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Once a racist batch 5

a racist 💎
Pamela ❤️
Episode twenty one📿
My phone beeped and I picked it up still looking at my reflection in the mirror.
It’s Dwayne, my manager.
“Hello, Dwayne.”
“Hello, Sir. The movie is been re-leased. It was re-leased an hour ago.” He said and I nodded as if he could see me.
“Alright, thanks for the [email protected]£.”
“You are welcome.”
SET FREE, the long awaited movie as been re-leased and trust me, I am so happy.
It’s been so stressful and burdensome for both Rosie and I in the past weeks.
I dialed Rosie’s number and waited for her to answer it.
I bet she’s so gonna be happy.
“Hey, sweetie.”
“Good morning, darling.” She answered.
“The movie has been re-leased, have you seen it?”
“No, I haven’t. Thank goodness.” She exclaimed and I chuckled.
“My dad has still not accepted, Donald. What are we going to do?”
Oh, Dominic!!
Rosie and I had told him of my plan of following them to Nigeria for the Christmas break.
He had literally roared at us and refused because he thought it was absurd and would draw lots of attention due to the fact that I am light in complexion but plea-se tell me, is he me?
I don’t really un-derstand that man at times. Sometimes I feel like yelling at him but then I think of my Rosie and her mom, her case is really critical at the moment.
“Then I guess I wouldn’t be able to go with you guys.”
“Then am not going, I don’t know anyb©dy there so it would be more convenient if someone I know go with me.” She said with a little growl.
“See, you don’t have to worry alright? Your parents are there.”
“My dad is really annoying, right?”
“Yeah, very annoying.” I said and she laughed.
She would be gone in a week time and it’s really saddening.
“How about you come over for dinner?” I asked but she kept quiet.
She was still angry and at same time scared of my mom, so she doesn’t want to come over.
“Baby, you don’t really have to be angry, alright?”
a racist 💎
Episode twenty one B
“Baby, you don’t really have to be angry, alright?”
“Am also afraid, not just scared. What if she insults me again, I might do something really bad to her and that might annoy you.” She said.
“You don’t have to worry, I know how to handle her.”
“Donald.” She muttered tiredly.
“I promise to protect you.”
“Alright, I would come over.”
“Awesome, I will s£nd my driver to come pick you up later.”
Yeah, it’s Blaire in the building.
I spent approximately four weeks in France but gosh, I missed my country so I [email protected]£ back.
Just as expected, My dad ranted and shouted but who cares? Am here to take what’s rightfully mine.
And that’s My Donald.
Am now more S-xier, my br£@st bigger and my bu-m? Biggest.
I did some surgeries and it really made me curvier and S-xier.
There’s no way in the world Donald can resist this.
I got into my new car and ignited my engine.
Donald, here I come.
When I got to his mansion, the gate man saw me and opened the gate for me reluctantly.
It’s 7pm, I just hope Donald isn’t with that bit-ch.
“What are you doing here, Blaire? Is Donald aware that you’re coming?” Julie asked with a dirty eye roll immediately I got down from the car, she was standing at the balcony.
“You don’t wanna know.” I answered rudely and walked into the house.
Wow, am shocked.
Nob©dy told them there was going to be a [email protected] today.
There were so many caterers running up and down the dining and filling it with all sort of food and drinks.
Is today Donald’s birthday?
“Blaire?” Nadia said from the stairs with a very surprised look.
“Hi, mother inlaw.”
“Is Donald doing all these for you.? She asked and I frowned.
So she doesn’t even know what’s happening?
But I never told Donald I was coming.
I squealed happily and quic-kly called my friend and told her to tell call the paparazzi.
I nee-d to be on TV today.
a racist 💎
Episode twenty two📿
I alighted from the car Donald had s£nt to come pick me up and knocked on the gate nervously.
The truth is I don’t like being [email protected]£d or insulted, so I can insult and even beat up anyone that tries to do so but the problem here is that, Nadia is my fiance’s mom.
It would seem so absurd and disrespectful if I do or say anything insulting to her.
God plea-se help me.
I walked into the house without any questions from the security man, guess Donald told him I would be coming.
“Rosie’s here.”
“She looks beautiful but certainly not as h0t as Blaire.” Those words were from the crowd that occu-pied the front yard.
I thought it was gonna be just a simple dinner.
I am not even putting on makeup
I brou-ght out my phone and dialed Donald’s number and soon, it started ringing.
The people were still talking and giving ru-bbish comments.
But wait, why are they comparing me with Blaire?
Thought she was in France.
“The user you are calling is not answering, plea-se try again later.” A female voice said from the phone and I sighed tiredly.
Is this from real?
I shut my eyes as so many bright lights of [email protected]£ras almost blinded my eyes.
Don’t this people get tired of snapping?
I lifted my eyes and saw Blaire staring at me with fury from the door.
Wait, what?
Blaire is back and Donald didn’t tell me about it? And by the ways, what is she doing here?
“Oh, gosh. Blaire is here. “
“She looks S-xy.”
“But I thought she and Donald broke up.” The noisy reporters said taking so many pictures.
“What the fv¢k are you doing here?” She asked angrily when she got close to me and I hissed.
Am so angry right now.
First, Donald refused to answer my call and even left me out here alone.
What if he was the one that planned all these?
To get me disgraced? But Donald can’t do that or can he?
Lord, I nee-d your help, plea-se.
“She asked a question, dummy?” Another voice said and I looked up to see Nadia walking closer to us.
“I am here to see Donald.”
“Well, it turns out Donald doesn’t want to see you. As a matter of fact, he even ordered us to throw out of the house.” Blaire said.
Oh, gosh. I never imagined this and worse, the reporters wouldn’t st©p filming and snapping.
My dad is gonna be angry and my mom? She’s gonna be heartbroken.
“Say something, bit-ch.” Nadia thun-dered and pushed me backwards.
“Shut the fv¢k up and try not to ever [email protected] filthy f!nger on me again because the next time you do, am so gonna [email protected] off your lose teeth off your mouth.” I shouted and everyone [email protected]
Great! Now I look like a bad person.
Donald😥😥 plea-se, come help me.
“How dare you?” Nadia shouted and [email protected] me.
I am sorry, Donald but I gat to do this.
I moved forward and also gave her a more resounding [email protected]
“Rosie? That’s my mom.” Donald shouted from the door and I turned to see him staring angrily at me.
“I don’t care, why did she [email protected] me, uhn?” I sh0t back at him and he ruffled his hair.
“Get out” He roared and almost everyone flin-ched.
Wait, was that for me.
I looked at Blaire and Nadia and they were smiling wickedly at me.
Is Donald really telling me to get out right now?
Is Donald seriously talking to our baby?????
a racist💎
Pamela ❤️
Episode twenty two
I looked into Donald angry eyes for some seconds before turning back to leave.
He was looking so angry and tired that I thought of going closer to him but no, I can’t do that.
He ordered me to go out.
Me of all people, Rosie Dominic because I [email protected] that bit-ch that first [email protected] me
“And where do you think you are going to?” He thun-dered again and I turned sharply.
He was still staring at me but was he not the one that just told me to go out?
“Dorr, you said I should get out.” I said and continued walking.
“I wasn’t talking to you, Rosie. Why would I even tell you to go out?” he said and I smiled still heading towards the gate.
But he left me outside, so am still angry.
“Darling, am sorry. Just come back.” He said and I turned.
The look on Blaire and Nadia’s face is really priceless, I really feel like laughing right now.
“I was talking to all these stinky humans standing here. Who gave you the permission to enter into my house, uhn?” He said still not moving and the annoying reporters started murmuring.
So he wasn’t the one that called them, it must be this Nadia of a mum.
“Now get out before I do something nas-ty.” He roared and they all scurried out.
Phew, they were too much.
“Samuel, the next time you allow anyb©dy into my mansion without my cons£nt, you would have your self to blame.” He said to the security man who nodded frantically.
“Donald, are you alright?” I asked walking closer to him.
Why do I feel he isn’t alright?
“Oh, Donald.” Blaire said and ran to him before I could get closer.
She wra-pped her hands around his shoulder and hvgged him.
“Blaire, get out now. I don’t ever want to see you.” Donald said and pushed her off weakly.
I said it. He isn’t alright.
“Darling, what’s wrong?” I asked when I got closer pushing Blaire away slightly.
“Rosie.” He only said and held my face in his large palms staring into my eyes.
He leaned in and caught myl-ips in his.
I heard both Nadia and Blaire [email protected]
I wra-pped my hands around him and gently pu-ll-ed away from him.
He is sick, no doubt about that.
“Your temperature is high, let’s go in.” I said and he nodded.
“Donald.” Blaire whimpered but he totally ignored her leading me to his room.
I knew something like this was going to happen but I never thought it was going to happen this quic-k.
My dad, Troy Stone was a very foolish and inconsiderate man when he was alive.
He had no single love for his family and he’s the cause of this pain am going throu-gh.
He was the most greediest person have ever seen.
Two years ago, he [email protected]£ home from a long business trip and started complaining of being sick, so we took him to the hospital and when we got there, the doctor told us that his two kidneys were bad.
My mom was devastated, yes, they didn’t love each other but she still felt bad, she felt bad that he might die, so she told the doctor to look for any possible means of getting a kidney but my dad objected, he said the money was too big.
Yes, he was greedy to that extent.
He refused to use his money or let anyone use his or her money to get even one for him, he felt his family’s money was his.
We were really surprised but we didn’t know he had other plans.
He drugged everyone of us at home and took me to a small hospital for my one of my kidneys to be re-moved.
He didn’t take me to a very big hospital because one, they might refused because it’s against the rules for me not to sign and two, he probably wanted it to be cheap.
The hospital was so small and unsophisticated that when I woke up, I was not so sad about the fact that my kidney was re-moved without my cons£nt, no I was sad because I knew my remaining kidney might be damaged alre-ady.
I was right after all.
a racist 💎
Episode twenty four✨
I gently la-id Donald on the be-d when we got to his room.
It was a really big and neat room with a nice smell. His smell, actually.
“Hey, darling. What’s wrong?” I asked after covering him with a duvet.
“Am sick.” He said and turned to the other side with a little gro-an .
He’s obviously trying not to make me too worried but I alre-ady am.
“Why don’t we go to the hospital, uhn? You nee-d to be treated.”
“I just nee-d to rest, no nee-d for that.”
“No, you have to come with me to the hospital. Look at you!”
He gro-an ed again and turned back to face me.
His face is so pale.
“It’s a kidney problem, Rosie. My kidney is bad.” He stated and I [email protected]
Kidney? But why?
“Kidney? Is the both of them or just one?” I asked sounding really scared.
“I have only one, let’s just sleep plea-se.” He said and made to drag me closer to him but I moved back.
“You want to die and leave me alone? Why would you have just one kidney?”
“Because he gave his other kidney to my dad.” Julie, his sister said from the door way and my eyes wi-de-ned in surprise.
It was the first time of getting to meet her but it just didn’t bother me at all, my mind is really clouded right now.
“I didn’t give my kidney to my dad, he took it without my permission. He took me to an illegal and stupid hospital when he found out that his two kidneys were bad and collected one from me without my cons£nt. He drugged me but what happened? He died a year later still as a result of the kidney problem because that stupid doctor from the stupid hospital wasn’t trained enough to perform surgery. They caused all these to me. I hate him.” Donald Shouted with a loud growl ma-king me let out a sob.
Why him? Why my Donald?
I never knew Troy Stone was this wicked.
“You don’t really have to worry, after all, you can still get a kidney from a better hospital. Stand up.” I ordered trying to act [email protected] but inside of me, I was almost dead.
“Yes, bro. Listen to Rosie, don’t make the mistake that dad made.” Julie added when Donald refused to say anything.
“Shut your tra-p and st©p comparing me to that man.” He shouted and she flin-ched.
“I am…am sorry.” She said and ran out of the room in tears.
On, she’s very emotional.
“Donald, why do you always have to act like a j£rk sometimes? She was only concerned. Now stand up and let’s go to the hospital, else I would go away.” I stated and he sighed.
I don’t want what happened to dad to happen to Donald.
I can’t lose the two males have ever loved to any stupid kidney problem but believe me, Donald can be really annoying to the extent that some times I feel like [email protected]ñking his bu-tts but I know otherwise, he might just kill me.
I heard someone grunt and I looked up to see Rosie carefully dragging him out.
Oh, Thank God he finally agreed to go the hospital.
Rosie is such a darling, the Blaire I know would never so something like this.
They finally got to where I was and st©pped in front of me.
I looked at them with confusion and Donald sighed when Rosie looked at him.
“I am sorry for shouting at you earlier, I was just angry.” He said and I smiled.
Awwn, Rosie made him apologized.
This is the first time my brother has ever apologized.
“You are forgiven. if you are heading for the hospital, do you mind if I come along?”
“That wouldn’t be a problem.” Rosie said and I squealed.
We all got into the car and told the driver what hospital to take us to and in a matter of just an hour, we arrived there.
Where did my mom and that bit-ch even went to?
It’s been 30minutes since Donald was admitted and taken into a room and the doctor is yet to come out and give us feedback.
I am really worried buy certainly not as worried as Rosie.
Gosh, she was pacing to and fro.
“Hello, Miss Julie.” The doctor called when she [email protected]£ out from Donald’s ward and I stood up.
She’s our family doctor actually and owner of the hospital.
“Donald case is really critical, I must confess. The doctor that first performed surgery on him did quite a lot of havoc that nee-ds to be rectified as soon as possible. So do come with me to the office and sign the do¢v-ments for the surgery to commence.” She said and entered into a nearby room.
I turned to see Rosie sobbing silently and I walked towards her.
“You don’t have to be worried dear, he’s gonna be fine. He loves you so much, so he wouldn’t leave you alone. You love him too, right?” I asked and she looked at me before looking at her f!ngers.
“I love him so much but he doesn’t know that, I never told him.” She said and I smiled.
“So you shouldn’t be worried.” I said and walked into the doctor’s office.
“Julie, the truth is that there’s a very high possibility that Donald might not survive this, am sorry.” The doc said Immediately I stepped into the office and I heard a soft [email protected] behind me.
I turned and saw Rosie staring at the doc with tears all over her face.
Should we start fasting and prayer for Donald?”/😭😭

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