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Our new driver finale

🚗Our new driver 🚙
👙I must have him to se-x👙
Episode 19…💞
By :V»Praise.✍️
Wilson’s POV 😍🎀
I wondered who could be the knocker.. Frederick is in his room.
I can’t remember when he invited someone.
Well let me go and check and see who it was. I stood up to leave and but Vivian held me down.
“Where are you going to?”
“To check who was behind the door” I replied.
“No don’t think of that let the person stay there.”. She said.
“Why? Let me check maybe it’s Frederick friend” I said.
“No baby don’t go. I’m not re-ady to loose you yet. It might be one of those bad guys.. they might have come with evil intention. ” She lamented.
“Sure? If you don’t mind plea-se let me go” I insisted.
“No baby plea-se for my sake.. stay back. If they can’t come in with f0rç£ then let them stay there.” She said.
After he convinced me with several opinion, I rested with my mind not resting..
Frederick’s POV 💕
I heard a ha-rd knock on the door and wondered..Who could that be?
Wilson is not out and besides it’s too late for someone to visit us.
Well, let me go and check who the person was…
I stood up and went to the main door and stood their for a while. Out there I could hear some lousy noise. Who are those?
Josh’s POV 💕..
I was surrounded by almost 5 agile guys.
Dressed in red and black custom.. $h!t!! Who are this people and why are they here?.
They dragged me out r0ûghly.. I wasn’t able to oneth quarter of their strength. I regretted why i left my hostel..
They threw me into a luxury car and ignited off.. in the car they tied my eyes with a black cloth and collected my phone and gun..
In a while I was dashed out into an uncompleted building. We walked pas-sed some try bushes and my heart beat fas-ter. I prayed I wasn’t killed.
Woop!! I regretted. They tied my hands behind me and my legs together tied..
I could hear them discussing on what they will do to me..
One suggested they should kill me while another said I should be spare till the next day so that madam will come and see me.
I couldn’t believe their leader was a female. Madam Felicia. I couldn’t remember hearing such name..
well, I pray they should demand ransom quic-kly so I can pay.. but who will I contact. Vivian isn’t aware of my hostage..
Frederick’s POV 💕🎀
I opened the door and to my surprise I didn’t see anyone there. Why? But someone knocked minutes ago..
I waited for some minutes and rushed back inside to my room..
The next day……….
Gush,,, I’m late it’s morning alre-ady.. I quic-kly went to the restroom and got refreshened. I went to the kitchen to have some coffee for breakfast and to my delight I saw Wilson and Vivian having cool time in the kitchen while eating. They saw me and they smiled wi-dely. We exchanged plea-santries and quic-kly take some coffee and want out..
Josh’s POV 💕🎀🧡.
I was left un-der cool and opened atmosphere till day break..
Gush,,, I felt A gun pointed on my head..
“plea-se don’t kill me. I will pay you any amount of money you want. I’m a multi millionaire. I just [email protected]£ back from the USA. plea-se don’t hurt me” I pleaded.
Now that I have told them who I’m, what will fate decide for me.
“Mr Man, we are not after your stinky wealth. What do you have to say for yourself?” A very de-ep voice asked.. I guess he was the leader because I saw him earlier…
“plea-se forgive me don’t kill me, I promise you everything on earth.. I can change your life.” I said pleading profusely.
“Now that you have nothing to say, extend my regards to my pupsy” He said and spined the gun to shut..
“Hey, st©p that. Don’t shut him yet” a feminine voice said from behind..
I believe she was the madam they talked about earlier. God has s£nt her to save me maybe.
They had some brief discussion and he asked them to get me loose..
They untie me my legs and hands but not my eyes..
“Move him.” She said and they pushed me out.
They pushed me into a car and they drove off.. Gush what am I into.. Save me father..
Madam Felicia’s POV 🌟
They got me the wrong me person where on Earth did they get this man..?
Well, let me talk with him first. I asked them to fetch me Wilson but they refused saying. “We risky our life last night to get a man now we brou-ght him and you rejected it..”
I hate him for, that was why I st©pped talking with him the last time..
I asked them to bring him to me in my house..
We heard a brief discussion and I asked them to take him out.
Wilson’s POV 🎀🧡.
We had some sweet meal and she told me about her idea.
We should flew to Abuja to leave to Uncle..
I was thinking about the idea when Frederick call entered..
“Bro, I just heard a news about what happened in our house last night..”
“Bro hit the nail on the head”.
“The police just arrested some group of people later discovered to be kidnappers..At police check point.. the bandit was in position of a guy known as Josh a billionaire that return American.. ”
I cut shut….
“Wait,,!! Are you serious? Josh is my friend. How come?.. ”
“According to the New Carrier he was kidnapped on his way to a night operation with gun and other side, The leader of the kiddnapers was a female.. Felicia Benard by name… That’s your madam sure and right now they are in the police custody..
On hearing that my jaw dropped..
I suc¢v-mbe-d to her ideal of relocating and immediately we went to boarded a bus Abuja.. I’m sure there our life is going to change there…
🚗Our new driver 🚙
👙I must have him to se-x👙
Episode 20…💞
By :V»Praise.✍️
Wilson’s POV 🎀🧡
I looked to the idea of running away to Abuja..
It isn’t a great idea but I had no reasonable option than to follow her..
We landed at her uncle’s house and we were welcomed..
The first 2 weeks was enjoyable and splendid but I wasn’t comfortable because I don’t have any link to contact Frederick but hoped to reach her soon..
Marthina’s POV 💕🎀
I knew my mum of [email protected]ûghty attitude. Now looked at what she has landed herself.. Got caught with some kiddnapers. My dad was disappointed and felt so many heart break..
My dad left her there in a opened cell for 3weeks and proceeded to bail her..
I went there with him and successfully bailed her with the sum of 600,000.
We returned home and she felt more ashamed to talk to either of us.
She later apologized and regretted her actions ever done.. she [email protected]£ loyal and respectful thereafter..
As for that smuggler we left him there… But I am sure is gonna be out.
I heard his is multi millionaire and I wondered what could make such guy indulge in an illegal act of planning to terminate the life of a young buddy..
Wilson the most regarded handsome..
I called him one afternoon and he told me that he was no longer in Lagos and I felt damn hurt. I so much loved him… As time went by I gradually forget him as I felt a lovely and caring dude as Wilson… ‘Felix’ by name at school and new lovely life set on lovely.
Josh’s POV 💕
I called my dad after the arrest, I was bailed out and few days later I traveled back to New York. “Vivian is not the only beautiful lady. You can get someone better than her” my dad lamented.
I felt heart break because I loved Vivian so much. I later gave up on her and I never seeked get whereabout.. But her thought roaming in my mind..
I felt ashamed and disappointed of myself towards Wilson my best friend..
I wished I could see him and apologized to him but no opportunity because I was alre-ady in New York..
Vivian’s POV 🎀 🧡
I was so happy that Wilson succombe-d to my idea, and I got more excited..
We went to Abuja and he accepted everything awesomely..
I thought he was going to felt bad for living with my family but he wasn’t due to the expression on his face…. Always smiling.
I called my dad told him about Wilson and how much we loved each other, he accepted with several enthusiastic complimentation.
I pleaded with him to get him a job as he was the one to marry me.. He accepted and linked him up with one the best company exporting natural crude and petroleum…
After some months this handsome buddy [email protected]£ reach and wealthy.. I pleaded with him to go with me to USA but he refused and told me that he wanted to go and see his poor old mother in Calabar.
I wanted to follow him but my dad nee-ded me urgently to have a meeting with his client.
I kept missing and drooling over him..
Two months later I returned to Nigeria and he took me to his new [email protected] recently bought..
We met and spent lovely and ro-mantic time..
Two days later,
It was Saturday, after we took breakfast he went out and I couldn’t find him..
I was alone for 30 minutes, and I started calling his number but it wasn’t reaching and I got worried..
I went outside and started searching for him around the house.
I [email protected]£ to a place at the back of the house and I was Marveled by the sight of superauthentic designs..
Wow!! Those flowers looked so beautiful and Scentsy” I said and approached the beautiful garden designed with different kinds of flowers and Berry trees 🌲 🌲 🌲..
I looked round and saw a table set with just two seats facing each other.. I wondered what and who decorated it as that.
Just as I got to the middle of the setting, I felt a soft hand gr!pp£dme from behind.
With the sansation s£nt into my spine I recognized it to be Wilson and I turned immediately..
I caught his face smiling wi-dely and his hand was a bunch of rose flowers..
The scent took unimaginable state..
I was expecting him to hvge and k!$$£d😘 me but instead he went on his knees, pres£nted the rose 🌹 flower to me and of which I gladly accepted..
I still wondered what he was waiting for before he hvgged me.. I was impatiently wanting his pinkl-ips on mine..
He later de-ep his hand into his pocket and brou-ght out a small pretty amazing box.. he opened it and took out a ring..
Gush,, wedding ring..
Wait…wait….wait…. I said.
Cutting it short, He proposed to me and I was surprised and same time excited..
I gladly accepted and in few days we fixed our wedding [email protected]£..
He took me to his mother and she blessed us accordingly..
We traveled to USA and I introduced him to my parents. The accepted him and decided we set our wedding at USA… He refused at first because of his old mother but my dad told him he’s gonna bring her to US with his pri-vate jet along with other family members from my side and his side…
A week later. It was like a blink of an eye it [email protected]£ So quic-kly.
We had the best wedding [email protected] ever.. I was pu-ll-ed to greater surprise when I saw Josh. He acted calmly. He pres£nted a lot of interesting gift with apology.. We accepted and later reunited with him…
The wedding was so clas-sic and plea-sing..
Our parents [email protected] together and took alot of ph0toshut..
He decided we spent our honeymoon in Nigeria and gladly we moved to Nigeria with his mum..
A month later i was confirmed pregnant..
That was my dream ever since we met back in secondary school. Been his wife was my best ambition..
Time quic-kly went by, and i was due to put to be-d 🛏️.
In not less than 30 minutes, I was delivered of a baby girl.. that also added to the actualisation of my dreams..
Having a girl as my first child….
Thereafter we live happily.
What do you think of this story??
What lesson did you learn from it so far??
Stay tune for another amazing story.
Coming up soon.

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