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My S-x tape with a strange girl batch 6

(she’s a marine spirit)
🌹Episode 16🌹
🌹Annene’s POV🌹
It’s done he has sold his soul to me not even the queen mother can take him away from me….
He began thrû-st me gradually and love it that way, “plea-se make it fas-ter” I said.
He increase the speed of his ban-g and after short while we be both began [email protected] pas-sionately and we ¢v-m the same time..
Immediately he ¢v-m and watched him fall to the be-d drastically. “I wish he can give me another round” I said to myself..
“Thank you baby, your energy make it sweeter and enjoyable I love you more. plea-se can you take another round?” I requested..
“I love you too baby but am damn exhausted and the pain on my d!¢k is tra-pping me maybe later at night we can still have it” he complained..
“OK, sweet heart I can’t love you less” I said and began to fondle him once more…
Now marked the (2) second time he’s fv¢king me, I still have five (5)more time as requested by the Queen of the coast And I just fourteen (14) Days left for me to spend on this earth.. Can I be up to ma-king it?
Help me OO the sea lord!!!
Well so many things can happen within just a night…
The only person that is a bit stressful to get is Odaji and I’m fully done with him. He can neither run from me nor harm me. I will use my last day on to destroy the rest of his family. Everyone except Odaji and not even the Queen mother can destroy him..
The oath binding us is stronger than every power beneath the earth thereby render him indestructible…
I said while we relax on the be-d.
I took my towel and we both went to shower up together.. After that he left my room and went to the kitchen to get things arranged in other…
All of a sudden I heard a shrill (loud sound in a unplea-sant way) and Shafa my spirit friend appeared..
“Welcome great daughter of the sea, I humble myself before you” I said bow in greetings..
“Thanks my great friend, how is the earth?” She asked.
“The is stressful but I think we are managing to cope” I replied.
“What about the sea”I asked.
“Sea is not a peace, there was great war in the sea few hours ago between the harpy( A cruel creature with woman head and bird’s wings and feet) manipulated by the Queen mother and superior eagle of God.
“So who won the battle?” I asked.
“Actually non win because of what you did.” She said.
“What did you”? I asked.
“ma-king a blood covenant with the ancient pin was the worst thing that happened in sea 4000 years ago. Here today you did it. Do you bother to seek the consequences of that.? “She asked.
“No, I don’t care what ever it maybe but all I care is Odaji. He’s mine forever.” I said in boosting manner..
“Was that reason seek you an hour ago and you didn’t answer ?” I asked.
“Yes dear” she replied..
🍆Odaji’s POV🍆
After we had S-x, we bath together and I headed for my room. I got dressed and decided to check on a friend, Richa-rd . ..
I went downstairs and decided to inform Annene of my outgoing in case min returns before me.
I went to the kitchen on getting in I began hear noises. “She has started with this her so called spirit friend” I said and opened the door at once and I couldn’t see any b©dy but the room was so fervid and grossly smelling..
“What the hail is happening here”? I asked.
“Nothing and beside that what have you seen?” She asked.
“Ehm, this is not time for that I wanna visit a friend so I decided to inform you in case mum returned before me.OK?” I asked.
“Not OK, !! Are you telling me you’re Leaving alone in this house”
“Yes I will back in a while” I said left her to prevent further discussion….
I went to the sitting and I heard a knock at the door and I a gaped the door. To my surprise I saw mum and Annene coming in hand chain (hold her hand).
“What ?” I asked..
(she’s a marine spirit)
🌹Episode 17🌹
🌹Odaji’s POV🌹
I went to the sitting room and I heard a knock at the door and I a gaped the door. To my surprise I saw mum and Annene coming in hand chain (hold her hand).
“What ?” I asked..
“What did you see”? She fired back.
“Mum, why you this type”?.
“Why am I what type? See odaji, here is Amara for can’t run away from her is our choice” she said.
“But mum!…….”(she cut in).
“Good afternoon odaji ” she greeted in her usual cool and melodic voice..
“plea-se hold your greetings to mum and who so ever that want you.” I yelled
“Odaji plea-se am very sorry for what I have done.plea-se give me another chance in your heart .” Annene said..
“Damn your your apology” I said and exit.
I left the house angrily heading to sule’s house. My kid friend. I ignite the car and moved it at once .. An hour later i arrived at his house and I met his abs£nce.. I ignite my car to leave but I heard his car horn and I st©pped mine.
He [email protected]£ in and we [email protected] in a ti-ght hvg…
We went to his room and we sat down he offered me some soft chill drink and I sip of it…
“Bro sup now?’ I said.
“Man things are ha-rd but I’m sure you are enjoying ” he tea-sed.
“Guy am just fed up nothing like enjoying” I said.
“What is it?” he asked.
” Guy you know Amara now my ex”
“Yes Amara what’s wrong with her? He asked.
“My mum just brou-ght her to the house few hour ago.”
“You mean your brou-ght Amara back? What a $h!t?”
“The most painful [email protected] is that she want me to stick to her as my girlfriend not just that but my wife to be” I lamented.
“Unbelievable, this is not fair now odaji, you have to do something very fast before she talk of apologizing.”
“plea-se like what do I do?”. I asked curiously..
“Ehmmm…… OK see get a new girlfriend. I think if she sees you with another she won’t come closer to you anymore” He said…..
“Ehmm, there is alre-ady one in our house and I love her and we had spent love time together ” I said.
“Good but how did your mum allowed her?”
“My mum was the person who brou-ght her in as our house help and fell for her and likewise her for me..” I said.
“Ok, why then I you worried?” He asked.
“Ehmm,, guy she…..she… ?” I stammered.
“She what?’ He asked.
“She made me to oath with her. I mean we did blood covenant.” I said at once…
“Blood covenant? !! Chaiii, but you shouldn’t have done it”
“That’s my point”
“Nevertheless, if love her and she does same, it will help keep your relationsh!p.”
“Ok,.oo if you say so. But am still afraid maybe mum will compell me to her”
“Don’t be bro, are you still a child? You have to decide and execute it on your own not for them anymore” he lamented.
“Bro thanks for your words of advice and encouragements ” I said.
“No nee-d for that what are friends for?” He said and we both smiled ……
After much jokes and plea-santries..
I left and headed straight home. I reached home around 7:30pm and I saw mum in the sitting room. I greeted her but she didn’t answer it was only Amara that said “hi” but I ignored her and gave her a bad look.
I went to my room and I undressed myself to shower up.
Just then I heard Amara’s voice from outside..
(she’s a marine spirit)
🌹Episode 18 & 19💝
🌹Odaji’s POV🌹
“Ehmmm…… Ok” she replied and I excitedly went closer to her and was about plotting a k!ssa on herl-ips when I felt a [email protected] on my cheek (parhhssss) and a voice followed..
“Don’t be so cretin (much stupid) to think you can k!ssher, in you I abode.” The said fearsomely…
“Gush!” I exclaimed, so Annene is with me . This girl is more than a mere girl people take her to be. How did she even [email protected] me? Chaai!! Invincible [email protected]” I murmured to myself..
“What was that? ” she asked..
“Ehm…. I don’t really know” I lied..
“But I thought you wanted to k!ssme and were st©pped by a [email protected]” she said.
“How did you know it was [email protected]?” I asked.
“OK. Something st©pped you and immediately a voice followed.” She said.
“Exactly and ……” Before i could complete my statement I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my back.
I shtick immediately in response to the pain..
Arh, maybe she want her to leave. This is very big problem now.
“What is it again?” She asked.
“Nothing ” I said gently..
“But you just moved in a febrile manner.” She said..
“Ehm… ….Ehm…. It was…….,” I stammered and she st©pped me.
“Ok, I un-derstand now let us pray” she said and stretched her hand towards me for chain prayer..
“Prayer ke?” I asked.
“Yes”she replied..
“Ok, don’t worry I will join you in a while let me check something out in dad’s room”. I lied. I was actually heading to Annene’s room to sort things with her maybe she is annoyed..
“Ok then” she said..
I thumb up for her and left and she began to pray after a serious gospel croon.
💝Annene’s POV💝
I was extremely angry. The anger in me can take down the whole building in a minute as I watch Odaji violate the oath that bind us. I really know why made him to oath. With the oath he can’t cheat else I allow him. My spirit is always with him. So he can’t contravene our oath.. Just as I was murmuring, I heard a knock on my door. I know it was Odaji. “Come In” I said at once.
He [email protected]£ in a new beautiful robe for as night wear…
“Good evening” he greeted and I replied.
“How is enjoyment with your girlfriend now” she laugh giggly.
“Nothing like enjoyment there and beside why did you [email protected] me?” I asked..
“Just to remember you of your blood Covenant, Odaji it’s very stupid of you to think you can ever k!ssanother Lady aside me. Note this our spirit now works together..” She blasted..
“I don’t un-derstand. Who are really you ?” I asked.
“You want to know who am I ?”
“Yes” i replied at once..
“Ok tomorrow I will tell and show you my real self with a promise that you won’t tell any one and you won’t be scared..” She requested..
“Yes, I promise. I think is high time I know you vividly.” I said…
“Ok then, I want you to go hang round Efeke market tomorrow there I shall come and tell you I’m” she said.
“But why not in the house?”
“Just do as I say if you really care about me”
“Ok fine I will” I said.
“That’s my love..” I said the aim of meeting him there is to bring myself forth to him as the mariner I’m in company of others….
I really love this guy and I can’t destroy him as requested by the Queen mother of the coast.. What I will to make him vanish in a minute to the sea.. Now stand another chance for me to have S-x with him which is gonna make it the third time and left Four times …
Once the remaining four is done he will vanish with me. I murmured excitedly..
I moved closer to him and began to fondle him and felt his whole b©dy h0t.
Back in his room Amara is praying. The praying getting intense and render Odaji’s b©dy h0t.. I how to handle this little [email protected] but not tonight…
I continue although I was receiving the heat of his b©dy.
💝Odaji’s POV💝
She began to [email protected]ç£me and I gave in and we fell to the be-d with intensive k!ssing..
After some minutes of rou-gh k!ss!ngwith unclad ourselves and had a round of h0t S-x and there I sle-pt off.
I saw myself running towards a very dark sea and behind me was a white dove. I ran fas-ter and was about di-ving into the sea when I felt something and woke up and saw Annene standing beside the be-d. “Why?” I asked but she didn’t reply…..
💝Amara’s POV💝
I after I concluded my prayer, I waited for Odaji but he didn’t show up and I sle-pt off.
I began to dream and saw Odaji running aimlessly in a desert for long. I kept calling him from behind but he didn’t listen so I quic-kly picked up a stone and stoned him. Just then I woke up and it was dawn alre-ady. I checked the be-d but he wasn’t with me. So Odaji spent his night elsewhere.. I stood up began my morning cry (prayer)..

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