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One wrong turn Episode 9 & 10

We drove for about 5 minutes, and Matthew pu-ll-ed over in front of a fenced compound, we both alighted.
“This is my hostel” he announced proudly.
It was a decent environment, with two-storey buildings facing each other. There must be about Forty (40) rooms in all. The compound was well adorned with flowers, the floor had interlocking tiles. It had the look and feel of a really expensive accommodation.
Matthew motioned me forward, and we took a flight of stairs up to his room. It was the fourth room upstairs. The room was quite as impressive as the surrounding. It was tastefully furnished and nicely decorated. The wall curtains and be-d sheets were a match, with different colours of paints on the wall. A plastic re-ading table and chair la-id in a corner of the room, with books arranged around it. He had some really expensive electronic gadgets too. A 32 inches plasma screen television hung on the wall, with a portable LG home theater system. A fridge and some other electronic appliances I don’t think I have seen before.
Overall, the setting of the room provided more than comfort, it was pure luxury. Just how much does his parents give him? I wondered silently.
“Here, have your sit” he said, pointing towards the be-d. I sat down, feeling a little uneasy. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do or say exactly. A fish out of water is how I would describe myself.
“Your room is lovely” I managed to say.
“Oh! Thanks, I’m glad you like it”. He [email protected]£d his remote control and turned on his home theater. The music [email protected]£ on, it was one of Frank Edwards song titled “If God Be For Me.” I nodded slowly to the beats.
Matthew pu-ll-ed up close to me on the be-d, and placed a palm on my cheek.
“Did you mean it when you said you loved me too?” He asked in a rather innocent tone.
There was a look of humility and sincerity on his face, he was like a little child pleading for ice cream.
“Yes” was all I could say.
“Then prove it to me Ruth”
“How?” I asked, genuinely puzzled.
While I was still anticipating a response, he pu-ll-ed me closed to himself and moved in for a k!ss. It was a continuation from where we left off in the car. The whole sequence was repeating itself. I tried to resist, but a certain weakness enveloped me. I just gave in and fell back.
A feeling of guilt lingered around my head, I knew I shouldn’t be here, but the plea-sure of the moment blocked my common s-en-se.
“No plea-se don’t ” I pleaded when I knew he was on another planet alre-ady.
“Ruth, I thought you said you loved me?”
“I do, but I can’t do this, I’m scared”
“Are you a vir-gin?” He asked, looking surprised
“Yes, and my mum inspects me regularly, she did the last time the Catechist caught us in church” I replied, trying to avoid his gaze.
“What do you mean by inspect? You mean she checks you down there?” He asked, pointing towards ‘it’.
He got up from above me with a resigned look on his face. He probably knew if I was disvir-gined, my parents will take it out on him. I drew his sheet, and covered my Unclad b©dy with it. For the first time I realized I was Unclad, and felt really shy.
“You know we can still have fun, and you will still be a vir-gin” he said with some anticipation.
“Just trust me” he replied, as he climbe-d over me again.
This time, he pu-ll-ed my Sk-irts down, without any resistance. I was completely Unclad. He did everything unimaginable which I cannot explain. I was powerless to refuse. [email protected] because I enjoyed it, and [email protected] because I wanted to prove I loved him. (But is this the true definition of LOVE?)
It was around 10minutes before the end of our break, it was time to go. I dressed up hurriedly, arranged myself in front of the mirror and we headed out.
“Did you have fun?” Matthew asked as he started the engines.
“Yes” I replied shyly.
We drove off and headed back to my school. Matthew did not pressure me to have S-x with him. Unknown to him, it has increa-sed my love for him. But on the other hand, he has introduced me to a habit that would complicate my life. A life style that has led me to my current state.
We arrived at my school not quite long after. I was silent for most [email protected] of the journey, a lot of thoughts ran throu-gh my mind.
I would steal occasional glances at Matthew, to see the expression on his face. He often looked indifferent. The school was very much rowdy, as students were still outside pla-ying. It was three minutes before the end of the break.
I [email protected]£ out of the car, and walked cautiously to the gate, looking around to see if anyone had eyes on me.I knocked lightly on the gate, and the harsh voice of the gate man answered me.
“Who is it?”
“Sir It’s me, I’m back” He stared throu-gh the peep-hole, and identified me, as he unlocked the gates and let me in. As soon as I entered, I sp©tted Sarah walking down from the other side of the school. She looked very much excited to see me. I hurried into the gate house, and began to change into my school uniform. I was excited to be back, I hate stories of my own to share with Sarah like she’s always gisted me on her outing with guys.
Ruth rushed into the gate house, and hvgged me ti-ghtly.
“At last you’ve become a big girl, it’s about time you grew up” Sarah said, giving me a familiar look. It was a look of scrutiny (Intense study of someone).
“Abi?” I replied.
“So what did he give you? I know Matthew is loaded” Sarah queried, sounding very serious
“Tada!” Waving my hands for her to see the wristwatch.
“Just that?” She asked, a little disappointed.
I put my hand in the polythene bag I brou-ght with me, and brou-ght out the mobile phone.
Sarah [email protected]£d it from me excitedly, and did the usual “girl shout”. The phone was Techno Phantom. I was so proud of myself, this was almost an achievement for me. But I was sure my parents would never let me keep the phone. So I had a plan.
“So did you follow him home?” Sarah asked, anticipating a quic-k reply.
“I did”…
“And?” She inquired further.
“Nothing” I replied, not knowing exactly what she wanted to hear.
“So you mean you didn’t get down with him?”
“Not really, I was scared, you know I’m a vir-gin” I replied, in a low tone.
“So you want to carry your vir-ginity to the grave? If a guy gives you this much, the only thing you can repay him is by opening up for him. St©p being selfish, else you’ll lose a guy that loves you so much”
Sarah’s words affected me far more than she realized, like the saying goes “A Friend either MAKES or MAR you” The latter was the case with her. Matthew has shown me so much love, he has spent a lot. I should have given him something in return, I wondered silently to myself.
The thought of losing Matthew was unbearable. He was the only one who had shown me so much love.
He gives my life a meaning, more so he provided an escape from my parents. He deserved something, I concluded.
“When next we go out, I’ll just do it with him” I said rather boldly
“That’s much better, it’s not a big deal, we all do it. Just grow up Ruth. I nodded in agreement sheepishly, and started arranging my personal stuffs.
The break was alre-ady over, and the school compound was getting quieter as students made their way into their clas-srooms. A thought suddenly hit me, as Sarah asked
“Where is Hannah”?
“she went with Matthew’s cousin, she will soon be back I’m sure” de-ep within me, I was really scared. Joseph did not look or sound like a decent person. He looked more like a thvg. I also knew Hannah would follow him home, to sleep with him. But shouldn’t she have returned alre-ady?
We have waited for more than 20 minutes after the break. And our worry had become pronounce.
I kept pacing up and down the gate house, worried that something bad might have happened to Hannah. Her number wasn’t connecting either. Even the gate man joined my panic. After 20 more minutes of waiting. We heard a weak knock on the gate. I prayed silently for it to be Hannah. I couldn’t bear the panic any longer. The gate man opened up quic-kly. The sight before us heightened our anxiety and panic. Hannah was seated on the ground, looking weak and spent. Her face looked nothing like the person who left the school with me today. Her make up was ruined, something must have dried up on her face. Her clothes were we-t and dirty.
She wore the look of someone who had been throu-gh a lot.
We rushed forward to help her up to her feet, and carried her into the gate house.
“What happened to you?” Sarah asked with a shaky voice. I was too dumbfounded to speak.
Hannah began her story from where we got separated
Hannah and Joseph took a stroll to the boutique upstairs, she bought quite a lot of cloths which Joseph paid for. Joseph requested that Hannah accompanied him home, which she obliged to without much hesitation. Hannah knew she was going to sleep with Joseph, and she was prepared, it was something she had done often.
They both left while Matthew and I were shopping. Joseph called a friend of his to pick them up from the plaza. Hannah had no idea where Joseph stays.
Joseph’s friend took them to a residential building not quite far from the plaza. It was a four be-droom flat, with a largely unkempt surrounding. The gras-ses were tall, almost growing into the house itself.
It looked quite abandoned, except for the foot-wears that lined the entrance to the house, coupled with the strong smell of Indian hemp that dominated the atmosphere. There were other boys in the well furnished, but untidy sitting room. They were smoking, and drinking all sort of drinks when Hannah and Joseph walked in. After a slight exchange of ‘GUYS’ greetings and handshakes, Joseph introduced Hannah as his “little girl” and esc-rted her into a room in the house. The room was untidy and stuffy, probably hasn’t been swept for over a week. The sheets smelled of sweat, with different colours of stains spattered around it.
Joseph pushed Hannah to the be-d lightly, and began to k!ssand Uncloth her. He met absolutely no resistance, not that it would have mattered as he was slightly drun!k, and Hannah knew she was there for that purpose. They were both alre-ady Unclad when Hannah remembered that Joseph wasn’t using a protec-tion. She questioned Joseph on this, which he declined giving a reply to. Hannah insisted, and an argument ensued. She threatened to leave if Joseph would not provide a protec-tion.
Her threat obviously infuriated Joseph, as he [email protected] her across her face. She tried to get up, but Joseph held her down on the be-d, covered her mouth with his palm and f0rç£d his way. He m©l£st£dher for more than 20 minutes, before letting go of her. Hannah stood up and reigned insults on him. Joseph walked out of the room, and Hannah began to dress herself up. The door to the room flew open, and the 5 boys from the sitting room strolled in, with a wicked smile registered on their faces. She was still [email protected] Unclad, she knew what she was in for and there was so little she could do. The five of them took turns on her.
Joseph was no where in sight. She got nothing from the whole day’s show, as the money they gave her was ba-rely enough for her transportation. Cold shivers ran down my spine as I imagined the scenario. I started having a second thought on sneaking out of school ever again. But on a second thought, Thank God Matthew wasn’t like his cousin, I thought to myself.
Hannah changed into her school uniform, we packaged our cloths inside her bag, and walked towards our clas-sroom. She was still very uncomfortable walking, so we had to help her.
At this time, we had completely missed the first lesson after break. The subject was Biology. It was unusual for me to miss clas-ses. I kept looking around suspiciously, my heartbeat increa-sed as we approached the clas-sroom.
“What are you doing outside”? A voice shouted from behind us. We turned around, it was our Biology teacher Mr Makanjuola, adjusting his trou-sers. He must have come this way to ease himself.
“I just finished with your clas-s, the three of you were abs£nt. Where are you coming from?” He said, walking towards us.
“Our friend is sick, we took her to the hospital” Sarah replied pointing towards Hannah.
I nodded in agreement, as Hannah actually looked sick. But I could tell from his expression that he did not buy the story.
“So when a student is sick, you take her to the hospital without a gate pas-s? And how come she is back to school with you?”
“What is she carrying inside that bag?” he asked, gr-abbing the bag from me and searching throu-gh its content. Busted! I said within myself. This wasn’t going to end well. I started to fidget, hoping Sarah will come up with a more believable lie.
“We have gate pas-s sir” Sarah replied unconvincingly.
“Shut up there! Whose bag is this” he asked directing a firm gaze at me.
“Its mine” Sarah cut in before I could speak.
“Everything inside is mine”
“Come to my office and explain what you are doing with a bag full of cloths and a new mobile phone before the end of today, or else I will personally s£nd messages to your parents and you will be expelled”
I know s£nding message to Sarah’s parent will surely turn things round and eventually ends on my path.
How do I get out of this again?
Young girls in the house, hope you’re learning?

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