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Once a racist batch 1

a racist💎
Episode one 📿
There’s no way am traveling down to Nigeria for the Christmas break, No.
Yeah, I get it. My dad is a Nigerian but still, I do not want to go there, not after all have heard of the damn country.
“My decision is final, Rosie. We must go to Nigeria for Christmas.” My dad said and stormed out of the house.
I rolled my eyes and noticed that my mum was looking at me with so much disappointment.
“Mom. It’s not my fault. I and my friends have a lot of delivering to do during the holiday.” I whined.
“Your friends can do that alone, Rosie. You have to obey your dad. See reasons with him.” She said and I scoffed.
My name is Rosie, I am twenty two years old and a graduate from a one small University. Though my certificate is almost useless now cause I work in my father’s bakery, which is the second biggest bakery in the whole of America.
I am dark skinned, you know? A black American. My old man is from Nigeria and my mom from South Africa.
Don’t get me wrong, they are not directly Africans, let’s just say their parents and grandparents are from there, so they are also from there and so am I, now. I guess.
“Alright, I have to go. Bye mom.” I said, k!$$£d my mom and walked towards my almost – spoilt car.
I am so freaking tired of using that car but believe me, I love it.
It was the car I bought with my earned money, which I know most girls can’t do, so am proud of myself.
“I love you, Donald. I would always do till death do us [email protected]” I heard a girl said and I turned to see her face, as expected she was dark skinned.
Gosh, how I wish those people can be banished from America.
Why can’t them freaking go to their freaking dark continent, Africa.
Just the mere thought of me acting with a dark skinned girl is alre-ady freaking me out.
I put on a fake smile and waved briefly at the crowd that consisted mostly of girls.
“So how was it?” my mum asked as soon as I got into the car and I rolled my eyes.
I never expected her to be inside the car.
“It was really tiring, the mere sight of this dark skinned people was very much enough to make me puke.” I said and her face saddened.
“I am sorry love. Those people are really annoying but do you think you can survive it or should we just cancel the contract.” She asked
“No mum, let me do this. I like the setting and moreover, people are beginning to ask questions. They want to know why I don’t act with blacks.” I replied and shut my eyes.
“Alright, Son.” She murmured.
I am Donald Stone, twenty five years old, an handsome actor and a hater of dark skinned people, especially the girls that don’t seem to mind their business.
“Son, Blaire is at home. She [email protected]£ some hours ago.” She said and I hissed.
Blaire is my long time girlfriend or should I say, be-d mate cause I remember telling her I don’t want any form of relationsh!pbut she paid deaf ears to my words.
She even went as far as ma-king herself known to my entire family and even uploaded most of our pictures on social media, so right now, we are [email protected]!ngto her and to everyone but to me, she’s nothing but a depressed bit-ch.
She just want to make her friends jealous of her and she indeed has succeeded.
“Make a U – turn and take me to my h0tel, I ain’t going to that house. Not only is she clingy, she’s also annoying.”
“Oh my gosh.” I heard my mum scream accompanied with a loud thud.
I opened my eyes and saw that a dirty and forsaken car had collided with my new and latest Bugatti.
My driver got down and walked towards the opposite dirty and old car.
No, no. This isn’t happening.
My beloved car.
“Get down.” The man that [email protected]£ out of the handsome Bugatti shouted with his hands on my window and I frowned.
Wait, did I just hear him right?
I am supposed to be the one shouting, not him.
I got down from the car angrily aware that my the door of my car hit his leg and I stood in front of him staring into his eyes and he moved back.
“543457788. That’s my account number. I accept transfer.” I said and his eyes wi-de-ned.
“What do you mean?” he asked and I sighed dramatically.
“Mr. Man, you just damaged my baby and I want to be compensated. So s£nd some damn money into the number I just called for you.”
“Excuse me.” He said and walked towards the handsome car, probably to get his check book or something.
I don’t care.
“My Master wants to speak to you.” He said to me after a while.
So he’s not the owner after all.
I wonder who the so called manager is that he can’t come out and meet me.
“ Tell him to come, I alre-ady so dark. I can’t walk in the sun.” I said and the driver’s mouth flew open.
Did I say something bad??
💘Once a
Episode 2📿
“Sir, she is insisting on me s£nding some money into her account for damaging her baby, I mean her car.” Matt, my driver said and I frowned.
“What the fv¢k are you even saying, she destroyed my car. My new Bugatti.” I said and he bowed slightly.
“Just tell her to come. I guess she doesn’t know whose car she collided with.” I said again looking at her from the windscreen.
Oh my gosh, today is sure a bad day for me.
I mean why do I have to see so many dark skinned people today? First, I met Miriam, the dark skinned girl am to act with, secondly, it was that ugly girl that claimed she loves me and now, this.
From the look on her face, it was obvious she was really angry but I don’t quite un-derstand why. It’s my car that is more expensive, her car should not even be allowed to exist anymore.
“Sir, the girl said… you should get down and go meet her your self.” Matt said in fright when he [email protected]£ back and I sm-irked.
“She must be really crazy, is she not aware that I can order for her imprisonment immediately?” My mom screamed.
People are alre-ady gathering. Gosh, I wouldn’t want to be in the news tonight.
Why did I even request for a U-turn.
“I am still waiting.” I heard the girl saying and Matt turned to look at me.
“Why are you staring at me? Just s£nd some money into her damn account and let’s get out of this place.” I shouted and he scurried away.
“Some people are just so ill mannered. Especially the ones with dark skin and [email protected]” My mum said and I sighed.
Yes, I write agree with her.
Most of them have too dark [email protected]
Well, the owner of the handsome car didn’t come out but I don’t really care. I was compensated awesomely, so why should I care.
“Good day, miss.” The driver said after ma-king the transfer and gave him my special smile and trust me, not everyone get that from me.
He’s really lucky.
I got back into my alre-ady damaged car and ignited it.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not a desperado.
My dad has enough money to get me a new car but I just want to get my cars myself, so that whenever I see them, I would smile and say to myself “You go girl.”
Am sure nob©dy can ever un-derstand that.
I turned when I saw the handsome car moving to the opposite direction and the person I saw nearly made my eyes fall from the socket.
It was Donald Stone.
American number one handsome actor and my dad’s rival. When I say my dad’s rival, I mean my mum’s crush.
Yes, as funny as it may sound my mum has always have a crush on him ever since he got into the movie industry, so my dad is usually jealous of him.
My eyes locked with his and before I could wave, he rolled his eyes and turned away.
But.. but I thought he was supposed to smile and wave like he normally does.
Damn it. Did he just snub me? Did he just roll his eyes at me?
Payback time.
I made a turn and wanted to start chasing him, so I can roll my eyes back at him but my phone rang and I had to picked it up.
“Hello, Daddy.” I said and he gro-an ed before answering. It’s obvious he’s still angry at me.
“Rosie, where are you? Have you forgotten you have to deliver some cu-pcakes to Miriam.” He said and I [email protected]
I almost forgot, I mean I totally forgot.
“Yes, Sir. I mean…. No. I am on my way.” I said and made another turn heading to my father’s Bakery.
“Get your old waggon off the road.” A very angry driver said to me and I sighed.
I get that almost everyday. And yes, I really do have to change the damn car before the it even become ashame of itself.
I alighted from the car when I got to the company.
Dominic’s plea-sure.
Yeah, that’s the name of the company. My dad named it after his name.
“Hey, we have been waiting for you.” Susan, my friend and colleague worker said immediately I got in and I sighed.
“Speak for yourself, Susan. I missed you, Darling.” Suzy, her twin said and I laughed. She loves arguing.
“Where is my dad.” I asked almost impatiently.
“I don’t think you should meet him now, he’s really furious. Just take these cu-pcakes to Miriam.” Susan said and I collected it and ran into the parking lot to get a bike.
We have so many bikes that we always use for delivery, so I hopped on the first one I saw and started my drive to Miriam’s mansion.
I finally arrived at the h0tel, got in my room and fell on the be-d.
Miriam is just too ugly for an actress, I wonder how she got into the movie industry.
That reminds me, the girl that had her car collided with mine. She seemed more like an actress, she should be the actress not Miriam.
My phone [email protected] and I looked at the Caller ID, just as expected it’s Blaire.
a racist 💎
Episode three📿
I got down from the motorcycle and knocked on the gate of the hvge mansion.
Wow, this house is pure and pretty.
I really wish I can build this someday for myself.
“Who are you and why are you here, miss.” A man in his early thirties, probably the gate man asked and I blinked ra-pidly before answering.
“I am from Dominic’s plea-sure and am here with cu-pcakes for actress Miriam.” I said and he looked at me before putting a call to Miriam and in some minutes time, I entered into the building
“Who are you, miss? You’ve never delivered anything to me before.” Miriam said Immediately I stepped into the living room.
Wow. So a house can be this elegant.
“hmm, am Dominic’s daughter and also a worker. My dad asked me to give it to you today.” I said and she smiled.
This is my first time of being here. My dad has always been the one taking orders for her but I really begged him to allow me to do it today and he allowed me.
She collected the box from my hand and put it on the little stool close by.
“What’s your name? You look really pretty.” She said sitting down and I smiled.
“My name is Rosie. I am a big fan.” I said smiling and she laughed.
“Dominic told me, sit.” She said and I sat down nervously.
“You see, I really like you and I would like us to be friends.”
She said and I stared at her.
Wow, I never knew actresses were this kind.
Donald Stone is just a j£rk.
Thank God I didn’t follow him.
“That would be really lovely, miss.” I said happily.
“Just call me, Miriam. I guess you might have heard that Donald and I will be acting a movie together, so I want you to always come with me as my P.A. I promise your pay is going to be awesome.” She said and I turned sharply.
“You are such a bad b©yfri£nd, Donald. You left me all alone last night.” Blaire, the witch whined when I got into my dad’s mansion and I gro-an ed.
“Since am not a good b©yfri£nd, why don’t you just break up with me alre-ady?” I said and she [email protected]
“That would never happen, Donald. We are destined for each other.” She said and I hissed.
“I have an appointment today, so plea-se am not in for any form of argument.” I said and dashed into the bathroom.
Only God and no one else can save me from Blaire.
I got dressed and made my way out of my large room.
I hate going late for appointments but from the look of things, I think I am going to be very late for my appointment with Miriam.
I entered into one of my Jeep and started my drive to Miriam’s mansion, she had pleaded with me to use there as the meeting place even though I was strongly against it at first.
I finally arrived at her house and drove in without any investigations from the gate keeper.
They know me quite well, I hate being interrogated, in fact, I hate questions in general.
“You are very much welcome, Donald.” Miriam said when I got in and I nodded.
“Oh, I see you are alone.” She stated the obvious and I nodded again.
I really wanted to come alone, so I told my Matt and my guards to stay back.
“My P.A will soon be here with the do¢v-ments, so sorry for the delay.” She said as I took a sip from the cu-p of wine she had brou-ght.
It was a very good wine.
“Rosie, you are here.” She said to facing the door and I turned to see a very familiar face [email protected] heavily.
I wonder where I know her from.
Oh, now I know. The girl that used her low graded car to damage my new Bugatti.
I guess she’s the P.A
Gosh, who have I offended?”
“I am really sorry, Miriam. My car had some issues.” She said finally still breathing heavily.
I think she ran here.
“Alright, no problem. Meet Donald Stone and Donald, meet Rosie, my P.A” Miriam introduced and her eyes darted to my direction.
I guess she’s also a big fan, whatever.
She continued staring at me and like I wasn’t Donald stone, she rolled her eyes are, hissed and walked towards Miriam.
Wait, what? She dare do that to me?
Rosie rolled her eyes at Donald, hissed and walked towards me.
Did I really see that well?
But… I thought every girl, including me was a big time fan of his or haven’t she seen him before?
“Rosie, you just hissed.” I stared and she smiled a bit.
“Yes, ma’am. These are the do¢v-ments..” She said, handed me the do¢v-ment and into my kitchen.
I looked at Donald and the look on his face was priceless.
I seriously feel like laughing right now.
a racist💎
Episode four📿
Finally, I have had my revenge on that j£rk that calls himself Donald.
It was a really bad morning for me today, so it wasn’t really surprising to me when I rolled my eyes, hissed and walked out on him.
First of all, my little baby had st©pped in the middle of the road while I was driving and believe me it was really embarras-sing.
“Are you okay?” Miriam asked from the doorway with her hands folded around her che-st.
“I am sorry, Miriam. I shouldn’t have treated your visitor in such manner.” I said turning to face her fully and she smiled.
“You know he’s an actor, right?”
“Yes, I know. Sorry.”
“No problem, trust me. He deserves it.” She said with a chuckle and I smiled.
I walked with her into the living room and to my surprise, Donald was still there.
He was obviously angry.
“I think I demand a very sincere apology from your P.A.” He said as soon as I got in and I scoffed.
“I am really sorry about what she did earlier.” Miriam said and he hissed.
“You know me too well, Miriam. I do not like talking to much and I sincerely do not want you to apologize on her behalf, so tell her to apologize.”
“For what exactly? I didn’t say anything to you, I just hissed. Is that something I should apologize for?” I asked angrily and he locked eyes with me for some seconds before nodding
“Yes, it’s something you should apologize for.” I said still staring into her eyes.
Does this girl not know who I am?
But she’s supposed to, I mean everyone in America and even in other countries knows about Donald Stone.
“I am so not going to apologize. You started it first.” she said and I frowned.
Started it?
“What did I start?” I asked angrily and she smiled.
“Yesterday, after damaging my car, you rolled your eyes at me before leaving, so I will only apologize if u do same.” she said and sat on the opposite chair.
So she… She actually did what she did because of what happened yesterday?
“I don’t care about what you say, all I want is for you to apologise.” I said again.
I can’t believe I am arguing with this girl. Gosh, all she just nee-ds to do is simply to apologize but she’s proving stubbornness.
“I am never going to do that.” She said with finality and I turned to look at Miriam.
“Miriam, I am sorry but i don’t think I can go on with the movie anylonger. I would cancel the contract if your P.A refuses to apologize to me.” I said and they both [email protected]
Good. I should have said this earlier instead of arguing with her.
“But, Donald. It hasn’t come to that.” Miriam said looking from my face to Rosie’s.
“Fine, I am sorry for what I did earlier. Don’t cancel the contract.” Rosie said looking at the floor and I sm-irked.
She is pained, I can see it.
I can’t believe what just happened.
That was the first time I have seen Donald saying anything outside business.
I thought he was not a man that talks unnecessarily but what happened?
“Alright, I will see you tomorrow for the first shoot.” He said standing up after Rosie’s apology.
Is it that he likes people apologizing to him or what?
“Yeah, thanks for coming. It was a plea-sure.” I said standing up as well.
He looked at Rosie for some seconds before walking out with an evil sm-irk on his face.
What the hell is happening here?”
a racist💎
Episode five📿
Donald finally walked out of the house with an evil sm-irk that I really felt [email protected] off.
The only reason I apologized was because I didn’t want to Mariam contract to be cancelled as a result of my stubbornness.
“Are you alright?” Miriam asked some minutes later and I nodded pathetically.
“I am so going to make him apologize to me.” I said and she chuckled.
“How are you going to do that?” She asked staring strangely at me.
She must think am crazy now.
“I don’t know but am going to do it. When are you going to be having your first shoot.” I asked changing the t©pic.
“That should be the day after tomorrow.” She said and I smiled.
“What the hell are you planning?” She asked and I chuckled.
“Can I go with you?”
“Of course. You are my personal as-sistant.” She said and nodded.
I know just what to do.
It’s not as if I am a baby that loves revenge. I just don’t like being trampled upon or mistreated because am a girl or because am dark.
I slumped into my be-d when I got to my room.
My dad is still angry about the fact that am reluctant about going with him to Nigeria but I don’t really have a say, or do I?
“Hey, baby?” My mum said leaning on my door and I sat up.
“Hey, mum. How are you.”
“I am not fine. How can I be when my daughter and husband are not in good terms.” She said and I walked towards her.
“Trust me, mom. I am not also comfortable with it.”
“Then go and talk to him, you know he loves you.” She said and I frowned a bit.
First, I had to apologize to Donald and now, my dad.
How frustrating.
“plea-se, baby. We’ve brou-ght you up in a good way, so you should know that racism is itself a sin.” She said.
Yes, My parents had brou-ght me up to know that racism is bad and inhuman.
“But what does racism has to do with our pres£nt discussion?.” I asked with a surprised face.
“The reason you do not want to go to Nigeria is because you feel the country is bad and filled with blacks.” She said.
She’s right but is it really my fault? I have heard so many unplea-sant things about that place.
“You are right, mum. I am sorry.” I said and she held my hands.
“You know better, Rosie. Come on, go talk to your dad.” She said and I walked out of my room to meet him downstairs.
I watched Julie angrily as she continued screaming and crying.
What have I not said or done to comfort her?
“Hearts break can be really painful, I pray I don’t experience one.” Blaire said sadly and I scoffed.
People can be really stupid, I wonder if she thinks I am going to get married to her.
How lame.
Is that even a way of consoling someone?
She’s bad in all things, except.. well? S-x but that can certainly not make me keep her.
She’s going to experience a more painful heartbreak in the nearest Future.
“Julie, it’s going to be fine. I promise you to hook you up with a very handsome and rich guy.” My mom said to her and she nodded.
Well, Julie is my younger sister and she just got her heart crushed by her long time b©yfri£ndand since then, she’s been disturbing the peace of the whole family.
“Give me a hvg, Donald.” She said after a while still sobbing and I walked closer to her.
She could be really annoying at times but I have to obey though, I love her.
She sobbe-d on my shoulders for a while before pushing me away and walking away from all of us.
“I ordered a cake from Dominic’s plea-sure, so when the delivery human comes, plea-se bring the cake to me.” She said to no one in [email protected] and we all nodded.
Delivery human? How foolish.
My dad finally forgave me after begging and telling him I would still continue to work in his company whenever am less busy.
He didn’t like the fact I would no longer be working in his company.
Just this morning, someone called and ordered for a cake, so I was asked to deliver it.
I alighted from the bike and knocked on the gate of the address that was s£nt earlier and after some questions, by the gate keeper I was asked to go inside.
Gosh, I never knew I was coming to a house as hvge as this.
“What the fv¢k are you doing here?” I heard a voice asked and I turned to see Donald stone staring at me.
Wait, what?

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