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Summer campus Episode 22 & 23

(cranked up love)
EPISODE 22 $ 23
**Frankie’s pov continues**
We were all sitting around the camp fire during nighttime, I’ve
alre-ady faked a cry earlier inside the room In front of jasmine
Brianna and Jennifer about Zic breaking up with me and trust
me it wasn’t ha-rd ..
The camp fire was warm and bright and I snuggled my self in
between Brianna and Jasmine’s b©dy, Brianna was ru-bbing my
back ‘thinking’ that she’s consoling me about the break up with
Zic but she’s not.. But somewhere somehow de-ep down within
me I felt a little bit empty …
“so who’s got a scary story to tell” Mrs Lisa said and I looked
at the hand which was in the air with Jennifer’s
“okay Jenny, what’s the name of your story” Mrs Ciara asked
“death and life” Jennifer replied
“oh.. Sounds scary I’m Shaking alre-ady” Mrs Ciara said and
she and Mrs lisa laughed “can I. Start” Jennifer asked
“yeah, sure.. Yeh” sounds of different voices filled the air and
Jennifer smiled
“okay it all started at its….
Jennifer’s voice trails off as I sp©t Freya and Zic together, I felt
a light sting In my che-st, it didn’t hurt but I didn’t know why.. I
bit my bo-ttoml!pand stared at them… It’s good. That they’re
together though, but.. Hmm.. I don’t know how am feeling right
I continued staring at Zic as he wra-pped his arm around Freya’s
shoulder and whispered something in her ear and she laughed
covering her red paintedl-ips..
I stared at Zic until he finally look at my direction and we
made eye contact, he let out a small smile but I didn’t do
anything I just continued staring at him, he gave me a look that
*quit staring at me* I didn’t quit I continued staring at him, but
he just shook his head negatively and smiled.. Freya followed
his gaze and it [email protected]£. Right to me, she smiled at me and
waved a little I smiled a little and took my gaze somewhere
else which was Craig who was staring at me.. Oh.. plea-se..
* ZIC’S pov *
At sunset after the fake breakup, I insisted on k!ss!ngand was
glad she reciprocated, at least she would be a great girlfriend
for someone else not for me.. But she’s great, and before
nightfall I went to meet Freya to tell her I’ve accepted her.. She
was re-ady to go on her knees but I st©pped her and told her
I’ve accepted her, she hvgged me so ti-ght that I couldn’t
breathe.. And after the hvg we shared a pas-sionate k!ss.. But
this time with Freya it felt so different, not good different or
bad different but Different*…
And right now we’re sitting around the camp fire with everyone
else and my hand on Freya’s shoulder, I turned to my right and
I saw Mr Edmond flir-ting with Lisa, I told Freya in her ear and
she laughed
When I turned to look up I caught Frankie staring at me, her
eye lashes [email protected]£ shadowy and very visible due to the camp
fire and she looked nice.. I smiled at her but she didn’t seem
to return the gesture she just kept staring at me like I’m made
of food.. Like she’s gonna eat me ..
I gave her a *quit staring at me* look but she still stared at
me, what’s wrong with her…. Freya noticed and waved at her
and she quic-kly looked away, Freya snuggled her b©dy in me
and I ru-bbe-d her shoulder as the cold wind blew.. I stared at
Frankie as her eyes slowly closed feeling sleepy ..she
immediately fell asleep ..
The next day, I woke up with rays of sunlights peeking
throu-ghthe window and to my face, I woke up and covered my
face with a pillow but still I couldn’t sleep and I gro-an ed and
sat up,.since I was the only one awake I head out and took.
My bath
A towel was wra-pped around my [email protected]!st and I was using
another one to clean my hair, as I walked in the room the first
thing that made me pause was Alex glare
I ignored him and walked to my be-d, I [email protected]£d a pair of clean
bo-xer shorts and put on..
“who. Do you think you are huh” Alex yelled at me
What the hell is he yamming about
I ignored him and got in my khaki [email protected] and a black T-shi-t. I
pushed my hair back and head for the when Alex [email protected]£ close
to me and push me
“what the hell man” I yell
“who do you think you are some sort of Messiah or something,
how can you dump Freya and go for. Frankie and then dump
Frankie and go for Freya when you know we are both still
[email protected]!ng” he said and I sighed
“look lex, Alex or whatever your name is.. Frankie dumped me
okay and Freya she begged to come back to me.. So maybe I
am a Messiah” I sm-irked and before I knew it he punched me..
I quic-kly regained my s-en-ses, he’s dead..
As I was about to go finish him Blake quic-kly got up from the
be-d and held me ,”st©p plea-se” I
He tells me
“you knew I loved her, you knew I loved Freya” Alex yelled, his
breathing rising
“and I do too, she choose me not you” I said trying to piss
him off and it did piss him off, I pu-ll away from Blake’s grip
and walked outside.. I could hear his voice from outside
explaining things to Blake..
As I walked out side I looked at the sky, the clouds were
covering the morning sun and immediately the cool wind took
over.. I turned to the cabin office and saw Mrs Ciara talking to
Mrs Lisa Mr Edmond and Mr Harry , she was in tears and her
eyes were swollen,
What’s wrong, I asked my self and stared at the four teachers
talk, I wish I was closer so I could listen to what they were
saying, it looks like I was the only one awake .. But
immediately I saw Freya coming down the stairs she was
cleaning her eyes with a small napkin and it was red.. I walked
up to her and found out she was crying..
“what’s wrong” I asked, curiousness filled my voice..
“my.. My.. ” she couldn’t speak she just hvgged me and the
wind took control of her hair..
I gently re-leased her from the hvg and gently asked her
“what’s wrong”
“Uncle Gale,.. He died” she sobs lowly
“whao what? ” my eyes and voice rise..
Freya’s uncle. Gale is a kindhearted man who works as one of
the school board members, he always called me sick instead
o Zic just to piss me off. But instead I got fund of it and liked
it, he’s like a dad to Freya they live together he isn’t married
and he’s always there for Freya and Collin, Freya’s little brother
since Freya’s dad is always busy with work and all but he’s still
a great dad.. But still I can’t believe Gale Is dead. ….
“oh my god I’m sorry ” I tell her and hvgged her..
“he died yesterday in a.. Car accident ” she said and I ru-bbe-d
her back slowly
“it’s okay.. ” I calm her but she just cried on my che-st,,
Few minutes later we were both seated on the lunch table
talking and I was glad she has st©pped crying
“I couldn’t sleep” she sighed
“I know it’s ha-rd to take in” I said and she nods
She suddenly giggled
“what? ” I asked
“oh..i.. Just remembered when uncle gale would tease me
about me being fat, because he knew that was my worst
nightmare” she said and was about to break down in tears..
“look fae, baby you don’t have to cry okay, crying won’t help
anything okay. ..its okay” I ru-bbe-d her back
“yeah, yeah you’re right” she sniffed and tucked her hair behind
her ears and sighed heavily pushing back her tears ..good..
I turned her face to mine and we k!$$£d ..
T. B. C
** Frankie’s pov **
I woke up feeling great, I took my bath and wore my clothes
and black sneakers before heading downstairs, coming down i
saw Freya and Zic k!ss!ngon the lunch table and I suddenly
[email protected]£
Why the hell am I feeling this way, this is not good..
As I got down the stairs, Jasmine trailed behind me.. Students
started to come out from the dorms and before we knew it,
Mrs ciara Blew her whistle and everyone gathered around
within a blink of an eye,. And it looks like an announcement is
about to be made ..
“did you hear” Brianna asked Jasmine and i
“hear what” Jasmine said
“you notice we haven’t seen the MMM for a while now, they all
left like four a five days ago, I don’t know what happened or
how the story goes but I think maybe that’s what Mrs Ciara
would tell us”brianna explained
I shrugged while jasmine said “well I don’t think it is.. Look at
her something is seriously going on” ..we all looked at Mrs
Ciara the same time, her hair and dressing still looks good as
always but her face looks pale, she’s been crying. What is
going on..
Students started to murmur and immediately Mr Harry yelled
on t©p of our voice to keep shut..
I’ll be dammed I thought he doesn’t talk..
Mrs Ciara cleared her throat and stepped forward
“good morning students sorry for disturbing you this morning
but I have an announcement as you can see. One of the
school board members Mr Gale, some of you might be familiar
with him while some of you won’t, well he’s dead” Ms Ciara
took a dramatic pause,and then continued
“he died in a car accidents last night” .. Students started to
murmur, I turned to look at my right, and not too faraway I saw
Zic hvgging Freya and she was in tears.. I don’t know who Mr
Gale is but I know he’ll be one of a kind..
“awwn poor Mr Gale, I remembered when he [email protected]£ to our
school he was jovial and his second name was fun” Brianna
said and I f0rç£d out an “oh”….
“since his death last night, actually evening the other school
board members decided to cancel camp” Mrs Ciara and
everyone starts to gro-an ..
“have some pity for the man, today’s Tuesday but his funeral
will be taking place this Saturday and we’re all going back to
the school on Friday and get re-ady, and we’re giving you all
your phones back today” she said and walked away,
The thought about leaving camp made me sick to my
stomach I’m going to go back to that old Boring house with no
friends and my mom’s going to start with her petting, this is
so not cool.. ..
Mr Edmond place a two boxes on the lunch table and told
everyone to take their phones. Everyone starts to take their
phone and immediately I saw mine as the plain silver back
connects with the sun.. Finally.. My phone I stepped out of the
crowd and pushed the power bu-tton and it suddenly went on..
“I can’t believe this I’m with Max again” Brianna said
“who’s Max” I asked
“her phone she just named him now ” Jasmine said and rolled
her eyes..
“hey get together lets take a selfie” Briana said and pushed me
and Jasmine together and got in front of me and took a
picture of three of us.. “good” she smiled at the picture, “but
Jasmine make sure your hair doesn’t ruin my picture next
time.. You look like you’re kind of having a bad hair day”
Brianna ponjured while Jasmine sighed and said
“look my hair’s perfect the way it is okay.. “..
“yeah you wish” Brianna sm-irked
I Suddenly recieved a notification on my phone and when I
looked at the screen I saw *in-sert your pas-sword* Huh? I don’t
put pas-swords in phone.. No way.. Never..
“Huh?” I say even more as my eyes scan the people in front of
the phone, it was Zic and Freya ..
“what’s wrong” Brianna asked and took a peek in my… Not my
“this definitely not your phone” she tells me
“I know.. It’s either Zic or Freya’s” I squeak and sighed, I didn’t
know why i was damn curious to unlock the phone, and I
decided to type in Freya, and when I did I was surprised it
“I’ll be back” I tell jasmine and Brianna and they nod..
I looked around and sighted Zic and Freya together.. I walked
up to them, since I didn’t know who actually owns the phone I
“Zic can I.. Talk to you”
“sure” he said and told Freya something before walking up to
me away from Freya
“what is it” he asked
“I don’t know who owns this phone maybe it’s either you or
Freya, I accidentally took it” I said
“let me see” he said and I gave to him when he looked at the
screen he smiled ..”it’s mine” he said and I nod and said “oh”
he brou-ght out the exact same phone and said “this may be
yours there isn’t any lock or pictures so it was ha-rd to tell who
owns it” he said and I giggled and took it from his hand it’s
definitely mine!
“so can I ask” I said
“go on” he replied
“why was Freya crying earlier”
“oh yeah, see Mr Gale is her uncle,” Zic said and I [email protected]
“oh my goodness ” I breathed and he shrugged
“it’s sad” he said and we both remained quiet..
“so Freya huh? ” I said and his brows arched
“Huh? ”
“your pas-sword is Freya” I said and he nods and smiled
“yeah, I’ve seen you’ve tried it you can see how much i loved
her” he said and the words immediately pla-yed back on my
head **i can see how much he “”loved”” her* as in past tense,
doesn’t he love her anymore ..
“you mean love her not loved, love is paste tense” I corrected
“no.. I’m right, I know what I said, I am referring to the past
tense” he said and my expression changed to confused I am
confused.. Doesn’t he love her anymore or what..
“well I’ll see you around” he said and walked away and to
meet Freya, and I walked away too..i called David but
unfortunately my mother picked up, we talked about a lot of
things and I was kind of glad she picked up, she alre-ady know
we are coming back on Friday and she was glad..but not the
[email protected] that Mr Gale died
After eating breakfast, i walked around the woods with my
phone in my palm, I didn’t know what to do, I just walked
around and later I found my self in front of that small river..
Not the one Zic and I swam in but the one he washed my
blood.. My memory of my panicked face then made me giggle
and I brou-ght out my phone I took a picture of the river, I am
a pretty boring person I have to admit..
“you know you are supposed to take pictures of your self not
the river” I hear Zic’s voice behind me and I immediately
“oh” my phone fell from my hand but I immediately picked it
up and cleaned the screen
“what are.. Y.. You. Doing.. H.. Here” I stammers
“I should be asking you that, because here’s my thinking place”
he said
“thinking place? ” I scoffed and remembered when he said it.
He rolled his eyes but still a smile was glued to his face..
“what do you even think about”i said sarcastically..
“why would you ever what to know” he blurts out
“oh sorry for trespas-sing your [email protected] Ken, but I don’t think
people like you think, what the hell do you think about” I tease
and laughed to my self
“for now you.. I think about you” he said and my phone
dropped from my hand, my heart skipped a beat and I couldn’t
feel my legs and suddenly I had to pee.. Huh
Or.. Of course no.. I didn’t hear him correctly or he’s just
teasing me..
“are you $h!tting jokes with me now” I said and rolled my
eyes, and bent down to pick my phone
“I told you I don’t lie.. And also.. I love you” he said and my
phone dropped again..
T. B. C

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