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Ria Episode 59

RIA POV ????‍
The drive to the location was silent. I sat at the front seat next to Drake with my hands tied to the front now. I was lost in thought of Ian.
Drake didn’t say anything.
He pu-ll-ed up in front of site.
It was an abandoned house in an open field.
No one would ever think of coming to this place to rescue me!
He [email protected]£ out of the car and opened the door for me.
I surveyed the surrounding.
“We are here dad” he said on phone
“No we are not coming in. Come and meet us here”
He said again
Why did he insisted that he doesn’t want to go in?
Drake typed on his phone before dropping it in his car.
We waited for seconds
“Dad -”
Drake said
I looked up
Frederick Robert made his way towards us with a big man behind him. He was quite older than the man in the pictures I have seen.
He hasn’t shaved in a while.
My gaze fell to his hand.
He was holding a gun.
I breathe heavily when he finally stood in front of me.
“Ria Robert the surviving child of Nathan and Madison Robert”
He pointed the gun at me
“Dad…hold up” Drake muttered
“You didn’t kill her parents right? And everything on the news was false. She and Ian framed you up after you threatened Ian for canceling the deal”
Drake said to his father
Frederick lied to his son!
No wonder Drake didn’t believe me!
“He lied to you”I said
“Shut up!” Frederick snarled at me
But I wasn’t re-ady to stay quiet
“Don’t say anything!” He said again without dropping his gun.
“Aren’t you tired of killing people.. Innocent People!” I yelled back at him
He was surprised
“My parents, those false killers,speedy…”
“It none of your business! And don’t you ever talk back at me !or rudely! I get rid for whoever I want to -”
He fired the gun in the air
And I screamed
“I killed whoever gets in my way” He said
“What?!” Drake [email protected]
I glanced at him,he was shock!
Surprised to find out his dad was a killer.
“What are you saying dad?”
“Stay out of this Son!”
“No you have to tell Me what’s going on?!”
“Step aside son” he said
Drake didn’t move an inch.
“Did you murder..those people she mentioned?” He asked shakily
“Yes! So what?! Huh?? I killed my step brother!”
He confessed
Tears slid down my cheeks.
“Why..why? -” Drake voice trailed
I noticed the tears rolled down his cheeks.
“Why did you do it?”
The same question I’ve always asked myself. The reason why I didn’t fight Drake but agreed to meet his dad. I wanted to know.
Frederick stepped backward, his f!nger on the trigger. He was re-ady to shoot me.
Drake stepped right in front of me.
What was he doing?
Standing in front of me like this!
“Move away from her!” He yelled
“No…you have to tell me the reason why you killed her parents..your brother! I didn’t believe her at first…but I should have..And you did it because of Inheritance right?”
Frederick Laughed wickedly
Then he turned serious.
“It wasn’t just because of Inheritance. I’ve always wanted to get rid of that fool..Nathan!”
“Why?” I whispered behind Drake.
“That bastard never regarded me as his own brother! He referred to me as the Illegitimate one even though he was younger than I was,he still had the guts to call me names”
“That’s not enough reason to kill your own brother”
Drake said in a low tone
“Nathan said I wasn’t going to inherit anything..he downgraded me. And I hated him for that and promised myself that I was going to do better than him in Life. And I did. The illegitimate one [email protected]£ the greatest one..and I also did my best to ruin Nathan. When I found out that my dad left him a hvge amount of money I decided to st©p him after I realized that he was going to do well with the I killed him. Disregarding me is enough reason to kill him! And everything would have remained a secret if that fool didn’t spare her life!”
He was referring to Lucas.
“Is this really you Dad?”
Drake asked
Everything he said isn’t enough reason to murder my parents
He allowed his anger and hatred towards my dad to take the best [email protected] of him.
“You should turn yourself in to the police” Drake blurted
I could ha-rd ly believe his words
He was advising his dad to surrender to the police.
Frederick busted into laughter
“Never..I won’t surrender! I want to end her!”
“No I won’t let you do anything to her!” Drake said
He was on my side!
“Then why did you bring her to me?”
Frederick asked
“I wanted to know the truth, i know you won’t see if I don’t bring Ria along. But to be honest dad I should have believed her! You didn’t even feel remorseful after everything you did to her -”
I sobbe-d behind him
“Remorseful?” He snorted
“I don’t get you…you want to end her life even after killing her parents?!” Drake asked
“Yes! Now step aside..I don’t have much time!”
“Step aside!”
“No dad!”
“Drake don’t make me do what I don’t want to do”
Drake pushed me behind him
“What will you do?! Kill me like you killed your brother?! Come on fire it!” He coaxed
“Come on get her” he ordered the Man behind him.
Drake put his hand behind his back and brou-ght out a gun.
The man st©pped on track.
I didn’t know Drake had a gun.
“Take another step and I will put this in your head”
[email protected] you [email protected]£ with a gun”
“Yes..I just felt like I was going to nee-d it to protect her”
Protect me?
He intended to use the gun to protect me
“Son put it down”
Then I heard it..
The distant sirens
Someone called the cops
Drake looked back at me with a smile on hisl-ips.
He called the cops!
I remember he was typing on his phone after he called his dad. Glint of hope welled up in me.
“You called the cops on me?”
“Yes dad..plea-se surrender. Let st©p it now and admit to your crimes” he pleaded
“You betrayed me!” Frederick gritted and I heard the gunsh0t
I thought he fired it into the air but I was wrong!
Drake gro-an ed loudly.
He didn’t hit the ground, he stood firmly to block his father from shooting me.
“Drake -”
“Run” he muttered
I tried to untie my hands
Frederick lowered his hand when he saw that he had fired his son.
Drake pointed his gun to his father but he couldn’t fire.
The sound of Sirens was near.
I don’t know if I should be happy the cops are here.
“Drop your guns and your hands behind your head” someone barked out.
It was a familiar voice. Chad!
The man with Frederick uttered a profanity.
Drake hit the ground and I crouched down. He was bleeding from his shoulder.
“Ria are you okay?” I heard Chad’s voice
I nodded
Police [email protected]£ around to apprehend Frederick. Chad untied my hands.
“Drake -” I held him
“I’m fine”
Tears slid down my cheeks
He had taken a bullet in my place. And I could ha-rd ly believe that Frederick sh0t his son..his own blood.
“plea-se don’t die -” I whispered
“Son -” I looked up and saw Frederick. His face was we-t.
Derrick took him away
Chad helped Drake up to his car.
“I’ll meet you at the station” Chad said to Derrick before he drove off
Drake gro-an ed in pains
I couldn’t st©p crying.
Chad told me what to do to st©p the bleeding.
Drake head was on my [email protected] and I pleaded with him to stay alive.
“I’m sorry” he said
“Don’t say anything -”
He held my hand with his other hand.
“Ria I must admit that you…do have a good heart. You didn’t yell at me for being the son of the one who killed your parents..the first time we knew who I was right?” I nodded
“And even the second time when I [email protected]£ to didn’t try to…. get back at me for what my dad did to you. And even when I said….. we had didn’t hit me…The truth is we didn’t do anything”
“Yes..I didn’t t©uçh you. After I re-ad the news I figured that we were cousins… But I wanted to be sure if everything was true that was why I abducted you. I clearly know that you wouldn’t want to see that was my only option…. I had to find out the truth. And i figured that you would pour out your mind to me if I said we had S-x..”
“Drake are you…sure we didn’t -”
“I swear I didn’t t©uçh you. It was the Nurse my man hired that changed you when she wanted to treat your wound. Even though I was tem-pted to t©uçh you but I resisted cause it wasn’t right..and I didn’t want to hurt you”
“Drake -”
“That’s not all. I prepared for it. I s£nt an anonymous text to the cops.. The location dad s£nt to me I forwarded it to them just in case I find out everything is true”
“I thought you were working for your dad”
“No..I haven’t seen him since the news broke out..I just wanted to know the Truth. And I was determined to turn him myself if he was the killer. I know my attitude is enough to convince you that I was on his side… But no..even if am a bad guy -” he chuckled
“I still know the right thing to do – my mom is aware of my plans…. and she’s in support of me to turn my dad in. She didn’t believe him when he called and said that you and Ian framed him because he threatened Ian. She s-en-sed it that it was more than that -”
He gro-an ed loudly
“That’s enough” I said
“I never would have imagined that my dad was a killer. plea-se…I hope you find it in your heart to forgive my dad -”
“Drake -”
“Promise me that -”
I exhaled
“I forgive him” I said
I don’t care about what Frederick did to me. I was concerned about Drake.
Frederick has been apprehended and would be charged to Court.
“plea-se -”
“All I want is justice..I want him to pay for his crimes..I forgive him”
He held me ti-ghtly
A small smile formed on his face.
“He have enough evidence right?’
I nodded
Chad was driving at a high speed.
“Thank you for forgiving my dad”
He whispered
I s-en-sed him losing consciousness
“ hang on Drake..plea-se don’t die!’
“Mount pressure on his wound Ria!” chad screamed
I was confused
“plea-se Drake -”
I gave him a ha-rd b!ow on his shoulder and his eyes opened slightly.
“plea-se don’t die on me”
“I..I fine..”
I held his head to my che-st..and prayed silently.
I prayed over and over again

It all seems too familiar,all in a bad way. The same rush to the hospital. We made it to the hospital and Drake was taken into the operation room to get the bullet out.
We waited outside the operation room
“Don’t worry he will be fine”
Chad placed his hand on my shoulder gently.
“Ria -”
I heard Ian’s voice
I looked up and he was there with Ethan walking towards us. I stood up from the bench and went him. He hvgged me ti-ghtly and I sobbe-d in his che-st.
“He was sh0t because of me..what do I do?..what if he doesn’t make it?”
I would carry that guilt for the rest of my life if Drake dies.
“That’s enough -”
He whispered
I lasted one minutes in tears before I [email protected]£ out of his [email protected]
“Are you okay?”
Ethan asked
I nodded
“What happened?” Ian asked
“Can we talk about it later ?”
They nodded in unison
“What happened to your arm?”
Ian asked
“Did Drake do this to you?”
He gritted
I could see the anger in his eyes.
“ it not Drake”
“Then who? Frederick?”
Ethan asked
“No it was the shattered glas-ses from my car during the chase”
Then they relaxed
“You should see the doctor”
Ian suggested as he led me back to the bench.
“I’m fine”
A surgeon exists the operation room with a nurse behind him. We turned towards him.
“How is he doing?”
I asked
I held a pleading look
And de-ep down my mind I prayed that everything was fine.
“He lost a lot of blood, and the bullet pene-trated a portion of a bone on his shoulder”
I felt something shatter within me.
“What are his chances?” I questioned frantically
A smile formed on hisl-ips
“We took the bullet out and he will fine”
I let out a sigh of relief
“Can we see him?”
I asked
“Yes..but that’s after they’ve transferred him to a ward”
“Thank you doctor”
Chad said before the doctor walked away.
“I will call his mom with his cellphone to let her know about the situation” Chad said
“And Ria we filed a charge against whoever abducted you..we didn’t know it was Drake -”
“I’m dropping every charges against them”
“What?!” They [email protected]
“That’s impossible” chad said
“Are you saying Drake will have to go to court despite being hit in my place..he called the cops on his dad and took a bullet for me”
“He abducted you”
“Yes i know..but he just wanted to know Truth” I said in a low tone
“ can only drop charges against Drake but not with Frederick. Remember this case is not only about our parents death. Speedy and two others are involved too”
I nodded slowly
“Ria are you sure?” Ethan asked
“Yes i drop every charges against Drake”
It the best I can do to repay him for rescuing me and taking a bullet for me.
“Okay I will tell Ava about it”
“So what will happen to Frederick now?”
Ethan asked
“He’s going to court”
“Chad what if the judge claims that speedy recording is an arranged statement?” I asked
“It won’t happen..Derrick found Matthew Alley and he’s re-ady to witness against Frederick in court if he has to. And A friend of mine who works in Idaho prison rendered his help too..Scorpion confessed that someone ordered him to kill speedy. A warder and a nurse are involved in speedy death.. Frederick s£nt them and currently they are in police custody. We are bringing them to Court with him”
“And why didn’t you tell us about it all this time?”
“We were working on it”
“I will come around some other time to check on Drake. And make sure you see a doctor before leaving too”
I nodded
“Thank you chad”
“You are welcome”
“Can I come along with you?” Ethan asked
“I [email protected]£ in his car” he said again
“Well I’m using Drake’s car but I can give you a ride”
“Okay..take care Ria” Ethan said
“Bye” he and Chad Left
“Ria I was so worried about you” Ian said
He hvgged me
“I was afraid that I would lose you”
He said
“I was scared that I won’t see you again”
I said
He let go and graze my cheeks with his knuckles
“I’m glad you’re alive”
“Ian what about Bert and Brian?..they were sh0t -”
“Yes..they are both fine”
He explained things to me. The drowsy bullet used on Bert and Brian was rushed to the hospital by cops. I am happy that they are fine.
And I would have blamed myself if it was the other way around.
“You are safe now”
Ian said
I nodded in agreement
Frederick was out of the I was safe.
I hvgged him again.

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