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My perfect marriage Episode 7 & 8

“Wow, long time I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you..” Tisa said.
“Ok this shop is so beautiful.. I’m proud of you..” he said.
“Anyway It’s been long because you have never bothered to call me and I was looking for every way possible that I could hear from you. I miss you.. Phil-ips aid.
“Was I supposed to call you? You’re married, married men don’t have female friends. Your only friend Is your wife.. she said.
“Well you’re right, I don’t know what I’m doing here, let me go… he said.
“No .. it’s fine. You can stay…
“No let me go Tisa it seems I am not welcome..
“It’s fine you are welcome, I’m sorry I just felt really unwanted the night of your bachelor [email protected] hence I left.. she said.
“I apologise.. I really do apologise.. but I’m here.. can we pick up from where we left?
“Phil!pthere was really nothing there we were just friends nothing more and nothing less so by picking up where we left you mean what?… she asked.
Phil!pfelt bad that he knew he had no serious intentions for her except to have quality time with her..
“Tisa are you in a relationsh!p?.. he asked her..
“No I am not. She responded.
I’ve never been able to forget you Tisa.. I just can’t forget you.. you are always on my mind. He said. “I know I’m married and I’m being selfish but I want you to be my woman as well.”
Tisa gave him a shocked look but de-ep inside she ws jumping with excitement.
“Phil!pyou are a married man, what happens if she finds out?”
“No she won’t… she is way too busy to notice what I do.”
“But why? Isn’t it too soon for her to behave like that.. has she been taught well..”
“Can we not talk about her?.. he interrupted.
“What exactly do you want me to be.. Your concubine? She asked.
“No I want you close as a friend, a shoulder I can lean on any time.. he said.
They agreed to have dinner and he bought a number of items from her shop for Patience.
He called Patience and told her he would be working late of which she did not oppose.
Phil!pdressed to impress and he bought her some flowers, chocolate and a n£¢klace..
As he pu-ll-ed over at Radison Blu h0tel, Phil!pwas not at all concerned about anyone seeing him. Tisa left nothing to chance, she looked beautiful and make sure she made a statement. They talked for hours and enjoyed each other’s company.
“It was great having dinner with you… can we do it again? He asked.
“Yes I would love that.. she said with a smile.
She pe-cked his cheek before she dropped out of the car.
It was a beautiful night and Phil!pwas over the moon, he couldn’t st©p pla-ying “piece of sky by choklet” in the car as he drove home…
When he got home he continued pla-ying the song in the be-droom as he danced.. Patience wasn’t back home and it was past 7pm. Phil!pdid not bother calling her but she finally showed up just before 8pm.
“Wow! That song.. Someone [email protected] something?.. she asked her husband as she re-moved her shoes.
“No I’m actually excited that my wife is home.. I got you this honey.. he said as he handed her the pres£nt he got for her from Tisa’s shop.
“Aww honey these are beautiful.. thank you so much honey..i love you.. she said.
“I love you too honey.. hurry up come and join me in here.. he said as he tacked in be-d.
“Let me just shower.. she said.
When Patience went to be-d she cu-mddled next to her husband but she refused to get much closer to him.
“I’m sorry honey but I am so tired I promise tomorrow morning … just not now. plea-se? She said.
“Ok fine.. good night.. he said.
He turned the other side and got his phone..
He went online and found Tisa was active on whatsapp.
“Hey you.. are you not slee-ping? He asked.
“Nop.. not yet.. she responded.
“Just thinking about you. He said.
‘Aww me too.. she responded.
They went on chatting until past midnight when he fell asleep.
“Morning honey you promised me in the morning.. Phil-ips aid.
“Oh wow.. and I’m going to shower I have work in the next one hour and I will be soon running late.. she said.
“Well so do! But I am your husband.. he yelled.
“But you should have woken me up early, why did you [email protected] now? She asked.
“Wow can you even listen to yourself Patience?.. are you out of you mind! He yelled
“Well can we talk about this in a formal way.. Do you really have to yell on t©p of your voice?.. I love you and I too want this but really am running late.. she said.
‘Ok here I am,.. I’m all yours she said as she [email protected]
“No I’m no longer interested.. he said as he got up.
“Oh well at least I tried.. she said before going to the shower.
“You really have to start taking this marriage seriously.. Phil!pmumbled to himself
“No it’s you who has to st©p being selfish.. my b©dy nee-ds time to breath.. she responded.
Phil!pwas upset and had a sack of things to say to her but he just kept quiet and showered then ate breakfast before he left.
Petrina decided to pay her cousin a visit in Chalala when she suddenly saw someone that looked like Clive (Nonde’s husband) from a distance. He was coming from a house 3 houses away from her cousins place.
She was taking a walk with her cousin when she saw him.
“Oh that man looks familiar.. she said.
“Oh him.. that is his house.. he usually comes in to check on the progress but it seems like its finished now because I heard someone mention the house was re-ady.. the cousin said.
“Really? That’s interesting.. his wife is my friend I wonder why she never mentioned that she is moving.. but why would she want to move into a smaller house.. they are currently staying in a hvge house and its also theirs… she said.
“Mmm! You called that house small? That house has 4 be-drooms and it was built to perfection.. she said.
“I know but their house where they are staying is much bigger.. Petrina said
“Anyway I did not say he is moving there maybe it will be on rent.. her cousin said.
“Oh yeah you have a point, I should get in t©uçh with Nonde I’m looking for a house.. she said.
Kas-sy had just started doing her hair in the salon in re-adiness for Patience’s birthday [email protected] when suddenly her husbands car [email protected]£ and pu-ll-ed over at the salon.
She was wondering what was going on but she just watched throu-gh the glas-s mirrors as she sat.
A beautiful looking young lady [email protected]£ out of the car. She was holding two plastic bags.. one had food while the other had hair. Kas-sy waited patiently for her to enter then she got up and [email protected]£d the plastic she had and [email protected] her.
“Madam what are you doing?” The security shouted as they rushed to st©p the fight that was almost erupting.
“Don’t you even try to fight back!” Kas-sy yelled.
She opened the plastic and found [email protected] hair as well as an envelope that had money.
“This girl here is a prostitute.. if you want ask her she knows exactly what I am talking about..” she said.
Attention was drawn in the salon and eventually everyone [email protected]£ to watch.
The girl ran out of the salon immediately and st©pped a taxi.. Kas-sy did not run after her but people followed her shouting pr©st!tût£while Kas-sy just stayed in the salon.
“I have changed my mind I’m not doing razor cut.. I will plait this hair..” Kas-sy said as she gave the wig to her stylist.
“Madam if that man is your husband then you really should leave him because that man has women all over town..” the stylist said.
“Oh is that so? Well I am going nowhere because I am his legitimate wife..” she responded.
“But madam..”
“Mummy can you just do your job ayi? I’ve been with this man for so long and there is nothing anyone can tell me..”
“Aren’t you afraid of getting sick? The stylist asked.
“My dear we shall all die one way or the other you have no idea what will kill you so I beg just do my hair and st©p with this interrogation..”
The ladies in the salon could not st©p talking but Kas-sy did not care she did her hair and set off for the [email protected]
Phil!pleft home early in the morning saying he was going to pick up Patience’s cake but he was actually with Tisa.
“Honey you nee-d to go now.. I can’t stand it when she starts calling..” Tisa said.
“The way you are chasing me it’s almost as if you’re expecting someone to come..” he said.
“No my love. I will just be doing laundry when you leave… By the way thanks for the washing machine it works perfectly it has made life very easy..” she said..
“I don’t want you to be stressing yourself, you do too much work…” he said.
“Uhmm! Do I do too much work or do you give me too much work.. she giggled.
“Do i? oh I’m sorry honey maybe I just can’t get enough of you.. he said.
“ok let’s go shower.. he said as he left the blanket.
“Honey my trip is long overdue.. I nee-d to travel, or should I use my own money? You said you would take care of all my travelling nee-ds.. Tisa said.
“Oh that I’m sorry honey I’ve just been so busy and just like I promised.. I will fulfil don’t worry.. tomorrow I will buy your ticket..he said.
“Ok plea-se do, I want to fly by Wednesday next week.. she said.
Phil!ppas-sed throu-gh to pick up the cake and then went to the [email protected] Sam was alre-ady there and he gave Phil!pa very strange look before pu-lling him aside.
“The next time you decide to go for your silly games plea-se remember to wear your shi-t correctly.. he said.
“What did I turn it.. oh man! I hope she hasn’t noticed..
“No I guess she hasn’t.. you go and change we nee-d you here. He said.
Petrina arrived quite late but it was un-derstandable as her wedding was just two weeks away..
“Petrina!.. Patience screamed..
“Oh wow girlfriend am glad you made it… just didn’t think you would make it on time. She said
“Oh here I am.. not to worry.. I’m here”. she said.
Petrina [email protected]£ with Sydney who sat with them and helped with the [email protected]
Nonde who had arrived earlier with Kas-sy did not seem happy upon seeing Petrina because her engagement had made her very elusive and she didn’t seem to care much.
“Nonde aren’t you excited to se me? She asked.
“Oh well what kind of friend has a wedding and keeps all the details pri-vate? Not even putting us on the lineup..” nonde complained
The ladies sat and discussed everything from marriage to old school days.
“Nonde you always leave baby behind what happened today?” Petrina asked.
“That useless girl, the low life I had in my house decided to leave.. she said.
“Amen! You took advantage of that girl you treated her like a slave.. I hope she’s happy where she is.. Patience said
“That’s true, guess you can now learn to attend to your husband’s nee-ds better.. Have you ever even cooked him a decent meal?.. Kas-sy said.
“Now look who is talking.. Unlike yours my husband is always available and even goes out of his way for me despite my inadequacies but look at you Kas-sy.. you go out of your way and yet your man is always M.I.A (Missing In Action).”
“Oh really? What do you know about my marriage??.. kas-sy said as she raised her voice.
“Excuse me… this is so unnecessary in fact all of you are just ma-king noise.. Patience interrupted.
“Take an example from Phil!pand I.. that’s why I told you ladies to take your time in finding the right [email protected] but seems you were all rushing for marriage.. A man requires enough time. You have to know and un-derstand each other like friends and then….”
“Oh shut up Patience!.. Nonde yelled.
“You are the last person to give me such an example.. she added
“Excuse me? What did you say?.. Patience asked in shock.
“Well either you’re blind or you just do not care about your husband at all.. I don’t see why you should let your man move out of the house wearing a shi-t inside out… if your marriage is so perfect would you let your husband be moving around like a clown!..
“Hold it right there.. Ladies! Really? Is this how we are going to be behaving? Instead of [email protected] this beautiful day all we do is just argue.. what has happened to us?.. all we do is compete now.. what is wrong with you guys?.. this is not healthy and it has to st©p immediately”. Petrina said.
“Anyway moving on.. congratulations Nonde your house is coming up pretty well, do you intend to shift there or maybe its going to be on rent?.. We are still looking for a house to move in after the wedding..” Petrina said.
“House? No, hubby and I are just starting the slab for the flats in meanwood otherwise we don’t have a house that is almost done.. she said.
“Oh really?.. guess I just didn’t see well then..
“See what? Nonde asked.
“Well I saw someone who looks like your husband in Chalala and my cousin told me he is building a house there.
Kas-sy immediately interrupted with a [email protected]
“Faithful husband indeed.. kas-sy said as she [email protected]
“Excuse me.. hold it right there Kas-sy! Nonde yelled as she stood up.
“No no no.. you guys not again.. plea-se you guys.. Petrina begged as she struggled to push Nonde away.
The men were comfortably watching soccer as they ate when they suddenly heard the noise outside and they [email protected]£ out to st©p the noise.
“What is going on here! Phil!pyelled.
“Nothing the [email protected] is over.. I’m off to be-d.” Patience said.
When everyone had left Patience had a shower and then went to be-d… Phil!pdelayed to go to be-d and she went to peep on him but she found he was just watching soccer in the sitting room while he smiled to himself as he looked at his phone.
“Can we go to be-d now? She asked him.
“Ok honey I’m coming.. he said.
She stood behind the door peeping, when she saw him ma-king sure that she had gone then he set a quic-k text and then walked to be-d.
“Did you have an accident when you went to pick my cake? She asked.
“No honey why would you think that?.. she asked
“ok.. I was just wondering why you took really long.. she said.
“Oh I pas-sed throu-gh the office..
“And your shi-t? Why did you come with your shi-t inside out.. she asked..
“Oh you noticed that?.. he giggled.
I guess I was rushing out when leaving, I just realised when I got back that I moved that way.. he said.
Patience could smell the lie from far away but she avoided any form of argument with him.. she decided to just ignore and sleep, although she ha-rd ly sle-pt.
Nonde on the hand did not bother asking her husband.. she was positive that Petrina was mistaken and there was no way possible that he had built a house without her knowledge.
However, the following week as Nonde was buying some vegetables at the Tuesday veg market when she saw Bwalya.
Nonde couldn’t believe her eyes, Bwalya was looking very nice and neat.. she had plaited Masai and was in an expensive looking African dress commonly known as a bubu.
“No no no, that can’t be Bwalya.. that really can’t be Bwalya. She said to herself.
“And she looks pregnant.. She thought again
Nonde tried to push herself throu-gh the crowd to catch a clear glimpse of Bwalya but she lost her in the crowd. She remembered how she chased Bwalya like a dog from her house and now seeing her looking that good shocked her. How could it be? What sort of luck did the girl have?
Is there any perfect marriage?
Can you make your marriage so perfect by yourself?

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