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My S-x tape with a strange girl batch 15

(She’s a marine spirit)
🌹Episode 21🌹
🌹 Annene’s POV🌹
I ca-ressed his che-st and place my mouth on hisl-ips and we began to k!ssand just then the door opened and Amara busted in…
“What is happening here”? She asked with her mouth wi-de opened.
“As you can see, I’m [email protected]£ss!ngmy b©yfri£nd’s hurt away.” I replied.
“Kele count me out, I’m not ur b©yfri£ndnote that” Odaji yelled.
“Young lady out of my room” Amara commanded me. The whole me,,,,Annene. Just because I’m un-der impersonation…well destruction is my wish so she must be destroy.
I laughed .
“Sorry madam Odaji I’m not going anywhere” I replied.
“Kelechi move out of my room” Odaji added.
He sounded hash, it’s because of Amara’s pres£nce…let me go and returned later.
“Baby no problem. But I nee-d you in my tonight” I said, brushed is beards ro-mantically with my fist. He quic-kly shove it off.
I left both them gazing at each other I wondered what Odaji will say.
💝Odaji’s POV💝
“It was as if I was ra-pt by spare to allow her t©uçh me. Now Amara is here, how do I explain things to her. “I murmured…
“Odaji why the look on your face?” She asked.
“Nothing ,, I’m very sorry for what just happened,, I don’t mean it. I don’t even know how it happened. She’s like a witch.” I pleaded in a soft tone.
“It’s alright, I un-derstand your anxiety” she said and smiled. I was so excited she un-derstood me words and even smiled.
“Thanks my love” I said and went closer to he for a hvg but she resisted by walking away from me.
“Here is the drugs administered to me for your wounds.” She said and handed over a nylon containing some drugs to me and headed into the kitchen. She was done cooking and served it..
We ate in silence for while and I guess she is thinking otherwise..
“Hey,, do you like the food?” She asked.
Hmm….. She just asked in a manner. I’m always excited anytime she speaks because I thought she will act waywardly at me.
“Yes,, the food is so yummy.” I said with a broad smile on my face.. We continue eating in silence till I was saturated.. I left the table for my be-d and she cleared the table. She joined me on the be-d thereafter.
We lived happy hence then. Kelechi prevailed severally to come but I resisted all of her efforts..
Few days later, while Amara was away from the house for food store to some for cook,, I was feeling lonely and bored in my room when I heard a knock at the door. I thought Amara was soon not knowing it was Kelechi…
“Who’s there?” I asked.
I waited and got no reply. I went the door, opened and behold I saw Kelechi in pinky br£@st hub and just bomshort. Her cl£@[email protected]£s poked up out and her n!ppl!s pointed out straight from the handless br£@st hub..
Herl-ips we-t, pinkly painted wanting a su-ck…
“Odaji plea-se let me in, I know I’ve cost you a lot if problems but forgive my indulgence. I’ve realised my feeble works. You know I’ve always wanted you to be my closet friend. plea-se lets give it this one chance. I love you and God knows that…” She lamented. I got t©uçh by her words of apology and I let her in.
😻Kele→Annene POV😻
Wow!!! He has finally let me into his abode and so shall it be when I demand his d!¢k..
“Odaji have you forgiven me?” I asked
“Hmm,,,,,,, yes but you promise me one thing” he said.
“What’s that?” I hoped its not something that will contradict my visit here..
“You most promise that you won’t act as my girlfriend anymore in Amara’s pres£nce.” He said..
“OK. If that be the state, I promise.. ” I replied. I saw excitement in his face and I smiled to that. Maybe his is feeling for me too. I opened my legs a bit for him to see clear my V shape un-derneath .
“You like it?” I asked with my ton-gue almost on my lower.
He just smiled and I noticed bulged alre-ady forming in his [email protected]
“Can I come closer I asked.”
Without a word he nodded. Wow!! He want me too.
I went closer to him and we started k!ss!ngpas-sionately. He began svçkmy b©©b s while I [email protected] ed. He turned over me and str!ped off my br£@st hub. Rendering my b©©b s uncovered. He su-cked them hungrily and i held to his d!¢k in that process..
In short we made love and he asked me to leave quic-kly before Amara returns. I prepared quic-kly and left very happy. This is what I’ve craved for ever since I met him. He was quit h0t and skillful in S-x. I wish I could had another round with him. Amara is lucky to have such a strong and able guy. Odaji I can’t love you love you less. I said and went to my room.
(She’s a marine spirit)
🌹Episode 22🌹
🌹 Kelechi’s POV🌹
Amara is lucky to have such a strong and able guy. Odaji I can’t love you love you less. I said and went to my room.
I felt a slight pain and Gush„„ a being str!pped out of my b©dy..
“Why friend?” I asked.
“You don’t have to worry. I’m Annene a marine spirit, I will return soon..
“But just spend like two to three days in me so I can enjoy more of Odaji” I pleaded.
“Like I said don’t worry. I will return let me go and deliver my child. It’s due time for me delivery.” She said.
I was shock to hear her to say deliver child. Well,,, when will you return. ? I asked.
“I thought you have gotten what you have long wanted throu-gh me and likewise me so I don’t know when to return but hold it in mind that I shall return..” She as-sured.
“Ok, if you say so. I will wait for you but know that you I will miss you out of my b©dy” I said..
“Thanks,, she said and hurriedly left with her protrude stomach. She was heavily pregnant…
💝Odaji’s POV💝
Hmm… It was as if I S-xed with a goddess. My b©dy felt sweet and I got agile of nothing work. Amara returned and she demanded for S-x but I denied her complaining to be weak. She suspected my actions but I care not but was intending to have kele on be-d again… I can’t st©pped remembering my moment with her but disclosed from her to avoid been noticed by Amara…
She lived with me for some month and with her Godly attitude. She influenced me into a church program held every Saturday in her church and I enjoyed it. I slowly forgot the memory of Annene and Kelechi. Kelechi packed out of the compound as Amara intensive prayer couldn’t allowed her to rest… Ever since Annene varnished from my sight in my room,, I haven’t set my eyes on her again. I as-sumed she was killed by Amara’s prayer.
One night I decided to steal my golden [email protected] from her bag because it may be of help to me in my upcoming exams.I quic-kly went to where she hung her bag and stole it quic-kly from it without ma-king sounds..
It smooth till I stole it and went back to sleep.
“Hey,, wake up” I felt a hand hit on my che-st and I woke up.
Wow!! It’s morning alre-ady. I stretched my b©dy over the be-d…
“What’s the problem?” I asked.
“Who took the [email protected] in my bag?” She asked pointing to her red bag..
“I know not of you’re talking, OK? Just allow me to be.” I yelled.
“I should allow you right? Don’t pretend as if you’re not the one took it” she said..
“I said I don’t know leave me now. What’s my business with that [email protected] if I’m in nee-d I will get a new one.” I said lying..
“OK, I will you but bear it in mind that I shall get back.” She said. I ignored her and went the bathroom the shower up. I got some refreshment and left for school..
After a clas-s I went out with chuks my bestie in a hand chain walking towards the resting hall when I felt a hand gr!pp£dme on my shoulder. I turned back and saw Kelechi. I marveled at her pretty face again.
Wow!! Longest time. I while I shake hands with her.
“Dull you!!!, you gave me up because of your Amara no problem.” She said. I just smiled and responded.
“Not actually, you fv¢ked the whole thing up by packing out of the vicinity..
“I can’t bear the heat from Amara so I decided to give her chance.”
“Hmm. You did well. I actually missed you” I tea-sed.
“Sure?? No problem I missed you too” she said almost lining on me and we both smiled..
Chuks was amazed to see approached a girl in such manner. Although he didn’t know me in to and fro….
She demanded I visit her and of which we did that same day.
We went to her house and it was quit a nice and calm place. She offered us soft drinks from the fridge and I accepted excitedly while chuks refused. I was I bit embarras-sed but keep smiling. Few minutes later our mood got intense. He un-derstood and left us. I told him I shall return immediately I’m done with her because there’s no way she will escape my bleep..
She [email protected]£ closer to me and without a word he re-moved my cloth as my eyes got darken. I was actually feeling dizzy..
He [email protected] on the be-d and rendered herself n-ked right in my sight. I glowered at her nûd£s but I couldn’t get up to devour them. It was as if she added some pills to my drink. Gush.!! I’m very weak and feeble.
She re-move my bo-xer [email protected] and my £r£¢ted d!¢k stro-ke up. She sat on it and began to ride me. That was all I could remember..
I woke up and saw about 24 missed call from Amara and that of my mum and dad was countless. I could remember what exactly happened to me and where I was in [email protected] I check critically and I noticed it to be Kelechi’s room. Gush.!!! I checked my time and it was 6:44pm. Jesus!!! I exclaimed. Unbelievable. Me spent over days in someone’s house. My family are in trouble now. I have to get out. I went to the door and it was lock. I ha-rd ly moved my feet. I dragged them down. I wore my clothes and sat on the single couch more worried. This girl is devil. How could she lock me here for days? What’s her reason. Probably she has been having S-x with me as a S-x toy. No problem, she most come back to this room….
Just then,, the door creak opened and behold she [email protected]£ in with two other ladies.
“What’s the meaning of this ru-bbish” I asked.
(She’s a marine spirit)
🌹Episode 23🌹
🌹 Odaji’s POV🌹
The door creak opened and behold she [email protected]£ in with two other ladies.
“What’s the meaning of this ru-bbish” I asked Kelechi.
“Hmm,, you’re awake. Meet my friends.” She smiled pointing to her two friends.
“Answer my question! What’s the meaning of this ru-bbish? I asked annoyingly.
“Calm down baby” she [email protected]£ closer ru-bbing my che-st. I pushed her ha-rd on the couch and made my way to the door.
“Get back” one of the girl said pu-lling me back.
“Are you OK?” I asked forcing my way out. She held my [email protected]!st band carrying my belt and pu-ll-ed it up.
“Listen and very attentively for your Good Mr man, if you really wanna go then quic-kly and quietly go to the be-d and serves us de-sired.” She said in s£dûç!ng tone..
“What do you mean?”
“OK, for clear un-derstanding, just give each of us two round of h0t S-x with you full virile energy.” She said smiling. This means Kelechi kept for here for days just get canner knowledge of my virile energy..
“Impossible?, go to hell with that. Leave me now before I raised my anger on you.” I said out of fear because I know I can’t [email protected] fist on them.
She chuckle to my nothing threat..
They look cruel and crabby but gorgeous and clumpy.
“Dear, you’re so cute so there’s no nee-d you argue over something you most do”. The other lady added.
“See girls let’s keep this to another day. I’m highly feeble, I nee-d just a day rest and I shall return here to have fun with you girls” I said trying to make things amicable.
“No,server us now.” Kelechi said out of her strain..
They [email protected]£ closer ru-bbing my b©dy r0ûghly. They pushed me down to the couch and un-bu-ttoned my shi-t. I’ve no alternative than to submits to their s£dûç[email protected]£…
“Odaji use your [email protected] if you really wanna get lose” my thought said to me…
I began to imagine something very stupid. “I wish [email protected] from know where hit them down” I thought and just then, I heard screamed. “My cheek” screamed Kelechi and the two rest [email protected]£ after..
“Thank God,” I said and picked my race out of the room.
I ran home quic-kly without st©pping and to my surprise my room was locked.
Does that mean Amara is no longer staying here? I asked myself.
My phone!! gush I left it there in Kelechi’s room.
Sat restless and thoughtful on my door step.. ” Odaji look up”, my thought said. I raised my face and saw Amara coming in a white attire with a guy attired like a pastor.
“Odaji!!!” She said running over and almost hvgged me when the man held him back.
“Don’t t©uçh him now, let’s pray before you do. He’s unclean now..” Said the man.
“Pastor, I’ve missed him a lot so let me just [email protected] him” Amara pleaded.
“Nope!! Listen let’s start prayer first. ” he said and started praying. Amara joined him and they started praying together. I stood there,folded my hands and watched them.
“We have searched for you almost everywhere in this state, where have you been?” She asked as we entered.
“plea-se, I nee-d a good rest. Later I shall tell you.” I said. I don’t actually know where to start from but at least I’ve to explain things to them.
“Pastor welcome ” I said lining on the wall to rest.
“Thanks, you have to talk as fast because you set every member of your family to worry.” Said the pastor…
👑 Amara’s POV👑
I was extremely happy to see Odaji back but he have a lot of questions to answer. First he nee-d rest. Few minutes of stay I set off the pastor and phoned his parent..
********On call**********
📲 Hello mum”
📲 yes Amara, you voice sound jubilating what’s the good news”?
“📲Mum, where is dad?” I asked to know if they were together.
“📲He is here, talk what’s behind your sweet voice.” She furiously.
“📲 Odaji my son? Back?
“📲Yes mum, he returned this afternoon”
“📲This afternoon? Unbelievable, from where?”
“📲He has told me yet but I’m sure he’s gonna talk later.”
“📲Just hang up. We are coming immediately”
“📲Ok mum, I will be waiting” I said and terminated the call…

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