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My S-x tape with a strange girl batch 4

(she’s a marine spirit)
💘Episode 10
💘 season_1💘
💘Odaji’s POV💘
As I was thinking, the call cut and a message dr!pp£din.
Which was as.
“Hey Odaji. plea-se am very sorry if I have offended you in any way plea-se forgive me. I just had a vision about your life and destiny..
I saw you in the mist of BOAS (large snakes) and they rejoice over you as the prey. Immediately the biggest one bounced on you I woke up..
plea-se take this serious, I love you more.”
I replied her immediately.
“plea-se Amara, I have warned you countless times to st©p messaging me. I hate you, you’re a devil. Good night and don’t ever call me or message me.”I wrote and s£nt the message….
“Who was that?” She asked.
“Ehmmm. It….. It is ……. No it was…was…
I stammered because I don’t know how to tel her she was Ex girlfriend.. I alre-ady told her I have never [email protected]£s before..
“Can’t you talk?” She asked.
“No I can but…….. ”
“But what? You think I don’t know who she was ? ” she said frighteningly.
“Who was the person!” I asked.
“Ok her name is Amara, the only daughter of chief France Oyema.
She was your Ex. But you Lied to me that you haven’t [email protected]£d before… Is that true? She asked in details..
“Ehm……..Ehm…..Its true but….” I said in a cracking voice..
“No nee-d to add but, let’s start from the last point we st©pped which messaging my n!ppl!s..” She urged me to.
“OK” I quic-kly said drop my phone, I [email protected]£d the b©©b s and began to svçklike a child still on brea-stfeeding..
“Yes, I love it. Odaji I have waiting time like this.plea-se so more.
I excitedly rendered myself n-ked and gently went down to her th!gh…..
I spre-ad her legs wi-de [email protected] and her the adorable plea-sant coming out of her pinky pvzzyj£rked me crazy. I gently went in to her without no protective as she demanded. She was ti-ght so I carefully and gradually inser-ted inch by inch till my full length was in. Immediately I landed on cl!toris she [email protected] and rolled her eyes ro-mantically in plea-sure. I began to thrû-st with my virile energy, ” plea-se Make it fas-ter ” she requested. I studiously stocked in for about 5 minutes. No thrû-sting and movements. “Hey Odaji you’re killing me, plea-se thrû-st. ”
I got her legs on my shoulder and that pushed out the pvzzymore. I ban-ged profusely as as she [email protected] louder in plea-sure. After few minutes of energetic thrû-sting I felt a warm liquid on the cap of my d!¢k. ” She has re-leased while I haven’t” I said to myself. I made her to turn her big panky as-s to me and fv¢ked her from behind. 10 minutes later I gave up and ¢v-m in her and fell to the sluggishly. She stood up and started su-cking the sperm from my d!¢k’s cap. While she was su-cking, my d!¢k gained £r£¢tion but was exhausted alre-ady. We had a harmonic S-x with no interruption nor obstruction….
We got lucked up in k!ssand was fantastic to have a long k!ssafter S-x.. Just then I could hear mum called my name from outside..
“Yeeeeeh mum is calling” I exclaimed..
“Don’t worry, just stay calm and don’t answer it will be as if you’re asleep alre-ady” she said.
“OK” o said and dropped my head gently on the be-d.
“Sweet heart its seems he is asleep alre-ady, call him tomorrow if wanna talk to him.” Mum said from outside.. When I heard that, I smiled at her and she did same…
“Won’t you go to your room?” I asked.
“No I will pas-s my night here with you” she replied..
” what if mum goes to your room and found you’re not in.” I asked
“My door is locked, it will be as if am also asleep alre-ady.” She replied….
Few minutes later I fell asleep and found myself in a desert. I walked for about a hour with no destination. I call to a place where i saw a very big sea and saw cross the sea a very beautiful world with sufficient green pasture. A well built water hole, cattle and sheep feed by i got intense and was much view to go there at drink a good water. the only way to get there was to cross the sea. I went close and saw a tiny rope made across it for one walk on. I eagerly went on the rope and I was going fine on it till I got to the middle and there [email protected]£ a mighty Boa opened it mouth from the sea and made the rope to shaken. Just then I saw white dove from the other side flew towards me and I woke immediately..
I saw myself on the be-d and it was dawn alre-ady so it was a dream chaiiii thank God. I looked to the side and Annene was no more on the be-d……
Just then Amara call entered.
I decided to pick it.
“Hey my love good morning, she greeted and I replied.
“plea-se I just had a terrible dream about you. I saw you were about to cross a sea and a mighty Boa raised from the sea and I woke up plea-se my love you nee-d prayers… She said.
I speechless and motionless blood st©p flowing in my veins..
Our dream are same why? I asked myself….
💘Episode 11💘
💘Odaji’s POV💘
I was speechless and motionless and blood st©pped flowing in my veins…..
Our are same. Why? I asked my self in amazement..
“Are you still with me?” She asked.
I ever hate her and don’t want anything relate I and her anymore so I spoked to her harshly..
“plea-se Joseph the dreamer, leave my whole life alone. I blistered her and hanged up the call.
I sat in anguish for about 30 minutes and went into the bath room and showered up…
I got dressed and decided to share my dreams with Annene she might has an ideal of suggestion..
I walked straight heading to her room and I [email protected]£ to the door step and I began to hear noise from inside her room.
She was locked up in argument with someone I don’t maybe its mum but the voice sound so tiny….
💘Annene’s POV💘
Yeah, I really got him, the S-x with him was so perfect and fabulous..
I love him more.
“6 more times remaining” a voice side to me and i jazzed round and it was my spirit friend.
“I bow in greetings to my dearest and close set” I said….
“Greetings to you too my precious friend. I have seen your [email protected] towards queen mother’s suggestion for you to S-x with him with the most dangerous and mysterious bead of the ancient Anni of the sea transferred to you throu-gh Her. We rejoiced last night when he fv¢ked you, all his manse dr!pp£dinto the bowl of consolidation for it proper uses of which you know. But aside the destroying him, I noticed you have kinda feelings for him …” She muttered..
“Welcome ma, yes I know but I don’t want anything to happen to him, I have feelings of love for him and not even a pinch will [email protected] him.” I said..
Haha she sm-irked.
“Love indeed, hope you know the consequences of contravening the law. The Queen of the cost is more harmful and destructive than you think. Don’t think of that” she added.
“plea-se you people can go to hail with your law all I know now is that am in love with Odaji.” I said…
“Hahahahah”she laughed horribly.
“Don’t dare! 6 time remaining remember” She said and varnished……
I sigh in relief. fv¢k all the dawn bit-ch in the sea. Odaji is mine and I most have him either on earth or beneath the earth.I headed towards the door to go and start my morning chores, just then I noticed someone was behind the door. That is wasting of his time he can never un-derstand what we transpired..
I opened the door and saw Odaji standing. His eyes focused at me.
“Good morning, my love I said and [email protected] him.
💘Odaji’s POV💘
I stood at the door step and heard her conversation with someone but wasn’t clear. Few minutes after the conversation ended,the door flown opened and she saw me. …..
She greeted me but I didn’t reply and she [email protected] me..
“See plea-se, st©p deceiving me and dare me the truth. Who were you talking to.” I asked curiously..
“My spirit friend, is that why your facial expression changed this morning?” She asked.
“See am not a kid and st©p kidding me. I know you’re hiding something but i most get it” I said.
“Get what? don’t you believe me? You’re hurting me plea-se” she said.
“Get your hidings, I hate lies ” I said and felt herl-ips on mine.
“St©p this until you tell me what I nee-d to know” I yelled and made to leave but she held me back and set her eyes straight into mine. I felt a slight pains in my eyes. It was like pepper but st©p immediately like a s-en-sation s£nt to mine spin. I turned to her and began to k!ssher and she reciprocated quic-kly….
All this while we were in pas-sage.
We continue k!ss!ngand fondling for a while and suddenly we saw mum [email protected]£ out of her room and we dis£ngaged immediately. But I guess she caught us..
(she’s a marine spirit)
🌹Episode 12🌹
💘Odaji’s POV💘
We continue k!ss!ngand fondling for while and suddenly we saw mum [email protected]£ out of her room and we dis£ngaged immediately but I guess she caught us..
She walked close to us and we greeted her.
“Hey, what are you both standing here for?” She asked.
“Ehm, I actually [email protected]£ tell Annene what I will eat as breakfast” I lied. Her question means that she didn’t see us k!ssing..
“You what are you still waiting for,?” She yelled pointing to Annene..
She hastened her steps to the kitchen and mum turned to me.
” Hey boy you have to be very careful with how you relate with her because I have noticed you have a kinda feelings for her. ” mum advised.
“Yes mum, you’re right. I can say I like her but she’s strange. Her background matters.” I said.
“Never mind my son, your fiance called me this morning.”
“And what?”
“She told me that she had a terrible and horrible dream about you.”
“Mum damn that, she also told me that and I had same too”
“You mean you have same dream with hers? Then you nee-d a serious prayers, I will call pastor Samson later for him to commence a deliverance prayer for you,”
“Mum, Don’t bother yourself to do because I won’t do that am safe alre-ady.” I said..
“Ok son, if you say so but I nee-d you to do this last thing for me?”
“What is it?” I asked curiously…
“It’s about Amara, she told morning that you’re still angry with her. plea-se my son forgive her and accept her once more. She will impact into your greatly with good children and so many adorables…”
“Are you done talking?” I asked and made to leave but she held my hand and pleaded more but to no avail I stood on the ground that will never stick to her again…
“Where are you going?” She asked.
“To meet Annene in the kitchen, am famished my stomach gro-an s and my head ache. plea-se let me go” I requested..
She let me and quic-kly to meet Annene in the kitchen..
I saw her in a brown viscous blouse that ti-ght her firmly. Her as-s pushed up and her b©©b s well packed. They look so attrac-tive and tempting..
I quietly walked to her [email protected]£d her from behind pla-yfully.
She jeez at me sadly, her face frowned and herl-ips dried.
“Spare me your pla-y, I don’t think I nee-d it”
“Why? What happened?” I asked.
Annene’s POV
“You hate me and you’re planning to chase me out of here” I said and faked tears to drip down my eyes..
“Sorry st©p crying, I didn’t say such. See I must tell you I love more than any woman on earth and am re-ady to everything to have you by me including paying your bride price.”
I mean my words. Am not only after her well structured b©dy but I have an epitome of love for her. I wish she one day say yes to me for marriage….said Odaji..
“Are you serious or kidding?”
“Am for real, I love plea-se don’t say no”
“I love you more but I head your mum said something concerning you to go back to your Ex and told you to be careful with me, why ? Am I scary??”I asked him …
“Ehmn,.,…. Nothing. See you’re beautiful every able man will like you. ” I said. She’s real an intrinsic marine spirit. She was in the kitchen and how come she heard all what we transpired..
“What are you preparing? I asked.
“I don’t know check it our yourself.”
I went the pot and she was cooking rice, beans and stew. I saw it and smiled.
“You like it?” She asked.
“Yea too well” I said OK she replied smiled
“Can I k!ssyour softl-ips before I go out?” I asked.
“Yes why not?,” “OK” I replied and went close to her and we merged together in k!ssing…
I looked at her n£¢k and saw a sp©tted mark on it very tiny below far eyes sight…
It’s an inscription of snake. although It was not properly showing and thought flashed my mind.
Must she be the snake I dreamt of last night? But they horrible things are horrible so it wasn’t her. My Annene is beautiful like a queen.
“What are you looking at?”… She shear me out my de-ep thought.
“What is the meaning of this sign on your n£¢k?”
“Ohh Jed of you. You ask a lot and I have told you time shall come and you will everything about me not now..
“Odaji plea-se am going for work and Annene make it delicious” mum said from outside the kitchen…..
“Now we have all time to pla-y” she said.
“6 times remaining” ranged in my head.
This is an opportunity for me to have another round of S-x with him..
I began to roll my eyes and li-ck myl-ips ro-mantically to s£dûç£him. He looked at me and smiled…

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