bottle off her to st©p her drinking. “Elisia, don’t tell me you drank all of these?” I asked seriously, gro-an ing and closing my eyes, feeling uneasy.
She looked up at me, pouted and then smiled wi-dely. “Yup!” She replied hiccu-pping. Her eyes focused on the bottle I took off her. “Givitback!”
“No.” I took the bottle, as well as the others, and placed them on the windowsill. Now that the alcohol is far from her reach, and I sat on the edge of the be-d in dismay. I felt horrible, she decided to get drun!kbecause of what she saw.
“I’m so sorry, Elisia but what you saw was the result of Irene actions, not mine.” I said, shaking my head. I knew it wasn’t the right time to explain what she saw. She was way too drun!k, and probably won’t remember this conversation.
“You hurt me.”
I looked up at her, to find her staring into space with a sad expression.
“You had been h0t and cold wif me ever sincth I [email protected]£, and once I finally believed we were getting somewhere…I walk in on that .” She continued, her words slurring as she spoke. “You didn’t want anyfing to do wid me when we met, and you preferred Irene’th company over mine. I hated that $h!t. And then we somehow found time for each other, and got to know each other on a persthonal level. Then you don’t show up to the [email protected] you organisthed for me and isth ma-king out with the girl who’th hated me before she met me!”
My heart breaks hearing what she thought of me, I sound like a fv¢king as-s-hole and that’s what I was to her. I found myself replying to her, “My heart wanted to be with you, but my [email protected] st©pped me. I was scared and traumatised by the concept of love. My parents were mates, soulmates, but my father beat my mother every single fv¢king day until one day he killed her. She stuck with him for the sake of ‘love’, and hoping that one day he’ll love her back. But this carried on until he beat her so ha-rd , she died.”
I clench my jaw ha-rd , as I try to push the tears back but they overflowed uncontrollably. “He fv¢king murdered her while I was on a trip having fun. She was killed by the hands of the person who was supposed to love her, cherish her and never let harm come to her. This…this is the reason I was so afraid to love you and let you in. I used Irene to push you away, and I hated every single second of it but at that time, my fear overpowered my heart’s nee-ds. I was so sure the concept of soulmates was bull$h!t because my parents’ toxic relationsh!p; their relationsh!pwas the absolute opposite of how it was supposed to be.”
Elisia held out her hand and gently ru-bbe-d the tears off my face. Tears were formed in her eyes too, as she held mine with remorse and sympathy. “I’m sthorry you had to go throu-gh with that.”
I stayed quiet, not wanting to say anything more about my past. It’s too painful to re-live it and there was no point in telling her more when she’ll forget all this.
“Why did you k!ssth Irene?”
I glanced at her, she wore a sad and serious expression.
“I didn’t k!ssher.” I answered simply. “She k!$$£d me, you [email protected]£ in, I froze for second later then I should’ve and then pushed away when I realised what had happened.”
She watched me carefully with those sweet eyes of hers, wondering whether she should believe me or not. Even if she forgave me now, it doesn’t mean it’ll stay like that tomorrow.
“I’ll decthide if I believe you, tomorrow.” She finally replied, closing her eyes. I nodded with a sad smile and helped her get into the be-d covers.
“Sleep, love.” I whispered, k!ss!ngher forehead. “plea-se don’t hate me.”
Wow… Quite intense,
Finally, you now know the reason behind why he was so cold with her initially.
The actual story behind what happened with Irene and Theo in the last chapter was revealed in this one, too.
So watch out for the next chapter, you sure don’t wanna miss that one….. 👊💯

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