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Our new driver Episode 15 & 16

🚗Our new driver 🚙
👙I must have him to se-x👙
Episode 15…💞
By :V»Praise.✍️
Wilson’s POV 🎀
I stood confused and don’t even know where and what to say… I tried to talk but voice couldn’t come,, short of words. I couldn’t help than cry.. I looked at her and saw her crying profusely..
“Can someone tell me exactly what is happening here?” Josh shouted out of annoyance..
“Talk to me” He said this time shaking my weak b©dy.. I couldn’t hold on to stand, my legs shake in discomfort..
“Guy plea-se, I beg your pardon give some minutes to comfort my elide self” I replied..
“Bro, don’t tell me that. You’re crying and Vivian here is crying. Have you meet each other before?” He asked curiously.
“Bro, it is a story that nee-d time for proper elucidation.” I replied and behind him Vivian wept..
Madam Felicia’s POV 💕
I’ve been standing here getting close to an hour now and tired alre-ady.. look how sweaty I’m am. Let me rushed to my booked room but I can’t go alone and I can’t wait for him any longer. I got angry and called him annoyingly.
“Wilson what’s the meaning of this nons-en-se and why are you crying.? Who are this people?” I asked and he stared at me like I wasn’t referring to him.. The other guy was also looking at me confused and worried.
“Wilson are you deaf? Can’t you answer my question?” I asked again.
“Madam, just give me sometime I will answer you plea-se” I said..
I got more angry and walked out to the car ignited it and waved home very disappointed…
Vivian’s POV 🎯.
plea-se Josh can we leave this place? I said pu-lling him to leave. I looked at Wilson and our eyes met. I felt like to [email protected] and k!sshim but I couldn’t help. I dragged Josh away.
Wilson’s POV 🎀.
My eyes wi-de-ned as I watched the both walked out on me.. I [email protected]£ stranded neither madam Felicia nor Josh was there to help again.. I quic-kly rushed out and met none. I boarded a cab to my house. . I opened the door and met Frederick on his [email protected]©p typing story.. I slammed into couch and he rushed for me…
“Bro are you doing? You looked tired how was it with your madam.?
I was quite and Vivian’s thought flashed throu-gh my mind and tears dropped down my cheek…
“Bro why are you crying? Are you fired?” He asked and I shoke my head in disagreement..
“Then why should you cry? Talk to me” he said persisting me to talk..
“Bro I saw Vivian” I said.
“Wow!! I’m very happy for you. I thought I told she’s in town. She’s yours and nothing can take her away from you” he said.
I glared at him frustrated.
“How was it with her?”
“Bro not fine at all. I met her with my best friend Josh after he promised to connect me.” I replied and that thought s£nd me to more atmosphere of tears..
“Bro, you don’t nee-d to cry. Cheer up. She’s yours take my words..” He vonsoled.
“But how will that happen again? I felt more heartbreak than Ever” I said down casted.
“Don’t worry I just got an information about something important for you and I.” He said as-suring…
“You don’t get me. I was going to have a fv¢k with my madam in the motel I met her and my madam left me there angry. I don’t even know if she has considered me fired now I’m stranded.”
I lamented.
“You don’t nee-d to be.. you’re tired you nee-d some rest for now and tomorrow is Sunday.. ” I said and I thanked him.
“Bro don’t thank me, what are friends for. Have you forgotten how you helped when Grace left me. Have you forgotten how you amended my heartbreak with your words? Come on cheer up. We are one forever” He said and that make my to like him the more. So nice to be with..
I went to my room and had a cool shower.. 🚿
Boom!👥 Sleep take place.
The next day I woke up early and called my boss he and he answered awesomely and invited me for a drink at his chamber.
I proceeded to call my madam but kpom…!! No answer and call rejection..took place.
In a tap marthina pick up and liaise friendly..
Very early On Monday morning..
I took to work.
I [email protected] soft knock at the door and marthina opened immediately as if she was waiting. To my astonishment she gave me a ti-ght hvg. It lasted for minutes and I got scared of been caught by either of her parents..
“Hey Wilson you’re here so early” the de-ep voice of Mr Bernard gross throu-gh my ears and I smiled back happily..
We exchanged some plea-santries while marthina signaled me to her upstairs if got throu-gh..
Madam Felicia [email protected]£ downstairs looking at me wickedly. Bad expression took over her face. I greeted her and she ignored me, walked in the kitchen.. I smiled at Mr Bernard who just watched the arrogant way of wife..
“Man, let’s get going” He said.. I took the car keys and hurried before him outside. I opened the car door and he entered..
¡Poof!! I drove off.
I dropped him at the office and I was meant to park the car at the house immediately..
I returned and met madam Felicia waiting by the door. I greeted again and handed Over the car keys to her and she [email protected]£d it from my hands and asked me to meet her in her room.
I followed her immediately.
We went into her room and to my delight she began undo her cloth. Without word. I was expecting cruel word but something [email protected]£ up instead..
🚗Our new driver 🚙
👙I must have him to se-x👙
Episode 16…💞
By :V»Praise.✍️
Vivian’s POV 🎀
Josh drove out annoyingly. We landed at the airport and took our flight to Benin. The next day he was to go and inspect his oil company but it fell out to Sunday. I was so disturbe-d seeing Wilson in such situation. A Petrol chemical engineer… Damned this country. Several thought [email protected]£ across my mind and that night, I couldn’t sleep. Josh didn’t talk to me nor asked me about anything I was anticipating for difficult question but none [email protected]£. He just ignored me and sle-pt snoring wickedly. I hate his slee-ping face. Very ugly. After some hours of restless thought, I gave in to sleep..
I gro-an ed tiredly waking up from my slumber and yesterday thought flashed my mind… Gush, I don’t want to remember it again. I turned to Josh and he was still asleep… I stood up and went to use the restroom..
I got refreshed in a white pyjamas. I [email protected]£ out and met him sitting on the be-d resting against the wall.
He stared at me and my mind skipped and my b©dy shaken I don’t even know why I felt uncomfortable with him. We both loved each other from USA and decided to spend the summer time in 9ja. Why am I feeling disturbe-d and discomfort.
“Vivian are you now re-ady to explain what exactly happened yesterday between you and Wilson?” He asked grumpy..
Hmmmm!! I breath in relief. I know he hasn’t forgotten it..
“Will you answer me or ?” He yelled.
Is he threatening me? Besides I haven’t accepted him fully as my b©yfri£ndnow look at how he is behaving, so arogant and bad tempered.
“Josh is not how you un-derstand it just calm down and get me right” I said in a pleading manner.
“Get you as how?. I asked a straight question so don’t pend the answer. Speak up, what connection did you had with Wilson that caused you to cry when you saw him.. ” He asked in anger.
I don’t know why he was angry. Jealousy is taking over him..
“Josh st©p yelling at me. Wilson was my b©yfri£ndyears ago” I summoned courage to speak.
“Your b©yfri£ndyou said? How?”
“Well, he took over my life as a caring, kind and loving b©yfri£ndin my secondary school days and after we graduated we luckily gained admission into the same university ‘UNILAG” I replied.
“I also attended the same university how [email protected]£ I didn’t know you then? ‘
“I only have a year there and my parents called me to USA. That was when I left Wilson.” I Said looking away from him..
“He was your b©yfri£nd, okay but listen to me now I have you as mine. I don’t want you to think of him anymore take that” He cautioned.
Is he commanding me. My father, husband or what?
“Ok” I said in acceptance just to avoid problem but I must go back to Wilson. I love him more than anyone else. I wish to marry despite his poor State. I shall influence him with my money..
After he refreshed, we went cafeteria to have some yummy mo-les..
“I wish to go and pay him a visit but I don’t have any link to him.. Gush, anyway I won’t go back to New York with Josh. I will just stay here in Nigeria and look for Wilson no mater what happened.. I thought as I st©pped sized eating and he stared at me..
“You have st©pped eating what are you thinking about?
Wilson?” He asked as he looked directly at me bringing me out of a de-ep fracas thought..
“I just lost my appetite” I said and made to stand up but he held my hand and dragged me back.
“Have you gone stray? How dare you walk out on me. Seat down here eat this meal” He muttered.
“Sorry I lost my appetite alre-ady. Can I go? ” I asked loosing patients his grip on me is very ha-rd , I felt pain and my wrist hurt….I pu-ll-ed of his grip and walked to the bar to drink my thought away. He followed and distracted me.. Asking and yelling at me..
Wilson’s POV 🎀🧡.
[In madam Felicia’s room]
“Madam I’m sorry for what happened but you have to un-derstand that it was emotional.. ” I apologised.
“Did you also forgot I paid for a room to go have fun?” She asked in bad manners.
“I didn’t but I couldn’t control my emotional feelings that moment. I so much cherished Vivian. I’ve never fallen in love with anyone else except her with dee-per emotions..” I explained.
“I see lover boy, Is that why you should turn me down because of that nons-en-se thing called love..” she sm-irked.
“Vivian’s love isn’t nons-en-se. It means a lot to me” I added.
” It is Ok lover boy. That is not the main reason you here in my room. You’re a good lover now show me the Love.” She said coming closer with her closed. She placed her hand and my che-st and began to move it haphazardly… I got turned on immediately and my d!¢k £r£¢ted as her [email protected]£ across it.. the standing tower was trying to f0rç£ it way to the earth to perform..
“Come on give it to me, you’re so h0t” she whispered into my ear 👂 as ourl-ips met and we started k!ss!ng😘. It lasted for some minutes and I pushed her to be-d 🛏️ gradually she fell on her back. She raised her legs up ‘Fresh [email protected]’ I tossed. To my delightment she wasn’t putting on any [email protected] WOW! She’s we-t alre-ady. Her Pinky pvzzysecret out it jui-ce and it drools out freely. I gradually str!pped off her clothes and her b©©b s bounced out wanting to get su-cked… I [email protected]ç£d for a while and placed my mouth on it and started su-cking it rolling my ton-gue against the n!ppl!s. ” Gush,,, you’re so good plea-se fv¢k me” she pleaded..
I continued su-cking and she quic-kly turned me over the be-d and undid my belt. She brou-ght out my large 7 inches £r£¢ted d!¢k. Pink cap with strong vain running across it.. pre-¢v-m was forming alre-ady.
“You’re big down wow!!” She complimented. She inser-ted it into her mouth and began to thrû-st it in and out. She gave me the best de-ep throated oral fv¢k. She was very good in that. I guess she’s good p©rn watcher….
TBC ✳️

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