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Summer campus Episode 4 & 5


(cranked up love)~

{} Frankie’s pov continues {}
Maurice and I joined others in the moving line and finally we got de-ep down in the woods, Mrs Ciara later st©pped in front of a hvge white and tall building, and opposite the white building was a blue building..
“finally we’re here, this white building as you can see here are for the girl’s, while the blue one are for th boys..
I sp©tted Brianna and turned to Maurice, I have to go to my friend now, see you later” I tell him and he nods and handed me my box and I rode it with me to where Brianna stood “hey” I tap her
“where have you been” she asked
“point of correction where have you been?” I replied back and she rolled her eyes and said “whateves”
“according to the board, we’re going to mix you guys together” Mrs Lisa said and everyone gro-an ed..
“and also if you hear your name just know you’re roommates, girls will be staying six, in each room” Mrs Ciara announced and everyone starts to murmur
“all the boys i want you to come with me to the blue building so we can set you all up In your rooms” one of the male teacher said and all the boys started to move towards the blue building, a beautiful building in the middle of a forest, crazy..
As the boys moved forward Maurice tapped me and smiled and I waved to him and he walked away, Brianna scoffed and said “okay what just happened”
“what do you mean” I replied
“a boy, cute boy from megal academy just tapped you and you waved at him and smiled awkwardly, do you know even know him before that you’re flir-ting with him” Brianna ponjured
“I am not flir-ting with him, I met him this morning and look it’s a long story” I said and she gave me an awkward wi-nk and then we turned our gaze back at the teachers who were re-ady to call our names to make us roomies, I hope to be roommate with Brianna
“listen to your names and the each six people are roommates” Mrs Ciara said and started to call the name.
“Jasmine pettthen, Mia sonic, Monica Anderson, Helena Bonham, Carter Mike, and Cynthia Byers you guys are roommate you’re taking the first room upstairs” she said and the six of them walked out of the crowd and stood together and the megal academy girls were acting strange awwn poor Jasmine, good thing Mia Monica are not with Madison .
and they’re mixing us, three of our school and three of megal academy, I listened carefully to Mrs Ciara second call and she started
“Madison Harrington, Freya stones, Brianna Gold, Frankie Malcolm, Liliana Mason and Jennifer sanchez” oh no, she called my name and when we all [email protected]£ out of the crowd and stood together, I looked at my roommates
Oh no.. I was glad Brianna was there but, Madison the leader of MMM was there and also Zic’s girlfriend who Happens to be Freya by name .. And I didn’t mind about the other people but Freya and Madison
Madison stepped forward and tapped Mrs Ciara on her shoulder
“Um excuse me Mrs Ciara you mean this are my roomates” she said disgustingly
“yeah, and how is it a problem you’re disturbing me” Mrs Ciara remarked rudely and Madison scoffed “well not to be rude but I don’t know any of them, they’re neither my friends plea-se switch me with the first group my friends are there” she begged and Mrs Ciara rolled her eyes and said “fine” she looked at the list she held and called
“Jasmine pettthen join the second group” Jasmine smiled and walked over to us while Madison hopped happily to her girls.. Pathetic
Mrs Ciara turned to us
“go to your rooms and get everything re-ady” she yelled and we all hurried up the stairs while she paired the others in a group..
Our room was the second one up, the building was a one storey,
I was happy that I’m with Brianna and Jasmine but, Freya, not so much, I didn’t mind the other megal academy girls who were Jennifer and Liliana, but Freya who’s sorta a j£rk.
As we got in the room it was wi-de, fancy and was empty but with only six medium sized be-d surrounding it,
“wow not bad” Liliana pouts and was the first to walk in,.. “I call the middle be-d” she yelled and jumped on it. She seems nice alre-ady “and I call anyone” Freya said and sat on one of the be-d, the be-ds were In circles so you can’t really tell which one’s middle because they’re all in middle
I took the be-d next to Liliana’s and Brianna took the be-d after mine and then Jasmine.. We all started to unpack, and when I unZi-pped my box, I found my mom’s dresses she bought for me
“you’ve got to be kidding me” I mutter to my self and Brianna turned to me and then to my dresses
“what’s wrong” she asked
“nothing, just you know how my mom is, she switched my clothes with this new ones” I said and demonstrated with my hands
“they’re not that bad, or even bad at all, and look they’re not all dresses,you should like your mom for the way she’s treating you” Brianna smiled
“I’m not saying I don’t like her. I’m just saying she’s treating me like a baby too much” I pout and Brianna laughed, just then we heard a knock and Jennifer stood up to get it and when we turned to see a girl from our school
“Mrs Ciara said everyone should change their school uniforms to muftis, and come out and there’s a dressing room around the corner of each room” the girl said
“whatever” Jennifer ponjured and slammed the door in her face,
Great another rude, one..
“you didn’t have to be so rude you know” Liliana said to her and I figured they all know each other
“and what’s it to you Lily Huh?” she said and walked over to her be-d, “don’t you dare piss me off Jennifer, or are you just pissed off at everyone because Lucas broke up with you” Liliana said and Jennifer gave her a murderous glare
“can the both of you just shut up, you’re both acting like bit-ches, just unpack and change into muftis, that was a simple instruction” Freya ch!pped in and rolled her eyes.. “what are you going on about just don’t tell me when to talk or keep Shut or are you also pissed off a that you’re not around Zic Huh? ” Liliana said and laughed, holding her stomach
“you’re such an as-s-hole” Freya said and turned to her bag , Jennifer glanced at us me Brianna and Jasmine as we stared at them like we were watching a movie..
“what are you guys looking at” she said angrily and Brianna gave her a look and she looked away..
“is that suppose to be the dressing room” Liliana said to me pointing to a small curtain and the end of the room
“maybe” I said and we both laughed..
“do you guys mind I want silence” Freya remarked and Liliana rolled her eyes..
“I’m changing first” Liliana said and I shrugged we all did except freya who rolled her eyes..
She’s such a bit-ch
Liliana [email protected]£ out of the dressing room or curtain as i might call with her school uniform in her hand and was wearing.mufti , and she looked more matured,
I was the second to change, i wore a skinny blue jeans and a yellow shi-t..
Later jasmine changed and so did brianna , “so since you guys are done let’s head out time waits for no b©dy” Liliana said and gave Jennifer and Freya a glare before walking out and Jasmine, Brianna and i walked out also..
T. B. C
“I believe all of you are here” Mrs Ciara said as everyone stood as a crowd only the girls actually, the boys were still inside.. “yes” we chorused
“sorry excuse me for coming late” Freya voice said and Mrs Ciara Gave her a look and she let out a small nervous laugh before joining the small as-sembly we created she was wearing a very, short, bu-m-short a black one of course and a crop t©p that expo-sed her tummy and a pair of black sneakers..
“so everyone welcome to camp, we have rules and regulations and the first one is, no phone so everyone turn off your phones and drop it here” she said and pushed a box forward and everyone gro-an ed ..before placing their phones..
“secondly you’re all going to have a whistle each, just incase anyone of you are stupid enough to go de-ep down from here” she said and Mrs Lisa handed us each a whistle, and now you can’t tell who’s from megal academy of advanced-day high.. Because of our muftis .. .
“and lastly our camping activities starts tomorrow because we just got here and we can’t start right away, so everyone you’re free for today, you can all go out and explore the woods or take a nap or do something for your self but return to this sp©t when you hear my whistle because it will be lunch time then” Mrs Ciara said and she and Mrs Lisa walked away with our the box of our phones..
“what the hell I’m I going to do without my phone” Liliana pouts and I laughed
“maybe you should take a nap” Jasmine suggested
“take a nap? Eww no fv¢king way, I don’t take siestas, I don’t want to end up looking like my aunt Shirley, she’s bigger than this building” Jasmine said and we all bur-st into laughter, Freya pas-sed us by heading to the boy’s building.. “look at her, she can’t live without Zic” Liliana said and rolled her eyes..
“who’s Zic? ” Brianna and Jasmine asked at the same time.
“I know him” I added “you do?” Jasmine asked
“yep, he’s kind of a j£rk” I say and Lilliana giggle. “Zic is actually kind of a j£rk but he’s nice sometimes, he doesn’t really as-sociate with people that much, and his father owns megal academy and the only people he talks to are, Freya and a dude named Maurice ” Liliana said and my eyes lit at the mention of Maurice, well he did say Zic was his friend. . “are they like [email protected]!ng, that Zi-p and Freya ” Brianna asked
“it’s Zic and I don’t really know if they’re [email protected]!ng, the only person who may know is Maurice I haven’t really talk to him before, I don’t know. If he’s nice ” Liliana said and tucked her hair behind her ears,
“he’s nice” I said and they all looked at me surprisingly
“what?” I asked
“do you even know this guy she’s talking about?” Jasmine said
“yeah, I met him this morning, Brianna don’t you remember the dude from this morning” I ask her and she [email protected] and nodded
“so he’s Maurice? Wow he’s cute though he was flir-ting with Frankie” Brianna said and Liliana and Jasmine laughed while I rolled my eyes
“you’re obnoxious” I tell her and she smiled even more and said “I know right” ..
“oh.. Guys there’s Zic” Liliana said and we all turned to look at his direction.. And saw him talking to Freya.. He doesn’t even smile.
“wow charming, I must say” Brianna said and Liliana shook her head negatively at her,
“hey just because I said that doesn’t mean I’m falling for him here like Jasmine who’s practically drooling over him on my shoulder” Brianna said and Liliana [email protected], “hey, what I wasn’t drooling at him you goof it was my hair tou-ching your shoulders not my saliva” Jasmine defended “yeah right” Brianna said sarcastically and we all laughed.. I like Liliana alre-ady she’s so nice
It was like Brianna was re-ading my thoughts when she said in my ear “she doesn’t act like a megal academy student right? She’s so nice” I nodded and Brianna smiled
“so what should we do, since I just found out you guys are fun and exciting to be with” Liliana said
“you know, you don’t act like one of your colleagues you’re very nice though” Brianna said and Liliana smiled
“thank you though, some of my friends are nice but not so much that’s how megal academy high school are, since people sees us as bad students we wouldn’t want to ruin the reputation would we?” she said and laughed
“you know there are rumors about your school” Jasmine said and Brianna hit her to st©p talking but she j£rked her hand “oh I know” Liliana said
“is it true, that they have S-x in clas-s___
“and also you guys aren’t vir-gin” I cut Jasmine off and Liliana eyes were wi-de open
“well.. the S-x [email protected] is actually. Kind of true but I don’t do it.. No way but the no [email protected] is not true because I’m definitely one” she grinned and we all laughed
“well I have to go take a nap I’m exhausted ” Jasmine said and started to walk inside
“well I’ll go look for my friends cause I’m kind of missing them” Liliana said and walked away
“well it’s remaining the two of us” Brianna said “actually I want to go and
“draw” she completed the word for me and I laughed “go ahead I’ll go see what I can do” she said she walked away,
I went inside and [email protected]£d my drawing book and pen and head de-ep down in the woods to look for a [email protected] thing to draw.. As I walked around different bushy path, and I sp©tted a hvge awkward tree and I decided to draw it, I sat on a rock opposite the awkward tree and leaned on a tree and start to draw but suddenly st©pped while hearing strange sounds, like a video game or something ….i dropped my book and went behind the tree I leaned on and surprisingly I met Alex the leader of ABC pla-ying video game in his phone.. He noticed me and immediately hid his phone
“just pretend you never saw that” he said, I can’t believe it Alex is actually talking to me he looks so cute!!
“what” I manged to ask
“my phone, I know they seized everyone’s phone but I just had to finish this game so plea-se don’t tell anyone about it” he said and I nodded unable to speak,
He took his bo-ttoml!pbetween his teeth and I almost pas-sed out as he brou-ght them out..
I went back to where I was seated and started to draw,the awkward tree immediately I was done I heard Alex voice behind me
“wow you’re good” he said and smiled I couldn’t help but blush, he’s just so charming..
T. B. C

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