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Once a racist finale

a racist💎
Pamela ❤️
Episode twenty nine✨
I never thought I would ever be this foolish.
How could I believe that Blaire would easily give up on me.
I was really scared and angry at the same time when I saw the stupid tweet in my phone
Have never tried to have S-x with Rosie because I know the type of girl she is, I knew she would turn me down so it’s quite obvious that these pictures are fake.
But I wonder what Blaire would benefit from all these cause am never going get into any form of relationsh!pwith her.
I alighted from my car when I got to Rosie’s house.
I was scared of how angry, sad and terrified she would be but I know I nee-d to talk to her.
I knocked on her gate but got no reply and after some minutes, the gate keeper walked out with a big bag in his hands.
They never had a gate keeper but because Rosie [email protected]£ a celebrity, they had to move out of their former house into this bigger one.
“Good morning, Sir.” The gate keeper greeted and I nodded.
“Where are you going to with this big bag? Were you sacked?” I looking from the big bag to his eyes.
“Mr. Dominic and Rosie had to travel to Nigeria before the initial [email protected]£, so I was asked to…..”
“To where? Nigeria?” I shouted cutting him short and he nodded.
But how come Rosie didn’t tell me?
Was it because I was in the hospital or because I she was angry at the tweet?
“When did they leave?” I asked jumping into my car.
I have to st©p her, I have to beg her.
To tell her that it was Blair’s doing and not mine.
“Thirty minutes ago.” He answered and I ignited my car and drove away with speed.
I am so going to kill Blaire the next time I see her, I swear.
I had to get my heart broken by my first love. Is this what hear break feels like?
We were alre-ady at the airport waiting for time our plane was supposed to set off.
If only I can just remain in Nigeria instead of coming to face the so called haters that call themselves my fans.
It’s time.
I held my mom’s hand as we walked towards the plane with my dad behind us with the bags.
I wonder what Donald might be doing right now. I guess he’s celebrity the break up
I looked back at my surroundings before stepping into the plane.
I know for certain that with this trip and the stupid break up, my life is gonna change forever.
“Rosie.” I heard someone shouted and I turned to see my parents wearing a very confused look.
It obvious they heard my name too but who could it be.
“Maybe it’s someone else.” My mom said and I nodded and rested my head in the soft chair.
“Rosie, plea-se Come back.” I heard again and then it dawned on me that it was Donald but what is he doing here?
He made it really clear that he doesn’t want this relationsh!pagain.
“Don’t get down, Rosie. Don’t dare.” My dad said and I nodded with a smile.
“I don’t want to.” I answered.
It’s ten minutes remaining for the plane to set off.
Is Donald here to apologize, the way he shouted sounded really urgent.
I turned to see my mum starting at me with so much concern and sadness in her eyes and I turned away.
She knows how I feel right now unlike my dad.
“Rosie, I love you.” I heard again but this time, very loud and when I turned, I saw him standing at the doorway of the plane.
His eyes kept on roaming around obviously searching for me and when they fell on me, he ran towards with a large grin.
“Rosie, I swear. I didn’t write that post. It was all Blaire’s doing.” He said breathlessly and my dad hissed.
“Blaire is your ex girlfriend, what was she doing with your phone?” He shouted and I looked into Donald’s eyes expecting an answer.
He was kneeling before me attra-cting lots of stares from the pas-s£ngers who didn’t waste any time in taking pictures and even videos.
“She is friends with my mom, so I guess she allowed her in and when she entered my room. She told me that she was alre-ady in love with someone else and would like to be friends with me, so I accepted but I never knew she had other plans in mind.
I have never had S-x with her not to talk of taking her nûd£s, those pictures were faked. I love Rosie with all my heart and I will never do anything to hurt her. plea-se, Dominic don’t take her to Nigeria except I come with you guys.” He said looking from me to my dad.
“My decision is final, you are not coming with us and Rosie is not going to stay back.” My dad answered.
“No, let Rosie stay. You cannot st©p her from being happy simply because she’s your child, for goodness sake, Dominic they love each other.” My said and I smiled a bit.
“Rosie, say something. I promise to make everyone know that the post is fake.” Donald said and held my hands in his.
I looked into his eyes and took a de-ep breath.
What do I really want?
His eyes were still searching for my for answers and I smiled.
I leaned in and k!$$£d him slowly ma-king people in the plane to cheer and [email protected]
“I love you, Donald.”
“I love you too, Rosie.” He said and stood up.
I looked at my dad and saw him staring at us intently with my mom smiling.
“Dad, mom. I don’t want to go to Nigeria. My fiance is nee-ds me.” I said and held Donald’s hands.
“Rosie” Donald called with all seriousness in his face and I swallowed.
What does he want to say? Is he going to officially break up with me now?
He looked at me for a while before going on his knees.
“Rosie, my heart beat, plea-se would you marry me?”
Wait, what.
a racist 💎
Episode thirty
Don’t get me wrong, am not a sadist neither am I a villain.
I just don’t want any hurt to come to my daughter, her marrying a celeb is not something I find comforting and moreover, Donald and his family hates black so why would they ever change because of my Rosie.
It’s been really scandalous for my family ever since he [email protected]£ into our lives.
Well, we are currently in my mansion because of him again. He proposed to Rosie and just like I expected, She agreed with her tear filled face.
I have to call Dwayne to tell about what just happened.
I stepped out of the living room into the balcony and dialed his number and in the first thing, he answered.
“Dwayne, you saw the news, right? They can never get married. Never.” I said and he sighed.
“I never expected this even in the next years, Donald had no plans of getting married.”
“Okay, so what are we gonna do about this?” I asked rather impatiently.
Dwayne’s Donald manager and he had visited me at work to tell me that he can help me separate Rosie and Donald if I as-sist him and I accepted.
“How about you allow them get married first and on the day of the wedding, I would shoot him.” He said and I hissed.
“I am telling you I don’t want my daughter to get married to him and you are telling me to allow it.
Do you want my Rosie to become a widow at a very tender age?”
“No, I would get married to her after that.”
Is this guy crazy or something?
“And why would I allow that? Why would I allow someone that doesn’t love his [email protected] simply because you are meant to be in his position, huh?” I asked angrily.
“And what do you think your daughter would think of you when she finds out that you’ve been planning to ruin her love life.”
Oh, I don’t even want to think about that.
“I would call you later, the reason I wanted to wait till their wedding day is because, it would be so ti-ght that day.” He said and with that he hanged up.
No, am not gonna do that.
I really don’t want him dead actually, I just want him to leave my daughter’s life.
“Honey, how about we start talking about the wedding preparations.” My wife said standing at the doorway and I faked a smile.
“Yeah, sure. Let’s do that.” I said and started walking towards her but st©pped when I saw blood coming out from her mouth.
I ran towards her quic-kly and held before she could fall.
“Baby, what’s wrong?” I asked worriedly and she smiled wryly.
“The doctor said I had only three months left to live but God kept me till today. God kept me so I can witness this wonderful day, today makes it four months.” She said and I shook my head.
“Why didn’t you tell me about this? Huh, do you know how devastated Rosie and I would be?”
“I just didn’t want to bother you, I have written a letter for Rosie, so plea-se give it to her and tell her I love her.” She said and breathed her last.
“Dad?” I heard Rosie voice and I raised my head to see her looking at her mom’s lifeless b©dy on my hand.
“She’s gone. You [email protected]£ late again because of him, so you couldn’t see her before she died.” I said angrily and she fell on the floor crawling towards us.
“But, mom? You… promised to be day for me on the day of my wedding.” She muttered as tears poured down her eyes.
I held Rosie ti-ghtly as an ambulance took her mom and dad away.
She was asked to stay back for her safety but she doesn’t seem like someone that is save at all, she’s broken and so am I, I never imagined she would leave this early.
“Rosie? It’s going to be fine alright?” I whispered into her ears but she ignored me.
I carried her inside and la-id her carefully on the couch.
“My dad said I would have met her if I had come early, do you think I was the reason she died that early? With so many news about us, I guess her heart was shattered.” She whimpered and I held her face and made her look into my eyes.
“You’ve re-ad the letter she wore, right? She said the doctor said she had just three months to live but she stayed for four months instead, she said you were the reason God kept her that long, so you shouldn’t blame yourself, instead you should be happy she was able to witness this day.” I said and he hvgged me ti-ghtly.
It’s just hours after my proposal, why did this have to happen
“It hurts, Donald. It does.” She said and I sighed.
I have never seen her this broken before.
a racist 💎
Episode thirty one
Am so fv¢ked up right now.
I never thought my plans would draw Donald and Rosie together instead of keeping them [email protected]
Few hours after the stupid proposal, Donald tweeted that the previous post was fake and that I was the one that posted it because I was jealous of Rosie’s position.
You can imagine the shame. The laughter. The insults from with haters and fans
Even my dad who has never been so angry at me, told me to go back to France and never come back until he says so but isn’t that really wicked?
I just wanted to [email protected]£ a celeb, is it so ha-rd to ask for?
Well, right now, am in Dwayne’s [email protected] He had called earlier and told me to drop by.
“You are here.” He said with a glas-s of wine in his hand and I nodded.
He pu-ll-ed off his shi-t and sat close to me.
Okay? He stares a lot and it’s kinda creepy.
“Help me, Blaire. You know am supposed to be the most popular actor alive not Donald. So help me and I promise to help you.” He said with a very offensive smell of alcohol coming out from his mouth and nostrils.
“No, Dwayne. Donald is a better actor than you, so st©p being jealous.” I shouted and he ruffled his hair angrily.
“Are you insane? I am trying to make things work out but you are not complying. You know what I can do right?” he asked staring de-eply into my eyes.
He’s drun!k, too drun!k.
I stood up and made to leave but he dragged me back with f0rç£ and pushed me into the couch.
“ I am going to kill you now if you don’t comply to my wish.” He said angrily and I gulped.
Is he going to [email protected]£ me?
“My dad… wants me to go back to France else he would rip me off my inheritance.” I said fearfully and he sm-irked and yanked off my loose blouse.
After Rosie’s mother burial, I took her to her [email protected] since her dad refused to leave his wife grave.
He really loved his wife.
I made sure Rosie fell asleep before going back to my car.
Ever since Blaire [email protected]£ to my house, have not payed her a visit.
I nee-d to show her the stuff am made off.
As I drove to her house, I decided to drop by at Dwayne house to check up on him.
It’s been long I last saw him, he rarely check up on me.
He acts really strange at times that I feel like replacing him but my agency wouldn’t allow that
I knocked on the door for some minutes but got no answer, so I decided to leave but as I was about doing that, I heard someone shouting and I st©pped.
The voice sounded really familiar.
I pushed the door and surprisedly, it opened to reveal Dwayne having S-x f0rç£fully with Blaire, he was taking her.
I moved closer to them and pushed him off angrily.
Blaire stood up immediately and fell on the floor looking at everywhere else but my eyes.
She’s obviously ashamed.
I turned back to Dwayne and punched him ha-rd on his face and he fell effortlessly.
He was drun!k.
We heard [email protected]£ra shuttles and turned to see a girl and a boy filming and taking pictures.
Oh my gosh.
What’s all these, am no doubt going to be in the news today, again.
Blaire looked at them and sniffed before closing her eyes.
Wait, is she dead or what?
a racist 💎
Episode thirty two
Rosie’s POV
It’s my wedding day.
Very fast, right?
Well, we had no choice and moreover my dad gave us his blessings even though I still haven’t forgiven him yet.
Dwayne was arrested and taken to prison the day Donald caught him ra-ping Blaire and Blaire, in the other hand was taken to the hospital.
Though Blaire has done quite a lot of mean thing to me but that doesn’t mean she deserved what she got, I was really t©uçhed.
Thank God Donald caught them, I wonder if he wouldn’t have killed her and it was a good thing, those reporters also followed Donald because they did a live broadcast which made the police to come quic-kly.
That was a week ago.
After Dwayne was arrested, he was asked why he did what he did especially when the girl is Donald’s ex and he started saying all sorts of ru-bbish.
He said he was supposed to be the most popular actor alive and not Donald, that Donald stole his sp©t light.
He confessed that he called Blaire so she can help him get rid of Donald but she didn’t agree, and he [email protected]£d her.
Does that even make s-en-se?
Okay, everything was going smoothly until he started talking about my dad.
He said my dad hates the fact Donald and I were in a relationsh!p, so he wanted us to break up.
But what kind of papa does that?
My dad was so broken when he found out I knew about his plans but I cared less, he was arrested for just two days before he was re-leased because he didn’t agree with Dwayne’s plan to shoot Donald on our wedding day.
He [email protected]£ to Donald’s house where I was staying and asked for my forgiveness but I literally chased him out.
To me, he’s not worthy of being called a dad.
As for Blaire? I visited her once when she was at the hospital and though, she was still kinda sad that am with Donald, she promised never to try to get into our way.
She said she would go back to France and never come back and with the look on her eyes, I knew she was saying the truth.
Her friends abandoned her and she was asked not to go to social media to avoid seeing all the hateful comments people had heaped for her but she knew, she knew so many people alre-ady hated her.
They said she deserved all that happened.
She left for France three days ago after giving me a written letter to give to Donald on her behalf because she was very much ashame to face him.
As for Nadia, she begged me .
Can you believe it? She said one of the best things that has ever happened to them is me coming into their lives.
Isn’t that interesting?
Am so glad I made them un-derstand that colour doesn’t make anyone better than the other.
We are one irrespective of our nationality or colour.
Julie finally met a decent after her first break up.
The boy’s an actor but not so popular, I just hope he doesn’t break her heart again cause Julie loves him so much even though she doesn’t admits it.
I know am supposed to be really happy but I can’t just help but to miss my mum.
If only she was here to witness this great day with me.
She would have been really happy.
Really satisfied that I am getting married to the love of my life..
I sniffed and smiled as I look at my reflection in the mirror.
I should be happy cause I know the last thing my mother wants is for me to be sad, especially on my wedding day.
I heard a knock and I turned to see Donald in his black suit.
He looked really handsome, am glad I met him.
“Hello, beautiful. Someone’s here to see you.’ He said moving aside for the person to come in and Miriam walked in.
She was putting on a red long go-wn that made her look like a queen.
I don’t really know why Donald thinks am more beautiful than her.
“Rosie, am sorry I couldn’t make it to your mom’s funeral.” She said and gave me a slight hvg when j didn’t st©p staring.
“No, it’s okay. I know you’ve been really busy.” I replied.
Yeah, she left for Korea few months ago for a movie with a very popular actor and with all what has been happening I couldn’t call her.
“Am really happy for you, Rosie. Am glad that you pu-ll-ed throu-gh everything that happened. You are strong.” She said and I smiled.
‘it was you that actually encouraged me to be strong and moreover women are strong.” I said and she chuckled.
“ Then they should be strong enough to forgive.” She said and I arched my brows.
She looked at the door and man dad [email protected]£ in staring at my eyes.
He was dressed in a suit like he was invited to my wedding, what a joker?
Is Miriam trying to tell me to forgive him?
“Rosie, the last thing your mum wants is for you and your dad to be at loggerheads. Moreover, he didn’t agree with Dwayne’s.’ Donald said and I rolled my eyes.
“ am not strong enough to forgive this man, I can never do that.” I said and Miriam held my hands.
“Everyone makes mistake, babe. He’s your dad and he wanted the best for you though in a wrong way.” She said and I hissed.
“I am sorry, babe. plea-se forgive me.” He said.
“You may now k!ssyour bride.” The priest said and I leaned in and planted a k!sson Rosie’sl-ips.
I think this is the best decision have ever made in my entire life.
“k!ssher again.” Suzy, Rosie’s made shouted and everyone laughed.
She and her twin sister are something else.
I think that can wait till later, not now but who am I to refuse a simple request.
I caught herl-ips in my mine again and people cheered.
I finally unlocked and k!$$£d her cheeks.
Rosie Stone.
The most special thing have ever come across, she change things.
She prays, cheer people up and people like her can sure make the world a special place to live in.
She had begged me to take over my dad’s company cause it seemed my mum couldn’t run it well and that was one of the reasons she was [email protected] with Blaire, the witch.
I agreed, is now I am both a business man and an actor.
She smiled sweetly at me and I k!$$£d her again causing the crowd to shout but who cares, she is mine.
She told me my surgery was successful because she prayed and Promised God that she would serve Him forever, so we gonna be going to church from now.
. This girl has sure changed my life. For the better.
And for her dad, she forgave him. I knew she will.
She’s my baby, it just took time because she was really heart broken.
I can never wish for more in this life than my pres£nt life right now.
Can’t believe I was once a racist
The end😎😎

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