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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 27

Theme : At The [email protected]
“I can’t believe you’ve never straightened your hair
before.” Leona muttered behind me, straightening the
last bit of my hair. We were in her room, getting re-ady
for the dinner [email protected] that was being held for me.
“So like…I’m kind of taking your hair vir-ginity.”
Before I could snort and laugh at her words, Julian
walked in on us at that moment and gave us a weird look.
“I’m not even going to ask.” He retorted, shaking his head
and picking up the drink he left earlier.
Leona giggled and opened her mouth to explain, but her
mate beat her to it. “Don’t even try to explain, I’m going.”
He laughed, swiftly leaving the room. She shrugged and
went back to finishing my hair look.
“Straight hair really suits you; go look at yourself in the
mirror. You finally have my permission!”
I got up from my chair, cringing that my foot fell asleep
due to sitting for a long period of time. I stepped in front
of the mirror and took in my reflection, [email protected] at my
My usual wavy hair, was dead straight from the roots to
its ti-ps and was looking very luscious, longer and shinier
than usual. My side [email protected] was replaced with a middle [email protected];
which I was initially felt unsure about since I’ve never
tried it before, but turned out to look pretty good.
My makeup was alre-ady done, courtesy of myself, before
the hair. I wore some BB cream to achieve a healthy,
natural and glowy look; I didn’t bother with blush since
my natural, rosy cheeks was peaking throu-gh the BB
I wore creamy, natural looking highlighter on the high
points of my face and wore mascara to accentuate my
alre-ady thick, curly dark lashes. This only brou-ght more
attention to my stormy gray-coloured eyes, which I
absolutely loved.
“Now for your dress!” Leona cried excitedly, rushing to
her closet. I watched her as she brou-ght out all the
dresses she owned; she was kindly allowing me to
borrow a dress for the night since I didn’t have my own.
She looked stunning with her pretty, golden hair tied up
in an intricate and elegant way. Her face seemed to glow
with the golden accents in her makeup such as her
eyeshadow and highlighter. Her high cheekbones and
sharp but delicate face structure suited her beautiful,
complex up do.
“You look really pretty, Leona.” I smiled, complimenting
her. She turned around and put her hands on her cheeks
in embarras-sment, “Thank you.”
She held up two dresses, one was a pristine white and the
other was a navy, blue colour. “I think these would be
perfect for us, what do you think?”
I stood up and walked towards her, my smile wi-dening at
the navy dress. “I think they look amazing, which colour
are you thinking for us?”
“White for me and navy for you!”
I mentally fist-pumped in happiness and relief, the navy
dress looked incredible. The colour has always suited my
skin tone and brings out the tiny blue spe-cks in my iris’.
We quic-kly changed into the dresses and took a glance at
ourselves in the reflection.
Staring at the fit of the dress, it was easy to say it is
absolutely stunning on. The sleeves were long and made
up of a decorative and elegant, lacy fabric. The dress
designed in an A-line shape, so it fit closely around my
[email protected]!st and then flared out in a seamlessly and graceful
It seemed to look conservative and appropriate for a
fancy dinner [email protected], especially since it is being held for
me, but the surprise was the slit in the dress – showing a
little of my leg.
“I love this!” I breathed, twirling at little. I’ve actually
never dressed up this fancy in my life, not even for
weddings. Judging by Leona calm attitude about this
evening as well as the heaps of gorgeous dresses in her
closet, it seemed like she was used to dressing up.”Navy
is your colour!” She commented, admiring her dress on
me. “Since I haven’t worn it yet, you can have it.”
I wi-de-ned my eyes in surprise and shook my head. “No,
it’s fine! You don’t have to do that, but thanks.”
She rolled her eyes, and sighed. “It’s yours. You can’t
change my mind, I’m really stubborn.”
I didn’t argue back, but smiled gratefully in response. I
looked down at the dress in awe, this is for me? She
walked back to her closet and opened another section
where her shoes were on displa-y.
“This is where I keep the fancy shoes, they’re on show
because they look pretty.” She explained, looking for the
perfect pair to match our dresses. “Heels will suits both
of our looks, but if you’d like you can change into flats
after your speech and after meeting people.”
Her brow was furrowed in concentration as she
scrutinised each and every heel on displa-y. She looked
like an angel or a pixie in her sleeveless, white dress. Her
dress’ length st©pped just before her knees, adding a
cute element to her look.
“Yes! Found the perfect pair for us!”
She held up a pair of gold, stra-ppy heels in one hand and
silver ones in the other. “The silver is for you and the gold
is for me, how does that sound?”
“Amazing.” I replied smiling, taking the silver heels from
her. I sli-pped them on, thankfully we were the same size,
and was, yet again, b!own away by how pretty and
luxurious they looked. I started to walk around, trying to
get used to the height as well as getting rid of the unease I
have when I wear heels.
“I think we’re re-ady!” She exclaimed, [email protected] her hands
together in delight. She paused for a second, her eyes
looking hazy and unfocused, indicating that she was
mind-linking someone.
“The [email protected] has been going on for a while so everyone else
has arrived. Once we go downstairs, you’ll do the speech
you’ve prepared and then the [email protected] will resume to it’s full
swing.” She told me, taking one last look in the mirror.
“You re-ady?”
Taking a de-ep breath in, I smiled and said, “Yes, let’s go.”
We hurried out of the room and walked down the
hallway to leave the West wing, before Leona gro-an ed
out loud and st©pped. “I forgot my phone, I’m going
back for it.”
“Oh, okay. I’ll wait here.”
“No, you go on ahead. I told Julian you were on your
way, and he said they’re all getting re-ady for your speech.
I don’t even know where my phone is, somewhere in the
bathroom or the actual room…?” She babbled, alre-ady
hurrying back to her room.
I watched her jog back, effortlessly in her heels, and saw
her disappear into the room. I had to go down alone?
Sighing out loud, I proceeded to walk out of the wing and
into the upstairs lobby, where I could hear the hustle and
bustle of the [email protected] in full volume. I leaned against the rail
and looked down at the ground floor where everyone
was, I saw a sea of people wearing their best clothes.
I stepped away from the rail and took a de-ep breath in, I
can do this! I made my way to the t©p of the staircase
and started to come down the stairs, praying I don’t trip
in these heels. People’s attention gradually fell upon me
as I made my entrance.
I could alre-ady see a lot of familiar faces from where I
was, Julian and Kobi were at the bo-ttomof the stairs
smiling up at me. Beside them was Jay in a black tuxedo,
who s£nt me a wi-nk and a grin when I caught his gaze.
Among the crowd, I recognised the guy who picked me
up from the waiting room and lead me to the fighting
cage. He held a glas-s of champagne like the rest of the
guests and s£nt me a nod when we made eye contact.
Ethan, the doctor who I’ve had the plea-sure of meeting,
s£nt me a warm smile. I saw Irene standing near the
front door, talking to a guy, not at all paying attention to
me. Thank God for that, I was surprised she even [email protected]£ at
all.I couldn’t help but scan the room for someone, there
was no sign of him.
Regardless, I walked down the stairs with a smile. When I
reached the bottom, Jay held out his left arm for me to
hold onto, which I gladly took and walked towards the
makeshift stage that was made for the event. I managed
to climb up the steps onto the stage without falling, and
made my way to the podium, causing everyone’s chatter
to decrease.
I suddenly had a whiff of Theo’s delicious scent, ma-king
me perk up to see if he’d arrived. After seeing no signs of
him, I realised his scent was coming from where I was
standing; he must’ve done a welcoming speech
I took in the scene in front of me, in awe. About a
hundred pack members, which surprisingly only makes
up a small percent of the pack, were standing and waiting
for me to make a speech. I wouldn’t have ever imagined
ma-king a speech at a dinner [email protected], that’s being held in
my honour at The BlackShadowed Pack.
If someone had told me that over a month ago, I
would’ve laughed in their face and told them that they
had a crazy imagination. Yet, here I was, about to make a
speech as the warrior who defeated Irene Wolf.
From the corner of my eye, I saw Leona quietly ma-king
her way downstairs and stand beside her mate. She made
it before my speech, if only Theo could make it…where
was he?
“Hello, everyone. I’m Elisia Knight, Chief warrior of The
Imperial Pride Pack. I am so plea-sed and grateful that
you could all make it to this dinner [email protected], I’m thankful to
have been invited as the guest of honour. As you all may
know, I have been crowned the winner of the recent fight
between Irene Wolf and I, and I couldn’t be any more
happier. She’s truly a great warrior that I’m glad to have
fought against and proved herself to be the worthy
opponent that I’d been looking for. She really lived up to
her reputation. You all truly have a great Chief warrior,
and I hope you cherish her as much as she deserves to
be cherished.” I began to say, speaking every word
purposely and confidently. I took a glance at Irene, who
appeared to look shocked and confused at what I had
Doesn’t the saying go, kill em with kindness?
“I was so overwhelmed by the beautiful hospitality that
my fellow pack members and I have received during the
duration of our stay. The love and friendsh!pwe have
gained from The BlackShadowed Pack is something that
we will never forget.”
A involuntary smile crept up on my face when I
recognised the cry as Leona’s voice.
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and
every one of you for ma-king our stay memorable,
whether you are a chef, doctor, nurse, warrior, Beta/Beta
female, Gamma and Alpha. Thank you.” I finished with a
shy smile.
A loud roar of applause erupted from the crowd, s£nding
waves of relief throu-ghout my b©dy. They liked my
speech! I was so worried it was too simple and not fancy
enough, but I figured saying my true thoughts and
feelings would sound better. I stepped away from the
podium and walked off the stage towards Jay.
“That was amazing!” He exclaimed, smiling from ear to
ear. He pu-ll-ed me into a ti-ght hvg and k!$$£d my
forehead. “I’m proud of you.”
Leona and Julian reached us in no time, wearing equally
happy expressions. “That was great, Elisia.” Julian
commented, grinning at me. “It was such a sweet speech,
so sweet that I think it made Irene dizzy.”
I laughed at that and said, “She couldn’t believe what I
was saying about her. It was probably the last thing she
expected me to say.”
I glanced back to where Irene was standing earlier and
saw no sign of her. The crowd started to chat amongst
each other and some began to approach me to
congratulate me. I spent the next two hours meeting and
talking to the guests, who all seemed so nice and
genuine.I felt bad to st©p the conversation short, so I
tried to have full conversation with each person or
group. I had Jay beside me the entire time, also greeting
the guests as The future Alpha of The Imperial Pride Pack.
My feet were alre-ady aching from the heels and feeling
uncomfortable from not being able to sit down, but I
tried to ignore it and plough throu-gh the discomfort. To
my knowledge, the women I was currently speaking to
was the last person I nee-ded to talk to.
After saying our goodbyes, Jay and I walked away from
the busy crowd and made our way to the bar. We
ordered our c0cktails and finally sat down.
“How do you feel?” Jay sighed beside me.
“Tired and overwhelmed, but also very grateful.”
We watched our drinks being made in front us, before
we were served it. I downed my alcoholic drink all in one
go, honestly humans would be jealous.
“Another plea-se.” I said, pushing my glas-s towards the
bartender. He took my glas-s and refilled it immediately. I
began to put the glas-s towards myl-ips and then frowned.
The [email protected] started four hours ago, I arrived about two
hours ago and there’s no sign of Theo. The host of the
[email protected] had not been doing his job, where was he? I
couldn’t shake off the feeling that I had to go look for
him. I shook my head at that thought; he’s a grown man
and the Alpha of this pack, he can look after himself.
I hadn’t noticed I drank fifteen glas-ses of this alcoholic
drink before Jay pointed it out. “You should slow down
now. Alcohol doesn’t affect us as quic-kly as it does in
humans, but if you consume a certain amount, you will
get drun!k.”
I nodded and put my glas-s down slowly. “I’m going to the
restroom, I’ll be quic-k.”
I slid off the high stool, made my way upstairs and
entered the second level lobby. I was surprised how
lightheaded and woozy I felt, was it the alcohol? I was
about to enter the East Wing to use my restroom, but
then st©pped.
I glanced towards the North Wing in curiosity and
suspicion; I could s-en-se his pres£nce in that area of the
manor. Why would he be holed up in his room the entire
I walked towards the door and opened it slowly and
quietly, maybe he fell asleep from exhaustion? He did
organise the [email protected] after all, bless him. I took off my heels
to avoid ma-king noise and waking him up, if he was
asleep. I walked to the end of the hallway towards his
room, and st©pped suddenly.
I could smell another scent.
A female’s scent.
The instinct to rip the door down hit me ha-rd , and I
swung open the door in haste, to find a scene I wish I’d
never seen.
Irene Wolf and my mate k!ssing.
And by the looks of it, he was allowing it.
Both of their heads snapped my way, as I stood there
disgusted and in outrage. Theo’s eyes wi-de-ned in shock,
pushed Irene away from him and approached me in a
low-spirited manner.
“Elisia, it’s not what it looks like.”
I backed away from him, feeling immense emotions of
betrayal and grief. “Seriously? Out of all the things you
could’ve said, you say ‘It’s not what it looks like?”
He shook his head and tried to hold me, but I moved
away from his attempt.
I laughed humourlessly, not really feeling anything. “And
to think I thought you missed the [email protected] because you
were tired…”
“Elisia, listen.”
I stared up at him, feeling miserable and confused, but
stayed quiet. I had always been the type to listen to
people, even when I feel like I’ve made up my mind. I
didn’t want to be the girl to lose a mate, because she
didn’t listen to him. So that was what I decided to do.
Listen.”Theo, what the fv¢k?”
My attention falls away from Theo and falls onto Irene
who was getting up from the floor and dusting herself
“You don’t nee-d to explain yourself to her!”
Myl-ips curl back and I let out a low, warning growl. She’s
so close to getting her throat r!pp£dopen by me. She
responded with a dirty look and a glare.
“Yes, I do.” He sh0t back, not taking his eyes off me.
“What you saw is nothing close to what you’re thinking,
“fv¢k sake Theo, why are you explaining yourself to her?”
She cried, throwing her hands in the air in frustration.
She glared at me venomously and said, “What right do
you have to be upset with what you saw?”
I swallowed back the harsh words that was begging to
leave my mouth but I remained silent; I was trying to give
Theo more time to explain, but she kept interrupting.
“If you have a sad little crush on him, then news flash
bit-ch – he’s mine, was always mine and will always be
mine!” She screeched, stamping her foot angrily.
The pent up anger I felt was immense, I was about to
snap…bur-st even.
“Get the fv¢k out my house.”
We both looked at Theo, who looked fed up and
dejected. He turned around and faced Irene squarely.
“Irene, get the fv¢k out.”
She [email protected], spluttered and scoffed before saying, “Are
you seriously kicking me out?”
She stood there for ten more seconds, staring at both of
us in disbelief and swore. “fv¢k you, Elisia. I really
fv¢king hate you.”
She began to march out the room, but st©pped to say,
“Your existence makes me sick.”
I watched her leave, unsettled by her unhealthy
obse-ssion with Theo. I thought it was pretty funny when
Julian and Leona were talking about her fixation with my
mate, but I didn’t think it was that extreme. I should’ve
seen the signs.
“Elisia-” He began to say.
“You’ve said my name so many times, but still haven’t
made your point.” I started to say tiredly. “I’m leaving.”
I turned away from him, but he [email protected]£d my arm to st©p
me from leaving. “Wait, plea-se. Let me explain what you
“It’s fine. Explain tomorrow, I’m too tired for this.” I
responded, pu-lling my arm out of his grasp. “plea-se don’t
follow me.”
Not looking back, I walked out of his room and wing,
trying to hold myself together emotionally. I’m going to
get pas-s this, today will be a pas-sing memory that I will
laugh at. Something de-ep within me disagreed with that
statement, but I had to lie to myself at that moment or I
would’ve crumbled.
I rushed to put my heels back on, hurried downstairs and
went back to where I was sitting earlier. There was no
sign of Jay which was a relief, because of what I was
about to do next.
I caught the bartender’s attention and gave him my best
smile. “Hi, Theo kindly gifted three of your strongest
alcohols to Jay and I as a goodbye pres£nt.”
His eyes wi-de-ned at this. “Really? Alpha said that?”
He looked around the bar immediately, searching for
three bottles to gift me. He brou-ght out five alcohol
bottles that looked fancy but also unfamiliar looking.
“I’m giving you two extra bottles, it’s on the house.”
I thanked him, and [email protected]£d all of them the best I can.
People gave me surprised and weird looks as I climbe-d
up the stairs with full arms. All I nee-ded to do was reach
my room without anyone I know seeing me.
I rushed across the lobby, entered the East Wing and my
room without bu-mping into anyone. I dumped the
bottles on my be-d and sighed. I was going to do what I’ve
seen humans do to forget miserable things and repress
sad emotions.
Get drun!k.

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