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My S-x tape with a strange girl batch 10

(She’s a marine spirit)
🌹Episode 7🌹
🌹 Odaji’s POV🌹
I’m gone if I don’t get rid of this but it’s Annene’s de-sire. What should I do because I can’t harbour a thing like this in my room…
I thought for while and ran to meet Kelechi and walked pla-yfully to school. She took a different route to her [email protected] and I did also to mine. On reaching my [email protected], I met everyone in a serious mode. That was when I remembered we had biology test that morning..
I greeted and seek permission to enter inside. The lecturer responded and allowed me inside.
“Odaji P Steven, you’re late for this clas-s but nevertheless they started about 30 minutes ago. You can work fast and meet up with them…” The lecturer lamented.
I walked to a seat and sat down. I was totally chaos,(Confused) I don’t know where to start.
“Guy plea-se can you help me with your script let me write only one number.?” I said to a guy in front of me. He refused and warned me not to disturb him..
I really don’t know what to do. I started with the little I know and few minutes later of writing my best, the lecturer called for paper. I got fed up. So I’m going to carry over this course. Tears dr!pp£ddown my cheek. We summited the our script and the clas-s was over. I felt like crying but tears wasn’t coming out….
“I walked out very bored whereas others were happy. “Hey you guy st©p there” Someone yelled from a distance. I lift up my eyes and saw the HOD of our [email protected] What is it again? This man in wicked. What a bad day is this.” I murmured and went closer to him..
“Let me see that thing you’re wearing on your wrist” he said..
“No sir plea-se”
“How could a student of your level be wearing a costly thing like this? I will let your parent know about this. “. He yelled,
On hearing him called my parent, I felt fainting because if he does I’m finished.
“plea-se sir don’t do that. I will do what ever you de-sire plea-se” I pleaded.
“Have you paid your fees? ”
“Yes Sir” I replied..
“Let me have that now before I inform your parent.” He requested in a threat. Without further argument I pu-ll-ed it and gave it to him. He took a critical look at it and smiled. I guess he knew it was gold. I’m finished today, what will I tell Annene. She will think a purposely gave it. Is like Today is coursed. My [email protected] gone and my test wasn’t properly written. I thought as I walked home for tears in my heart.. I didn’t care to wait for Kelechi.
I reached home and I saw that my door is opened. “Oh Annene Is inside, she will surely ask me for the [email protected] What do I tell her.. ? I asked myself and I grief the more..
I entered and the first thing my eyes glance throu-gh was the [email protected] on the be-d. She sat on the couch smiling.
“Welcome my love” she said and walked to me,hvgged and pe-cked me. It wasn’t proper because of her protrude belly. My eyes was focused on the [email protected] in surprise. How did she get it.? A question ran throu-gh my mind.
“I know you’re surprise of how I got back the [email protected] Like I told you,I’m omnipotent and I can do what I wish to” she said..
“Wait… Where you there when I failed my test?” I asked.
“Yes, you failed because you don’t want to make use of what you have” she sm-irked.
“St©p that,how”?
“OK,I’m sorry. I will teach you the uses of this [email protected] First your life depend on this [email protected]”……………
(She’s a marine spirit)
🌹Episode 8🌹
🌹 Odaji’s POV🌹
“OK,I’m sorry. I will teach you the uses of this [email protected] First your life depend on this [email protected]”. She said.
“My life? How? plea-se [email protected]£ things in my un-derstandings .
“I said you life depend on this [email protected] It controls your life activities and life span. If you use it well it will provides all your nee-d and prolong your life.”
“I still don’t un-derstand you plea-se. Tell how you got it back and how to use it” I pleaded.
“I was with you in the clas-s when you failed your test. Had it been you used the [email protected] you wouldn’t have failed. After the clas-s I still followed you out and wi-nkled when that
so called HOD seized it.”
“You mean saw everything that happened?” I asked foolishly.
“Yes. Remember I told you I’m omnipres£nt.” She replied.
“OK, tell me how you retrieved it” I asked again.
“St©p asking me. The questions are too much.” She yelled..
“plea-se tell me” I pleaded.
“I went to his office and met the idiot slee-ping and I took it from the table..” She said.
“Ok, that’s very [email protected] of you. Thank very much..” I said.
“Always go with it and you shall have success in what ever you do if only you use it properly. ”
“Ok but how do I use it.?” I asked and the door agape suddenly.
Kelechi entered with food stuff in a nylon bag
“Hey baby, you left the school without my concept why? ” she asked and hvgged me. I guess she didn’t see Annene sitting on the couch. She k!$$£d me and I pushed her off myself. I stood chaos and surprised.
“Why did you pounced into my room without knocking?”
“Are you angry? I just thought it’s right to enter your room as de-sired. Are you with you babe here? Or are you unclad? Cheer up I gat to cook something nice for you tonight” she said..
“Spare me that, I don’t like the way you behave at times. Why should you think of doing that? I’m not angry but annoyed…” I said.
“Ok, I’m sorry I promise I won’t do such again plea-se smile” she said and patted me on the cheek and I don’t know when I smiled and later bur-st into laughter.
“You’re very friendly and cool to be with” I said and Annene stood and made her way outside. I guess she’s upset.
Kelechi went to the kitchen with her stuff and I quic-kly ran out to meet Annene..
I met her half way from our compound.
“Annene, plea-se wait I’m sorry that girl is crazy plea-se forgive me” I pleaded..
“Dare me that lie, its practically and obviously clear that you love her and I won’t let that happen, never in my sight” she said and went out.
“plea-se forgive my indigence. I’m sorry I don’t love her but to be sincere she’s friendly” I said and knelt down before her.
“You’re my heart de-sire and I won’t leave you nor hurt you but as for that fool Kelechi or what ever is in doom.”
She said and exit at once..
I went back inside and met Kelechi very busy with cooking.
Few minutes later, she was done and she served it. It was rice and beans stewed. We ate together and I decided to take my bath.
I took my towel and went inside the bathroom. I turn on the running water and it showered me down…
“Hmmm…. ” I feminine voice [email protected] ed..
I ru-bbe-d the soap on my face and saw kele with just a [email protected] She drew closer to me and my d!¢k got £r£¢ted for action immediately. What are you doing here? I asked and she drew closer and replied with a ro-mantic voice.
“I love what I’ve seen and I want to feel it inside my pvzzyplea-se.”
“What?” I asked.
“Don’t hide your £r£¢tion plea-se let’s have S-x” she said and I marveled as she pu-ll-ed down her [email protected] slowly with her b©©b s dancing….
(She’s a marine spirit)
🌹Episode 10🌹
🌹 Odaji’s POV🌹
“Odaji what are you doing with that girl? she’s a girl to the best notorious cultist of this school(Risky fada) is his name. stay clear of her. He saw you when the lady jumped on your n£¢k. plea-se be careful..
I’ve landed myself into another trouble. Chai cult wahala……
I walked home doldrum and chaos.
“Hey, you’re sad what happened?” Kelechi asked from behind at the entrance our gate. I turned back at her and shove her hand off my shoulder.
“plea-se, I’m very sad and I don’t nee-d to be disturbe-d.
“Tell me what’s wrong?” She requested. I left her there and walked inside my room and locked it. I showered up and went to the be-d and sle-pt off thoughtful.
I woke up 2 hours later and saw Annene laying beside me on the be-d..
When did she entered?
Oh,I just woke up, maybe I was asleep when she [email protected]£.
I didn’t t©uçh her. I wanted to visit chuks so we could solve our as-signment together.
First I nee-d to take another round of bath
I did and [email protected]£ out and met Annene dizzying of sleep.
We exchanged plea-santries and she asked me what happened at school.
“My dear, you can’t believe it. I made my test of which I performed poorly..” I said excitedly.
“Hmm……” She exhaled.
“Why hmm.?” I asked in frown.
“I knew it.” She said..
“Wow !!! Aren’t you happy for me?”
“I’m very happy for you dear.” She said. She looked bored and tired..
“Annene are you OK?”
“I’m not, my belly is aching and I feeling feverish, my b©dy is weak and you haven’t ever asked me of it?” She muttered and turned her back on me.
That’s true but why should I ask of what I don’t nee-d.
“Yes, you’re right, I’m sorry. ” I said.
“It’s not accepted.” She said..
“Why plea-se forgive I’m sorry” I said and went to her and started R0m-ncing her. She smiled and we started pla-ying. We pla-yed for about 30 minutes and I decided to go work out my as-signment.
“I want to go and work out my as-signment with my chuks, I will be back in a while. ” I said.
“Alright, go well, I’m waiting for you my baby father. ” she tea-sed.
“Make I hear word, baby father ke? I want stay long” I said.
” Go now, you’re disturbing me ” she said pla-yfully. I left for chuk’s house.
I [email protected]£ and met him alre-ady solving his as-signment. He’s very serious with his studies and I want to be like him in terms of studies.
“Bro, how are you doing now” I said.
“Welcome guy, you almost [email protected]£ late. Seat down. ” he said.
I sat down and we started working things immediately. Just then a very pretty Lady [email protected]£ out of the kitchen and greeted me. We exchanged plea-santries like we have met before and she exit telling chuks she we return in few minutes. “Guy is she your girlfriend?” I asked amazingly because the girl in question was very beautiful and adorable..
“Yes, I met her two weeks ago” he said.
“Wow!!! She’s very beautiful and cute.”
“Don’t like her oo” he said pla-yfully.
“Hmm….. I didn’t say I like her but she’s good, I like her stature.”
“You better don’t because you have your own”
“I don’t have any earnestly.” I said.
“Don’t lie guy, as old as you’re” he tea-sed..
“Let’s forget about that. You just reminded me of something. It’s about that girl you told me about earlier today.”
“Yes dear, that girl is risky fada’s girlfriend. Beside what where you discussing with her?”
“Nothing ooo. She told that she love me and want us to be friend and I resisted immediately.”
“Better because that guy is risky and dangerous. He can kill in a minute”
“Do you mean she has a b©yfri£ndand still went another guy?”
“That’s how she behave, plea-se don’t listen to her”
“Thanks bro” I said and we continue our as-signment. When we finished it, it was alre-ady getting dark. I made yo leave but he told told me to pas-s my night in his house but I insisted on going home.. After so much persistence, I left for my house. I [email protected]£ to the middle of the road where houses are dispersed and darkness was very filled. I checked my time and it was 8:30pm. Rain cloud begins to form and Napa took light and that rendered the night more dark. All of a sudden I began to heard footsteps from behind. I [email protected]£ terrified and I hastened my movement. I later started running and I was clear that people are after me. I ran fas-ter and they chased me. Just then I looked in front of me and saw two guys standing in black shi-t. Behind is four guys standing also in black.
“I’m risky fada, the leader of the black and red confraternity. You stepped on my toe and I’m here to pay you back. ” one of those men said..
“plea-se don’t kill me” I pleaded.
“It’s too late” He said and brou-ght out an axe from his pocket and I knelt down before him. So this how my life is going to end. My parent, how will they know I’m dead on the street.
“Say your last prayer.” He said to me and said something in a slangs and the rest responded. He raised the axe to kill me and suddenly there was lightening and a thun-der sounded. I saw his hand dropping gradually and I picked the race of my life….

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