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My wedding night batch 4

“plea-se shoot me, shoot me, shoot me” I begged
with tears, forcing him to look away once again.
“Seriously madam, this is slowly sli-pping from
me. I have only two options left, which are pretty
ha-rd ” he said and swallowed ha-rd while I stared
at him hopefully, wiping my tears.
“Number one. I [email protected] good cop bad cop
tactics on Esther, by secretly getting another
audience with her. This time with another officer.
We will then pres£nt some selling lies and my
colleague will ask for money to keep us quiet.
Most whites think we are all corrupt. So i feel
she will buy my offer, and throu-gh that
opportunity, I can get her to talk. The only bad
side of it, is that if it goes bad, i can be fired
from the f0rç£. The second option is pres£nting
my facts to your mother inlaw, get her to reveal
more details about her white guests to me. I’ll
then do what we call profiling, which will enable
me get the man who killed your husband. Esther
is no fool, she had no time to hire a local hitman.
She probably brou-ght the killer along as her
brother, cousin or friend. The only bad side of
this plan is that it may take more than two days
to accomplish which then leaves us with one
option which you must do yourself to avoid trial.
If I fail to meet up with the deadline” he
concluded seriously.
“So what’s the option?” I asked.
“Oh it’s very dangerous. A very dangerous option”
he murmured…
“I can do anything to free myself. plea-se just
speak up” I pleaded. The detective shook his
head, bit hisl-ips and stared at me.
“hmmmm, if i’m unable to make any
breakthrou-gh within two days, you will have to
harm yourself in a way that it will be impossible
to put you up for trial. That’s the only way out”
he said cautiously.
“Wait a minute, I don’t un-derstand. You mean i
should harm myself?, in what way officer?” I
asked with disbelief. He drew closer to me and
squatted by my side.
“That’s the only way to escape trial for some
days. I can smuggle in some pills that will knock
you out. So instead of finding yourself in the
courtroom, you will find yourself in the hospital.
However it can be added to your charges but i
believe your lawyer won’t have a ha-rd time
winning over the charge. But you also have to
swear to keep your mouth shut if it comes to
that. You know i can equally end up in prison
over it” he said seriously, while i nodded.
I couldn’t even find the voice to talk. The plan
was just so terrible to hear. Of course it was
nothing but a sucidal plan. I knew the health
implications of such deed, but it was a better
option than prison. Seriously the detective was
going out of line just to save a clueless lady like
me. It wasn’t as if we paid him to help me. He
simply was doing it for free.
As if he knew what was going throu-gh my mind.
He reached out and held my hands.
“When I joined the f0rç£ newly, a young male
student was picked up by our patrol team some
miles away from a Robbery scene. We all knew
the boy was innocent but still held him just to
prove a point that we were working. Unknown to
us, the boy was asthmatic and as soon as he
was thrown into the cell, his health condition got
very bad and before we could run around, he
died. Since that moment, I decided to help the
innocent. But you see, in police work it’s not
always easy to be on the right path because we
all obey orders and answer to our superiors
whether we like it or not” He said softly.
“You are a bright young woman but i’m afraid, if I
fail to get good results. You will have to take
your destiny in your hands. You will have to harm
yourself. That’s the only thing that can buy us
more time. Yes you will try committing suicide
but I’ll be right on time to save your life.
Anyway let’s pray it doesn’t come to that” he concluded
and stood up while my head swelled with
“God plea-se don’t allow things to get that bad.
Don’t allow me to try out suicide as an option” I
prayed softly.
It was such a difficult moment and decision to
take. However i still had two days which was
enough time for a miracle to happen.
Later in the evening my brother [email protected]£ visiting
with a flask filled with food, but food really
wasn’t what I nee-ded that moment.
“I’m sorry for coming late, i really was held up
with work. Dad is now safely home. I spoke with
him few minutes ago” he said plea-santly while I
ate slowly.
“So what’s up, any breaking news?” he asked
when i was done eating. I f0rç£d out a smile,
thanked him for the food before telling him all
that happened earlier in the day. He listened
eagerly, frowning when i got to the suicide [email protected]
of the plan.
“No no no I don’t support that. What’s the
detective thinking by suggesting such nons-en-se.
No that’s bad” he said seriously, but before i
could answer, detective Jeremiah showed up
that moment with a heavy frown on his face.
“I’m afraid i brou-ght more bad news” he said as
he st©pped before us.
“the Americans are now pushing for the case to
be moved to their country” he calmly announced.
My brother and I [email protected] with shock.
“I got a call few minutes ago to prepare and
do¢v-ment every thing i have on the case. We
don’t even have the two days anymore” he
explained seriously.
“But that’s impossible!. The murder was
committed in Nigerian soil. The trial should be
here” my brother protested seriously.
“I think you should take that up with the federal
government if you have the right connections. I
really had the feeling such a thing could happen
but kept it to myself. Our leaders ha-rd ly deny the
American government anything and this case is
nothing different. Seriously many things has been
happening which are swept un-der the carpet
without the public knowing” he summarized with
“But i can go to court. I can st©p them legally?”
my brother asked seriously. The detective
breathed de-eply and shrugged.
“well if you can get the court to sit before your
sister is moved out of the country. Then yes you
can. But she’s married to an American citizen
which somehow makes her an American as well,
moreover i learnt her dead husband alre-ady
procured all necessary travelling papers for her
before his death, which makes everything a lot
easier for the Americans” he answered.
“damn” my brother cursed.
“but we still have till morning to come up with
something new” he added while I cleared my
throat and spoke out for the first time.
“I think i have a plan” I suddenly announced,
surprising my brother and the detective with the
cold smile which appeared on my face with the
Of course I had a new plan in my mind. A plan
which was nothing close to the suicide attempt
the detective proposed earlier in the day.
So what kind of new plan [email protected]£ to my mind that
crucial moment?
***** ** **
episode 13
i can sneak up on esther and make her confess.
“so tell us what you have in mind, the detective said. “well, before i say anything, i’ll like to know if the so-called esther that got me into this mess is still staying at my husband’s house?” i asked while the detective nodded. “yes, she is at the house. she chose staying there with your mother-in-law and four other people while the rest have moved to a h0tel, but my [email protected] is still in possession of all their pas-sports. so what has that got to do with your plan?”
“a lot officer. it has a lot to do with my plans” i answered calmly. “then go on” my brother urged desperately. “i can sneak into the compound, sneak up on esther and make her confess. i know the house very well and i very much know the weak sp©ts i can use in gaining access to any room i so de-sire”, i poured out breathlessly. my brother scoffed while the detective laughed.
“you must be kidding, how on earth can you get her to confess?” my brother asked with disbelief. “have you forgotten that i’m a woman. i know how to get a fellow woman to talk. moreover esther won’t find it ha-rd opening up to me, since to her, i’m good as dead and it equally would be her word against mine. but if i can record everything with my phone without her knowledge, won’t the case be solved?plea-se just allow me to have access to the house, i’m very sure i can do it”, i pleaded desperately. the detective scratched his head and breathed de-eply.
“have you forgotten that you are supposed to be in police cell? how do i explain your disappearance? no, no, no, even though your plan sounds tempting, i can’t allow it. i can’t jeopardise my career to that extreme”, he said slowly, while i [email protected]£d him strongly. “this is the only chance i have got, plea-se help me. if things go bad you can say i escaped from jail. you can fabricate anything and put on me. plea-se i beg of you”, i begged pas-sionately. he breathed de-eply and nodded.
“fine, am in, but if things go bad, you are on your own” he accepted, drawing a great smile from me with his words. i hvgged him with gratitude. “just pray it doesn’t go bad. this is the only sh0t you have got to redeem yourself. don’t waste it”, he advised while i nodded. it all appeared too easy to say but de-ep down i knew it was a very difficult task with high risk of failing. however i was very determined to carry it out. after all, i had nothing to lose trying.
let’s go home first. i want to see mum.
“so when do you plan heading to the house”, the detective asked seconds later. “it should be tonight, around 10pm. the neighbourhood will be dark and lonely by that time”, i answered quic-kly. “that’s okay, but without a good recorder and hand gloves, i doubt if your mission will be successful. i can get them for you. thank me later”, he offered with a smile.
“oh, thanks very much. you are indeed an angel”, i thanked him. “i think we are forgetting something. we are yet to come up with a plan on how to get her out of this place without your colleagues noticing” my brother queried suspiciously.
“Leave that to me. I’ll get your sister out myself, but you will be right outside the premises to pick her up. You will be the person to drive her to the house”, the detective said while my brother nodded in agreement. “Now get re-ady, in thirty minutes we should be out of here” he added.
“It is still 6:30pm, i thought she’s breaking into the house by 10pm?” My brother asked with surprise. “Yea, she is, but i can’t be able to get her out of this place by that time. I can only get her out in thirty minutes while you take her to your house or anywhere till showtime”, he answered. I breathed de-eply. I really was nervous.
By 7:15pm that fateful evening, the detective took me out of my cell and helped me out of the compound by hiding me in his car. We had no problem leaving the police premises. It really was the most easiest [email protected] of the plan. In a couple of minutes we arrived at the agreed rendezvous where my brother was alre-ady waiting. As i was about to alight from the detective’s car, he held me back and stared at me with a worried look.
“plea-se be careful. Here is the recorder i promised. It’s very small, uses micro card and has high recording capability. It’s alre-ady charged” he said with care, as he gave me the recorder with little lecture on how to use it. “Here are the gloves as well. You nee-d no lecture on how to use them” he joked.
“plea-se don’t disappoint me” he begged. I nodded, gave him a reas-suring smile and alighted from his car. The detective was just a perfect gentleman. “So what now”, brother asked as i joined him in his car. “Let’s go home first. I want to see mum”, i answered quietly. He gave me a long look, li-cked hisl-ips and drove me home without another word.
10pm arrived much fas-ter than i expected. I soon found myself at the back of my husband’s house with my heart pounding furiously while my eyes examined the fence as i prepared to scale it. Yea i was born and raised in the village among boys. I knew how to climb perfectly well. My only fear was how to achieve my mission without being detected.
I surveyed the area for the last time, reached inside my black jacket and t©uçhed the pistol my brother gave me minutes earlier.
“it has only one bullet. You are not going in there to shoot anyb©dy but i’m giving it to you because no one knows what might happen when you get there” he said as he gave me the little weapon, equally giving me a quic-k lesson on how to use it.
With one quic-k breathe, i scaled the fence, wounding as barbe-d wires tore my trou-ser. But the injury was nothing compared to the wound in my heart. I pushed on, very determined to finish the task ahead.
In no time i was at the backyard. I quic-kly headed straight to the garden and st©pped for a minute to take a look at the crime scene where the detective believed my husband was murdered. Tears instantly fell from my eyes.
“Damian i believe you are watching. I know you are right here. I know a murdered spirit is always at the sp©t where his life was taken away. Yes i believe in it. I believe in superstition. I can’t do this without you. plea-se help me” i cried quietly, picked up myself and walked into the building with determination.
All the security lights were glaring as i made my way into the big house. But instead of being caught with the help of the lights, i was guided to the guest rooms by the same wonderful lights.
However it really wasn’t easy knowing the [email protected] room to check. I had to start from the first room downstairs, but luckily the first three rooms were locked, leaving me with no choice than to move over to the fourth room. I slowly opened the door but the room was very dark inside. I couldn’t see anything.
I drew back to the corridor, closed the door and checked my recorder which was in good working condition. I smiled with satisfaction, safely tucked it back into the b—-t pocket of my jacket, pu-ll-ed out a small t©uçh light from my trou-ser and slowly walked into the room, flashing my torch light.
Question: Isn’t this a risky attempt? Will this action not implicate her the more?
Watch out for the next episode…

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