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My indoor holiday Episode 1

My Indoor Holiday
Chapter 1 🏠🚗
Finally we’ve reached our destination.
It took almost an hour!
ri-ding in this damn coldy car.
Don’t she even notice I don’t like much cold?
Arghhh! how could dad tell me to be here?
such a small house!
Wait, my aunt ain’t even that rich the way I thought.
Living here for a week is sure gonna be hell for me.
“Ah finally Isa, we are home.” Aunt Kiki said, smiling and undoing her seatbelt.
I said nothing and undid my seatbelt as well.
“Get down dear,let’s get your bag.” she said and I rolled my eyes.
I did’t come here with my whole be-droom.
“I could get them myself.” I said and coming down from the car, I walked to the boot, opened it and [email protected]£d my two boxes.
I dragged them along. She [email protected]£ to take one, “It’s fine Aunt Kiki.” I said and she only gave me a smile and we walked towards the front porch.
Seriously, I don’t like that im here.
Im gonna miss Katy and Ariana and a whole seven days without them is gonna be like a seven years without them.
Im really going to miss them so much.
What about Davis?
Ugh… I don’t even like him. Im only gonna miss Katy and Ariana.
Aunt Kiki opened the door and waited for me to go in first. I did, dragging my two boxes along.
When the door was shut close, she laughed heartily to me.
“Isa I know you gonna be quite disappointed with my home, it’s a little messy and not so large like yours.. It’s only for a week and you’ll be back to your large home.” she said as I stared at the messy sitting-room in scattered sheets of papers and crayons.
“You know Isa dear, im a nursery school teacher and I do home lessons for some of my kids. They are great. You’ll love them all when you see them tomorrow.” she said.
I rolled my eyes, “I nee-d a shower, food and a soft be-d to sleep on. Im exhausted.” I said and she smiled.
“Well Isa, I’ve not cooked anything, so im gonna show you your room, so you shower and then come help me out in the kitchen dear.”
I raised my brows.
Now this is what i’ve never done in my life.
“I’ve never neared a kitchen Aunt. I am in no way going to the kitchen, especially not yours. Don’t you have a maid. I could have called Jo to come with me.” I said.
“And who is Jo?” she asked.
“My maid.” I said.
“Ohh I do everything in here myself cos Im fit to, so I don’t nee-d a maid and don’t think I’ve got a bad ugly looking kitchen, it’s quite lovely Isa dear.” she said.
I rolled my eyes, “Whatever Aunt. Ain’t you showing me the be-droom anymore? come on, im exhausted.”
She smiled. “Ofcourse I will, follow me.” she said and I did.
We took the staircase, and soon we stepped into a narrow corridor with connected doors.
She pas-sed the first door, second door and then st©pped at the third.
“Oh yeah here.” she said and slide the key into the door lock.
The door opened and she walked in. I did.
It’s quite lovely, with pink rug, be-dspre-ads and curtains.
Pink is my favourite.
How did she know?
“When your dad called me that you’do be coming for a stay, I was so suprised and happy. I knew you love pink so de-eply, so I had to get a pink fur rug,curtains, be-dspre-ads and pillowcases. Hope you like it?”
I nodded, “It’s quite cool but mine’s got more pinks.” I said.
“Yeah I know. You keep your luggages over there, the closet can take in all your clothes.” she said.
I’ll keep my boxes beside the blue closet, then arrange my clothes in the closet.
“Aunt Kiki, is the closet clean? I hope there’s no cobwebs. I hate cobwebs.” I said.
She smiled, “It’s cleaned Isa but if you find any cobweb, then you take it off.” she said and I twisted my face in horror.
“No way! You don’t expect me to t©uçh cobweb with my hands!” I screamed.
“No Isa, there’s a broom in the bathroom, you use that.” she said.
I rolled my eyes, “I don’t t©uçh brooms, they might pierce into my hands and.. ” she cut me short.
“No Isa, you hold brooms at their handle, and nothing like such will occur. Now I’do leave for you to freshen up, then join me at the kitchen. It’s by the left after the dinning-room.” she said, then smiled and left, closing the door.
I inhaled.
Crazy. This room doesn’t even smell nice. Gosh!!
And the be-d isn’t as large and soft the way I like my be-d to be.
Im calling dad right now, I can’t stay here for a day!
I wanted to spend my holidays at Sunmay Beach with Katy and Ariana but dad was not changing his mind for me to spend them in this cracked up house with an lazy Aunt and no maid!
She can’t even make a meal by herself! Her sitting-room was so messy. Why!
And ugh! she’s only a nursery school teacher! too poor!
I opened my smaller pink box and it all contained my un-derwears, slee-ping wears, including my makeup-kit too, my pink iphone tablet and pink headset.
I took out my tablet and headphone, got out a pink undies to wear and brou-ght out my make out kit too.
I brou-ght out my phone from my little sticker chain-bag and dialled dad’s line.
It rang twice before he picked up.
“Dad!” I half cried.
“Isa darling, how are you? Your Aunt had called alre-ady to tell me you are home safely. Hope you like your aunt and her home? she’s really lovely. You gonna enjoy your stay there, trust me.”
“No dad. There’s nothing enjoyable here, I don’t wanna stay here dad. I wanna come home.”
“No Isa, you have to stay with your Aunt for awhile.”
“I don’t want!” I shouted.
“You have to dear. I’ll call you by seven Isa, bye for now and don’t forget to be nice to your Aunt and help her out. Do whatever she tells you to do. I love you.” he said and before I could talk, he dropped the call.
I stamped my feet on the ground in fierce anger.
I sat there, staring at my iphone.
I felt like smatching it at the damn blue wall.
But after few minutes, I think my anger calmed a bit.
I stood up and walked to the closet, opened it to find the closet looking so not good and there are cobwebs!!
I screamed with anger.
“Ahhh!”“Ahhhhhhhhh!!” “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”
“Isa! Are you okay there?” I heard Aunt. Kiki’s voice from the staircase I think.
Soon my be-droom door opened and she rushed in, looking scared.
“Are you alright Isa? I heard you screaming.”
“Im not! there’s cobwebs!” I yelled.
She placed her hands on her che-st and sighed.
“Oh my! Isa. You got me so scared. It’s only cobwebs dear. The broom is over there at the bathroom. Get it and clean them off.” she said with a smile, turned,walked out and closed the door.
I fumed and stamped my feet on the ground.
Now what the hell is this?
All my life i’ve never t©uçhed a broom!
Arghhhhhhhhh! I feel like disappearing outta here! back to my home. My sweet be-droom! my maid Jo, my dad, my friends and spend my holidays at Sunmay beach with Katy and Ariana!
Not here! in a cobweb filled room!
Realizing there’s nothing I can do about this, I walked into the bathroom. It wasn’t that small but there’s no bathtub, no jacuzzi just a shower cubicle and toilet.
I hissed and went for the broom beside the vanity unit, [email protected]£d it and after another brief unsatisfied look at the bathroom once more, I walked out to the be-droom, over to the closet and with my face twisted in disgust, I cleaned off the stupid cobweb and threw the broom only for it to land on the fur rug and dirty the sp©t it dropped.
I hissed leaving it there, and began to arrange my clothes in the closet, but first spre-ading some perfume inside.
After so much time, I was finally done. Aunt Kiki have not come since then.
She’s nothing but mean and lazy!
I undressed, picked up my pink towel, wra-pped it around my b©dy, collected my soap dish and toiletry bag and headed into the bathroom.
I hate bathing in the shower! I love Jacuzzi in the morning and bathtub in the night!
But here, i’ve got no choice. I brushed, then went into the shower cubicle to bathe.
I dressed into a pink bomshort and a light purple tank t©p, packed my brown hair into a ponytail and applied mascara on my long eyelashes, a little foundation on my smooth face and a little pinkl-ipgloss on my smalll-ips.
I t©uçhed the n£¢klace on my n£¢k.
A tiny blue stone fixed into the locket with slim but strong black rope which held round to my n£¢k.
My dad never told me how he got this n£¢klace but it’s been on my n£¢k ever since I was born with a strict warning of me, never to take it out of my n£¢k.
Though I never like it, but i’ve obeyed dad’s warning.
Looking at myself in the mirror, I look so beautiful…and im so proud of my beauty and my skin.
You know how good it feels to be marked in school as the most beautiful student?
For you to be signed as the school billboard model and the current EyeGirl.
For you to have Katy, Mari Mayn-the american singer’s daughter, and Arianna, the ex-governor’s granddaughter as friends.
That’s a whole lot of pride.
But my dad think they are nothing but bad peers.
I’ve been trying to make him see that they aren’t but he’s not un-derstanding.
Sometimes, I want to say that I hate my dad but I know that’s a lie. I can never hate my dad, I love him. He’s the best dad in the whole world.
I sat back on the be-d, picked up my tablet and connected on a video call to Katy… sure thing is that, I love Katy Mayn more.
She picked up and her grinning face [email protected]£ on.
“Woah! Isaaaaa!” she yelled.
My eyes first fell on the background.
Woah… she’s at the beach.
I could see pas-sing people in bikini and shorts.
Katy, she wore a blue bikini with sunglas-ses and a sun hat.
“Isaaa, come on. Look at your face.” she said, laughing as air blew throu-gh her long black hair.
“Sunmay beach?” I asked.
“No.. iebeach, but Ariana and I would be going to Sunmay beach next tomorrowwww. ” she said, laughing.
I sighed. “Im gonna miss that so much.”
“We are gonna miss you too. I got a new charming guy, Raven. He’s so handsome and h0t… We’ll be going to Sunmay together and his super handsome friend too, he wanted to meet you so badly.”
“Awwwwn what does his name sound like?” I asked.
“Alex. He’s so handsome.” she said.
I sighed in anger, “Im gonna miss so much.” I said.
“Yeah alot.” she said and made a sad face.
“What about Ariana?”
“She went to get drinks with Davis. You know she’s so crazy about him. Hahaha.”
“I don’t like him.” I said.
“Me too but he’s cute tho.” she said.
“Isa Raven is so ro-mantic, you know what? we hangout yesterday night, drank till we got ti-psy and getting to his house, we did some [email protected]ûghty pla-ys.” she said and giggled.
“Woah. How rich is he?”
“Super rich and he’s studying in Germanyyyy.”
“What about his friend, uhmm Alex?”
“How did you meet them Katy?”
“Seriously girl, my mom is a t©p American singer, have you forgotten?” she laughed.
I smiled, “Have fun girl. I hate here. It’s so boring and frustrating. My dad just hate me to bring me in this goddamn place.”
“Im so sorry Isa, you know there’s nothing we could have done to make him change his mind. You don’t worry, we gonna get you lots of goodies.” she said.
Then she raised her brows, “Ariana is coming with Davis. Let me run to them. First, check out the beach water.” she said and turned to the beach water.
It look beautiful with people in, swimming and pla-ying.. So much fun.
“Fun right?” she asked.
“Yeah.” I said.
“Ariana, come talk with Isa.” Katy called on Arianna.
“Oh my God Isaaa!!” I heard Arianna shout.
Coming down the stairs to the sitting-room, Aunt Kiki wasn’t in.
Is she still in the kitchen? Preparing what exactly?
A feast?
I followed the direction to the kitchen she gave me, and there was she in the nice looking but small kitchen, sitting on a back-chair and re-ading a newspaper with her glas-ses.
She raised her face and smiled.
“Great. Finally you are here. Over there is the pot of food, serve yourself with a dish.” she said.
I frowned, “And what food is that and why should I t©uçh a pot! i’ve never done that!?”
“Rice dear. You’ll like it.” she said.
“No way! I hate rice!” I said.
“Fine Isa dear, inside the fridge are the milk carton, make yourself a tea, then we gonna cook your type of dish later okay?” she said with a smile.
I hissed and headed to the fridge. Im hungry and I can’t bear it.
I opened the fridge to find something more better, cornflakes and milk.
The doorbell rang and she stood up.
“Ohh it must be Catherine” she said and walked out.
I signed and took out the cornflake box and milk.
Picked out a plate, spoon and water.
I have slight idea how to make this thing.
I poured in the cornflakes, milk and water but the water [email protected]£ much.
I hissed and threw the $h!t into the sink, walked to the fridge, [email protected]£d a biscuit pack and a jui-ce, closed back the fridge, sat on the back-seat and began eating.

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