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My personal dummy batch 5

💦My Personal Dummy 💦
💧Worlds [email protected]💧
❄️ By: Adeagbo Barakat Susan ❄️
🌀 Chapter Nineteen 🌀
🌗 Dylan’s POV 🌗
As expected they were shocked who wouldn’t be
An eighteen years old telling them he has a child
” Wait, what do you mean?” Beryl asked.
and I sighed
” Adopted?”
“No, my own daughter”
There was silence for a while but then it was broken again
” How come and howis that even related to all of this?” Magaret asked
” Last two years few days after I clocked sixteen I defiled my parent’s order and sneaked out to go to my friend’s [email protected], I enjoyed myself a little too much and I ended up slee-ping with one of our school mate back then, you might know her Tiffany, I didn’t know how it happened but then I apologized the following day and we went our separate ways, unfortunately for us, Tiffany was feeling weird few weeks later and she was tested, it [email protected]£ out positive, I couldn’t tell my parents, but my step brother found out and he vowed to help, Tiffany’s parents were not the ha-rd type so even when they tried to report me to my parents my step brother threatened them, he settled them with a hvge sum of money and they kept quiet, Tiffany gave birth to my daughter eight months later and she left the country a week after leaving my daughter behind, my brother [email protected]£ to my aid again since I was not planning on putting her up for adoption, he helped me employ a nanny who has been taking care of her since then.”
” Okay wait do you mean Tiffany the school cheer leader carried your baby?” Beryl asked and I nodded
” How could you have made such a mistake?” She asked again
” I swear Beryl, I don’t know how it happened”
” Are you sure the baby is yours?” Tim asked and I bowed my head
” She is, my brother made us do a DNA test before she left”
” Wow, that’s serious but I still don’t un-derstand how that concerns me getting hurt”
” When I clocked seventeen, I started having hvge b©dy and my step brother decided he wanted me to be his money collector, he would s£nd me to a street and ask me to haras-s those that borrowed money from him and didn’t return it, it was then I realized that [email protected] from working in my dad’s company my step brother is a loan shark, I refused but he threatened to report me to Dad, I could not let my Dad know about my daughter yet, so I had to suc¢v-mb, but trust me after I finish whatever he wants me to do, I go back to the street and try apologize, but most of the time that doesn’t go well”
” The day Beryl was at the ice cream shop and she got hit by a bottle, it was because I was there to collect money from some of the people living in the street, the street boys defended their people and one thing led to another, same thing happened yesterday”
” What?!” She exclaimed surprised
” I am sorry Beryl”
” But then why were you trying to take advantage of me in school, was that your brother too?”
” No, that was Alexa”
” Alexa?” They chorused and I nodded
” The only person that knew about my daughter [email protected] from me and my brother, is Alexa”
” That doesn’t add up, why?”
” You know Alexa doesn’t like the fact that you are the head girl so she is trying everything within and outside her power to spoil your reputation”
” How did she found out about your daughter?”
” One thing everyone in the school didn’t Know back then is that Tiffany is Alexa’s cousin”
” What?”
” They are ,and Tiffany stayed at Alexa’s parent place throu-gh her pregnancy stage”
” this is weird”
” Okay why are you telling us all of this again?” Tim asked
” Three reasons, one is Because of my daughter, second because I am tired of being used and third is because the person I like kept getting hurt” I said looking directly at Beryl
💦My Personal Dummy 💦
💧Worlds [email protected]💧
❄️ By: Adeagbo Barakat Susan ❄️
🌀 Chapter Twenty 🌀
🍓 Beryl’s POV 🍓
The one he likes, he was staring at me directly and I had to look back too see if anyone is behind me
The lady he likes?
I looked at him and he flashed me a smile
Heat crept up my n£¢k
Tim cleared his throat and Dylan took his eyes off me
” So what are we gonna do now?” Tim asked
” I don’t know to be sincere”
” Where is your baby?” I asked
” Crescent street”
” Wow that’s far”
” Yeah it is”
” I want to see her” I said and everyone looked at me
” What?, I want to see her”
” Okay but that would be after school” he replied
” It’s almost time for the morning as-sembly, let’s go” I said leaving all of them behind
🍒 Tim’s POV 🍒
Something is going on and I am a hundred percent sure Maggie knows about it
Dylan followed Beryl, Maggie was going too but I pu-ll-ed her back
” Come back here”
” What?” She asked averting her eyes from mine
” There is something going on and I know you know about it”
” So?”
” What is it?”
” I can’t tell you anything” she said running away from me
I knew it!
There is something going on
I rushed after her but before I could catch up the Bell for the morning rang.
🍅 Dylan’s POV 🍅
I was restless throu-ghout school hours
I finally told people about Gabriella and I am happy about it
The moment school hour was over I ran over to Beryl’s seat
” Are you re-ady?”
” Sure, Tim went to place a call, so mum won’t be worried”
” Okay”
We waited for few minutes and others joined us
I told my driver to take us to my daughter and few minutes later we were on the way there, it took us over an hour to get there, but we eventually did
I called the nanny and she opened the door for us
” Dada!” My little angel called
” Princess” I called too bending to scoop her into my arms
” How is my princess doing?”
” I fine” she said giggling my heart melted
” Mama?” She asked reaching out to Beryl who was standing beside me staring at Gabriella
“What’s that princess?”
“Mama!” She said reaching out to Beryl who in return collected her from me
I was confused, I looked from Beryl to her nanny who was looking shocked
” How are you doing honey?” Beryl asked and Gabriella giggled
“I fine” she said and snuggled closer to Beryl, I did my very best to look away from the both of them, and thank God I succeeded
” How has she been doing?”
” Fine except this days she refuse to take her nap”
” Dada choate”
” Daddy didn’t get any melted chocolate honey but I’d get you some later”
” You can here what she is saying?” Tim asked and I nodded
” Who wouldn’t un-derstand what this Little pretty princess of mine is saying” I said tucking a strand of stray hair behind her ear
” Dada” she called giving me a hearty laughter
” That’s my baby girl, want to come meet daddy now?” I asked stretching my hands towards her but she frowned and shook her head
” Mama” she snuggling closer to Beryl, the smile that appeared on Beryl’s face was priceless
I couldn’t do anything, nob©dy could, we were all busy staring at Beryl who was rocking Gabriella gently.
A sight I won’t trade for anything.
🍎 Maggie’s POV 🍎
Everything was feeling really unreal
For Christ sake Dylan has a baby!
The way he conversed with his daughter is heart melting
And Beryl?
After Beryl rocked Gabriella to be-d, I pu-ll-ed her outside with me leaving others inside
” Beryl?, How are you feeling ?”
” Oh, Maggie the baby is really cute, and she called me Mama”
” Beryl I am not talking about that, how does your heart feel?”
” I don’t know what you are talking about” she said turning
” Do you have to tell everyone you like Dylan?”
” Maggie?!” She yelled using her hand to cover my mouth.
💦My Personal Dummy 💦
💧Worlds [email protected]💧
❄️ By: Adeagbo Barakat Susan ❄️
🌀 Chapter Twenty-One🌀
🇫🇲 Beryl’s POV 🇫🇲
“Hey!, You can’t tell people that” I said removing my hand from her mouth slowly
“I knew it, you’ve not gotten over him”. Maggie said and I frowned
” I thought I had but then seems like I was wrong”
I’ve had a crush on Dylan for a while, I don’t know what made me really drawn to him, probably his bad boy attitude, this always make me want to reach out to him, but then he was a bully, there was a time I thought I was over him, but now I realize that I haven’t
” What are we gonna do about this whole thing?, What are you gonna do?, You can see the way he looked at you earlier today, the guy likes you, so what are you gonna do” Maggie said and I smiled, she was totally freaking out for me
” Look here Maggie, I am not gonna act based on our feelings at this moment, we may seem old but then we are still in high school and we have a lot on our mind, so the only thing we are gonna do right now is help Dylan, Gabriella isn’t going to be hidden from the world, instead she would be well known, and I have an idea on what to do, we’d have to discuss with Dylan and Tim first”
“Okay, but one question, the thought of being Gabriella’s mum crossed your mind earlier right?” Maggie asked and I blu-shed then walked away
” Hey!, Berry come back here and answer me” she said coming after me.
This girl is crazy.
🇬🇷 Tim’s POV 🇬🇷
I was wondering what Magaret and Beryl were discussing outside
I swear curiousity was Killing me, the only thing keeping me from going outside was Dylan, I couldn’t help but watch the way he gazed at his daughter
“Guys” I heard Maggie call and I tapped Dylan
“I think the girls nee-d us” I whispered and he nodded
We went downstairs quietly
” Gabriella?” Beryl asked
“Sound asleep” I replied and she nodded
” See we all know we can’t continue letting your step brother and Alexa take advantage of you, so I have an idea on how to st©p all of it but this might be ha-rd for you ”
” Let’s hear it”
” So you’d be holding be a conference”
” A conference?, No, that would be absurd, that would ruin my dad’s reputation, I can’t do that”
” Wait Dylan let me explain, you are going to be holding the conference to your own advantage, I’d be going to the principal and I’d explain everything to him,then I’d tell him how you want to tell your Story and help encourage other students that made the same mistake that you made that it does not mean they should put an end to education and all, you get?”
” I don’t know but I think that might work” I said ru-bbing my jaw
” What about my Dad?, He is going to skin me alive if he finds out”
” See Dylan he is your Dad and he wants the best for you, what you’d do is you’d tell him”
” I can’t face him Beryl” Dylan said bowing his head
I actually felt for him
“Then you write to him, write out your heart to him, one thing I am sure of is the power a letter carries, I am sure your father would see your heart in whatever you write, so make sure you write the letter and give him while we plan how to make the conference work”
” I hope you won’t be the end of me Beryl” Dylan said and we bur-sted into laughter that definitely eased the tension
Suddenly, we heard Gabriella cry, Tim and Beryl rushed inside, there is definitely something going on with that girl, Magaret was about to follow but I pu-ll-ed her back, I moved till I was close to the wall then I pressed her against it
“What do you want?, Let go!” She said struggling with me but I held her back
“What’s going on?”
“On with what?”
“You girls, you’ve been behaving weird” I Said looking into her eyes
“Well I don’t have any explanation for you” she said looking away
” Mag, look at me” I said tilting her face upward
“Do you like Dylan?”
“What?, No!” She said pushing me away and stomping off
“Mag!” I called following her
Yeah I followed her.
💦My Personal Dummy 💦
💧Worlds [email protected]💧
❄️ By: Adeagbo Barakat Susan ❄️
🌀 Chapter Twenty-Two 🌀
( plea-se make sure you re-ad the short announcement at the end if this chapter… plea-se)
💐 Maggie’s POV 💐
Why was he asking if I like Dylan?
That crazy boy
“C’mon Mag wait up”
“My name is Magaret”
” Nah I wanna call you Mag”
“Cool, but I won’t answer you”
“Why?” He asked still following me
“You are crazy”
“What!” I yelled and he st©pped
” What did I do wrong?”
“Nothing” I said and walked away
I didn’t talk to him till we left there
When we were going home, I sat at the back seat waiting for Berry to come sit beside me but then he entered and sat beside me, ma-king Berry sit at his left side
“What do you want” I whispered fiercely into his ear
” Nothing, I just want to sit beside you” he whispered back and I rolled my eyes
“We’d be dropping Magaret home first” Dylan told his driver and I sank dee-per into the chair
“Nothing” he said and I sighed
When we got to my house I bid them farewell and I went inside
All I want to do right now is eat dinner and see a movie.
🌻 Tim’s POV 🌻
When we got home I was a little bit tired but then not too tired to eat dinner
After we had dinner I chatted with our house keeper’s daughter for a while and I have to admit that girl is really brilliant and she really look like Beryl.
I went to my room and I freshened up then I started a chat with Maggie
I really don’t want to act based on feeling right now because I am sure she’d run away
“Hey Mag”
“What?” She replied almost immediately
” I don’t know what I said wrong today but then I am really sorry”
” It’s cool”
“You are no longer mad at me?”
” Yeah”
“Prove to me that you are not”
” I don’t know…. Give me a nickname?” I replied and there was no reply for like 30 minutes but the message was re-ad, I began to think she does not want to talk to me but then she messaged
” Sorry I went to freshen up” she replied and I smiled
“Ion know what nickname to give you, I’d think about it and tell you tomorrow”
“Sure, Good Night Princess”
“Good night princess” I replied going offline immediately.
🌹 Beryl’s POV 🌹
Man I should have taken my bath with h0t water but big headed me opted for cold water
Today has been beautiful and I have God to thank for that
Thinking about today, I picked my phone and chatted Maggie up
” Hey crazy🤪” I messaged waiting for her to reply and reply she did like 30 minutes later
“Hello Crazy Pro Max🤠” yeah that’s my bestie
” Where were you?🤓” I asked and it took her another five minutes to reply
” I went to freshen up sister💆”
” Fish🐟”
” I think you and your brother were s£nt after me🤥”
“Ah!, It’s in our gene🤣”
“Speaking about my brother, what’s going on?”
” What?… Nothing is going on🙄”
“Maggie, I am your best friend and you have to tell me what’s going on”
” And and she st©pped using the emojis 💁”
“Maggie 👺”
“Okay okay, I like him😩”
“Like him 😕?, I mean who doesn’t?” I pressed even though I alre-ady Know what she was talking about
” I like like him 👉👈”
“Ah!, I knew it”
” Shut up”
“How come?”
” I don’t know”
“Awwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnn, but why were you mad at him?”
” How did you know that?”
“I have eyes and ears you know?”
“Well your brother was asking me if I liked Dylan”
” Why are you mad because of that?”
“I don’t know Beryl”
“Hmm, well let’s talk better tomorrow, Good night ❤️”
” Good night 💙”
I went offline and I sank dee-per into my be-d, we have to do something about the conference soon.
That reminded me that I was supposed to see Mom and Dad after dinner, I jumped off the be-d and made my way to their room
I was opening their door alre-ady but I had to freeze because they were saying something weird
I paused to listen well
” We can’t tell her yet” Mum said
” See, the earlier we tell Beryl the truth, the better for her, even her mother would want this”
” We can’t risk it right now, what if she is not re-ady for what is coming?, Even her sister might not be re-ady”
“What?” I said re-leasing the alre-ady opened door
They both looked really shocked
” Beryl baby”
” You both know my mother?”
” Wait, I can explain” Mum said but I ran as fast as my leg could carry me
I’ve been lied to .

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