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Our new driver Episode 7 & 8

🚗Our new driver 🚙
👙I must have him to se-x👙
🍆🍆Episode 7…🍆🍆
By :V»Praise.✍️
Wilson’s POV 😍
It was inappropriate for me to have a marital affair with another man’s wife. She lured me to it with her S-xy curves.
“Wilson are you re-ady let’s get going. I’ve a meeting to meet up. ” Madam Felicia said climbing downstairs.
“No mother let me have a short interaction with him.” Marthina pleaded jumping down from upstairs.
Her mother wickedly looked at her and responded.
“What do you intend telling him you bad daughter of mine? You have been with him since morning and now you want to talk to him” She muttered.
“Mother I know you hate me but let me express my feelings for one I care for” she said.
I couldn’t believe those beings are so crazy at each other but why should they be? Are they blood related because they don’t act like one…
“Madam plea-se let her say what she want to save your time” I said to woman well dressed in a short black go-wn looking so S-xy. I remembered while on be-d with her as-s. She was really sweet and fv¢ky. I felt like k!ss!ngonce more.
“Ok, if you say so. I’m giving you just two minutes to voice your ru-bbish” she yelled at her daughter and walked out. In reply her hissed and walked to me.
She went further and hvgged me. In tears she began.
” I will miss you Wilson. I know you don’t love me but I love you and I will find you wherever you go. The first day I set my eyes on your handsome face in hospital be-d I fell de-ep in love for you.” I was t©uçhed by her words. I never believe a girl of that wealthy nature could say she ‘love’ me..
I breath in de-eply and couldn’t help than to say what was in my mind. “love you too” I replied.
She lifted up her eyes and k!$$£d me. It lasted for about 5 minutes and we quite.
“Can you tell me what happened between you and my so called mother while I left you?” She asked looking straight at myl-ips.
I don’t want to tell her that I had S-x with her mother. I will look so embarras-sing so I quic-kly cooked a pot of lie..
“Believe me nothing happened between us just some interactive session.” I lied.
“Are you sure because I know that woman to be S-xually abused.” She said.
She really knew her mum maybe she has caught her having S-x outside her marriage.
“Why calling her that woman? Is She not your mother?” I asked.
“Well,, my dad has a lot of questions to answer me. I don’t believe that wicked witch is my mother. She had caused me alot of pain and depress. ” She answered grinning.
“What could they be doing inside there. I’ve stood here for over 30 minutes awaiting this young man.” Said madam Felicia and decided to go back inside and meet them having a good time, 😘 k!ssing.
She was really mad and jealous at what she saw and she shouted on the t©p of her voice.
“Will you both st©p that? Hey Wilson let get going” She yelled at once and dis£ngaged.. I went to her and fig out side.
I was really developing a feeling for that beautiful girl. I have never felt for any woman ever since Vivian left me for God known place.
Vivian is my Ex girlfriend we both loved each other so well. She was from a wealthy family and the only female daughter of her parent. Been the last child of 2 male, her parent cherished her too much. I met her while in school and we both [email protected]£ good mutual friends until the a day I met her on the road well messed up. She [email protected] beside the road to Mulla’s motel where I worked as janitor.
Janitor was my first work experience. I was introduced into it by a friend of mine. ‘Fredrick.’
I helped her by taking her to a nearby hospital and she was treated. It was as a result of excess drink. The next day, [email protected]£ her family and they all thanked me. That made us to be more closer and show more love to each other. I lived on her expense after my dad’s death. She Carter for me with no negative compliment. I love her so much..
I thought while walking into the car..
“Hey handsome, you have been quiet for a while. You are even crying, what’s the problem?” She requested and I cleaned up my tears. I don’t know why I was crying but I couldn’t help it.
“Madam, I am fine” I replied.
“Sure? You can’t say you are fine while you cry. Tell me your worries and will have them done” she said.
“Madam, I’m fine. Just thinking of the past” I replied.
“Ok, don’t worry. Once my husband comes back I will talk to him like I promise” she as-sured me and I felt more glad.
“Madam, can I take the drive?” I asked.
“Are you kidding? Can you repeat what you just said?” She asked in surprise.
“Madam, I’m serious about it. I can drive.” I answered.
“Unbelievable!” She exclaimed.
“Believe me” I said smiling.
“Hmm,, let me see if you can” she gave in and handover the car key to me.
I gladly took it, jumped into it and ignited the car moved it. I looked outside the car and saw marthina waving at me from the window upstairs… I quic-kly waved back As I await madam Felicia to enter the car. She did and I drove off..
“Wow! She exclaimed as I drove over a road bu-mp.
“You are really an expert in driving.” She complimented. I thanked her and increase my speed limit..
“So tell me how come you can drive as this good. Have been driver?” She asked.
I was shy to answer because it’s sounds embarras-sing.
“No ma’am, I learnt how to drive from my father who had many car.” I replied..
“Ok, I un-derstand but would you like to be one?” She asked. I was sure she was up to something.
“Yes madam because as it stands now I am jobless and broke.” I replied in frown.
“Okay dear, would you like to be our new driver 🚙 because the former Mr Mark has traveled for some weeks now. I promise you that if you agree to be our new driver 🚙, I will do the best for you in life. I owned my husband’s money 💰 which Worth billions. So with that you will become great… ” She said at once I was surprised at her hearing that she wants to help with her husband’s money. Been a driver is not bad, beside I will save a lot from it made my way out to get better job…
Frederick POV 🏀
Mean while back in town Fredrick. Wilson only had walked helter scatter in search of Wilson for the past two days now Wilson hasn’t returned home and that rendered Frederick so worried and mindly upset..
“If I don’t find Wilson today I will declare him missing to the police. He hasn’t spent much time outside this our house. Despite it poor State. The major problem now is that he doesn’t have a phone so I can call him… Today I must find him. I will search first from the T_ junction and later to Mulla’s motel..
Wilson POV 💎
After I agreed to work as their driver she as-sured me to stay tune for her husband’s call for the job. Thanked her so much and she urged me not to…
I drove in silent towards T_ Junction where I will drop and pick a cab. There I captured a familiar face I looked at it once again I recognized to Fredrick. Frederick! I screamed at once and she looked at me in surprise. I st©pped the engine immediately and went to meet my closest friend.. Frederick…
🚗Our new driver 🚙
👙I must have him to se-x👙
🍆🍆Episode 8…🍆🍆
By :V»Praise.✍️
Wilson’s POV 😍
I jumped out of the car with much excitement and jumped on his n£¢k. We [email protected] each other pas-sionately..
“Where have you been for the past two days?” He asked still in ti-ght hvg.
“Bro, it’s a long story that won’t be tell in stand.” I said smiling.
“Wow! Who owns the car that dash out from?” He asked looking in astonishment.
“Hmm,, it is my madam Felicia’s own. The woman whose husband knocked me out of the way two days ago.” I replied pointing at madam Felicia coming out of the car..
She reached out to us and went into a hand check salutation with Fredrick.
“Hey madam here is my one and only friend in the world. Meet Frederick Mendel” I said pointing to Fredrick.
They exchanged plea-santries.
“Madam, I think I will leave with him now” I said folding my hands.
“Why don’t you allow me to drive home instead of boarding a cab or bike?” She demanded.
“No madam, thanks for your care. I’m really grateful. I and Fredrick can go home together. It’s just a few distance from here” I said.
“That’s the more reason why I should take you there.” She insisted.
“No ma’am, don’t bother yourself we can go home” Fredrick added.
“If you say so, I will leave you guys here for now. Hmm, Wilson plea-se don’t forget to call later” she said walking to her car and waved 🌊 me good bye..
“That guy is really cool, just look at his abs I really love him. Nevertheless he will soon be mine. Now that he can drive, I will employ him as a driver and as well as a lover. I so deal with marthina if she dare stands out to approach Wilson.. I can’t wait to have him un-der my we-t [email protected] Madam Felicia thought aloud as she home dancing to the music of the car.
“Bro, tell me what happened to you. I’ve been searching for you everywhere.” Fredrick asked impatiently as we entered into our house. A room self contained.. I slummbe-d into the couch and asked him to offer me some cool stuff before I could drop out the gist.” I said and he quic-kly stood up and got me soft cli-max energy drink.
I gurped it down and narrated the whole thing to him. Told of the gift they gave me, who I had S-x with the woman and almost fv¢ked her daughter and how she promised to get me a well paid job.. we both [email protected] and thanked God for it.
“Maybe that’s how God want you to get it. He’s really grateful” Frederick applaud.
It [email protected]£ nightfall and I called Mr Bernard on phone.
“Hello sir, I’m Wilson Elvis.”
“Oh, Wilson how are you doing tonight? Hope you’re improving on your health?” He asked.
“Yes, I’m absolutely great Now” replied.
“That’s lovely then, My wife just told me about your talent of driving.” He said.
“Yes sir, I’m good driver 🚙 sir.”
“Ok, do you have your driver’s license? He asked
“Yes Sir.” In reply.
“Ok, then I won’t you to get re-ady tomorrow for the job of a driver in my house. I hope you won’t mind?” He asked.
“Not at all sir, I’m okay with that. I’m grateful Sir” I said excitedly.
“Don’t thank me but my wife . If not for her I won’t have know you as a person of good integrity..” he said. I was really happy that moment. The most interesting [email protected] is that she promised to share her husband wealth me. Secondly I’m [email protected] in love with her daughter. Maybe throu-gh all this I will get the betterment of life.. I haven’t secured a good job ever since I graduated. Now that I have found one despite it not a white collar job i appreciate it. At least I can buy things for myself instead of depending on Frederick for everything..
I was thoughtful till I sle-pt.
The next day, I woke up, I stretched my b©dy too well and I felt a slight pain allover my [email protected]!st. I guess it was because of the way twisted my [email protected]!st in fv¢king the madam Felicia.
I yarned and looked out of the window and saw the sun was raising alre-ady. I quic-kly got refreshened while Frederick prepared breakfast. I a blink of an eye was done. I wore my best outfit of a white V-n£¢k shi-t and a plane white Jean. I looked very smart and agile in that dress.. We took breakfast together and despatch to our different destination..
I boarded a cab and I while I was elite at gate step
I gently opened the door and entered. Surprisingly Mr Bernard was about leaving the house. He saw from the gate and Welcomed me with a smile..
“Welcome man!” He added..
I smiled went to him took a hand check.
“Hey dude you’re here alre-ady welcome” madam Felicia said coming outside. I guess she saw me from the window upstairs..
I was looking very gorgeous that morning in a transparent blouse. I felt k!ss!ngher right in front of her husband but I controlled my mood and went inside with them..

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