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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 23

Chapter 23
Theme : The Moonlight Pack
Elisia’s Pov
“Are you done?”
I gave myself one long look in the mirror before leaving
the bathroom. Entering my hospital room, I smiled at
Jay, who was sitting on the edge of the be-d.
“I’m re-ady.” I replied, walking towards my duffle bag.
The duffle bag Theo packed proved to be very useful the
last couple of days I spent in hospital; I was still very
Jay frowned as he took in my outfit. “Is that a new
I looked down at what I was wearing, black jeans and
Theo’s large, black hoodie. The clothes he packed for me
to wear when I leave the hospital.
“Kind of.” I responded, shrugging. I kept my distance
from him, ensuring he doesn’t get a whiff of Theo’s scent
from my clothing.
“So where are the others?” I asked casually, putting on
my trainers.
I was curious what the others were up to, but I was more
curious about Theo. Including everyone in my question
doesn’t make it obvious who I was asking about.
“Erm, well. Last night, I heard Julian and Leona flew out
because of emergency pack business. Kobi has to take on
their work load as well as his, so he’s a little stressed.” He
replied, ticking almost everyone off the list.
I stayed quiet, anticipating what he had to say about
Theo, but was disappointed when he st©pped there.
I wanted to sigh in disappointment out loud, but kept it
in. I wanted to know what he’d been up to, damn it!
Ever since the night he slid into the covers with me, all I
could think about was him.
Why did he leave without saying goodbye?
Was it something I did or said?
I knew he didn’t leave in the middle of the night because
I woke up at one point and he was knocked out. I was
surprised to be engulfed by his strong arms and
overwhelmed by his delicious scent.
I woke up, once again, early morning to find him gone
from by my side.
I thought, maybe he had to sneak out to avoid any
confrontation with the medical staff. However, he hadn’t
visited me since then.
I huffed audibly, resulting in getting a surprised glance
from Jay..
“Let’s go.” He said when I stood up.
We walked out of the room and made our way to the
main entrance/exit of the hospital, not forgetting to
thank and say our goodbyes to the medical staff.
We walked to the parking lot, and got into what looked a
lot like Leona’s Jeep.
“Isn’t this Leona’s car?” I asked, putting the seatbelt on.
“Yeah, she said I could use it to pick you up.”
We drove to the Alpha Manor in comfortable silence. I
checked my messages for the first time in a long time to
find congratulatory messages from my pack members.
I glanced at the [email protected]£ and wi-de-ned my eyes in realisation.
“Jay, your graduation is next week!”
“Alre-ady?” He exclaimed, sounding equally as surprised.
I nodded and chuckled. “It’s crazy how time flies by.”
“I’m allowed to bring three people; mum, dad and you.”
He confirmed, not taking his eyes off the road. “Now that
the match is over, Theo has no reason to [email protected]
[email protected]
My heart sank at the thought of not seeing him again. Is it
even possible to stay away from your mate for long?
“What if he doesn’t allow us to go before your
graduation?” I piped up. “According to the terms and
conditions we agreed to, he has the say in when we can
leave.”Jay glanced at me, worry flashing on his face. “He’ll
have to let us go, he has no reason to say we can’t go. The
match is the only business we had in this pack; now that
it’s over, we nee-d to leave. He will un-derstand.”
I nodded at his logical reasoning, there’s no reason for
Theo to refuse us leaving. He probably wouldn’t even
[email protected] to be with his mate longer.
I would be lying if I said that’s not what I was hoping
We finally arrived at The Alpha Manor, got out the car
and entered the familiar, extravagant looking lobby.
“I’m going to go up to my room and chill.” I said, alre-ady
walking up the stairs.
“Okay, I’ll be downstairs ma-king a call.”
I jogged up the rest of the stairs and stood in the middle
of the lobby. Usually I would make my way to the East
Wing without hesitating, where the rest of my pack
members and I stay.
But I stood in the middle of the lobby, staring at the door
that led to the North Wing.
To where the ‘Big, bad wolf’ is.
I chuckled to myself, remembering I said those words on
my first day here.
I crept towards the door, wondering if Theo was in.
I jumped out of my skin, alarmed to find one of my pack
members hovering around the door to the East Wing.
If he curious as to why I was hanging around the door to
Theo’s living quarters, he didn’t show it.
“How are you feeling?”
I awkwardly shifted away from the door and replied, “I’m
doing good, completely healed.”
“Did you like the chocolates we gave you?” He asked,
Shifting even more away from Theo’s door, I replied
with, “I loved them.”
I walked to him, gestured him to go ahead into the East
Wing. I followed him down the large hallway and st©pped
at my door.
“I’ll be in my room if you nee-d me.” I said, before
entering my room.
I closed the door behind me and leaned against it; I
should’ve been more aware of my surroundings. I
usually am, but when it comes to Theo, my [email protected] gets all
I sighed and threw my duffle bag onto the chair by the
door. Suddenly feeling tired, I jumped onto the be-d and
[email protected] for a good few minutes.
After a few minutes of not doing anything, I noticed
something peculiar.
I sat up, slowly and cautiously, as I really took in the
appearance of my room.
It looked different.
Like someone had cleaned the room…or like someone
had rummaged throu-gh it and then cleaned it.
The pillows were organised completely differently to how
I usually organise them.
After frowning at how peculiar it was, I shrugged,
deciding it probably meant nothing. Someone had
cleaned the room for me, I should be glad.
Then another thought struck me, one that s£nt me flying
across the room and into the bathroom to look for
The book Ms Willams gave me to borrow and the ph0to
of Lily and Maxwell.
I hid it well on the day of the match, I felt the nee-d to.
I opened the cabinet door beneath the bathroom sink
and lifted the large piece of wood I used to hide them.
To my relief, I found them placed in the exact same way I
left them. I picked them up and closed the cabinet
doors.I couldn’t afford to lose these, I felt like they held
answers to many of the questions I’ve asked myself for
so long.
The person who [email protected]£ in here was definately looking for
something, every single thing in this room was re-
The painting of a starry night hung above the be-d was
tilted as though someone had tried to look behind it.
And to think I was going to hide the ph0to there gave me
the shivers.
I sat on my be-d and stared at the ph0to once more.
They looked young, happy and in love. If Lily hadn’t
found her mate, I think they would’ve lived happily ever
But that would’ve meant Theo wouldn’t have been born…
So in a way it good that they split, for the sake of blessing
the world with a leader as great as Theo.
My eyes trained on Maxwell, I wondered what the real
reason Theo hated his father so much.
Remembering how much hate and distaste he spoke with
when his father was mentioned really made me curious.
I sighed and turned the ph0to over without thinking.
There was writing.
My eyes wi-de-ned in shock as I realised there was a
message at the back of this ph0to all along.
It started off with;
Dear Max,
Ooh, she called him Max.
It’s terribly difficult for me to tell you this in person, so
I’m writing this to you on the back of this nice picture.
I have found my mate, you may know him as the Alpha
of The MoonKnight Pack. His name is Alexander Gray and
he’s wonderful.
I’m so sorry this has happened, but we never know what
life throws at you. We both thought we’d never find our
mates and we were happy together, but this happened. I
pray and hope that you, too, find you true soulmate.
What we had was special, but what you have with your
mate is even more special. Something indescribable. Go
find her! She’s somewhere out there, waiting for you to
sweep her off her feet.
Goodbye, I wish you the best of luck and wishes.
Lots of love,
I gaped at the contents of the message, it was a goodbye
letter. Probably the last message from Lily to Maxwell.
I turned the ph0to around and looked at the ex-couple
once more. I wondered how Alexander Gray looked like.
Lily’s bright, gray eyes stared back at me as I observed
her face. There was an eerie resmemblence between us
in features that almost made my skin crawl.
I stared at the ph0to for a few seconds longer before
shoving it in my back pocket. I hopped off the be-d,
[email protected]£d my phone and left the room.
I nee-ded to visit Ms Williams.
This time I will get some answers.
I rushed down the stairs and headed outside, walking
down the familar trail to her quaint, little cottage.
I noticed smoke puffing out of the chimney of the
cottage, indicating she was home.
I walked up to the front door and knocked three times
The door opened revea-ling Ms Williams wearing an
“Elisia! What a nice surprise!” She exclaimed, once she
saw me. “Come in.”
I smiled at her before entering her home, I made my way
towards the living area and sat down on one of the
sofas.”Have you healed well?” She asked, sitting on a
chair near me.
“Yes, I’ve completely healed.”
“So, what brings you here? Have you re-ad the book?”
I hesitated before answering. “I’ve not finished re-ading it,
I [email protected]£ to ask you questions about something else.”
This made her raise her eyebrows in surprise. “Oh,
I nodded and took a de-ep breath in; there’s no going
back now.
I reached for the ph0to on my back pocket and showed
it to her, not saying anything. With curiosity etching her
features, she took the ph0to and observed it.
She slowly looked up with an uncertain expression on
her face.
“Why are you showing me this?”
“You know who they are, don’t you?” I responded calmly.
“Do you?”
I hesitated, not sure if it was best to let her know that I
knew a lot more than she thought.
I decided it was better that she knew what I knew, for the
sake of getting answers from her.
“Yes, as a matter of fact. I do.”
She let out a heavy sigh, placing the ph0to on the table in
front of us.
“How much do you know?”
“That, I won’t tell you.” I replied grimly. “To ensure that
you don’t take advantage of any lack of knowledge I may
or may not have.”
She sighed again, staring at the picture once more. “I’m
as-suming you know who they are.”
“Maxwell Hunter and Lily Gray, ex lovers.”
She nodded. “So what do you want to know then?”
I racked my [email protected] for a good question to ask. “What is
your relation to any of them?”
She paused and fiddled with her apron before saying
“Lily [email protected]£ a good friend of mine when she joined my
pack, The MoonKnight Pack. She was the mate of our
Alpha, and she was our beautiful, smart Luna.” She
started to say. “No one, except Alexander knew of Lily’s
ex lover.”
“Did you come to know of Maxwell, her ex lover, after
the attack or before.”
I frowned a little when she didn’t elaborate, but let it go.
“Tell me about The MoonKnight Pack.” I asked, curious
about the pack I was born into.
Ms Williams looked surprised, but accepted my request
“We were a strong pack, not the most powerful, but
definately not the least. We had great leaders, powerful
warrior f0rç£s and a beautiful union in the pack. We had
many alies, never concerning ourselves in other people’s
business and all in all, very peaceful.”
“It sounds like it was quite an amazing pack.” I
commented, trying to ignore the hollow feeling and grief
coming over me.
I cleared my throat and li-cked myl-ips. Time for the all
important question.
“Why doesn’t anyone know about this attack?” I asked.
“No one knows about The MoonKnight Pack.”
She chuckled and shook her head. “You mean
your generation doesn’t know about The MoonKnight
Pack, my generation knows about that pack very well. It
was the biggest scandal of the century.”I gaped at her in
shock. “You’re telling me that all the leaders of every
pack in this country knows about the attack on The
MoonKnight Pack, and no one has done anything about
it?” I exclaimed, my voice rising.
“When something like that happens, doesn’t all the
leaders have a meeting and decide on an appropriate
punishment for who’s responsible?” I questioned, feeling
“And who was responsible?”
“Maxwell Hunter and The Rogue f0rç£.” I replied with
“You really think they’d voluntarily put themselves in a
situation where they’d be punished, s£ntenced for their
crimes and ridiculed?”
“Erm, well…” I started to say, faltering.
“You see, Maxwell was a lot more cunning and intelligent
than you think. He didn’t attack my pack from impulse
and without a plan. No, he took years to carefully plan
his revenge on Lily and Alex and attacked on the week
their child was born.”
My breath hitched a little, shocked to hear what she was
“He knew exactly what to do to bring an entire pack
down, and yet, still manage to cover up his tracks. He
didn’t even st©p his crazy revenge when he found his
true mate, or even when he had Theo.”
“He was mad, crazy!” I spluttered, feeling sorry for Ella
and Theo.
“Yes, he went crazy after finding out Lily had left him for
another man. He swore to murder them in cold blood,
and he did.”
I wanted to ask how he did, but my gut churned at the
thought of hearing that.
“So you’re telling me no one knows Maxwell and The
Rogue f0rç£ is behind the attack? How is that possible?
Who was blamed then?”
“My dear, you know the real story but you don’t know
the story everyone knows.”
My blood ran cold when she said that, it made s-en-se that
everyone believed a fake version of the actual story.
“The real story was covered up.” I whispered in
realisation. “Of course…”
“Do you want to hear the popular version?”
“The fake version? Go ahead.”
“Alexander’s mental health derailed suddenly and he
killed all the people in the Alpha House, including the
Beta and his family, the Gamma and his family as well as
most of the warriors.”
“Most of the warriors? How can one person kill that
many people?” I scoffed in disbelief.
“It’s easy to believe.” She said shrugging. “How many
warriors do you know who can look their Alpha in the
eye, let alone fight them?”
I couldn’t reply to that.
“The leaders of every pack had an emergency meeting
and discussed that Alex was to be relieved of his duties as
The Alpha of The MoonKnight Pack. His child couldn’t
take the seat due to their young age. His second in
command (Beta) and third in command (Gamma) was
dead so the pack had to temporarily join another. A pack
that had enough resources to take care of another pack.”
“Maxwell’s pack, The BlackShadowed Pack.” I finished for
her with a sigh.
“But what kind of cover up story is that?” I pressed on,
bewildered at the absurdity of it all. “All that was nee-ded
to do was to question Alex on whether he did it or not.
as-sess his mental condition and ask him who did it!”
“And that would’ve all happened, if he hadn’t owned up
to it.”
I fell quiet, my jaw slowly dropping in shock.
“Wh-why would he own up to something he didn’t do?” I
spluttered, not un-derstanding at all.
“Think ha-rd .” She sighed, sliding the ph0to on the table
towards me. I took it and held it in my right hand, staring
at the picture.
“Lily.” I whispered, realisation hitting me like a ton of
bricks. “Was she held captive?”
“Was she taken? Was Alexander f0rç£d to lie to save her?
What happened?” I spewed out all the questions swirling
in my head. “If he lied to save her, why aren’t they alive?
Why is this all so fv¢ked up?”
“One question at a time, plea-se.”
“How could all of this happen without anyone knowing?”
I started to say, thinking out loud. “There must’ve been
someone who had valuable information for Maxwell,
someone in The MoonKnight Pack.”
“That’s ridiculous.” She exclaimed, although sounding a
little unconvinced.
“Is it really?” I countered, raising an eyebrow at her. “He
couldn’t have pu-ll-ed off something like this without
someone helping him on the inside.”
Ms Williams looked uneasy as she avoided my gaze. My
eyes zeroed in on her fiddling with the edge of her apron.
Her response to when I asked when she knew Maxwell
[email protected]£ to mind. She knew him before the attack…
“Anything you’d like tell me?” I asked, s-en-sing an increase
of tension in the air.
She raised her chin up and faced me squarely. “There are
many things I’ve not told you.”
“I know.”
I knew she hadn’t told me everything, there was a lot
more to the story than she’s letting on.
I knew she pla-yed a role in what happened nineteen
years ago, and it looks like I’m not going find out from
There must be a reason why she, a MoonKnight pack
member, lives in the main town of this pack,
conveniently located near the Alpha Manor whereas the
rest of the surviors live elsewhere.
“I think you should leave.”
I looked up at Ms Williams, narrowing my eyes at her.
Her friendly aura was gone, and was replaced with
anxiety and anger.
I stood up, giving her one last look before leaving the
room. I shoved the ph0to in my back pocket as I opened
the front door and shut it behind me.
I let out a sharp sigh, still feeling uneasy.
What was she hiding?
So you finally found out what really happened to The
MoonKnight Pack… Or wait!
You sure feel like there’s still more
Ms Williams’ pla-ys a bigger role than you might think.
What do you think she’s hiding?

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