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My S-x tape with a strange girl batch 16

(She’s a marine spirit)
🌹Episode 24🌹
👑Amara’s POV👑
Few minute later. I heard a car sound outside and I excitedly rushed out to meet his parent..
“Mum welcome” I said [email protected] the mum first and father after..
“Where is him?” Asked father in anguish.
“Inside” pointing towards the entrance and we all entered.
I prayed he doesn’t hurt Odaji for me despite he’s at fault..
👑Odaji’s POV👑
I felt a hand ha-rd on my back and I woke up immediately.
“Hey get up boy” A tall man said with red eyes burning in anger.
I looked at him critically and recognized him to be my dad.
Yeal… Its my dad.
“Good evening dad” I greeted.
“Hold your impermissible greetings to your cretin self. Said dad.
I turned to mum and greeted.
“Tah….. Close that snout called mouth. Who is you mum?” She asked also acted angrily.
I saw pity and depression in Amara’s eyes..
“Where have you been idiot?” Dad asked. I was mute….why are they asking and behaving mad at me. Did I used any of their legs to where went? I asked myself…
Gush„„ a [email protected] landed on my face.
“Will you speak up before I add mine” mum yelled at me. The both was standing beside the be-d.
That was when I realised that they weren’t joking.
“Dad, I was actually kidnapped” I lied with no option.
“Kidnapped? But none of them called us for ransom” mum said.
“I lost my cell phone in the process of dragging me to the bush,I was badly hurt. They neither gave water nor food. I was famished and tasty. I tried all my best to recall your contact from head but I couldn’t. I was flogged mercilessly.” I added more lies shading some fake tears.
“Sorry,, that’s so hurt” Amara said and [email protected]£ to where I sat on the be-d.
“Mr liar, why did they re-leased you? Where are the marks of flog on your b©dy?” Mum questioned.
I quic-kly showed them the sp©t where Kelechi tired me to the be-d. It was reddish and that made all of them to believe. Amara was getting closer when I remembered the [email protected] on my wrist. I quic-kly hide it and went back to be-d.
“Odaji,, we actually sorry if be that the case. Forgive our indulgence” Dad apologized.
I nodded in agreement and mum suggested I leave school hence Amara will be travelling soon.
“No mum, I’m in my final(s), you know that and where is she going to?”
“Odaji you have actually missed a lot, a friend of yours [email protected]£ yesterday seeking and telling that you gat exams and you’re not around. So I pleaded with him to help you and he agreed to. He’s chuks by name according to him” Amara lamented.
“Hmmmmm””.. I exhaled and closed my eyes complicated.
“What you nee-d to do now is to get your things re-ady let’s get going home.” Said dad.
“No father,, hence the exams have started let me finish them before I go home.” I pleaded.
“We love that but your attitude this days is becoming a bother to us so you have to as your dad just said because you’re our first child and we aren’t re-ady to lose yet” mum added.
“Mummy plea-se,, I promise such won’t repeat anymore” I pleaded.
After so much pleading from I and Amara they I agreed I stay and complete my semester..
“Baby I will miss you”. Amara said.
“I don’t un-derstand this things you’re guys are saying, where are you going to?” I asked.
“Baby I know it’s will hurt you but I promise to pay you frequent visit”
“Spare me this,, where are you going in [email protected]?”
“My aunt who is doctor called me yesterday that I should come as-sumed the post of chief nurses in her newly built hospital.”
“So you wanna leave me because of that? Just a work in place of your husband to be?” I asked in dismay..
“Sorry,, that’s why I said was gonna hurt you. Believe me I shall come to you. ” she as-sured as tears dropped from her eyes. I couldn’t held mine and joined her in tears right In my parents pres£nce..
“Odaji you have to un-derstand that her staying her is of no profit so let her go and start something on her own and she promised to stay for you. I see no reason why you should be worried..” Dad [email protected]£d.
“Odaji don’t worry OK? She will be fine. She’s travelling tomorrow morning and she leaving right with us. Besides in less than two weeks now you will also [email protected]£ a graduate.” Mum added to my grief.
I sniffed my runs “My love I will miss you more. Just remain who you are for me and I’m sure our children are gonna be proud of you” I said with more tears gushing down my eyes and likewise hers…
“Good night son” Dad said while mum pu-ll-ed her away from me. I felt like I wasn’t going to see her again..
They left my room and went the their car. I stayed behind crying bitterly.. I [email protected]£ lonely and as well terrified…
I was in my final year
and not too long I shall embark on writing my project which is always my thought. “Its gonna be ha-rd and difficult” this keep ban-ging in my mind. “Don’t worry your [email protected] shall see you throu-gh ” my thought said. I smiled and went to the kitchen. I ate off the food(Rice) she prepared, took my bath and went to sleep.
I was tied to a three and beside it, a flowing stream. I looked but saw no one round and the area was deserted no one was there but birds voices. I wondered what brou-ght me there and who tired..
“Someone help me !!!” I screamed and got no answer. Just then, I little girl of about 3 yrs [email protected]£ out from the stream.
“Don’t worry dad, I’m here to help you” said the little girl.
I can’t remember having a child.
“Shut up little [email protected], who is your father”? I asked angrily.
“Well, that question isn’t necessary now. Let me untie first. Time shall tell” she said and began to loose me..
After loosed me, I looked critically at her and she look familiar but I couldn’t recall meeting such a [email protected]
“Who are you?” I asked furiously.
“You shall no me when the time is due’ she said and varnished..
I was terrified and immediately woke up..
I jumped up from my be-d terribly scared. I soliloquise over my dream and un-dertook it to be a common dream. I went back to sleep and dreamt no more..
I woke up the next day and horridly dressed up and without breakfast I rushed to school because I woke late. I landed at school and everyone was settled in the clas-s alre-ady..
“Bros, you almost missed today’s clas-s” said chuks..
I nodded and fitted myself into a seat and took my exams peacefully and fantastic without stress. With the help of my [email protected],I performed excellently..
I intended sharing my dreams with chuks but I over looked it because I see to him of no help.
We dispersed from school and I headed home lonely and famished…
I got home, opened the door and saw a Lady sitting on the only couch in my room. I ha-rd ly recognized her.
“Annene!!” I shouted terribly.
“Why are starring like you don’t know me?’ She asked. She actually look strange and younger. I took a proper view of her belly and saw she wasn’t pregnant anymore.
“Annene, Is this really you? I asked with opened mouth.
“Yes I’m, I look different right?”
“Yes,, what about you pregnancy?”
“Rest first ok? I shall tell you later?”
“No just brief first” I insisted.
“Ok, I delivered 3yrs ago” she replied.
“Unbelievable, but you left here about a year ago”
“Yes,, you won’t un-derstand now, just rest OK?”
“Ok” I said and sat down
I rested about 30 minutes and she served me food. I was tem-pted to eat and but I’ve no option. I ate in fear.
“You look scared, why?” She asked.
“I most confess to you, I’m really scared of you, after a year of disappearance, you returned to me for what. See Annene I don’t anything to exist between me and you anymore” I yelled.
“You’re not serious, Odaji you’re hurting me with your words and aside that, I love you, you’re mine and mine forever. Have you forgotten we had a blood covenant?”
“Forget that it has been broken long ago. Now leave my house” shouted with little courage.
“St©p that Odaji, you’re cute and funny in annoyance. Calm down let’s talk like real couples” she said.
“Hmm….. Its seems you’re proving stubborn” I raided my hands to hit her and there my hand hung in the air…
“plea-se my hand, let it down”, I pleaded. You want to hit me? Ok hit me.
“No plea-se help me” I added in plea-ses.
“Will you cooperate with me?” She asked and I replied immediately.
“Yes plea-se” she smiled and my hand dropped..
(She’s a marine spirit)
🌹Episode 25🌹
💝 Annene’s POV💔
He was too ha-rd on me. He talks as if he has lost his s-en-ses. He always loved me. I don’t un-derstand why he’s yelling at me.
Hum.. I have to teach him a lesson before he cooperates. I can’t believed Odaji could rise his mortal hands against me. Now he’s has learnt a good lesson…
“Are you hurt?” I asked him he nodded “yes” and I chuckle..
“Sorry.. Like I always tell you, if you hurt me, I will hurt you too. Why are you acting childish?” I asked to convince him.
“Annene!! I’m still on my stand, I don’t want you again. Simple!”
“Ok, fine you hate me now,, can you do me favour you desist final?”
“What favour?” He asked and I wi-nk.
“Can you follow me to somewhere close to show you what the future holds for us?” I asked tou-ching his cloth while he eat.
“Where in [email protected]”he wi-nkle and I wi-nk again.
“Just let’s go and you will see it”
“Ok,no problem.” He said and I was a bit excited. If he eventually follows me to my abode, he’s no longer returning. It’s either I use his life to awake my late husband or he rules with me..
He was done eating and I let him to rest. Although I was anxious.
An hour later, we set together to my house in silence. I didn’t tell him we were going to my house. We walked in silence for about 30 minutes and he spoke.
“Sorry to ask,where are we going?” He asked.
“To my abode” I opened up to him. I saw little freight in his eyes..
👑 Odaji’s POV👑
My mind beats fas-ter immediately she mentioned her “house” my God, another problem? After the one I ran out off yesterday. Why do I even follow her here in the first place. We continue going towards Efeke market square. You remember right? The place she [email protected]£ out from the first day I knew her to be a marine spirit.
Why are we here? Efeke market is dangerous at the hour of this day.” I said.
“Trust me, with me you’re safe.” She said and I breath in relief. We walked down to the end of the market and headed in to a bush.
“Why are we in the bush?” I asked again.
“Calm down, you’re bothering me with questions ok?”
“Ok, but I’m scared”.
“Scared?, why should you be scared of your home?” She asked and I marveled at that statement.
“My home? I don’t un-derstand you plea-se get me out of this shell” I said.
“Just with time you will get to know.” She said and walked majestically de-eply in the bush. She [email protected]£ in between two big threes tied with scarlet cloth (bright red in colour).. Knock!! Knock!!! She said.
“What’s the meaning of this silly attitude? How can you knock in between three looking so scary? Besides can you see door here?” I asked..
“Your questions are. Funny., well,, welcome to my little house” she said and behold something shove off and a way [email protected]£ in between the threes.
“Welcome mummy” A little girl said as she ran over to Annene and hvgged her..
“My love, this is ADAEZE our fruit.” She said to me.
It seems like a dream. The little girl took the replica of the girl I saw in my dream last night.
“I don’t believe delivered about a year ago, how come she up to this?”
“Odaji calm down,, welcome to place once again, the place I’ve always told you about. A year in the earth seems like 3yrs here so, the world differ”. She roles her eyes
“OK, thanks but you never told me you live in a forest” I asked. She chuckle and replied.
“I don’t live in a forest, here we are is the sea. I just take the route of bushes to convinced you” she said. I breath down and looked up. I saw a very large mirror showing the picture of the earth… Standing be side it, it’s two old women with grey hairs made with fabrics material.
“Who are those women standing over there? ” I asked pointing over to them. We walked over to them “here is Shafa my spirit friends that I always told you” she replied smiling.
“Wow!!! Nice then but they look older and why are they white attire.” I said.
“Never mind dear.” She said and we walked pas-sed. She went and sat on chair like thrown and the little girl went and sat beside.
“Adaeze this is you dad” she said pointing at me.
The girl excitedly [email protected]£ over to me and sat on my [email protected] She was dressed in royal rope. She look beautiful like the mother Annene.
“How are you dear” I asked and she responded politely.. I really liked her.
“We are your parent?” I asked after some silence.
“Actually, I’m no longer with my parent. It’s a very long story but to short it, we had I misun-derstanding because of you and I was s£nt out of their empire. Here I’m in my own empire. That’s one of the reason I brou-ght you here.” She said.
“Ok. Although I was so scared. The whole environment look scary. I saw a picture of her on the wall with a snake b©dy but human head with a crown.
“Who is this?” I asked Adaeze as he mum went to the inner room with Shafa. “She’s my mum” she replied and I marveled at her sweet voice. “Daddy, will stay here with us?” She asked getting up at me
“I don’t know yet,” I responded cool.
💝Annene’s POV💍
In this drink he most drink off and died slowly.
“No mother!!, my dad must not die” Adaeze challenge my mind thought..
“Adaeze, keep quiet child. You don’t know what I’ve pas-sed throu-gh because of this so called father of yours.” I blasted at her.
“Mummy plea-se don’t kill him. What do you want exactly” she requested…
“On one condition dear.”
“Mum, what condition? Just say it”
“On a condition that he lives here with us or I terminate his life to awake the sleepless spirit of my late husband”
“OK mum,, before you hurt him just wait for my reply I shall get back to you.”.
“OK be fast.” I said angrily…
👑 Adaeze’s POV👑
I can’t allow my mum kill my dad. Never.. My dad must live with me…murmured to myself.
“Daddy, will you rule with mum in this kingdom as a king?”
👑 Odaji’s POV👑
Her questions was so strick and tou-ching..
“Well,, I Will like to but I’ve still less than month to spend in the earth to complete my academic procedures” I replied with the hope of not return if I’m let out.
She went to her mum and there aro-se problem. I wondered how the little girl talked to her mum.
“Hey girl,, what’s the matter with you? Don’t you have respect for your mum?. Talk her politely.” I acted like a father for the first time..
They st©pped the quarrel and Adaeze angrily left the scene.
Few minutes later I told her I wanna go back home..
“My love, I want to go back home” I said tuning her up
” which other home?, here is home. Your family are here so no other home for you aside this place.”
“I know but just let me go and complete my school I shall return.”
“Ok, I will but take something to calm your system” she said and offered me a drink. I sipped off it and it taste sour. Blackish in colour.. I smiled as I dropped it on the table. Like an hour later, I found myself n-ked lying on a hence outside an opened field with a stream flowing by.. I quic-kly remembered my dream. So this is it. Who tied me here? I asked but no answer. Just then the two old women I saw earlier [email protected]£ with ancient [email protected] tied with red cloth. Annene followed as the knelt down before me. Bowing and saying all sort of things.
I jeez,, what’s the meaning of this?” I asked Annene.
“You’re about to be used to awake a dead person” she said and laughed horribly..
“No.. No plea-se don’t kill me” said but before I could complete my statement they old women began to spray some powder over me from the old pot .
“No!!! I screamed.
I found myself in my room standing in sight of Amara.”When did you [email protected]£ back” I asked her.
“Odaji you can’t die. Where ever you tied and served to the ghost right loose” she said in prayer. Is she not seeing me.?
“Hey I’m dead.!! oo ”
“Just call the name of Jesus and you shall be free” she said before I ran home to parent.
There I saw mum praying with a man like a pastor. They were all prayer and commanding to say “JESUS” another moment I saw my b©dy on the bench been replaced by another soul. No!! This can’t happen. I shouted “Jesus” and my b©dy was empty. I jumped into my b©dy and I was able to see myself care. “So all this while I was in spirit” I said to myself. The two old women [email protected] as I mentioned Jesus but Annene staggered and stood still.
“You lie you’re going no whe…………re before she complied her words a very big boa(large snake) [email protected]£, bite her from behind and she fell down and transformed into a mighty boa bigger than the former one..
They took a great fought while struggled and loosed myself.
“Where do I follow now that I’m free? Jesus help me” I said.
“You’re going no where” Annene said again and transformed back to human being. She [email protected]£ closer and I moved backward. She stretched her hand up to hit it on me and the weaker snake on ground used her last breath and scramble on her n£¢k… She fell slowly with her still up. The other snake transformed in Adaeze and I marveled at her..
“She can’t kill you. You’re my dad and I love you dad” she began to cry loud . I went to her and as-sured her not to worry . “Now this is way scram out now. I shall meet you at home but for now let me threat myself.” she said pointing over the stream.
“Should I jump in?” I asked but before she answered Annene who’s on the ground with hand up pointed it towards her and she fell down. She held her n£¢k like she was been strangled. She transformed back as a snake and I was afraid to t©uçh her. Tears began rush down my cheek for her….
I sat beside the two dead snakes chaos not knowing the way out. from afar I saw a canoe with Peddling from a distance and I got a little happy… They [email protected]£ closer and I recognized them to be Amara, mum and a PST…
They [email protected]£ to me and took me home. I [email protected]£d the whole event to them and they thanked the God. We took some days prayer and I went back to school. I sort some lecturer and they repeated past exams for me.. I was so good in my exams and dad praised me for it…
I graduated from school and secured a job at a clinic and I worked for just 6 month. The 7th month, dad [email protected]£ up with my marriage issue. We agreed with him and all preparation was made.
We got married and wedded In the church. I thought I was much happy but the enthusiasm in Amara was much compared to mine…
After our honeymoon, she took in and was delivered of a baby girl and we named Linda.
Our family was so happy. My dad later handed over one of his company to me to manage at Edo now. I’m happy father with two kids.

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