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My S-x tape with a strange girl batch 7

(she’s a marine spirit)
😎Episode 20🌹
👹Amara’s POV😨
I checked the be-d but he wasn’t with me. So Odaji spent his night elsewhere.. I stood up began my morning cry (prayer)…
After that I went to mum’s room and saw her still slee-ping. I went to her on be-d and tapped her. She woke up and we exchanged greeting..
“My dear, how was your night?” She asked.
” Mum, it was good but a kinda stressful with lots of bad and terrible dreams” I said.
“Bad dreams? What kind of dream is that. Just tell me, ok ? ” she demanded.
“Ok mum, in the dream I saw Odaji running aimlessly in a desert for long and ran after him, I called him severally but to no avail. He [email protected]£ to a certain place covered with large dark sea and he was about di-ving into it when I picked a stone and stoned him and suddenly I wake up. That was how I woke up and decided to check on you.” I concluded…
“That was so terrible and horrible. Have shared it was him?” She asked.
“Not yet. He didn’t pas-s the night with me ” I replied..
“You mean Odaji sle-pt elsewhere aside his room?” She asked.
“Yes Ma, the whole thing was that, he requested for a k!ssand I agreed. He [email protected]£ close and was about k!ss!ngme when something [email protected] him from no specify direction.. ” I said..
“Something [email protected] him? No that most be a prank he la-id on you” she said..
“Mum, it wasn’t a prank I felt it too.” I said..
“Ok let’s go for him at once” she said and stood up. We left for Odaji’s room and behold he sat on the be-d confused.
💝Odaji’s POV😨
I left Annene’s room to my room confused. I sat on the be-d trying to figure out things. How could it be me always dreaming of seas and dangerous animal.? I think something is wrong somewhere. I said.
A knock [email protected]£ on my door and I opened it. It was mum and Amara.
Why have they come to disturb me now.? I asked within myself….
“What is the matter with you?” Asked mum.
“Am fine mum” I replied..
“No dear, you can’t tell me you’re fine because distress is written all over your face. Tell me the truth.” She requested..
“Mum, nothing much is that I had a terrifying nightmare last night. ” I said…
“Another terrifying dream?. What is it ? ” she asked. I was surprised when she said another dream. Maybe Amara has dreamt again..
“Its a very long review but to shorten it, I Saw myself in a dry land heading to a dark sea and behind me a dove who stoned me when I was about jumping into it” I said..
“What a bad dream, yours tallies with Amara’s own. I think something is going wrong somewhere and nee-d immediate attention.. I will invite our pastor tonight for V¡rgil in this house..” She lamented..
“Mum, this days is very dusky. We nee-d prayers but not to bother, our church has three day crusade and I think that’s an opportunity for us to commune in prayer which will commence any moment from from 5:00pm on Friday at Olive anointing ground.
“She said. I bad eyed her and she kept shut.. .
“That’s very good then, we shall be there as early as nee-ded .
I don’t think people are referring to me because I won’t step my feet any where…….
Few minutes later of thorou-gh discussion they left and began to plan how I will go to the market and wait for Annene as she said just to know her real personality….
👹Annene POV👹
Odaji left my room and I saw much worries in his eyes but I didn’t Care to ask likewise him he didn’t Care to share with me…
Some moment he left, I began to hear them take about dreams. Dream! Dream!! Dream!!!. They are worried and they don’t know it’s just the beginning of thousands dreams. In fact things will begin to happen reality.
I went downstairs to start my daily chores and met Amara alre-ady doing them in the kitchen. Our eyes met and felt a sharp pain in mine and I turned at once from her..
“What are you doing here”I asked.
“And who do you think you’re asking” she Muttered..
“Oh, I see Odaji good for nothing girlfriend right”
“Ehai, hold you peace and don’t insult me because I won’t accept that from you again” she said..
“Haha, look at this high clas-s prostituted, what are you doing here I asked again before I let my temper on you” I said..
“I can see you’re up to insult but I won’t insult you. I know who you are a devil from the pit of hail” she said to me.
I felt pain in my heart and began to evoke some spirit on her just to weak her in spirit.
“You think you can temper with me? I’m for God. For it’s quoted”t©uçh not my anointed and do my prophet no harm” therefore you powers are less in my sight. I rebuke your evil incantation in Jesus name.” She said and I felt my b©dy h0t and my hairs burn like am in a big whole of fire..
“St©p that” I said at once and began to demand more power from the sea to drop over spiritually..
“Yes, it is you. No arrow formed against me shall prosper. For who is me is greater than he that abode in you” she said and more fire was added to the former ten times I ran out immediately . She had dared me and am gonna show her my real self.

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