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Once a racist batch 4

a racist 💎
Pamela ❤️
Episode sixteen 📿
“So? What do you have to say?” Dominic asked and Rosie swallowed ha-rd .
Is not so ha-rd to accept to [email protected]£ me, right? I am handsome, rich and a celebrity, so why is she so reluctant.
Well, Rosie is always different. So different.
She turned to look at me and looked back at her mother.
Is this some kind of drama?
“Thanks for the permission, mum. Donald and I will talk about what step to take next.” She finally said and I huffed.
“Alright then, make sure to tell me when you’ve decided.” Her mom said with a smile and I smiled back.
They both got into the house and Rosie breathed in relief before turning suddenly to look at me.
“”Donald, what was that?” She shouted.
“What was what? Is it really bad for us to get into a relationsh!p?” I replied and she ran her hands throu-gh her long and shiny hair.
“I want to [email protected]£ someone I love. Someone I cherish, someone that cares about me. Don’t you get?” she shouted and I huffed again.
I cherish her.
“Give me your final answer, Rosie.” I stated.
“No, am not interested in [email protected]!ngsomeone that doesn’t even care about others, especially her [email protected]
Why must she always ruin every of our discussion with Miriam’s t©pic.
I am so sick and tired of me trying to explain myself to her.
“Fine. It’s okay if you don’t want to.” I said angrily and threw the rose and cholate I had bought away.
“Donald.” She called but I ignored her and got into my car.
“You see? You get so angry easily. How do you expect me to deal with that.” She said and I looked at her.
“Tell me anything you want me to do and I will do it.” I said staring into her eyes.
What exactly do I feel for Rosie Dominic?
“Okay, then. Can you st©p being so angry whenever you are around me?” She asked and I smiled.
“You don’t have to ask. You can just tell me, like an order.” I answered and she blu-shed.
“Donald Stone, I want you to st©p being angry whenever you are around me.” She said and I [email protected]£ out if the car.
“So, I agree to [email protected]£ you.” She replied and I held her hands.
“I promise never to make you regret the decision.” I said and k!$$£d her gently on herl-ips.
Who would have thought that Donald Stone would ever agree to [email protected]£ a dark girl?
Truly, the heart is what matters. The soul, not the color or the b©dy.
She gently moved backwards ma-king us to unlock from the k!ss.
“hmmm, why don’t we go and tell my mum about my decision.” She said and we both walked into the living room to see them sitting down and watching a movie.
It’s quite obvious there’s so much love in the family unlike mine.
My dad was a cheat then when he was still alive.
.”So, we finally decided to [email protected]£.” Rosie announced and her mum grinned.
“Donald is a good guy, trust me.” She said and I win-ked ma-king Dominic to scoff.
“I thought you and my daughter were alre-ady [email protected]!ng. Why then do you have to wi-nk at my wife?” I asked with a little eye roll.
“I am sorry, Sir.” I said and Rosie chuckled.
She dragged me to a room which I think is hers.
“This is my room.” She said and I looked around.
Unlike most females, most of her things were blue instead of pink.
“Blue is your favorite color, uhn?” I said sitting on her be-d and she nodded.
My phone beeped and I looked to say another headline about Rosie and I, just that this one is worse.
That was the headline and the mere sight made me really angry.
I tapped on it to see the full story and the video of me talking to my mom in the car popped up.
Gosh, it was the day I met with Miriam to talk about the movie contract and the day I first met Rosie.
Gosh, Rosie is gonna be so mad.
“Rosie, the truth us that I was once a racist. It was a very stupid belief.” I said to her looking away from my phone.
“Oh. But you told me you weren’t one.” She said calmly and I held her hands.
“I don’t know why but Rosie, am afraid of losing you. I was once a racist but that changed when I got to meet you. I like you very much, baby.”, I said and planted a soft k!sson herl-ips.
“It’s alright. That’s all in the past.” She said and I sighed.
“Let’s get to know each other.” I said again and she frowned.
“Is everything alright, Donald?”
“Just know I care about you a lot.” I said and her frown de-epened.
“Donald, tell me what the problem is.” She said and I gave her my phone.
She saw the headline, tapped it and watched the video.
“I hate Black people, they just want to make me puke. So ugly.” My voice [email protected]£ out from the phone.
My face was ba-rely shown but my voice was audible enough.
.it was from the CCTV in my Bugatti.
“Donald, how can you say that all these things you just changed because of me?”
“Yes, it did. I swear.” I said and she smiled a bit.
“If you say so.”
“You are not angry?” I asked in disbelief.
“I am but people make mistakes. So, the only thing am gonna do right now is sma-ck you.” She said and hit my head.
“Rosie.” I shouted and she sm-irked.
I can’t remember when last I was this happy.
a racist💎
Episode seventeen 📿
I alighted from my car when I got to Donald’s mansion and I was told that he wasn’t around, so I had to wait but something in me thinks that he’s going to meet that dark fool.
Was he charmed or something? How can Donald of all people even get close to one of those?
Nadia smiled wickedly as she watched the video she posted of Donald telling her that he hates dark people.
We both searched for Donald’s car key and we saw it in his room, so we used it to open the door and collected the video.
Thank God it wasn’t this car he took with him.
Julie [email protected]£ out of her room and hissed when she saw her mom and I laughing wickedly.
Her love for her brother sometimes make me want to hit her.
Love is imaginary, it’s not real.
You can like buy definitely not love.
We heard the sound of a car and I looked throu-gh the window to see that it was Donald.
I am so going to make her forget about that dumb as-s tonight.
I am re-ady for him.
I would make sure not to use any protec-tion because I believe if I get pregnant for him, he wouldn’t have any form of reason to abandon me.
He walked into the living room with an unre-adable expression but when he saw me, he frowned.
“Baby, I missed you.” I said and wra-pped my hands around him in a very ti-ght hvg.
“How have you been, Blaire?” He asked and I smiled.
“Why don’t we go inside?’
“No, there would be no nee-d for that. I have something urgent to say.” He said and my heart beat increa-sed.
Is he going to ask for my hand in marriage in order to save his reputation?
Awwn, that video really got to him.
I am so going to accept with everything within me.
“Blaire, we’ve known each other for sometime now but I think we are better off being friends.” He said and Nadia and I furrowed our brows.
“What do you mean, Son?” Nadia Shouted.
“I wasn’t talking to you, mum.” He answered ma-king her scoff.
“Blaire, I want a break up. I remember telling you that I don’t wish to [email protected]£ you.” He said with the coldest expression ever.
No, this isn’t happening.
What will my friends say of me.
“Is this some kind of joke or what? Don’t tell me this is because of that dark bit-ch.” I yelled.
“Don’t you [email protected]£ insult her, take you stinky self out of my house. I don’t want you here anymore.” He said and walked into his room.
Oh, this is because of that bit-ch afterall.
I am so going to make her pay.
.what about the proposal??
I staggered backwards and fell into the couch.
People would laugh at me.
I can’t [email protected]£ a non-celeb, never.
se-duction or not, I have to make him [email protected] me.
“It’s going to be okay, dear.” Nadia said but I pushed her hands off my b©dy and stood up.
“If you don’t look for ways to reunite Donald and I, I will take my dad to cancel every form of contract she has with your husband company.”, I said and walked out.
Yes, my dad is stinky rich. He has one of the most largest company in this country and he’s in [email protected]!pwith The Stone’s company. I know it would be a great loss for them if he break all ties with them.
Donald dad did something very bad to Donald and because of that, he refused to have anything to do with his company, so it’s his mom that runs the company and I know she’d do everything within her power to make the company grow.
Greedy woman.
I don’t even know the bit-ches name, so how am I to start looking for her, I guess I have to hire an investigator
Donald is mine and mine alone, so she has to back off.
a racist 💎
Episode eighteen📿
Donald and I are going to be having our first sh0t today.
Surprising isn’t?
It’s been a week since I signed the contract, so it’s finally the day for the first sh0t and trust me, am damn nervous.
I never imagined I would day become a celebrity someday.
Susan and Suzy had called after hearing the news and I had to pu-ll the phone away from my ears to avoid going to the hospital for ear damages.
I got down from the car that Donald had s£nt to come pick me up and entered into the h0tel where we met to take the first sh0t.
His h0tel actually.
Don’t even ask me about my car, it is so bad now that if I ride it, I might be arrested.
[email protected]£ra flashes almost made my eyes go weak as soon as I got down from the Range rover.
Okay, for the past few days now, this has become something normal for me.
First of all, Donald had announced that we were [email protected]!ngand secondly, he made it known to everyone that we were going to be shooting the movie together and believe me, it hasn’t been really easy.
I now even have a personal guard and several pages on social medias.
Donald has practically changed my life.
“Hey, babe. You’re here.” Donald said as I stepped into the Hall and I smiled.
Seems he’s been waiting for me.
A gave me a slight k!ssand I blu-shed.
“Donald, I thought I told to st©p k!ss!ngme whenever we are in public, especially with all these [email protected]£ras.?” I asked and he scratched the back of his head.
“I am sorry but am not sorry.” He said and I laughed.
Crazy fellow.
“Okay, the stage is all set.” Dwayne, his manager said staring at me and I nodded.
I think the guy hates me, I mean how can someone stare at you as if you’ve known each other for a very long time.
Maybe he hates me. Yeah, as nice as this new life might be, I know I have so many haters but I just have to get used to it, right?
I guess it’s what most celebrities go throu-gh and moreover it has more advantages than the disadvantages.
My dad’s company has ranked from the second largest baking company in the country to the first simply because people now know he’s my dad.
I like it.
The movie is about a girl who was being maltreated by her step mom for a very long time after the death Of her parents until she had an encounter with a very rich business tycoon who didn’t believe in love.
The girl that was being maltreated happens to be me and the guy happens to my Donald.
Yeah, it’s a love story.
“Remember to be bold for me.” Donald whispered before I walked away and I smiled.
It was the first scene, the place where my step mom would make me work all day and make me sleep hungry.
I just want to get this done with and go back home, am sooo new to this.
“You did so well.” I said to Rosie after the end of the shoot and she smiled.
She was putting on some tattered clothes in order to look like she was being maltreated but she still looks good. For me.
“Yeah, all thanks to you. Am so happy, Donald. Never thought I would get to see so many celebrities all in one day.” She said and I chuckled.
“Especially me, right?”
“Yeah, “ She said and with an eye roll.
I turned to my side and saw Dwayne staring at us and it kinda creeped me out.
He’s the quite type, yes I know but him staring g at me so intensely is quite abnormal.
“Come let me drop you off, babe. You nee-d to rest.” I said and we both walked out of the hall to my car with my guards behind us.
“Yeah, let me go in and change.” She said and dashed out of the room and in some minutes time, she [email protected]£ back all dressed up.
“I have some thing to tell you, Donald. How about we meet for dinner tomorrow?” She asked suddenly In the car.
“Hope nothing is wrong?”
“Nothing much.”
Oh, so something is wrong. I wonder what it is.
“Alright, I would come pick you up by eight tomorrow.”
a racist💎
Episode nineteen📿
My phone [email protected] waking me up from my beauty sleep and I picked it up drowsily without looking at the Caller ID.
“It’s me, Mariam. How have you been?” I heard her voice from the other side of the phone and I stood up abruptly.
“Hey, how you doing?” I asked almost smiling.
“Am good. I called to check up on you since you are now a celebrity that doesn’t check up on their old friends.” She said ma-king me feel guilty.
“Miriam, I have seriously been so busy plea-se don’t be angry.”
“Do not worry, dear. I was just joking. So how’s Donald?”
The last time I spoke with her was a week back and that’s truly because I was really busy.
“He’s fine.”
“You see? I told you he likes you but what did you do? You doubted me.” She said and I let out a sigh.
She actually did.
“Yeah, guess I was just too blind to see it. Miriam, I received a call two days ago telling me to stay far away from Donald or bear the consequences of staying close to him and trust me, I am really scared. I don’t want anything bad to happen to anyb©dy close to me.” I said sadly looking at my reflection in the mirror.
“The person that called, was it a female or a male voice?”
“A female voice, I could s-en-se that she was really angry. I would have [email protected]ñked her head if she was physically with me.” I said and she laughed.
“You really do not have to be afraid, Baby. Haters would always show their ugly faces.” She said.
“Yeah. I guess I have to get used to them. But is it okay if I tell Donald? I really don’t want him to be angry at me.”
“I think you should and I think you shouldn’t, so just follow your heart.”
As if I know where my heart is.
Julie smiled as she typed on her phone and I couldn’t help but wonder what it was that was ma-king her so happy.
I know my sister, she’s the overly emotional type, so it’s quite weird for she to so happy two weeks after she was dumped by her so called b©yfri£nd.
“You are okay, right?” I asked her and she turned.
The last thing I want right now is to hear that my sister has gone mad.
“Yeah, just talking to a friend and by the way, Blaire just moved to France.” She said and I nodded.
Yes, I heard the news.
She flew for the better but I can’t seem to un-derstand why she gave up so easily, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want her to fight for me, I just know her so well to the point that I feel she’s gonna come back at me someday.
But who cares now? I don’t.
Its alre-ady 7:00 clock.
I walked upstairs to go get dressed. I hate going late to appointments.
My mom has been really busy for the past few days.
Sometimes I really pity the woman though and really wish I can help but I can’t.
I can’t get anything to do with that dirty company of my dad.
Okay, all dressed.
A pair of diamond earrings, blue contact lens and a silver n£¢klace.
I have to look good for my babe.
I looked at my reflection In the mirror for the third time and smiled.
Am not really good with Make up but I think I tried very well.
I should be applauded.
My door creaked open and dad walked in with his usual strict expression.
“Have you told Donald?” he asked standing close to my be-d and I sighed.
But do I really nee-d to go to Nigeria? Can’t I just stay behind? Besides, I am not throu-gh with the pending movie.
“I will.”
‘When, Rosie? You have to tell him as soon as possible. You know I hate disappointments. I wouldn’t want you to come up with any form of silly excuses that day.” He said almost angrily and I turned.
“Dad, plea-se. I said I will tell him, so let me do it in peace.” I said with an eye roll and he looked at me for a way before walking out.
Sometimes I really feel like breaking down.
My dad was never usually like this, he was loving, caring and attentive but all of a sudden, he just changed.
I kinda feel it was because of my mom’s condition but I didn’t cause it or did i?
“Tell me, Rosie. What was your dad talking about?” Donald said standing at the doorway and I turned to see him looking at me.
Gosh, he’s handsome.
“Why don’t we say it over dinner, let me get my bag.” I said but he held my [email protected]!st.
“I can marry you instead, you don’t nee-d to get married to any other person.” He said and my eyes wi-de-ned in shock.
Who said anything about marriage.
“We can even start the preparation today just don’t leave me.” He said before I could even reply.
But wait, is he indirectly asking for my hand in marriage.
He gro-an ed slightly ma-king me know that he was waiting for a reply and I smiled.
“No, I don’t…..” Before I could finish me statement, he took myl-ips in his.
“You can’t possibly choose another man over me, Rosie. You are mine.”
a racist 💎
Episode twenty📿
“You can’t possibly choose another man over me, you are mine.” Donald said staring at my eyes and I couldn’t help but laugh.
He frowned.
“Donald, we were not talking about marriage. We were talking about something else, why would I want to get married to someone else.” I answered and he sighed.
“Then what were you guys talking about?” he asked still holding me.
”My dad wants us to go to Nigeria for the upcoming Christmas holiday but I don’t really want to.”
“But why would your dad want that? You can just go to another country or better still, remain here.”
“That’s the exact thing have been trying to tell him but he wouldn’t listen. Sometimes I really feel like running away from his self centered orders.” I said and sat in the be-d.
“What if I tell him that you don’t want to? Why Nigeria of all places if I may ask?”
“I don’t think he would even listen to you when you try to tell him and for the second question, my great grand dad is from Nigeria, ma-king my dad a “semi citizen” of the country, so he wants to go visit his people.” I finished with an eye roll and he sat close to me.
“Do you even like the country?”
“No, I don’t. I have been researching about the country ever since my dad brou-ght up the t©pic and trust me, what I saw was not what I would like to witness.”
“And what did you see?”
“Pit toilet, h0t sun and so many things.”
“I promise to do something about it, babe. So, was this what you wanted to tell me?”
“Yes and something else.” I said looking out of the window.
It’s raining.
I really wanted us to go out for dinner.
“What else?” Donald asked ma-king me turn to him.
Should I tell him about the phone call?
What if he gets really upset? I don’t want that at all
“Rosie?” He said with a very confused expression.
“I received a strange phone call some days ago. It was a woman and she told me to stay away from you all bear the consequences of being with you.” I said and he called his fist.
I said it, he’s gonna be upset.
“Show the number to me.” He said coldly and I reached for my phone.
I went to my call log and showed the number to him and he stared at it for long.
“Who do you think it is?” He asked.
“I am not really sure, but what if it’s your mother or your ex?” I asked hoping he won’t get any more angry.
“I am not so sure but I think it’s Blaire.” He said and shut his eyes.
“You don’t have to be worried about it, alright? I would never leave nor forsake you.” I said ma-king him to chuckle.
“Why don’t we just sleep, it’s raining.” He said and fell on t©p of me.
“What if my dad comes in?” I asked as he k!$$£d my cheek.
“You don’t have to be afraid.” He answered and placed my head on his che-st.
I want to remain like this forever.
“Why don’t I go with you guys to Nigeria, who knows I might make your stay a memorable.” He said and I smiled.
“Then I will go without complaining.” I replied and he chuckled.
So, am really going to Nigeria???
I just hope I don’t regret it.
But Rosie, they said Corona virus is increasing in Nigeria 🤣🤣🤣

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