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Personal as-sistant batch 2

James McGregor marched into his building
with an air of, speak to me and you’re dead,
hanging around him.
Most people moved out of his way
immediately as he walked into the elevator.
Natalie waited patiently knowing that in a few
minutes she would be called to come up to
the t©p floor.
And sure enough, within five minutes she was
called up.
“Where is she?” He asked her looking livid.
“She told me to tell you that if you asked, she’ll
be here at 9 o’clock,” Natalie replied. “That’s
not what I asked, I asked where is she?” He
said getting angry.
“I don’t know sir,” Natalie said sighing. “I
would tell you if I knew sir, but honest to god,
I don’t know.”
At nine o’clock on the dot, the elevator opened
revea-ling Elizabeth Waverton wearing a blue
dress and black heels. In her hands, she
carried several files and what seems to be a
James silently sat in his chair waiting, for her
to get closer. He observed as she walked over
to her own desk and la-id most of the files
down, he watched as she checked in one of
the mirror’s whether she was looking alright
and he watched as she entered his office.
Three short knocks were heard, to which he
replied with a short ‘come in’ and the door
swung open. “Good morning Mr. McGregor.”
She said walking over to his desk.
“Ms. Waverton, why were you not here this
morning?” He asked calmly as he toyed with a
pen lying on his desk.
“I had a prior engagement.” At that James
looked up from the pen with a menacing look
in his eyes, gr-abbing the pen ti-ghtly in his
“Prior engagement?” He scoffed contempt clear
in his dark eyes. “Ms. Waverton, you do know
that until the end of this week you still work
for this company.”
Elizabeth opened her mouth to try and say
something but she could not get a word in
before he continued, “You work for this
company, meaning that you work for me! You
can’t just run of and show up whenever it suits
little miss perfect! You might have gotten away
with batting your lashes at that old man, but
that won’t work on me.”
Elizabeth was seeing fire, “For your
information, I was working for the company. In
fact, I was working for the company at the
request of ‘that old man'” She said with air
quotes, taking James by surprise.
“And what might that request be?” He asked,
anger still clear in his face.
“That’s-” But Elizabeth was cut short by Natalie
walking into the office in a hurry. “Liz, Mr.
Young just walked into the building, right now
he’s talking to Fred, but he wants to see Mr.
“What?! But he isn’t supposed to show up until
tonight.” Elizabeth said surprised going back
into work mode.
“I know, but apparently he doesn’t keep to
schedule,” Natalie replied.
“Alright, get him his usual tea, it is in the
bo-ttomdrawer of my desk. Call Fred and tell
him to s£nt him to conference room 2 that
should be empty and I’ll make sure Mr.
McGregor is prepped.” She said throwing the
keys to the drawers at Natalie.
It took a second for Natalie to take all of that
in. “Go!” Elizabeth yelled, startling her slightly
as she started running back to the elevator.
“What was that all about?” James said slightly
“I’ll explain, but first we have to change your
tie, Mr. Young hates this shade of blue.” She
said opening a thin cabinet door revea-ling
several n£¢kties.
“This one should do it”, she said holding up a
simple black tie.
“Alright, so one of the last major events to
happen before your father’s death was the
Young deal. Basically, his company, name,
and product would become [email protected] of McGregor
industries. The problem, however, was that at
one point Mr. McGregor couldn’t do it himself
anymore, so that’s where I stepped in.”
She said taking off the tie he was wearing. A
bit dazed and confused James stood up from
his chair. As she started tying the new one.
“Usually the PA isn’t allowed to do such thing,
but Mr. McGregor urged me to speak on his
behalf. The final meeting and everything would
be done the day after your father pas-sed away.
So I took his place. Everything went well and
we got the merge, but now he wants to see
you and have dinner with you tonight.” She said
finishing the tie.
“Right now all you have to do is welcome him
and be nice to him.” She gr!pp£dhis tie pu-lling
him in closer, which she only managed to do
by taking him by surprise. “Do not, un-der any
circu-mtances insult him.”
Once she realized what she had done she
quic-kly composed herself and straightened her
“Now we mustn’t keep him waiting. How much
do you know about him?” She said opening the
door of the office and singling for James to
walk throu-gh it.
“I met him at a fundraiser once.”
“Good talk to him about that, he knows you
probably don’t know much about the deal yet,
but for now just keep him happy.” She said as
the two of them got into the elevator.
“You did this after the day he died?” James
asked quite intrigued. “Yes I did, anything
wrong with that?”
Elizabeth continued to give him more
information about Mr. Young when they
reached the conference room 2.
“Alright, good luck.” She said, straightening his
tie. As she moved to walk away she turned
around for a brief moment and said, “And don’t
fv¢k it up.”

It was six pm when Elizabeth walked into the
familiar building, a place she hadn’t been in a
couple of months.
“Good evening Ms. Waverton.” The kind
doorman said as she walked over to him.
“Good evening Wallace.” She said smiling as
she walked closer to him. “I’ve alre-ady told you
a thousand times just to call me Elizabeth.”
Wallace chuckled shaking his head, “I know
ma’m, but I ain’t one to break rules like that.
Now, can I get you anything?”
Her smile wavered for a moment, realizing
what she [email protected]£ to do. “Yeah,” she said not
looking into his eyes, “I’m here for the keys.”
“Oh.” She looked back up at him, staring into
his eyes for a moment as she saw the same
unshed tears in his eyes as she felt in hers.
It was strange seeing a man at the size of
Wallace, who had been a bouncer for years
before getting this job, showing that much
“He was a good man.” He said shaking his
head as he stood up walking over to the keys.
“He was.” She said as she felt the single tear
run down her face, quic-kly wiping it away with
her hand.
“Hey…” he said turning towards her. “I didn’t
mean to make you cry.” A sad smile [email protected]£
upon he face. “Trust me, he wouldn’t have
wanted it.”
Elizabeth smiled ever so slightly as he handed
her the keys. “At least I get you as a new
client .” He said smiling
“Thank you, Wallace.” She said as she walked
over to the elevator. “Anytime sweetheart.” He
chuckled watching her go up.
It was strange walking down that hallway again
and even stranger knowing that he won’t be
For a moment she fumbled with the key before
she finally opened the door. Stepping inside
she was greeted by the same warm scent.
She softly closed the door behind her walking
further into the penthouse. It was truly a
beautiful place, located at the t©p of a
[email protected]£r and looking down at the city. One
entire wall was a glas-s window from floor to
ceiling, ma-king the view even more
The only thing that blocked her view was
another [email protected]£r across the street. From this
penthouse, she could look into some other
houses across the way.
She sighed sitting down on the couch letting
her face sink into her hands as she started
It wasn’t until her phone rang that she
composed herself. She wiped her tears and
looked at the screen, the number was
recognized as that of James.
$h!t, she thought as she picked it up.
“Elizabeth Waverton,” she said sitting up
“Did you make the dinner reservation?” She
heard him angrily ask.
“Yes, you’re going to Wanira’s. Everything is
taken care of, all you nee-d to do is step into
the car that will be re-ady at 7 o’clock.” She
replied in her work voice.
“Ah.” He said a bit surprised. “Alright.” He said
hanging up not even thanking her.
James didn’t know what to expect at all as he
stepped into the car. Mr. Young would meet
him at the restaurant as he would be going
home straight after.
He had been surprised by how prepared she
had been and by her quic-k response to the
arrival of mister Young.
He smiled to himself as he recalled what Mr.
Young had said…
“Curious thing that as-sistant of yours.” He had
said. “How come?” James said curiously.
“Well, I’ve known her for quite a while now and
multi-ple times I’ve offered her to work for me.
You know offer better payment, tripling what
she had now, better benefits and better hours.
But she never took it. She always told me her
loyalty was with your father.” Mr. Young said
sipping his wine.
“And I know I’m not the only one to do that,
others have told me about that too. But she
never took it. I asked your father about it, he
would always say that she was the best you
could ever have, but her heart wasn’t in it.” At
that Mr. Young paused for a moment, “She is
an architect he always said. Business was not
her thing.” He ended laughing.
“You are one lucky man Mr. McGregor.” He
pointed at James.
“And why is that?”
“You get her thrown into your [email protected]
James hadn’t told him that she had resigned,
he couldn’t have him think that he lost her.
Overall he didn’t like her attitude, but he was
impressed by the work she delivered.
He walked further into his [email protected] sitting
down on the coach. Sighing he slit down into a
relaxed pose. He put his hands on his face for
a moment before looking back up.
Suddenly from the corner of his eye, he saw
something, he saw the light burning in the
[email protected] across the street. He had only lived
there for a few weeks and never in that time
had the light been on.
At first, he wanted to draw the curtains, to
keep that person from seeing him. But then he
looked a bit closer and saw his across the
way neighbor. It was a girl, with auburn hair
and she was wearing a towel.
Intrigued he stared at her. The lights in his
own [email protected] were turned off so he knew she
didn’t know he was there.
From what he could see she looked quite
pretty. She walked over to the kitchen island
where she poured herself a glas-s of water.
After that, she walked away and didn’t return he
decided to pour himself another drink.
As he sat there casually enjoying his drink he
decided to stand up and look down at the city.
His eyes trailed the tiny cars driving past down
below. He still hadn’t bothered to turn the
lights on, the lights of the city, however, were
enough light for him to see what he was
After he finished the drink he was about to turn
away and go to be-d when he saw the girl
again. Curiosity took over when he saw her
walk into the room, dressed in a camisole and
short shorts. Her hair was up in a bun and she
was carrying a [email protected]©p. She sat down on the
couch and opened the [email protected]©p.
He watched intently for a moment, feeling that
he knew her from somewhere but shook of the
feeling soon. He watched as she moved her
face to rest in her hands and her b©dy started
shaking. For a moment he felt sad for the
crying girl before he turned away and went to

It had been quite early when James woke up.
He had tried to fall back asleep again but
failed miserably. So after ten minutes or so he
stood up and got out of be-d. He looked
outside his window and saw that the sun was
rising. Yawning he looked at his clock, 5 am.
Great just great…
Deciding to just go with it he started his usual
morning routine. He took a shower, shaved,
got dressed and walked into his kitchen.
Usually, there would be a maid to cook him
his breakfast, after which she would tidy up the
[email protected] and in the evening prepare dinner.
Today, however, he texted her saying that she
could stay at home today.
He decided to make scrambled eggs and
bacon and started preparing the dish. It was
when he looked up for a moment that he saw
her. The girl was also standing in her kitchen,
but she wasn’t cooking, she was ma-king phone
calls and putting on her shoes.
When the scent of burned food filled his
nostrils he realized he had forgotten about the
eggs whilst staring at her. “$h!t.” He muttered
trying to save his eggs, but it proved to no
avail. As he looked back up again he noticed
that the girl was gone. He sighed deciding to
have Elizabeth bring him breakfast at the
office. After all, what is an as-sistant for?
It was 6 o’clock that Elizabeth had gotten the
text from her boss stating that he wanted eggs
Benedict for breakfast, on his desk at 7 am.
‘Great’ she thought. ‘Just great’.
Immediately she called her contact at the Ritz
asking if it were to be possible. Thankfully they
had been a loyal client of the Ritz for years
and it was located right next to their building.
Elizabeth took her car to the nearest Starbucks
and there she got her morning coffee and
breakfast. Soon after that, she sped up to the
Ritz to pick up the eggs benedict and want up
into the building.
She looked at her watch, it was 6:53 meaning
that if she’d go straight up now she would have
his breakfast there at exactly the right time.
Carrying her bag in one hand and the tray with
food in the other she walked out of the
elevator. Carefully she put her own bag down
on her desk as she walked into his office.
She was quite surprised to see him sitting
there this early, alre-ady working.
“Good morning Mr. McGregor.”
He looked up from his computer screen for a
moment and sat back once he saw the tray.
He, however, did not say a word to her as he
did so.
“Here’s your eggs benedict sir.” She said as
she put the tray down in front of him. She
could feel his eyes on her as she re-moved the
lid covering the food.
“I’ve also gotten you salt, pepper, some bre-ad
and a regular black coffee.”
She took him by surprise as she [email protected]£d the
napkin and la-id it down on his [email protected] before
continuing. “If you nee-d anything else, you
know where I am. Enjoy.”
She started to walk out of the office when
suddenly he said, “Wait!”
She turned around. “Thank you.” He said for
the first time…
The rest of the day went rather smoothly.
Elizabeth got the chance to get some of her
work done and Mr. McGregor followed his
schedule as usual.
It was around seven in the evening that James
finally decided he was done for today. Most of
the people in the building had probably alre-ady
gone home at this time and he had not even
eaten dinner.
He stood up from his chair gr-abbing his coat
when he noticed another person there.
Elizabeth was still there with him, going over
god knows what.
He smiled to himself as he saw her work, he
had to admit to himself, this girl did actually
work ha-rd .
Elizabeth was sitting hunched over her desk
busying herself with seating arrangement of the
gala when her phone rang. She picked it up
and was greeted by a voice that was unfamiliar
to her.
“Hello?” The voice asked before she even had
the time to say something. “Good evening, this
is the personal as-sistant of Mr. James
McGregor Jr., how may I help you?”
“I nee-d to talk to James.” The voice on the
other end, which sounded like a female, said.
“I’m sorry but he is rather busy at the moment,
is there anything else I could do for you?” She
asked pinching the bridge of her nose.
The voice on the other end suddenly went
higher in pitch as the girl huffed and started
speaking in an angrier voice again.
“I nee-d to talk to him now.”
Elizabeth sighed and felt like just hanging up
the phone when James walked out of his
“Mr. McGregor?” She asked as she covered the
microphone with her hand.
“There is a girl on the line saying she had to
talk to you right now.”
Confusion [email protected]£ apparent on his face before
it went emotionless. “Her name?” He asked.
Elizabeth held up one f!nger as she put the
horn to her ear again, only to find the girl had
been ranting for quite some time.
“Name plea-se?” She asked gr-abbing a post-
Suddenly the ranting st©pped as the girl said.
“Tiffany Gomez.”
Elizabeth put her hand on the microphone once
more as she turned to look at Mr. McGregor
again and said. “Tiffany Gomez.”
For a split second, she thought she saw his
face change, but then it went right back to
“Direct her call to my office.” He said turning
to go back into his office. Elizabeth nodded
and directed the call when suddenly he spoke
again. “And Ms. Waverton, do go home, it is
quite late.” And with that, he closed the door
behind him.

To be continued

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