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Personal dummy batch 3

💦My Personal Dummy 💦
💧Worlds [email protected]💧
❄️ By: Adeagbo Barakat Susan ❄️
🌀 Chapter Nine 🌀
💙 Beryl’s Pov💙
I was feeling light headed again, Dylan helped me out of the car, he placed his hand around my [email protected]!st, I was hurt so I could not protest
“Beryl!” I heard someone call from the stair case and I know it was mum for certain
“Mum” I mumbled not sure she heard me
“Oh Beryl” she said covering the rest of the distance to me, she made Dylan re-lease me and she hvgged me
I was happy that I could see her, unfortunately I was not expecting what happened next
Tim pu-ll-ed me from mum and pushed me backward
I staggered but I got the hang of myself
“Tim are you crazy?, Why are you doing that to your sister?” I heard mum say moving to me again, I couldn’t help but cry
” She is not my sister, can you imagine?, We’ve been looking for her, but, where was she?, With a guy, can you imagine, look at her, she is not even wearing the dress she wore before.”
“Tim watch your language” Mum said, someone was saying something but I didn’t get it, because, i fainted again
Oh Lord help me.
🖤 Tim’s Pov 🖤
She fainted
But why?
I felt something tell me I was asking myself the question I should have asked myself at first
Dylan picked her up and my mum guided him upstairs, I followed behind closely feeling bad
Did she fainted because of me?
When we got to her room my Dad phoned the doctor, the looks he was giving me was giving me the chills.
Everyone was worried and my mum was trying to tend to her while we wait for the doctor
“What happened?” My Dad asked Dylan
“I was on my way home earlier when I sighted her at the ice cream shop, everything was crazy, gangsters were fighting and throwing a lot of dangerous stuffs, unfortunately a bottle hit her causing an injury on her head”
“She is hurt?” My mum asked looking pale, Dylan quic-kly show her a sp©t on at the middle of her head covered with a gauze
“I couldn’t take her to the hospital for the fear of the reporters, so I took her home, I called our family doctor and he took care of her, he gave me some drugs for her and told me to let her rest well, if I could I would have had her stay at my family house, but she kept telling me she wants to come back home, that was why I brou-ght her back.”
I could see my mum was about to say something, but, I felt someone shove me from behind, it was Beryl’s friend
“Can you see what you’ve caused?, You couldn’t even ask what was going on, you are always giving my best friend, let me tell you something Timothy, if anything happens to my best friend, I promise you’d be paying for it, for the rest of your life” she said pushing me once again and as if on cue, the doctor [email protected]£ in
I quic-kly move from her room and we to mine
She is right, I caused it and if anything happens now it’s on me.
🌀 Chapter Ten 🌀
🍋 Dylan’s POV🍋
I can’t tell them the whole truth
I just can’t
I have never felt bad for lying before, but, today I feel bad for not saying the whole truth
I feel sad because of what happened to Beryl so much that I am tem-pted to tell them the whole truth, but, I can’t
I just can’t tell the whole truth
I watched them treat Beryl and I swallowed ha-rd
When the doctor finished up, he went outside to talk to Beryl’s dad
I mean I don’t think I can get over today
I found out Beryl is the new boy’s sister, but, they are certainly not on good terms.
The whole Beryl issue is just complicated
“I’d get going ma” I said and Beryl’s mum quic-kly stood up and moved closer to me
“Thank you my son, thank you for saving my daughter today” she said and I cringed slightly
“You are welcome ma, bye” I replied going downstairs to my car
“plea-se just take me home” I said to my driver and he nodded
💫 Tim’s POV 💫
It’s been three days and Beryl’s not fully awake yet
The new driver and cleaner resumed alre-ady but they haven’t got the chance to see her yet, all because of me
My mum and dad didn’t give me a ha-rd time after they talked to me about what I did that night, but, even if they didn’t, seeing her on her be-d drifting in and out of consciousness was Killing me.
There is always a voice screaming in my head that I almost killed my sister and there is the constant glare from Maggie
I went to my room and pu-ll-ed off my uniform, then I fell on my be-d
” Oh Lord plea-se let my sister wake up, I promise you I’d take care of her and treat her well, plea-se ”
🌀 Chapter Eleven🌀
🔥 Tim’s POV 🔥
I was busy re-ading when I heard my mum yell from Berry’s room
I jumped out of my be-d and I ran to her hoping she was awake alre-ady but unfortunately it was the other way round
She was not awake and her temperature has ris£n, my mum was crying and my Dad was calling the doctor
I picked up her phone and I called Beryl’s friend
“Beryl?” She asked desperately
“No, it’s Tim,come over Beryl is really sick” I said and she hung up
Few minutes later she arrived and so did the doctor
He treated her and told my mum she is only having fever
The atmosphere in the room was really depressing
I couldn’t help but blame myself for everything that happened
I rushed to the garden and cried myself to my heart content, I prayed to God to restore my sister’s health, ma-king promises I am not sure I would remember.
I fell to the floor and sobbe-d like a baby praying for divine intervention
I felt something someone t©uçh me and I jo-lted forward almost hitting my head on the tree in front of me.
⛱️ Maggie’s POV ⛱️
I watched Tim pray and cry his heart out
I can’t deny the fact that he was feeling sorry for what he did
I prayed along with him shedding tears of mine, I am sure he was blaming himself and that is [email protected] my fault because I accused him first
I wiped my face, I tried to compose myself before I t©uçhed him and he jo-lted forward, he turned to look at me
His face was looking like that of someone who got beaten
I felt fresh tears coming, my eyes stung
“I am sorry” I said letting the tears out
“I am sorry for blaming you for Beryl’s condition, I am really sorry” I said crying ha-rder
“Hey, hey, look at me” he said using his hand to raise my head so that I can look at him
“Beryl is gonna be fine, So it’s okay” he said and I nodded but I couldn’t st©p crying
He hvgged me and I held onto him like he was the solution to my problem.
“Let’s keep praying, let’s keep praying” he said re-leasing me
He held my hands in his and we started praying again, together this time.
⚡ Beryl’s POV ⚡
My head hurts
My che-st does too
‘Water’ I tried saying but I couldn’t get it out
Someone plea-se
I tried saying but then I drifted further into the dark pit
🌨️ Unknown’s POV 🌨️
“This is all your fault, I told you to st©p all this, you better st©p or I’d report you to dad”
“Yo kiddo, I am twenty two, dad won’t he that ha-rd on me, but you?, If I tell mum and Dad what you did, you know what they’d do to you”
This is gonna be ha-rd , but, I have to get out of his clutches.
🌀 Chapter Twelve 🌀
🌨️ Beryl’s POV 🌨️
I thought I was hearing things but then I heard it again, this time loud and clear
I took a de-ep breath and then another
‘by his str!pes I am healed’ I said to myself and I took another de-ep breath
“Water” I said opening my eyes slightly
“Water” I said again, I felt someone rush to my side
“Beryl?, Beryl my love, oh”
“I want water” I said trying to adjust to the Ray of the light”.
“If you want water from Africa right now baby I would get it for you” she said and I smiled.
“I am fine with a glas-s of drinkable water”.
“Honey?, Our baby is awake and she wants water” she said and I smiled again.
A minute later dad rushed in with someone I don’t think I know walking behind him with a glas-s of water.
They were both looking at me like I fell inside a well and they finally got me out.
I mean, I only fainted and who is this woman?.
Did I loose my memory of somethings?, I mean, that is what happens in movies.
What happened? .
“Berry, is something wrong?”.
“Yes, I think, I mean I only fainted and you guys are looking at me like I died and rose again”.
“Berry!, You’ve been drifting in and out of consciousness for almost a week now”.
“What?, Does that mean I’ve Lost my memory too?”.
“What do you mean?” Mum asked looking worried.
“I am not sure I Know this beautiful young lady, or do I?”.
“Oh Berry you got me worried for a minute there” Dad said coming closer to sit beside me.
“That’s our new house keeper’s daughter , her name is Diana”.
“Nice meeting you my lady” Diana said bowing a little.
She kinda look like me, her smile is similar to mine too and she is probably the same age with me too.
“Nice meeting you too Diana”.
“plea-se help me tell Magaret and Tim that Beryl is awake now” my mum said and she nodded .
“Okay ma” she replied and left the room.
“Wait, Maggie is around?”.
“Yes, they didn’t go to school today , because your temperature was really high and they wanted to stay with you”.
They?, Maggie is un-derstandable, I am sure Tim used that as an excuse so that he won’t go to school.
“Beryl?” I heard Maggie call and I looked towards the door to see her and Tim.
“Are you okay?” They chorused and I nodded, an action that I regretted because my Head ached like no other.
I shut my eyes until the pain died down a bit , then I opened my eyes to see everyone looking at me awkwardly.
” I better go call the doctor”.
“I am really fine dad”.
“Yeah I Know that’s why I am calling the doctor”he said going outside.
“I better go and prepare something light you can take” mum said and left before I could protest.
“So hi” I said looking at Maggie and Tim, there is actually something wrong with these two, they look closer than I remember, I mean they were not close to each other at all.
The last time they were talking to each other was when Maggie almost broke his Head and now I don’t just know what went Right.
“Tim?, plea-se come” Maggie said pu-lling him towards the door.
She shut the door and re-moved one leg of her sandal.
She whispered something into his ear and then rushed towards me, Tim quic-kly held her.
“You almost killed me you stupid fool, why do you have to fall sick?, Why?, Why did you have to fall sick?, leave me let me deal with her” I couldn’t help but laugh at her displa-y, my head was aching but it was worth it.
“Do you think you can die and leave me here, no way, and no one is killing you for me, I would kill you by myself, oh Tim, leave me let me kill her” she said and Tim left her, she turned and [email protected] him with the sandal.
“Ouch, what did I do?”.
“I said hold me well, so why did you leave me?”.
” You said I should leave you”.
“You are impossible” she said and we all started laughing.
Her parents called and she left, I was also left alone with Tim.
I didn’t Know what to do, so I just looked out the window.
“Beryl” he called and I turned my head to face him hoping he is not going to shout on me.
He [email protected]£ closer and he held my hands in his.
“I am sorry”.
“Sorry, what now?”.
“I am really sorry I misun-derstood you, for maltreating you, I am very sorry, plea-se forgive me Berry”.
“To be honest I don’t know what to say, wait why were you even mean to me, I was trying to make friends but you were being mean”.
“They said you are bad person, a wannabe trying to seek attention, I didn’t want to believe it but everything was ma-king it look like it”.
“Wait who told you that?”.
“You believed Alexa of all people?”.
“I mean you could have spoken to me”.
“I am sorry”.
“I can boldly tell you that Alexa told you that because she is jealous, we were Both contesting for head prefect and I won, ever since then, she has been out to get me, she was even the one that made me trip and dump my lunch on you in the cafeteria the other day”.
“And what you saw that day at the Janitor’s closet is not entirely true, I was called to get something for the science teacher in closet and the next thing I know is Dylan trying to take advantage of me”.
“The same Dylan that saved you and brou-ght you home?”.
“Well yes, and I am as puzzled as you are”.
“Oh I am really sorry for being mean to you, plea-se forgive me” he said .
“Promise me you would always ask me first if someone says something to you”.
“I promise”.
He hvgged me gently and I s£nt a silent to the Lord.
I am really thankful that I am cool with my brother now.
Mum brou-ght custard for me and I ate , the doctor also [email protected]£ and he checked up on me.
He gave me some drugs and he told me to stay in be-d for two days or more.
I certainly remembered to pray before i sle-pt off , I was thankful the Lord reminded me to breathe.
☔ Tim’s POV ☔
I couldn’t st©p thanking the lord.
I almost got my sister killed because I didn’t ask .
I was really disappointed in myself, I allowed someone’s lie cloud my decision.
Well, I thank God everything is fine now.
I hope nothing would ever go wrong again.
I said my prayers before hitting the be-d.
⛈️ Unknown’s POV ⛈️
She is awake.
I am thankful she is awake now.
I won’t want what happened two years ago happen again.
🌀 Chapter Thirteen 🌀
🌨️ Beryl’s POV 🌨️
I always thought all I wanted was to be pampered and taken care of, but now I realize I am very wrong
I am really sick of being pampered
Everyone was pampering me, treating me like an egg that should not be broken, it’s not bad, but if pamper was a person and I have a gun, I am re-ady to gun him down.
Thank God I am finally permitted to go school after two weeks of be-d rest
I was really pumped
Maggie [email protected]£ early in the morning and helped me style my hair
Tim was shouting on both of us claiming we are taking his time, trust us we payed no heed
By the time we finished having breakfast and all we still had over an hour before school officially open
Our chauffeur drove us to school
Man, the love I received from my school mates was not from this world at all, the gifts , the cards and the letters
Even the principal was there to welcome me back to school
After the welcome and all, we went to over various clas-ses.
We were having our first clas-s for the day when I was told to report to the principal’s office today with Tim.
When we got there, we were told to give a formal introduction in our clas-s since I am now adopted and Tim had not introduced himself since he resumed in our school
I was really nervous because it was the moment of Truth, I sighed and nodded
Tim held my hand and squee-zed it lightly, I looked at him and he nodded, that was some kind of as-surance for me
We walked to our clas-s together and we sat down to finish our morning clas-s
During our break the principal told everyone to as-semble in the cafeteria
We were told to come forward to introduce ourselves
“My name is Beryl Martin” I introduced and everyone started murmuring
“Quiet everyone” the principal said and everyone went quiet
“Beryl got adopted a week before she got into the accident and what do we have to say about that?”
“Congratulations” everyone chorused and I nodded
“My name is Timothy Martin, yeah I am her brother” Tim said and I smiled
This caused a lot of murmuring but the principal made them st©p, he gave some announcements and he left the cafeteria
Everyone [email protected]£ to meet us, they were all trying to get closer but I sli-pped off to meet Dylan.

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