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My indoor holiday Episode 3

My Indoor Holiday
Chapter 3 🍽🍽
Waking up with a slight headache, I ru-bbe-d the side where it’s hitting and the only reason I could say brou-ght the headache is that I stayed a little awake in the midnight.
Recalling the guitar guy, I smiled, got up and dashed to the window, drew the curtains but he wasn’t there anymore but the window is open but I couldn’t see the inside. It’s dark. Why?
I drew close the curtain and walked to the beside lamp, turned the light off and then headed into the bathroom. I had a pee in the WC before going over to the vanity unit, washed my face in the sink and brushed my teeth.
checking myself in the small cirle mirror, I saw that my eyes were baggy and dull. I shouldn’t be up by this time if I did wake up at midnight.
This is just ‘five minutes after seven’ and I don’t even feel dizzy for more sleep and my waking up was quite astonishing.
I just opened my eyes like I wasn’t even slee-ping which is so unusual especially when I was awake in the midnight. What happened? it seemed as if someone woke me up but that can’t be possible.
I got out of the bathroom, slide my feet into my pink fur sli-ppers, [email protected]£d my phone and walked out of the room.
Downstairs, aunt Kiki was alre-ady dressed up for school.
She smiled at seeing me walk down the stairs.
“Isa dear, I was about coming to your room to let you know that im off to school. You should eat the pancake in the microwave. It’s really delicious.” she said.
“Wait, im I really going to stay alone in this house?” I asked.
“Ofcourse it’s okay. Im gonna tell Rose to come over and stay with you so you wouldn’t feel lonely. There’s nothing to be scared of OK?” she hurriedly said,“..and Im gonna be back before it’s ‘3pm’ Take care of yourself darling.” she said, then [email protected]£ over and gave me a pe-ck.
I watched her leave and close the door, followed by the zooming off of her car.
I sighed.
Wait! dad didn’t call her? dad didn’t call her after telling me he will!
I dialled dad’s line immediately and he picked up after so many rings.
“Hello dad!” I yelled into the phone.
“Isa, are you alright?”
“Im not! why didn’t you call aunt Kiki after telling me you gonna call her!!” I yelled.
“Isa, we gonna talk about this later. Right now, im in a meeting.” He said and ended the call.
I stamped my feet!!
Damn you dad!
I just wanna say that I hate you but I can’t!
Anyways, im so hungry.
I headed to the kitchen to get the pancake she talked about.
Finding the microwave, I opened it and there on a ceramic dish was a sweet smelling pancake.
I [email protected]£d it, placed it on a tray, picked a jui-ce and water from the fridge and carried them in the tray to the dinning where I placed them carefully on the table, sat down and ate it all till the plate was empty.
After resting for awhile, then it [email protected]£ knocking on my head.
Who’s gonna wash this things and even the ones aunt Kiki left in the sink?
It can’t be me tho.
I’ll just take them to the kitchen.
She wash them when she gets back.
I carried the tray back to the kitchen, dropped them in the sink, then walked out to the sitting-room, sat down on the longest couch, [email protected]£d the remote from the table and switched on the TV to watch movies.
Well after searching throu-gh the channels, I settled for Zeeworld.
I think that’s much better.
But after an hour, I got tired and left to my room to have my bathe.
After bathing, I settled for a white singlet with a white lacy jacket over it and a yellow Sk-irt.
I applied mascara on my eyelashes and decided to take few selfies and I did. They look sweet but the background is not so cool!
Ugh! I can’t wait to get outta this house!
My guitar crush.
Why’s he giving me the feelings of staying back. Of not wanting to go anymore.
I walked to the window, drew the curtains to check if he’s there but he still wasn’t.
I wish to watch him sing again..
I wanna see how handsome he is in the day light.
But after few minutes and he didn’t show up on the window, I drew close the window.
Maybe he only sings at nights.
I sat on the be-d, [email protected]£d my phone and decided to go throu-gh my WhatsApp chats and instagram.
I went throu-gh Katy’s instagram uploads and she did take a lot of pictures with Ariana, Davis and two other guys which I guess would be Raven and Alex.. ohh she k!$$£d this one on this picture.. Well Raven is more handsome.
I reacted on the pictures and dropped my comments. Then checked Ariana’s too.
Chatting made me feel less bored.
But then my heart leaped with excitement when I heard the sound of the guitar.
I dropped my phone and rushed to the window, drew the curtains and there was him, sitting on the window, with his guitar but he still wore the same clothes.
I smiled as I watched him began a song.
The song immediately got me.
Woah!! that sweet song! he sang it last night.
Gosh gosh I wanna record it. Oh my God! My phone!!
I rushed back to my be-d and [email protected]£d my phone. I wanna make a video record of him and listen to his songs when I eventually leave here!
But before I got back to the window, the song st©pped and when I opened the curtain, he was no more there.
What happened?
I sighed, walked back to my be-d and fell on it, wishing for sleep to come and in no time, it did. I sle-pt off, only for me to wake up three hours later feeling another round of hunger.
I sighed and got out of the be-d, took my phone and headed out to the kitchen to get something to eat.
I opened the fridge and was suprised to see three toasted bre-ads and mayonnaise. But I didn’t see them when I opened the fridge in the morning.
Maybe my eyes didn’t go there.
I waved that off and [email protected]£d the plate of toasted bre-ad and mayonnaise, then settled on the kitchen counter to eat, not bothering to take them to the dinning table.
Soon I was done eating.I carried the plates to the kitchen and heaped them together with the other unwashed plates.
Just as I [email protected]£ out from the kitchen, the doorbell rang, I glanced at the wall clock and it said ‘2:30pm’
Must be aunt Kiki.
And wait! I thought she said the girl, Rose is gonna come. Whatever!
I walked to the door and opened it.
aunt Kiki.
“Isa dear, Rose told me she [email protected]£ knocking but you didn’t answer.” she said immediately.
I raised my brows, “I heard none of the knocks.”
“Really?” she said as she walked in and closed back the door.
I rolled my eyes, “Yeah. I had a long nap.”
“Oh she said she did ring the doorbell for a really long time.” she said.
I arched my brow.
If she did rang the doorbell for a long time then that should have woken me up from sleep. I ain’t such a de-ep sleeper.
“ I really don’t know what happened. I guess I was too de-ep in my sleep.” I said, quite bewildered.
First, I woke up quite early in the morning when im not supposed to.
Then the headache st©pped just after I splashed water on my face and brushed.
Then I sle-pt so de-eply that I wasn’t awoken by the doorbell rings.
Im confused.
“It’s okay. I hope you ate the toasted bre-ad and mayonnaise in the fridge?”
“Yes I did.” I said.
“And you washed the plates after right?” she asked with her eyes on mine.
I rolled my eyes, “Ofcourse not. I can’t do that.” I said.
She smiled, “You’ll have to do that Isa. Now go to the kitchen and wash the dishes.” she said.
“Im not!” I snapped and headed upstairs.
“Isa!” she called.
“Isabel come back here!”
Ignored her and went into my room and locked the door.
I layed down on my be-d and decided to re-ad a wattpad novel but just as I was about logging in, the strings sound of his guitar [email protected]£ on and his voice sang out.
I smiled. He’s back.
I walked to the window to see him.
Waoh he’s so cute.. but why is he still in the same clothe? is he that poor to wear just one clothe for a whole day?
Soon he was done with the short song, and started ‘Bittersweet Me’
I felt so excited.
That was the song I so badly wanted to record.
I cli-cked on my phone screen only to find it switched off.
I didn’t switch it off! how the hell did it switch off?
I tried switching it on but it wasn’t responding.
While I kept trying, he st©pped singing and I looked up to see he isn’t there anymore.
I breathed out. Now what the hell is wrong with this damn phone!
I walked out from the window and just as I sat on the be-d, my phone switched on.
Waohh.. Seriously, this is crazy!
Night [email protected]£ and aunt Kiki’s kids left. I was in my room. I didn’t go to see them but I know when their parents [email protected]£ to take them.
And an hour later after, I felt hungry and walked out to eat.
I met aunt Kiki sitting at the couch in the sitting-room, going throu-gh some books I guess would be her kids work books.
She looked up at me, “Isa you didn’t come to see my kids.” she said.
“I was busy.” I said.
“It’s okay. Your dinner is there on the dinning. Don’t forget to wash the dishes after.” he said and I breathed out.
After eating, I carried the plates to the kitchen and dropped them with the other unwashed ones.
There were quite much.
This is gonna be the first time for me to wash plates.
My face twisted in both horror and anger as I picked up the first plate and took the foam to wash.
The plates felt heavy and sli-ppery in my hand…
I picked up the next plate but it was so heavy and sli-ppery that it fell outta my hand and landed on the tiled floor but seriously! it didn’t break.
Astonishingly it didn’t.
How the hell did this happen?
I bent and picked up the plate, inhaled and went on with the washing.

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