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My perfect marriage Episode 13 & 14

One Saturday morning Patience was in a supermarket getting some groceries when she bu-mped into Petrina.
“Petrina is this you.. “ Patience said as she re-moved her sun glas-ses.
“Patience.. Oh my God!. “ Petrina screamed
“Wow ok.. I see that..” She tea-sed as she pointed at Patience’s tummy.
“Oh yeah.. 7 months…” Patience responded with a smile.
“Boy or girl?.. Petrina asked excitedly
“we chose not to know, we want it to be a surprise”.. Patience responded
“wow that’s great, we thank God”.. she responded.
” How are you girlfriend, you’ve even put on some weight seems Sydney is doing a great job.. Patience tea-sed.
“Oh sure he is but I guess it is baby weight.” She replied
“Really? Are you also up? Congratulations.. Patience interrupted.
“Thanks love, but my child turns 2months tomorrow I left her with her dad in the car.. you nee-d to see her come on.. Pay up we go. I actually [email protected]£ to get diapers… Petrina said.
“Mmmmm I can’t believe this.. Time has flown by .. But girl you look good. You don’t look like a mummy at all….” Patience said..
The two friends talked as they did their shopping and finally went outside to greet Sydney and the baby. Patience was impressed, the two did not look like they were struggling at all and in fact the car itself did show that they were far from suffering.
“We should meet sometime and have lunch together what do you say?” Patience suggested.
“I have no issue at all but I have a better idea, why don’t you guys come and I will prepare you lunch?.. you know it’s a challenge stepping out with the baby..” she said.
Patience was excited, she called Kas-sy immediately and started ma-king plans. She couldn’t believe that Petrina looked so good and from the look of things she was not just looking good but also doing very well.
That day she waited for Phil!pto come early so she would break the news to him but as usual he delayed to come back home. It was now becoming routine for him to come much later then he knocks off and now she was losing her temper. When Phil!pgot home he straight away apologised for being late and he told her that he would make it up to her. That night Patience stayed up late waiting for Phil!pto fall asleep, when he was fast asleep she sneaked out of be-d and she got his phones, both phones had a pas-sword and she couldn’t get past the screen saver. Her heart was burning with anger and she decided to sit and watch a movie in the sitting room.
Phil!pturned and realised Patience wasn’t in the be-droom and he went looking for her and found her in the sitting room.
“honey what are you doing here? Why are you not slee-ping?” he asked.
“I’m not sleepy..” she responded without looking at him. During her pregnancy, Patience liked oranges and so Phil!pwould always buy her some oranges.
“Can I get you an orange?. He asked.
“no I’m ok..” she said and she went on watching t.v.
Phil!pwent to the kitchen and cut a watermelon in pieces then he brou-ght it to the sitting room.
“honey I brou-ght some watermelon.. Lets eat” he said Patience did not bother turning and she went on watching t.v.
“we always talk over our problem, what is the matter that you won’t even allow me the chance to know what is wrong?, patience I’m your husband and we are a couple if there is anything wrong talk to me”.. he insisted.
Patience looked at Phil!pand then she bur-st into tears.. her heart was heavy that she couldn’t say anything. All she did was cry. Phil!pcould feel the guilt within him and he was not sure what to say to her, he was sure she didn’t know the truth because there is no way she would still be around but she was starting to feel the distance and that scared him a lot.
“Honey maybe we should go on vacation just the two of us, maybe we can have more time for each other. Should I take leave?” He asked.
“Phil!pwhy do you have pas-swords on your phone?” She asked. Phil!pquic-kly got up and interrupted
“Honey if that is the problem then why did you just not get straight to the..”
“Why do you have pas-swords on your phone!” She yelled.
“That is very easy I can re-move them.. there is nothing to hide on my phone..
“Phil!pyou annoy me and you disgust me, the sight of you just gets on my nerves.. I don’t know who I married!” She yelled as she cried and she walked out on him.
Patience walked out on Phil!pand she went to be-d, it was suddenly dawning on Phil!pthat this wasn’t going to be easy.
One week later, Patience was getting re-ady to go for lunch when she heard a knock on the door. She opened the door and her garden boy handed her an envelope and a big box.
“Who brou-ght this?” she asked.
“A delivery man madam”… he responded.
Patience sat down and gently unwra-pped the box and inside were baby clothes, however what puzzled her was that each piece of cloth had a similar pair.
“What is this?, she thought to herself as she unfolded the clothes. The envelope had a receipt inside and also a description of the contents.
Phil!pwasn’t home and he just returned to pick up Patience as they would be going to Petrina’s house together when he walked into the sitting room and found Patience sitted. She was going throu-gh the items with a smile on her face. Honey you are crazy, how could you get all these items in matching colors and you do not even know the S-x of the baby yet, besides most of them are quite big and will not use them until maybe when the baby is 2yrs.” Phil!ptried ha-rd to hide his shock as he smiled at Patience.
“aww honey I really wanted to surprise you, I hope you like them”.. he said.
“oh come on honey! Of course i do, i am in love with them.. but you could have spared the money and just buy one of each.. She said.
“I promise not to go overboard next time, I’m just excited about this baby”.. he said with a smile as he ru-bbe-d her tummy,
“Why does it say Tisa though?” She asked but not looking very concerned..
“Oh that is the lady that helped me with ordering the items I nee-ded, you know the courier and all.. anyway they should know better..” he quic-kly responded..
Patience was too excited to listen to his explanation, she couldn’t believe he put in so much thought into this. All her tempers about the previous argument had flown away
“Aww I love you honey.. you are the best..” she said as she hvgged him.
“I love you too.. he said and pe-cked her forehead.
“Let’s go honey.. we can’t be late l am sure they are waiting for us”.. he said.
“Sure let’s go.. you are the best father in the whole wi-de world honey, I’m proud to be your wife..” she said with a smile.
“And you are the best mother honey..” she responded.
As he drove, Phil!pjust couldn’t wait for when he would see Tisa and put her in her place, of all the things she could do.. the last thing he expected was for her to order things using his home address.
However, he was relieved that the unexpected parcel brou-ght him closer to Patience.
Hmm! What can we really say about Patience’s marriage that is not going well?
When they arrived following the instructions they were given, Patience couldn’t believe her eyes. The house was beautiful.
“Honey we must be at the wrong house, let me call her again”.. Patience said
Before she could pick her phone she saw Petrina’s younger sister exit the gate, it was then that she realised they were at the correct place.
“Wow so this is it?” Patience said as he looked at Phili-p
“Well this should be it honey”.. he responded.
As they drove in, Patience was looking around and admiring the yard.
They met together and the lunch was interesting, Kas-sy and Patience were all wondering how beautiful the place was and just kept wi-nking at each other.. Kas-sy was with her husband too and the men went to sit alone while the women were helping each other in the kitchen.
“wow so how did you land this place and how much are you paying for it?’.. Kas-sy asked.
“Well we are not paying anything, hubby’s workplace is paying for it. Actually we are buying it and so hubby is slowly working it off”.. she responded
“Girl you are lucky.. You are d–n lucky!”.. Patience said.
“No ladies it wasn’t always like this, things just changed two months ago when hubby landed himself this job.. we really suffered mwandi.. but thank God for his grace we are here today… she said
“Mmmm ok, so are you also working?…. Kas-sy asked.
“Not really, well we have 4 shops now and I’m running them.” She said
‘Nonde is taking long I thought she would be here by now.. Patience added.
“What! You invited Nonde?!!..” Kas-sy yelled.
“Well is there reason why I shouldn’t?.. Petrina asked in shock.
“Yes there is every reason why you shouldn’t.. Kas-sy responded.
“No plea-se don’t mind her Petrina.. She can come, we nee-d to see her.. She nee-ds our support”. Patience said.
“wait , am I missing something here?”.. Petrina asked.
“Well you are missing a lot to be precise…. Kas-sy interrupted.
“Ok ladies st©p the parables and explain to me, can you all talk to me?. What is going on?”
Kas-sy quic-kly narrated the story and Petrina remained with her mouth open.
“no you guys, I can’t believe what you are saying.. you mean Nonde would do that?”
Patience quic-kly interrupted.. “no, she isn’t capable of doing that but you know the devil uses people”
“Devil my foot!” Petrina yelled.
“you see what you’ve caused Kas-sy?.. I thought we agreed to let this thing go and besides she nee-ds us more than ever” Patience interrupted
“And why is that?.. Petrina asked.
“Because Clive divorced her when he realised she had used love portion on him”.. Patience replied.
“ok now that Is sad… ladies what happened to us? The chase after happiness landed us all in problems one way or another..” Petrina sad.
“No not all of us, my friend seems like you found true happiness… patience tea-sed.
“Thank you my dear but it took a whole lot of pain, tears, sacrifice and acceptance to get here.. I wanted everything you guys had. Your wealth expensive lifestyles and good marriages… she said.
“But guess your happiness [email protected]£ wra-pped in simplicity.. Patience said
A little while later Nonde arrived and the ladies welcomed her without showing any sign of the discussion they had earlier.
Nonde [email protected]£ with her son and her maid but she was a different Nonde, she had become very quiet and reserved.
While the ladies were excited talking and giggling, Nonde was just quiet.
“Is anything the matter Nonde? Come on fit in, you are so quiet” patience asked.
“I’m trying ladies today Is just a ha-rd day for my son and i.. she responded.
“anything the matter?”.. Patience asked.
“Clive is having a wedding today… she responded as her eyes went down and tears flowed down her cheeks.
“oh no… that is sad… it can’t be. Why so soon.. isn’t it less than a year?” patience asked..
“It is but he deserves to be happy.. I hurt him a lot. I will be ok you guys don’t worry.. she said
“Do you know the lady?”.. patience aked.
“Bwalya my former maid, she alre-ady has twins for him.. Nonde replied.
The ladies looked on with shock and a long moment of silence transpired.
Clive that day wedded Bwalya the mother of his twins. It was very ha-rd for Nonde but she was much stronger than she thought.
That day she cried and prayed really ha-rd before going to be-d, she wished things were different. She cried because she wondered what she would tell her son when growing up. What if he asked why unlike others kids he did not grow up with his biological parents, all the thoughts made her numb and she cried terribly.
The same night Patience couldn’t sleep, she kept tossing and turning on the be-d and Phil!pnoticed.
“Honey why are you failing to sleep?..” he asked
“I just can’t.. I’ve been thinking about this excessive spending we do. We do not even have our dream house yet and we spend like crazy.. “ she said
‘honey we really can’t afford this house anymore, all the money we are spending on rentals we could go into a smaller house and then use the extra money to start building. I don’t like the idea of selling the house in Salama park, let’s move in and then start building.. she said.
“My love, that house is small and you know all the items in this house can’t fit in that house alone, we nee-d to find a way to make this work.. he said.
“Well I’m willing to do an auction sale and but we just nee-d to move into that smaller house so we build our house quic-kly.. as a matter of fact the auction sale will earn us extra money. We have a lot of valuable things in this house.
“So what do you say? She asked him.
“My love the house is not finished.. it’s incomplete.. Patience look at me.. why the rush? We can’t be moving at the same pace with your friend.. I know this is about Petrina but Petrina and her husband are living life as they plea-se.
“Because they are doing it right! She yelled.
“I have a better idea, let’s just move into a cheaper house.. he said.
“No! why do that when we have a house of our own.. she asked him.
Phil!pknew the argument wasn’t going to end so he just kept quiet and pretended to be asleep. It wasn’t long before Patience fell asleep and Phil!premained thinking, what was he going to do? Patience had no patience at all, she was definitely going to the house and see the progress on it and that meant he would be in serious trouble. Asking Tisa to move out wasn’t even an option because she wouldn’t accept it but he feared Patience more than he feared her. He knew her finding out would be the start of his downfall.
The following day, early in the morning Phil!pwoke up and made breakfast for Patience and he took it for her in be-d.
“Honey I made your favourite… he said.
She got up stretched herself and smiled before starting to eat the food.
“My love I’m sorry, I don’t even know how to say this but I know that you’ve got to know one way or another… he said.
Patience st©pped eating and looked at Phili-p.
“What is it?.. she asked.
“Honey I’m sorry.. sorry is all I can say.. I love you and I know we are open to each other but I don’t know what just got into me… forgive me sweetie.” He said as he knelt down by the be-dside.
“Phil!pwhat is it you are scaring me.. she said.
“My love, I love you so much and I really wanted you to have the best birthday.. I was going to tell you but I thought you would un-derstand eventually.”
“What is it Phili-p? plea-se speak now.. she said.
“I sold the house in Salama Park, well my intentions were to sell it anyway but after I sold it I realised your birthday was around the corner and instead of saving it for the plot I bought you a car.”
“Wow honey, I have no words.. I appreciate the gift but what about the future?.. she asked him.
“I’m sure you remained with a bit of change honey.. where is it?.. she asked.
“Honey my parents.. you know I haven’t done anything major for them since I got married… so I s£nt them the rest of the money to help with a few things and to also secure the farm land they always wanted… I’m sorry my love.
“honey as much as I would have loved the money for something else, I appreciate the thought you have put into everything and I have decided to just forgive you..” patience said.
I love you my precious one, you mean a lot to me … he said excitedly as he pe-cked her.
“I love you too honey..”
“Make sure we finish the flats then honey.. so we can move in one..she said..
“I promise to do that honey.. he responded.
Patience was blinded to the fact that Phil!phad given the house to his concubine and he had also used the flats as collateral for his loan when Tisa had her operation.
One afternoon Patience went for a milk shake after shopping, she sat having her milkshake and then Tisa [email protected]£ to the same restaurant and bought milkshake.
Tisa wasn’t aware Patience would be there but she recognized her when she got there and instead of moving Tisa decided to sit on the same table as Patience.
“I like this milkshake a lot, they have the best around here”.. Tisa said to Patience.
Patience looked at the stranger sitted opposite her and she smiled.
‘You’re right they are really good, my favorite is banana flavor and I think my baby loves it too“ Patience said as she ru-bbe-d her tummy.
“Aww I know that feeling.. my twins loved yoghurt, I ate yoghurt everyday on my pregnancy.. she said.
Patience admired Tisa’s fair looking skin for a bit and imagined how her husband must love her as she was a beautiful lady.
“ oh you have twins?”.. Patience asked.
“yes I have twin boys,.. Very handsome just like the daddy..” She said.
“I’m sure your husband must be a happy man all boys? Patience said.
“Yeah! He is and he is crazy about me even worse now and really jealous, she giggled.
“Uhmm men, you would think that when you have babies they would st©p being jealous over us.. Patience giggled.
“Wow. Is your husband jealous over you too?.. Tisa asked.
“He trusts me, but yes every now and then he is a little insecure despite me being pregnant.. She said.
“Wow I see, I’m sure your husband says the same thing my husband says to me… Tisa said.
“Oh, like what..? Patience asked.
“Oh my husband says I’m the best woman he has ever been with.. Tisa said as she giggled.
Patience bur-st into laughter..
“You’re really funny..”.. Patience said.
“I better get going now.. Enjoy your milkshake.. Tisa said as she got up.
“Oh nice to meet you.. Patience responded.
Shortly [email protected]£ and they started off.
“Honey you should have met the lady I was with a while ago, she is so crazy…” Patience said as she laughed
“oh really honey?”.. Phil!presponded. “Tell me about her? He asked..
Patience had quic-kly dossed off and Phil-ips miled when he looked at her.
“You must be tired my love”… He said in a low voice before pe-cking her as he continued driving home.
How is Patience going to take it if she later find out what is going on?
I will start a new one 3pm today alongside with this . Stay tuned.

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