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My perfect marriage Episode 3 & 4

“You are what?” Patience asked Kas-sy
“Girlfriend it’s just for a week remember I got your back and besides everything is un-der control. I have done all my duties and I will be back 4 days before the big event. plea-se un-derstand, Ted and I nee-d this break together..” Kas-sy begged
“Guess I have to let you go… but remember 4days before …” she warned.
“I promise..” She said with a smile.
Patience didn’t look happy at all, her chief bridesmaid leaving at the time she nee-ded her the most.
“plea-se smile for me sweetie…” Kas-sy tea-sed.
“Oh st©p it!, I’m just stressed and I nee-d you around..
“It will be perfect I as-sure you… Besides Petrina arrives tomorrow so you do not nee-d to worry..” Kas-sy said.
“Poor Petrina I guess this will be ha-rd for her..” Nonde interrupted.
“No she is a strong girl she will pu-ll throu-gh it..” Patience said
“I’m just thinking of how much she has wanted this ..” Nonde said.
“God is the giver of marriage she should just take heart and a good man will come around soon… take a look at Phil!pand I, who thought we would be getting married this year?”
“I just feel Petrina has denied a lot of potential men…” Nonde said
“Nonde don’t say that..” Patience interrupted
“Ladies let’s not make it awkward for her, when she comes let’s all be supportive no one should ask about her relationsh!pstatus or any of that awkward stuff… do we have a deal?.”
“Honey can you come here..” Patience called out.
“So that’s it my guy but she can’t know about it..” Phil-ips aid
“Who are you talking about?”
“My wife to be! She can’t know we are having this [email protected] or she will kill me..” He said.
Sam chuckled and then started ma-king arrangements right away.
“Honey you’ve been so disconnected today remember our dance is still not well coordinated…” Patience said
“Patience I’m sorry my love lets go throu-gh it one more time…” said Phili-p
As they rehearsed Phil!pkept thinking about Tisa and he made a number of mistakes.
“Honey!,, you’ve made the same mistake for the 4th time, can we get over and done with this? plea-se?”
“I’m sorry my love I’m just tired I promise it won’t happen again but I am tired, I think we should rest, tomorrow is another day..” He said.
As they went home Patience just kept whining about how she did not want to do the traditional teachings and how it was so evil….
“Phil!pare you listening?…” She yelled.
“Hey you scared me.. Do you want us to have an accident?..” He yelled back as he parked by the side.
Patience got emotional..
“I’m sorry honey, I’m so sorry I’m just stressed with wedding preparations that’s all…” he begged.
“No, your mind has been too occu-pied today.. Are you having second thoughts about me?..” she asked
“No no no honey, I love you so much why would I think that?” He said.
“We are having a wedding and I am marrying the best woman in the world,,, you are a blessing to me honey..” he added.
Patience smiled and then they went into a long k!ss…
“Honey can we?..” He whispered..
“In the car?” She asked with a shocked face.
“We can go to my place..” he said
“No honey we have waited this long let’s just hold on, the wedding is not far off…” she said.
“Oh come on Patience it’s not like we haven’t done it before…”
“But we made a decision to wait a year ago and we shall stick by that until we get married. Besides we only did it three times so it’s not like you were add!çted or something..” She said
“Ok as you plea-se honey..” He said with a gentle smile.
“Ok let me drop you home before I get tem-pted again…”
Petrina had just finished packing her bags and she sat to watch her favorite series that she had just finished downloading on her phone.
She wanted to watch TV but all her items were packed and sealed re-ady for the trip the following morning.
The series was done and she had no inch of sleep in her eyes.. She decided to go to Facebook to check some [email protected]£s.
Kas-sy had uploaded some pictures on Facebook of herself and her husband as they were out for dinner with the caption “when hubby surprises me with dinner at Radisson Blu h0tel before our trip to S.A”..
The post had 200 likes and 30 comments, Petrina admired it so much..
“How I wish I had this life”… she said to herself.
Petrina failed to un-derstand how some people could be so blessed and lucky.
Kas-sy just seemed so happy in her marriage, everything was effortless for her.
“God why can’t I have a loving man like Ted? One who spoils me and loves me just like Ted.” She said to herself.
The following morning as early as 4am her items left with a company truck while she waited for her flight which was at 12hrs. It was finally time to check in and as Petrina dragged her case a male voice greeted her from the behind.
A fine looking, yet simple man was standing right behind her..
“Oh hi….” she responded with a gentle smile.
“Going to visit or going back home?”He asked.
“Going back home..” she said
As Petrina took her sit on the plane she [email protected]£d a magazine and started re-ading. Shortly a guy sat next to her and when she looked up she realised it was the same guy from before.
“We meet again…” he said.
Oh yeah…” she smiled.
“So you’re from Lusaka?..” he asked
“Yes well I’ve been working here for almost two years but I was pushing for a transfer and well it was finally approved so I’m going back home..” She said.
“Oh that’s great.. I’ve been in Ch!pata for 6years and I’m equally planning on moving..” he said.
“Oh really that’s nice….” said Petrina
“Yeah! I guess so..” He said
“Why are you not happy about it?” She asked.
“I’m actually going for interviews so if the offer is great then I will be moving..”
“Oh ok! What field are you in?” she asked him
“Agric business…..” he said..
“Oh I’m a social worker myself..
Where did you study? He asked her..
“From UNZA 3years ago..” she said.
“Oh that’s nice.. I was there too. I graduated some seven years ago..”
“Wow! that’s a long time..” she said.
“Don’t worry I am not old..” he laughed
They went into a long conversation and eventually collected their contact numbers. Nonde and patience were at the airport waiting for Petrina.
They screamed and jumped in excitement as they welcomed their friend..
“Ok you guys, meet my friend Sydney we met on the plane, Sydney this is my friend Patience the bride I told you about and this is my other friend Nonde or you can call her Mrs. Mwalej..” she said..
Sydney asked for a lift up to Manda Hill and they dropped him off before they went to Petrina’s new [email protected] in Kabulonga.
*******3 DAYS LATER*******
Tisa was busy in the shop going about her own business, she had completely lost hope in Phil!pcalling her for the bachelors’ [email protected] She knew he was a typical church boy and there was no way possible that he could call her.
Suddenly as she finished attending to her third client of the day she found 3 missed calls. It was a strange number and she decided to call back.
“Hello! I found your missed calls who is this?” She asked
“Hello ! is this Tisa?..”
“Yes plea-se.. Who is this?” She asked
“My name is Sam I am Phili-p’s best friend..” He said.
“We are having a bachelors’ [email protected] tonight.. You are cordially invited.”
Phil!pwas standing anxiously waiting to hear her feedback. When Sam hung up Phil!pjumped from his chair.
“What did she say?..” he asked
“She said she will think about it, if she won’t have other plans that is…”
“You see man that’s why I told you to call her on time.. You don’t invite someone on short notice..” He said.
“Chill man.. she is just tripping. She will definitely come..”
“Are you sure??”
“Phil!pI know women from A to Z, she will definitely come..” Sam as-sured.
An hour later Phil!preceived a text from Tisa.
“hi there, got a call from your friend.. will be there”..
Phil!pjumped up and down with excitement while dispersing the chess game he was pla-ying with Sam.
“Man what’s the meaning of this? And just when I was about to take you down..” Sam shouted
“She is coming!..”
“Wait hold on! Take a sit Phili-p..” Sam interrupted.
“What is this obse-ssion about this girl? I thought you were the “PREACHER” who always coached us about being faithful in relationsh!ps… where is the real you, Bible preacher man?”
“Come on Sam, you don’t obviously think I’m into her.. I just haven’t met someone so nice in a long time I just want to talk to her that’s all…”
“You have Patience, isn’t she enough?”
“So what happened over night you started lecturing people about ma-king good choices?” Phil!plaughed
“I know you better than that Sam, come back to your old self plea-se…”.
“Are you calling me a bad friend?” Sam giggled.
“No you’re not a bad friend but you’re just not the best to give relationsh!padvice.. Anyway she looks like a decent girl with morals so even if I had ill intentions she really wouldn’t let me..”
Sam bur-st into laughter..
“Ok seriously Phil!pthe last time I saw you this excited about someone was when you met Patience. I’m just worried about you that’s all. Remember the times I told you to loos£n up little bit more? This is exactly what I meant.. now you want to [email protected] it’s too late..”
“I’m not pla-ying.. Point of correction.. She is just my friend..”
“Well I am not married and I don’t intend to anytime soon but take advice from a brother who’s been in this game for a long time.. Be careful…” Sam advised.
“I know exactly what I am doing.. I love Patience..”
“Well, all the best..” Sam chucked.
Everywhere will soon scatter now.
What do you think is going to happen next? Can we guess?
The plans were perfectly un-der way and the guys sneaked in alcohol although Phil!pwas not a drinker.
“So you are telling me that you are going despite the warning I gave you concerning this guy Tisa”..Maya wondered
” I do appreciate that you are my best friend Maya but I think you should let me be sometimes, I nee-d to have a little fun.. You are engaged but I am not. Let me chill.. ” She said Ok! you win Tisa I rest my case..
“Thank you! Now which dress should I wear?.. Wear the red one it’s more [email protected] like…” Maya suggested.
“Hmm! Maybe the black one will do since it’s not that bad, remember he is a church boy so I have to be a little decent but with some S-x appeal..” She giggled.
She got re-ady and looked beautiful..
” Ok! How do I Look Maya? She asked.
“Wow! Now that’s what I’m talking about you lookstunning girl..” Tisa booked a taxi and informed Phil-ips he was on her way.
“Ok! You guys she’s coming plea-se be on your best behavior don’t embarras-s me..” He said.
The guys had set up the place, there was food and drinks for everyone.. Many girls and guys were invited but they made sure no one was that familiar around who could take the gossip.
Petrina had settled with the help of her friends and they were having a mini slumber [email protected] in the house they talked about life.. So the guy on the plane.. He seemed nice.. Nonde tea-sed. “Uhmm well he is yeah but hey I just met him..” she said.
“Well he might just be the one.” Nonde said.
” Nonde!… Patience interrupted.
“What? I’m just saying… I know a good man when I see one….” She said.
“Well talking of good men my husband to be is the best…” patience said as she win-ked her eyes with excitement.
“Tell me about it..” Petrina said.
“Oh Phil!pis just one of a kind. Phil!phas no business looking around, he loves me like no other…”
“Wait a minute don’t be so sure..” Petrina said.
“I know my man.. He is just one of a kind.”
“Well you’re right Phil!pis one of a kind but you can never be too sure…” Petrina interrupted
“Why do I s-en-se some jealousy?”
” Patience really?.. We are just talking here and I…” Petrina tried to explain
” No.. Hold it right there don’t make reference to my man like that.” Patience cut in
” I apologise Patience..”
“I see no point why you guys are fighting.. As far as I’m concerned the only faithful man I know is one in a bottle..” Nonde said
“What!” Patience and Petrina asked in shock.
“Never mind..” Nonde said.
“Anyway I got to go…. enjoy the rest of your evening you guys I have a husband and child to attend to…” Nonde said.
Patience picked her phone and decided to call Phil!pbut her call went unanswered.
“He must be having night worsh!p..” She said.
” Oh night worsh!p?..” Petrina asked.
“Yes he usually does that… so girlfriend tell me all the ju-icy stories.. we have some serious catching up to do.. I nee-d all the details. We will talk all night..” she giggled.
“Yeah! The night is till young after all, so let see where do I start from?”
Back at the Bachelors [email protected], Tisa just arrived at the gate and Phil!pwent to get her.
“Nice to meet you again..” he said as he shook her hand.
“plea-sure is all mine..” She responded. Tisa looked good and Phil!pcouldn’t help stealing glances at her.
“This place is so nice how did you find it?” She asked as they settled near the pool area.
“Oh this place, it’s my friend’s house..” Phil-ips aid.
“Wow. Its beautiful I almost thought it’s a lodge. I can hear music but where is everyone? She asked.. Oh we started indoors first that’s when we are about to move the [email protected] outside..” he said.
“We have enough food drinks.. do you drink?” He added.
“Uhmm just a little..” she said. “Wine especially…” she added
“I don’t drink at all but I’ve tasted wine and it wasn’t that bad..” He said.
“So can I go and get you some wine?” He asked.
“I’m taking what you are taking..” She said.
“Oh I haven’t taken anything yet but hey just have wine if that’s what you take. Let me not deprive you..” He said.
“Only if that’s what you will take too” she said.
“Ok no problem madam.. I will take some wine too.. He said.
Phil!pwent to get some wine while Tisa remained waiting for him… he left his phone behind and she took the liberty to quic-kly browse throu-gh it… when he [email protected]£ back she quic-kly put it back.
“Did I mention that you look so good tonight?” He asked her…
“Oh thank you.. She said with a smile.
“Wow and that smile is beautiful..
“Wow this groom has compliments..” She tea-sed him.
He laughed and then asked her about herself. They went on talking and she kept drooling at how handsome he was.
“So the wedding is in a few days. How do you feel?” She asked.
“Uhmm its amazing.. She’s my soul mate.. I love her so much… he said.
“Wow I guess she must be the luckiest woman alive..” Tisa said.
“She is.. she better be grateful,… he giggled.
Soon people started coming out and the [email protected] started.
They continued chatting by the pool area while everyone enjoyed [email protected]
“So why invite me here?” She asked.
Phil!pwas slowly getting ti-psy from the wine so he restrained from taking more.
“Well you are a nice girl and how many girls deny money? That’s rare..” he said.
“Uhmm I bet your wife to be can.. She giggled.
“Can we not refer to her while we are here?” He said.
“Oh that’s fine.. she said with a smile.
*Yeah I think it’s better so at least I feel less guilty for having you here.” He said.
Tisa bur-st into laughter.. ” It’s not really like you are doing anything wrong.. She said.
“Yes you’re right.. we are just chilling.”
“Chilling indeed.. Will see about that” .. Tisa thought to herself.
“Do you dance?” She asked him..
“Yes I do a little.. He said.
“Mind if we go and dance? …
“Well I was keeping the dance moves for my wedding but can’t deny when a lovely lady asks..” he said.
de-ep inside Phil!pwas rebuking himself but his reasoning coupled with the guilt had slowly left him. They got up and started dancing to the music pla-ying, as she got closer her perfume reached his nose and he loved it.. “That smells good..” he said.
“It’s fantasy by Britney..” She whispered.
He held her close as they danced and as he held her [email protected]!st he felt a jiggle in his b©dy. He also felt something like beads in her [email protected]!st and he remembered something he had been told about those. He wondered if patience was also into that because it was really tempting.
“I would like to use the bathroom.. Can you esc-rt me?” She whispered.
“Sure lets go.. he held her hand and they walked to the bathroom..
Sam s£nt him a message right way and he opened it as they walked. “There’s protec-tion in my drawer besides the be-d.”. The message re-ad Was he going to do it?.. What on earth made Sam think that way…
“Are you alright? She asked him..
“Yes dear I’m ok why?
“No I noticed you suddenly went quiet.. Did wify s£nd you a message?.. She asked
“Oh no, it’s just a reminder of some stuff I nee-d to do.. We can use the bathroom in the master be-droom.. I can guess the rest are dirty you know people are drinking..” He said.
” Oh are you sure your friend won’t mind?.. ”
“No he’s my best friend. We are like brothers. He won’t mind.. Phil-ips aid.
” Ok then.. She responded with a smile as she held his hand.
“Are you seeing someone or you’re in any relationsh!pcurrently?” She wasn’t expecting that question and she didn’t know what to say.. She obviously couldn’t tell him that her target was wealthy married men.
“No I’m not.. She said
” It should have been a bad break up..” he said.
“A very bad one.. She responded.
“Ok this is the master.. He said as he opened the door.
He showed her the bathroom and he went to [email protected] the be-d. She quic-kly pu-ll-ed her [email protected] liner and tossed it in the bin then dressed up again.
“I’m done we can go now.. she said.
“Oh wow that piece of art is beautiful.. she said while pointing at the art above the be-d.
“Oh yeah it’s a nice piece I like it.. he said.
Phil!pgot up and walked towards the door when she suddenly whispered to him… “it is allowed for the groom to have one last k!ssbefore the wedding”.. Phil!preally wanted to but a [email protected] of him hesitated. “I’m joking”.. she giggled.
“But the groom can be tem-pted and if he resists then he sure is going to make a good hubby. Oh temptation? What kind of temptation?” He asked as he sat on the be-d.
“Does that music system work?” She asked..
“Oh yes let me turn it on, what kind of music do you like? He asked.
“Something danceable.. She replied
She danced some moves crazy for him and he was lost in thought. She was really good, it’s like she was dancing to drums. Soon they were k!ss!ngpas-sionately then suddenly Phili-ps phone started ringing.. He wanted to ignore it but then he saw from the side view that it was Patience calling..
“Oh God.. sorry I.. uhmm.. I’m so sorry.. I nee-d to get that.. Phil-ips aid as he distanced himself from her.
He was almost n-ked and he quic-kly dressed up.. ” I nee-d to call her back she probably wants to sleep and we never sleep without talking to each other.. ” He said.
“I think its time for me to go too.. she said.
“No.. no. so soon.. the [email protected] isn’t over we will join everyone outside as soon as I’m done with the call.”
” Are you kidding? You want to call her in my pres£nce?.. she asked.
“I’m just afraid she will take it the wrong way if I don’t call her back soon.. he said.
“Ok I will be outside with everyone else.. she said. Tisa called the taxi and by the time he was done with the call she had alre-ady left.
“Well I thank God nothing happened.. Maya said as Tisa narrated the story. “He is too innocent those are the kind of men this society nee-ds..” she added.
“You know nothing about men. He saw a small piece of what I’m capable of, if he’s really a man mark my words.. HE WILL CALL ME.. Tisa said.
Meanwhile Phil!phad just finished narrating the story to Sam as they had breakfast.
” I’m proud of you man, you were saved by that call..”
“I don’t know Patience has a 6th s-en-se, how could she call at that very minute??.. I still feel I should have done it.. Sam you should have seen the girl dance.. That girl has moves.. Her [email protected]!st has serious skill but yet so innocent..”
“Innocent you say?.. Sam asked as he bur-st into laughter
“Well nothing to worry about, I have a lovely wife and am positive she will spoil me to the extremes more than those moves I saw.. trust me.. Phil!pcomforted himself.
“I’m proud of you man, you waited that long and failed to hit it at the given opportunity..”
*Thanks man let me even delete her number. I don’t want temptations..” Phil-ips aid..

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