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Tears [email protected] Episode 11 & 12

[email protected]
Loud and deafening thun-der roared about the sky.
Lighting struck about, creating fear for the villagers.
A bright lighting bounced down, and struck the heap of sand covering Joanna’s b©dy.
The ground was uprooted and Joanna was lifted out from the hole,and placed on the ground.
Joanna’s eyes opened, flashing with blue light. Her hair,b©dy and clothes were full of sand.
In one swift movement she sat up, looking around.
It was dark, totally dark as lighting continued to spark all about the dark sky.
When she stood up, powers locking back into her b©dy..she [email protected]£ as scared as ever.
She had just been brou-ght back to life.
Dusting herself,she walked away quic-kly, looking right and left.
“This way!” A sharp voice said in her head, indicating the left side of the road to her.
Joanna [email protected] as she closed her eyes, seeing the leading arrow as they led her throu-gh a narrow road.
Feeling [email protected] and courageous,she followed.
The arrow st©pped and turned the right side of the road.
Joanna looked around the dark place and followed again.
She got in front of a bungalow building and st©pped.
Just then,the man she had earlier saved, [email protected]£ out from the door, beckoning to her to come.
Joanna walked to him, confused. What contact does she have with this man?
“Welcome. I thank God for directing you here. Come in, plea-se.” The man said and without any questions,she followed him inside.
She had no where else to go anyways. Why should she be scared.
“My name is Amos. A pastor s£nt to this village to st©p the sacrilege and great sins they are committing against God the Almighty.
I [email protected]£ here alone but God told me I wasn’t going to accomplish this alone.
He told me I’m not alone in this battle that
he is going to s£nd me an helper which is you because you [email protected]£ exactly the time God said you were going to come.”
Amos said and Joanna looked at him, wondering what God would want her to do with her powers.
“I… don’t really get you. What powers.. how can I be of help?” Joanna asked.
Amos laughed.
“You are so ignorant of the type of power you possess.
You are doubting the things… mighty things your powers can do.
I’ve seen them all and know you even before I saw you for God showed you to me.” Amos said.
“What exactly is going on in this village?” Joanna asked, realisation gradually dawning on her.
“You were buried alive,right? But you used your powers from God’s thun-der to come out.
Do you think it was an easy thing?
It was a miracle and by the time the villagers still see you tomorrow,they will run away.. thinking you are a ghost.
They bury people alive,both young and old for every little crime and they also kill twins too.
Any twins who is born into this land or any twins who steps his or her feet to this land is either buried or thrown into the evil forest to die.”
Amos said and Joanna stared at him amazed.
“We have to st©p it!” Joanna said,her voice laced with rage.
“Yes and we are starting right away. And more thing for you…use your powers for good things not the other way round. Don’t use it negatively.”
Amos said and Joanna slowly nodded.
She was full of could they! Killing innocent human beings all because that are twins!
What type of a rule is that? Joanna could ba-rely wait for tomorrow….she could ba-rely wait to deal with them!
Mama layed on the be-d, ba-rely able to move as someone [email protected]£ in, bringing her a cu-p of water.
“Ijeoma…I told you not to worry about the water. I’m ok.” Mama said, coughing.
Ijeoma dropped the water on the chair beside Mama’s be-d, smiling.
“But mama…you were even coughed now so you nee-d water.” Ijeoma said, pu-lling Mama to sit up while she gave her the water.
Mama layed down back.
“Mama, don’t worry. Vera is bringing you your medicine very soon. I wonder where this girl went to buy this thing self.” Ijeoma complained and just then,the door opened as a girl comes in, looking annoyed.
“What’s your problem? Where did you go to since!,
Don’t you know mama is sick and nee-ds it urgently?’ Ijeoma asked furiously as Vera turned to look at her, frowning de-eply.
“Do you think I care,mom? Look…I’m just tired of village life. Let’s go back to the city where we had it all Rosy. What do you even see here!”
“It seems you don’t un-derstand the situation at hand.
You father has abandoned us after he heard about all I’ve done! We have nothing and we can’t go anywhere for mama is sick!
Did I not tell you she’s also your grandmother?
She’s the mother inlaw to my twin sister. Why can’t you un-derstand!’” Ijeoma shouted at her daughter.
“Well…I’m tired of un-derstanding! I just wanted to to get out of here!” Vera said and stormed out.
Ijeoma bur-st into tears as mama tried to console her.”Oh God! What have I done to myself?” Ijeoma cried.
“It’s okay,my daughter. She will un-derstand better soon enough. She’s still a child.”
Mama said and Ijeoma nodded, wishing it was going to be true.
Just then,a loud knock sounded at the door and Ijeoma cleaned her tears going out of the room.
Immediately she opened the door,fear gr!pp£dher.
Before her were three guards from the palace. Serious fear gr!pp£dher. Have they come for her?
“Wwhat do you want?” Ijeoma stammered.
“We have been ordered to bring you to the palace right away.”
One of the guards said and Ijeoma exclaimed silently. Finally, they’ve found out her true identity. She was a twin.
*plea-se…I’m begging you in the name of God, don’t take me away! Mama nee-ds me here!”
Ijeoma pleaded but instead,they dragged her out of the house, straight to the palace.
“You dare hide in our village! A twin? Did you not know it was a crime in this land?
I was surprised when they said Ifeoma was back from the grave.
I knew it was impossible and now the difference is clear.
You are her twin sister!” Uganga said and the people chorused yes!
The king rose up from his thrown, re-ady to give out his judgement.
“For this great sacrilege that you’ve committed….you are hereby, going to be buried…and buried alive!”
The villagers shouted, causing pandemonium.
Ijeoma was shocked. Buried alive? She?
God,was this the payment for her sins? For all the bad thing she had done?
Closing her eyes,a flood of tears circled her face.
She wished she could have a little chance to see Vera her daughter and advise her to live a good life free of evil.
But it was too late…too late for her.
Just as the guards [email protected]£d Ijeoma, Joanna and Amos arrived.
The villagers screamed on seeing Joanna and took to their heels.
Even Uganga, he could but believe his eyes. The guards all moved back. They thought her ghost had come back to kill them.
When they saw Amos,place his hand on her shoulder,they knew she wasn’t dead but how! They were sure she was covered up with sand.
“Don’t be afraid,all of you here and I won’t blame you for anything happening in this kingdom
because all you follow the tradition of your ancestors because there is no true God in this village!”
Joanna said and the villagers began to murmur.
“Keep quiet,before I strick your mouth with leprosy!” Uganga roared.” Guards! Take this woman to her burial sight!”
As soon as the guards moved, Joanna walked and stood in front of Ijeoma.
“Dare it…try it and see what happens to you.” Joanna said, her hands knotting into a ti-ght fists.
Ijeoma looked up at Joanna’s back, wondering where the [email protected] little girl [email protected]£ from.
What an helper..what a savior..what an Angel!
Ijeoma thought happily then her eyes dropped on something behind her ear.
A black mark.. thick black mark.
Ijeoma [email protected],her teary eyes growing wi-de at what she was seeing.
The black mark…. fifteen years ago…no…no…it can’t be her…it can’t be possible!!
But then…it wasn’t possible too that someone could have that same mark…the exact place…the exact size and length!
No….it can’t be her…it can’t………
********[email protected]*********
” I dare you! To come close.” Joanna threatened, oblivious of the shocked expression on Ijeoma’s face.
Uganga bur-st out laughing.”Look at this one o.
Look at this little imp! Little baby! Trying to fight the gods of our land! The powerful one and only okaka Ani!!
Get off from there right now or I will be f0rç£d to strangle you with my ba-re hands!” Uganga shouted and Joanna smiled.
“Really? Little imp? Little baby? Little baby who’s able to come back to life after being buried alive?
Villagers! My people! Doesn’t this tell you something?
Isn’t this a greater power that you’ve ever witnessed!” Joanna asked her voice very loud and courageous.
The people began to nod, asking their selves a lot of questions.
They began to murmur and Uganga was getting angrier.
“Okay! Since you have refused to cut your coat according to your little size…I will deal with you!
I will show you that my powers are greater!”Uganga roared and pinned his stick full of cowries in the ground.
He began chanting some inaudible words running around.
Joanna only stared at him, laughing in her mind.
She looked over at Amos who [email protected]£d his Bible, speaking in ton-gues.
Uganga st©pped abruptly and blew a white substance across to Joanna who Immediately dodged it.
She bounced back on her feet, closing her eyes and gathering her own powers.
Her eyes opened and blue light sparked out .
The villagers screamed and scattered.
This time, Joanna was able to control the blue light from bur-sting into flames. Uganga felt Sparks of light as Joanna’s eyes jammed with his.
He roared staggering around. He di-pped his hand into his animal skin bag and brou-ght out a black bottle.
He smashed it in the ground and everywhere began to [email protected] and shake.
Even the king and his cabinet ran back into the palace.
Joanna and Amos stood firmly on the ground.
Ijeoma was rolling on the dusty floor, screaming. The ground continued to shake.
“I will deal with you today! You must fall!” Uganga roared.
Joanna laughed out loud and went down in her knees, tou-ching the ground softly.
Immediately,the ground [email protected]£ still. Uganga was shocked. He expected them to fall.
He expected them to surrender.
He brou-ght out another bottle and smashed it on the ground but nothing happened.
He was perplexed.
“What! How dare you!, How dare you st©p my powers from working?!” Uganga roared and Amos moved forward smiling.
He lifted up his Bible, showing it to him.
“Do you believe in this? It’s greater than the greatest more than your useless powers!” Amos boasted and Uganga felt like going crazy.
“Wait for me!, Wait for me,I’m coming!, I’m coming with more finish you!!” Uganga said and took off, running straight to the shrine.
“When he comes back…we are going to cast him to death this time around and bind all his powers.”
Amos said as Joanna nodded, feeling like an hero. She just saved a life!
“Excuse…me…who are you?”
Joanna looked back at the sudden voice.
Immediately Joanna set eyes on Ijeoma,the unseen wave [email protected]£ again.
This time,more ha-rder.
“Aaah!” Joanna sighed almost falling as she held her head with one hand.
She swayed against Amos who quic-kly caught her against him.
“What’s it! What happened?” Amos queried.
Joanna looked at Ijeoma, confused and trying to remember where she had seen her before.
“Have….we met before?” Joanna asked.
Ijeoma was so scared she could not move nor take her eyes off Joanna.
How can this be possible?
If she was truly the child she sold off to madam Kofta…..then how could she have recognized her.
Ijeoma was shivering. She could not say anything…not after seeing the powers the little girl just displa-yed.
“Do you know her somewhere?”Amos asked.
Joanna was still staring at Ijeoma. She looked straight into her eyes and saw the vision again…of a woman,
carrying a little baby away while a ghost watched.
The confusing thing was that,this same woman here was carrying the same face with the ghost.
What was happening?
“Are… you….wait…you were going to be buried alive because you have a twin?’ Joanna asked and Ijeoma slowly nodded.
Slowly,the started to un-derstand why she had the same face with the ghost but then,that also means that her twin was dead.
And why was she carrying the baby away while the ghost tried to take back what was hers which was the baby?
And who was the unconscious woman on the floor whom the baby was taken from?
So much mystery.
“You Know me, don’t you? Tell me!” Joanna said, going forward, towards Ijeoma who felt tears springing from her eyes.
“I…I….I… honestly…I… don’t.. know….” Ijeoma began to stammer but Joanna caught her short by raising a hand up.
“I’m sure she knows me. I saw her in my vision!” Joanna said, turning to look at a confused Amos.
“Joanna…you can’t be sure you know this woman. Let’s just go.
We nee-d to show the villagers what the power of God can do.”
Amos said but Joanna still stared at Ijeoma who hid her face away.
Amos was dragging Joanna away, heading for the village square when a woman ran madly across them and rushed towards Ijeoma who was still sitting on the floor.
“Ijeoma,you are still here! Your daughter! Your daughter Vera has been possessed by a strange spirit who has made her almost n-ked at the village square. Infact,
as I speak to you now,your daughter is still rolling all over the dusty ground, screaming out her lungs!”
The woman shouted and Ijeoma jumped up with a loud scream.
Together with the woman,she ran as fast as her legs could carry her.
Amos looked at Joanna.” This is the chief priest’s doing.
And this is a good time to destroy all his powers and heal that girl.
This is the time for the villagers to see that the most high God lives up there in heaven!”Amos said as Joanna looked at him.
“We are going to do all what you said but we aren’t going to heal her daughter until she promises to tell me all what she knows about me.”
“But how sure are you that she knows you?” Amos asked.
“You are sounding as if you’ve forgotten what I’m capable of seeing.” Joanna said.
Amos shrugged as they walked away… going straight to the shrine.
Just as they suspected,the chief priest wasn’t in the shrine.
He had also gone to the village square to show off his false god by healing the possessed girl.
They got there and burnt down the shrine and everything on it.
They brou-ght down the whole roof and the images, everything catching up in flames and burning to ashes.
As soon as everything got burnt…they took off.. running straight to the village square.
“Someb©dy plea-se,help me! What’s wrong with my daughter? Help me!!” Ijeoma was crying as she watched her daughter,rolling on the floor and screaming like a lunatic, endlessly.
The entire villagers had gathered, watching what was happening.
No b©dy even went Closer to both mother and daughter.
They gave them a good distance.
Uganga laughed, rounding Vera who was going crazy.
“I said it! I said it!, That this people preaching false god are going to bring disaster to this kingdom!
If you ever doubt…I mean if anyone of you ever doubt our Okaka Ani..this is what is going to happen to such person!”
“Tufiakwa!!” The villagers said in unison, snapping their f!ngersto the ground.
Just then, Joanna arrived with Amos.
The villagers looked disdainfully at them.
There was uproar among the villagers as they pointed accusing f!ngerson Joanna and Amos who looked amazed, wondering what the evil priest told them.
“If you know that your God…that that your God is truly alive up in the sky like you claimed,prove it now! Prove it now and cast this demon out of this girl!” Uganga said confidently, believing it was him and him alone that would be capable of doing such thing.
“YES!! YES!! PROVE IT!!”The villagers chanted.
Joanna and Amos looked at each other and looked at Vera who was almost n-ked.
“Don’t be afraid… Joanna. We can do this. Just… bring down the glory of God and together…we are going to win the villagers to Christ.”
Amos said and took Joanna’s hand. Together,they looked up to heaven.
Her blue eyes pene-trated throu-gh the sky as tears welled up in her eyes.
The clouds began to roam… changing colours till everywhere [email protected]£ dark.
As soon as Amos began to speak in ton-gue….thun-der began to sound…sound do loudly all over the sky………
But the more Joanna tried to close her eyes to bring down the glory of God…the more she saw this same woman… snatching her away and taking her away to a different world entirely.
“No! No!!” Joanna shouted, forcing her eyes open. She looked straight at Ijeoma who hid her face away,so scared of the blue light that burnt in Joanna’s eyes.
“Before I do this… before I do must tell me why you kidnapped me… fifteen years ago…you must tell me who you are and why your twin….stood as a ghost trying to take me back. Who was your twin….was she my mother???………..
So many questions that nee-ds urgent answers.
What happens next??
Find out in the
Next thri-lling episode!!

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