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My S-x tape with a strange girl batch 11

(She’s a marine spirit)
🌹Episode 11🌹
🌹 Odaji’s POV🌹
He raised the axe to kill me and suddenly there was lightening and a thun-der sounded. I saw his hand dropping gradually and I picked the race of my life….
I ran home with st©pping and turning back. I flung my shoes off and ran home.
I was breathing heavily when I entered. The room was dark and I turned on the light of my phone.
Gush!! Annene is no more inside.
I knelt down and exalted the name of God for saving my life from the hands of those evil guys..
I took my bath and went onto be-d with my Bible…
Few minutes later, I heard someone knocked.
Hey, maybe it’s Annene not knowing was that Kelechi .
💝Kelechi POV💝
I prepared a very delicious meal and decided to reach Odaji with it.
I [email protected]£ to his door step and I was afraid to knock because of what happened last night. He [email protected] me last night and he may do worst tonight.
I summoned courage and knock. My feet trembled as I knock.
The door creek opened and our eyes met. I was carrying a tray pan contained of rice and sauces…
His glowed throu-gh the stuff on my hand and he let me in..
“Good evening”
“Evening, how was your day?” He asked.
“Well my day was good, you [email protected]£ back late, why?” I asked
“Nothing much, just that I visited my friend chukwuma..”
“Nice then, have you eaten!”
“Yes….. ”
“Yes what? ….. It seems you’re not sure. What did you eat?”
“To be earnest I haven’t taking anything” he said at last..
I chuckled and offer him my food. He ate excitedly and I admired his cuteness..
“Why are you starring at me?” He asked.
He caught me starring at him…
“Nothing I just like your hair style. Continue you work” I tea-sed
He Smiled and guzzled gently like he’s shy.
He finished eating and u cleared the table..
I [email protected]£ back and sat on his and began to [email protected]ç£d it.
He didn’t resist and I noticed the bulge forming down in his [email protected]
“Odaji plea-se can you do me a good favour?” I requested..
“Ok but let it not be what is in my mind because I won’t grant it.”
“What’s in your mind?”
“Hmm…. To [email protected]” he muttered..
“Yes, you’re right. plea-se let have just five minute forepla-y.” I said and pounced on his n£¢k and k!$$£d him. He shove me off.
“plea-se I had very bad encounter today and I nee-d great rest.”
“plea-se, I wanna feel you colossal d!¢k down in me” I pleaded and He pushed me off from his [email protected]
“This should be the last time you will come into my room and demand for a fv¢k. I’ve told you am not interested in you. I don’t love you. Get that into your stormed head. ” he yelled..
“But you told me you love me yesterday…….”
“And so what? Now leave my room” he said and pushed me to the room exit.. After eating my food this is what you’re paying back. “Good with bad”
💝Odaji’s POV💝
It wasn’t my de-sire to chase her out but am seriously afraid of Annene. She might hurt me or her and I don’t want her hurt…..
I pushed her out of my room and bounced the door close…
I fell back to the be-d feeble with the memory of my encounter…
My phone rang and it woke me up.
Wow!! Its morning alre-ady. I stretched myself and checked the caller. Amara!„
“Good morning” she greeted in a melodious voice..
“Morning, how was your night rest ”
“Good,I hope your was same.?”.
“Yes. How is mum and dad”?
“They are fine, I missed you. I wish to pay you a visit. ”
“Why? plea-se don’t come. I’m really busy with school stuff. Ok?”
“No…no I’m will come. I’ve missed you a lot. Not only me but mum and dad..”.
“I know, I will visit the house this weekend. Take care of them for me plea-se”.
She insisted to visit me hope all is well with her…
“Is anything wrong over there.?”
“Nothing but continuous terrible nightmares concerning you downcast.” She said..
“I know, that what you want to say, plea-se Joseph the dreamer don’t come I don’t nee-d problem.”
“What?… Is visiting you a problem? Or you have started your infidelity attitude?”
“Spare me that. I’m not cheating. Be careful. ”
“Well, I’ve an olive oil for you from our general over seer that will separate you from demons and other attacks.”
“If you don’t have better things to say, take care I’ve to hang up now, I’m getting late for school”.
“plea-se listen to me first” she said and I hanged up immediately.
She’s really disturbing me. Annene is my eye now. Not even my mum or dad can devoid it…
I prepared for school and set on my way. Kele was waiting for me on the gate despite what I did to her last night she still talk to me.
We exchanged plea-santries and walked together for school….
We [email protected]£ to the point where does cultist haras-sed me and met their bodies lying down lifeless like it has been burnt by fire. People gathered round them in anguish..
It shocked me. I didn’t believed my eyes. I thought they were dreaming.
Its reality, those boys almost hurt me yesterday. How come they are dead. They stink and everyone marveled at them.
“What could possibly kill risky fada like this on the street. No sign of blood nor dagger pierce. I hurriedly dragged her from the scene and we left to school eyes filled with wonders…
(She’s a marine spirit)
🌹Episode 12🌹
🌹 Odaji’s POV🌹
I hurriedly dragged her from the scene and we left to school eyes filled with wonders…
I never reviewed it to her that I by any means encounter does bit-ches.
I went into the clas-s so weak because of the sight those dead guys. The news was everywhere in the school. After some minutes i saw chuks coming with a broad smile..
“Guy you look so dull, what’s up”
“Man, I’m just tired. Life in this school ha-rd ”
“Why are you saying that? Or is it because of those notorious cultist that God has dealt with?”
“Guy, you believe me. Those guys almost kill me last night. I only managed to escape now look at them lying lifeless in public path. Life is not fair”
“Bro that’s called nemesis. It can be avoided. Do know how how souls that [email protected] destroy in the name of cultism? ”
“Well, such way of living isn’t fair to me. Beside what are the school authority doing about it? Any [email protected]£?”
“I’ve not heard anything positive yet but they are very happy that risky fada is dead. Wait„„„„„„„ aren’t you happy?”
“I’m just bored I don’t feel bright. I think I nee-d some rest.”
“You should the happiest amongst all because he might killed you because you tempered with his girlfriend. Be now you would have been casted as a dead,one of his victim”.
“Guy, let’s forget about risky and his dead men. Let’s go to clas-s.”
We disclosed our conversion and went to have our clas-s..
After school I waited for Kelechi and we walked home on hand chain.
“My door is open” Annene is here. I went in and saw her drowsy in the be-d.
“Hey wake up, why are you drowsing”.
“Hmm….. My love you’re back. I’ve been here for almost 4 hours now. I’m bord. No one to talk with or even see.”
“Enya,,,,, sorry I’m back for you.”
“Get your shower let serve you food”
Her pregnancy is got more bigger.
“You can still cook despite your [email protected]£nt.”
“Yes,I’m did for my love eat and enjoy yourself.”
We smiled together and I started eating.
“How is your baby?”.
“Arh ……. My baby? Or your baby? In fact our baby”. She said and with both laughed out loud. She put her head on my shoulder and whispered.
“The baby fine, very strong and healthy like you but I’m getting tired and weak this days it seems I’m closing down on delivery.”
“Why don’t we go to the hospital and see the doctor?”
“Me doctor? No I’ve my own personal doctor so no nee-d I visit other ones.”
“Alright, if you say so. I’ve a very shocking gist for you but I won’t tell you here. Let’s hang out to where I do watch football games..”
“Uhmm.. OK then but I don’t like football games”
“We aren’t going there for your likeness but for mine. Hope you’re spending your night here?”
“Yes baby, I will spend my night in your coddle.” We smiled at each and left for the film hall for football games..
We entered met the whole placed filled accepted a single seat on a round table..
I sat down and I made Annene to seat on my [email protected] I ordered for some soft drink and it was provided.. Every eyes turned on us some where even laughing..
“Why are they laughing at us. Are we not good to be here”?
“plea-se don’t mind them let take something.” She felt comfortable with me and I made her to laughing. Just then I over heard one said.
“Look at this old woman this guy is [email protected] She’s even pregnant. Some people are not ashamed of themselves” . On hearing that, I got annoyed.
“Why will some people not mind their business?” Annene asked I guess she heard them too.
“Just forget about them. I have a gist for you”
“Really? Be fast, I’m all ears” .
” look at this old fool there what’s she doing with that handsome guy there. Nawo oo” Another person.
But Annene was looking very beautiful in go-wn. Why are they insulting her. I angrily stood up and the film that was displa-ying st©pped and the light there went off. The place [email protected]£ dark and I [email protected]£d Annene by the hand.
“Where are you? What happened?”
“Don’t ask me you’re have cause something let leave immediately this building is about to [email protected]” She took my by the hand and we managed to locate our way out because we were sitting close to the entrance.. There was noise everywhere.
Five minutes after we left the building was ablaze.
Everyone in there that could locate their way out died in the fire break out…
💝 Amara’s POV💝
I can’t bear this any longer. My b©dy tells me Odaji isn’t fine. He nee-d God’s intervention in his life. I murmured to myself…
I turned on the TV set and 7-8 O’Clock news was broadcasted thus: Good evening viewers, according to this evening news provider, marvel land resting joint. sight best known for watching football games and other entertainment sake got burnt down this evening by fire from unknown source. According to how the incidence took place, about 53 people were involved in it. Only two are confirmed injured and rest are lying lifeless in the mortuary.
The AIT [email protected]£ra covered the event and saw two people escaped before the building was totally down. Due to the intensive smoke coming out, the [email protected]£ra couldn’t figure the exalt place those went to. The police have started their investigation on how the building got burnt. Thanks for listening to me..
“News ended”.
I [email protected]£ worried I rushed upstairs and told mum about what I’ve just heard and she asked me to phone Odaji. I did and his number wasn’t going throu-gh. We [email protected]£ more worried because we know Odaji to be a football games mania..

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