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My black knight Episode 30

🎴Happen 30 (L)
As Produced By Sheriff Squinty
Theme: Infiltrated
Sub Theme : You Should Expect A Vamp
I strode out into the fresh air. It was late evening, and darkness was fast approaching. I clutched my n£¢klace, glad of its warmth. I didn’t feel like the vampires were anywhere nearby, but it was still good to have protec-tion. Outside of Alpha Brett’s house I paced back and forth, taking de-ep breaths to calm myself down. I had never been a short-tempered person but insulting my Mate was apparently a fast way to get me riled up. I inhaled the fresh air, letting the scent of home soothe me.
I just couldn’t help but feel Alpha Brett was dealing with the wrong problem first. I knew the Black Mountains Pack posed no threat to us until the vampires were gone. Cain was much more frightening than Gabriel at the moment, Mate or not.
Lost in thought for several minutes, I almost didn’t notice the set of footsteps approaching me.
“Skylar!” I recognized Will’s voice as he strode up beside me, breathless. I noticed I had walked nearly a block away from Alpha Brett’s house with my fevered pacing.
“Hey, Will,” I muttered, embarras-sed at the scene he had witnessed. “How did you get out?”
“I snuck out as soon as I could. Your parents couldn’t leave and Maria’s father was watching her. I wanted to make sure you were okay.”
“I’m fine.” I sighed, letting my shoulders droop. “I just…I feel like he’s dealing with the wrong problem when he’s trying to blame the Black Mountains Pack for everything.”
There was un-derstanding in Will’s blue eyes, but also a slight bit of aloofness I wasn’t used to. It was like he was intentionally distancing himself from me, but I wasn’t sure why.
“I know. But look at it from his point of view. I know you see it differently now, Skylar, but for years we’ve been basically at war with the Black Mountains Pack. You know how big of a toll stress has taken on Alpha Brett over the years? It isn’t easy for him to just….move on.”
“I’m not asking him to move on. I’m just asking for him to be a good Alpha.”
Will’s gaze flashed with surprise, then ha-rd ened slightly. “You’re saying our Alpha isn’t competent?”
“He just isn’t acting like he should right now.”
“Easy enough for you to say.”
I glanced at him, surprised at the bitterness in his tone. “What do you mean?” I demanded, feeling my agitation rise again.
Will shook his head, raising his hands in surrender. “Look, Skylar, I don’t know. It’s just that Alpha Brett may not treat you the same way he did before. You aren’t…”
“I’m not what? A member of this pack?” My anger surged again. I hadn’t been Marked by Gabriel yet, and I sure as hell didn’t feel at home yet among the Black Mountains Pack wolves, so technically speaking this was still my pack.
“Well you probably won’t be for long.” The sheer amount of bitterness in his tone was bewildering.
“You have no idea what you’re talking about, Will. You make it sound so easy, like I’m just going to go from one pack to the other in a heartbeat.”
“It probably will be easy. I saw the way you looked at him.” Will seemed angry now, his bright eyes darkening with emotion.
“Well, it won’t be easy. And of course I look at Gabriel like that. I can’t help it, he’s my Mate.”
Will winced as I said the word, ‘Mate’. This only served to irritate me further. “What, Will? Are you going to give me that look like everyb©dy else does? Condemn me for having Gabriel as a Mate?”
“He’s a tyrant, Skylar. You deserve so much better.”
My Wolf snarled furiously and I clenched my hands into fists, glaring at Will. I had no idea what had gotten into him. I had never seen him behave like this. “That just shows how little you know,” I spit out. Nob©dy would insult my Mate and get away with it. My Wolf wouldn’t allow it.
“I think I know enough about him. He’s alre-ady changing you.”
I glared at him. I’d had enough of this. “You know what, Will? I’m not going to deal with this, deal with people telling me I’m changing or becoming disloyal to the pack. It’s really none of your business.”
“I’m your friend, Skylar. I don’t want that as-s-hole ruining you.”
“DON’T TALK ABOUT HIM LIKE THAT!” I, or, more appropriately my Wolf, snarled at him. I was sure my eyes had darkened as my Wolf fought for control. She was alre-ady hurt and agitated, and everything tonight had brou-ght her crawling to the surface.
Will took a step back, looking hurt and horrified at the way I was speaking to him. I didn’t care, though. I had enough going on and I didn’t nee-d my pack members turning on me. Without another word, I turned away from Will and strode off into the gathering darkness, trying to fight the Shift from happening. I nee-ded to go home, back to my parents’ house. That was the only place I’d feel comforted right now.
What had gotten into me? I couldn’t help but feel that being so far away from my Mate while the Mating bond was still developing was only ma-king everything worse. What was I supposed to do?

~~~~~~~~Maria’s POV~~~~~~~~
The meeting only lasted about thirty minutes after Skylar left. I felt like the altercation had made the mood in the room uncomfortably tense, at least for some of us, so I was grateful when Alpha Brett called it a night after a few more instructions.
Sighing and ru-bbing my hand against my forehead, I made my way outside. I felt bad for Skylar, I truly did. She would never be disloyal to this pack or any pack, and I couldn’t help but feel like she had a point. From what she’d told me, the vampires were to be taken very seriously. Then again, Alpha Brett had been dealing with the Black Mountains Pack’s viciousness and Gabriel’s heartless attitude for years. He couldn’t be expected to just as-sume their innocence because she said so. I doubt he’d be able to shift his focus from Gabriel being the ‘bad guy’ unless he saw the vampires for himself. I hoped he wouldn’t have to.
My mother and father had stayed behind, along with Skylar’s parents, to discuss more with Alpha Brett. They were the highest ranking in the pack so it was their responsibility. I hoped my parents wouldn’t turn on Skylar, too.
I caught a whiff of a familiar scent on the breeze and I narrowed my eyes throu-gh the impending darkness, sp©tting Will’s figure. He was pacing back and forth, shoulders hunched. As usual, I felt my b©dy warm slightly upon seeing him. I couldn’t help the spark of feeling I retained for him, even though he was not my Mate. I sighed; I really nee-ded to get over the petty childhood crush, but I knew I just couldn’t until I found my significant other.
“Will!” I called out, quic-kly approaching him. He turned to face me and I immediately s-en-sed that something was wrong. His face was drawn and tense and his eyes hollow.
“What’s going on?” I asked, concerned. He turned away from me, hiding his face.
“Nothing. Don’t worry about it,” he said gruffly.
“Does it have anything to do with Skylar?” I asked, remembering the way he’d followed her out. I felt a small pang of jealousy, knowing he still felt very strongly for her. I couldn’t blame the girl though. She had no idea.
Will huffed and didn’t reply, which gave me my answer.
“What happened?” I asked, repeating the question after a moment when he didn’t answer.
“Maria, I said I don’t want to talk about it!” He snapped. I blinked, taking a step back, feeling hurt at his rude reply.
“Well you don’t have to take it out on me,” I replied defensively. “I was just trying to help!”
“Well, that’s what I was trying to do too. But apparently I svçkat it, because Skylar screamed at me and stormed off,” he muttered.
“What did you say?”
He was silent for a long moment, resuming his pacing. “…I argued with her about Gabriel. Told her he wasn’t good enough for her, and said that he’s an as-s-hole.”
“Will!” I [email protected], shocked, not believing he’d say that about her Mate.
“Well it’s true!” He snarled, spinning to face me, eyes boring into mine. “He’ll never be good enough for Skylar!”
“That’s just your opinion. Fate obviously thought they were meant to be-”
“Seriously, Maria, do you have to ru-b it in my face?” He demanded, blue eyes snapping. un-derneath his anger I could see the de-ep pools of hurt. He and Skylar had never fought, and he wasn’t sure how to handle his emotion.
“Will, look. I know you like her, but she isn’t your Mate.” I tried to be kind about it, but the words [email protected]£ out more [email protected] than I’d hoped. Will’s expression quic-kly morphed into one of horror.
“You mean…you….” He stuttered. Belatedly, I realized I’d never confronted him about his feelings for Skylar before. There had never been any nee-d to. However, since she had left he’d been quiet and withdrawn, just not himself. I’d been wanting to approach him for a while.
“I’ve known for years, Will. Ever since you two k!$$£d.”
He kicked the ground r0ûghly, frustration evident in the line of his strong jaw. “Does she know?” I shook my head in response and he continued, “She never liked me then.”
I sighed. “Will, she wanted to wait for her Mate. After you two k!$$£d, she realized she wanted to wait for that one special person.”
He gritted his teeth. “He’s not very special if you ask me.”
“Don’t be jealous. The least you can do is be supportive of her-”
“JEALOUS? Wow Maria, you really know how to make me feel better about things. Thanks for your support,” he spit out.
“Support?” I bristled at his condescending tone. “Will, I’ve always supported you! You’re my best guy friend! Don’t take this out on me!”
“You have no clue what it’s like, being obsessed with someone, knowing they’ll never feel that way about you.”
I looked down at the ground, the words spilling out before I could help myself. “Actually, I do,” I whispered, so quietly that he ba-rely caught it.
He glanced at me sharply, startled. “What?” His eyes bored into mine as I looked up, and I felt captivated by their depths. I felt my heart rate speed up, but I couldn’t take the words back.
“I do know what that’s like.” In the background, I heard the light padding of feet and Anne’s scent washed over my nose as she approached us. I registered her voice as she called my name but I ignored it, focusing on Will.
“But…who…?” He asked, clearly lost, and that hurt most of all. He really had no idea. He really didn’t think of me that way. It had always been Skylar, and it always would be until he found his Mate. I felt a stab of rejection and I looked down again, b!tt!g myl-ip.
“You never noticed. You’re just like Skylar in that regard.” I heard his sharp intake of breath, felt his incredulous piercing orbs fixated on my face.
“Maria…” he started, clearly unsure what to say. Anne had reached us now and looked back and forth between us, clearly having heard the last [email protected] of her conversation.
“Don’t worry about it,” I said, feeling the sadness well up. His dubious expression and lack of response confirmed everything. I knew then that I nee-ded to walk away before I said something else I regretted or embarras-sed myself more. Without another glance at either Will or Anne I quic-kly strode away in the direction of the woods, trying to fight down the rising sadness. Why the Hell had I even said that? Our friendsh!pwas probably ruined now that he knew! Things would always be awkward between us! I thought I heard them call after me but I ignored them.
Hall Of Supernatural Stories
Furiously wiping at my eyes, I strode into the thick trees. You shouldn’t have done that, my Wolf chided, ever the motherly one. I could s-en-se her concern throu-gh our link, her lingering affection for Will even though he wasn’t our intended Mate.
I know, I whispered back, but that was all I said as I continued throu-gh the fringes of the forest, dodging throu-gh the thick un-dergrowth. There was a place I often went to think and I found it shortly, settling myself on the long, thick log. I let the sounds of the forest press in around me. For some reason, it seemed a lot quieter than usual. How strange.
Then the words of the meeting we’d just had [email protected]£ back to me, and the warnings not to go out after dark. Darkness had just fallen and I glanced up, b!tt!g my l!pcontemplatively.
Stupid, stupid, stupid, I thought. My embarras-sing confession to Will had eliminated my common s-en-se.
I nee-ded to go back. This was just asking for trouble. Before I could move though, there was a rustling in the distance that quic-kly grew louder, and I heard Anne’s voice calling my name yet again. She bur-st throu-gh the brush, blonde tresses in disarray.
“I knew you’d be here! Why did you ignore me?” She demanded, placing her hands on her h!ps. Even throu-gh her haughty, arrogant stare, I could see the concern in her hazel eyes. Anne was rou-gh around the edges but once I had gotten her respect and loyalty, she had always been my steadfast friend. When I was younger and had been bullied for being chubbier than the other kids, she had pummeled them for me. When I nee-ded help with makeup, she was always on standby. She may not have the same compas-sion or patience Skylar had, but Anne was a good friend, in her own way.
She didn’t like Skylar though, which had tested the limits to our friendsh!pon multi-ple occasions. I had tried endless times to get her to be nice to Skylar but Anne had never been more than civil, if that. I’d always wondered if it was mere jealousy, or if Anne didn’t respect Skylar because the latter let her compas-sion and insecurity make her into a pushover on multi-ple occasions, although she’d developed more of a backbone in recent years. Either way, I’d always wished they could just get along, but I’d never gotten my wish.
“Maria!” She screeched, staring me down.
“Sorry,” I whispered, placing my head on my hands. Immediately the slender blonde looked contrite.
“So…you going to explain why you just confessed your heart out to dear William?” She [email protected]£ and sat down gracefully beside me.
“I don’t know, he just…set me off. He was being really mean to Skylar, and when she left it upset him, and he took it out on me. I just….sli-pped.”
Anne sighed, leaning back a bit. “It’s getting ridiculous, anyways. Maybe it’s about time the cat’s out of the bag. Does Skylar know he likes her?”
I snorted. “Of course not. I swear, that girl is just oblivious to male attention of any shape or form.”
“It’s not like she’s gotten that much before or she’ll get anymore anyways, not now that she has that Alpha as a Mate.” Anne spoke of Gabriel with disgust, but to my surprise there was another un-dertone to her voice. Was it…jealousy?
“Don’t be rude, Anne,” I admonished. I was too tired to deal with her petty feelings.
“I know, I know, I’m sorry,” she grumbled grouchily. “It’s just…I never would have picked her as an Alpha’s Mate. She’s cute and all, I guess, but still.” There it was again, the hint of jealousy.
“Anyways, let’s not worry about her. Are you going to be okay?” She asked me, and this time I noted true sincerity in her voice. I stood up, brushing myself off. Darkness had fallen several minutes ago, and I trusted Skylar’s judgment. We should not take our chances and stay out here.
As Produced By Sheriff Squinty
“Yeah, but it’s going to be awkward now. Regardless, it’s dark, so let’s head back. Sorry for bringing you out here. I…”
I was cut off by the sound of a loud twig breaking. I spun around, immediately crouching into defensive mode as Anne did the same, startled by the loud noise.
There was a blur of movement, a whisper of sound, and then all of a sudden I felt something harsh and cold wra-p around me several times, binding my arms to my side. The s-en-sation was immediately followed by a sharp bur-st of pain that could only be describe-d as excruciating, intolerable. I opened my mouth to scream but something was shoved in my mouth, r0ûghly cutting off the sound. I fell to my knees in agony, my eyes blurring with tears as I dimly registered what bound me: silver chains.
All of this happened in mere seconds. As soon as Anne registered what was going on, I saw her prepare to launch herself at the attacker, but before she could he was behind her, wra-pping her throat and torso ti-ghtly with silver chains identical to what bound me and clamping a hand over her mouth to prevent sound from escaping. I had never seen anyone, other than Alpha Brett, move anywhere close to as fast as the attacker did.
My Wolf was howling in agony at the back of my mind but I couldn’t reach her; the silver distanced me from her and prevented me from any sort of mental communication to let my pack know we were in danger. I was drained and weak from the k!ssof silver but the agony went on and on as I felt my flesh searing and burning. I remained hunched on the ground, staring at Anne in desperation, too weak to move but just wanting something to st©p the pain. Judging by the contorted look on Anne’s face she was feeling the same way, but her b©dy was held up from [email protected] by the creature that stood behind her.
This was my fault. I’d blindly run out here after humiliating myself. I hadn’t been paying attention to how dark it had gotten, and I had ignored Skylar’s warning because I was too absorbe-d in my own thoughts. Stupid. Reckless.
Amidst my pain, my tear-filled eyes slowly fli-cked to his face and I took in his appearance in a matter of agonizing seconds.
He was very tall, very broad, very muscular, and likely a vampire judging by his unnatural pallor although I could not catch his scent. His hair was a light brown color and sli-cked back, his eyes an unnatural electric green-blue that stood out in the darkness. He looked to be in his late thirties but if he was a vampire there was no telling how many years he’d actually lived. He had a rather rugged bone structure with a wi-de jaw and stubble along his chin.
But I was not thrown off by his appearance, what perturbe-d me was his [email protected]!nggaze. His eyes were glimmering with malevolence, and everything about his stance indicated that he was a predator. I could not ignore the aura of danger that emanated from him. If it weren’t for the burning pain up and down my b©dy, I would have paid more heed to the tremor of fear that ran along by spine. I just knew this man was someb©dy powerful. My Wolf felt it too, and recoiled into the back of my consciousness as far away from him as she could get. Snarling in pain, I ba-red my teeth at him, before realizing the gesture wasn’t as [email protected]!ngbecause I was gagged.
An amused sm-irk graced his features. “Why, hello to you too, Dog,” he said coolly, keeping his voice low. He glanced at Anne, who he was holding upright. “Unfortunately, my dear Maria, I’d hoped to catch you alone. But since she’s here….”
Tears were streaming out of Anne’s eyes as she attem-pted to struggle, but the vampire was far too strong, which made me even more nervous. She had Alpha blood and couldn’t fight him off. I struggled against my burning restraints, gro-an ing in pain, the sound muffled. I could feel my skin searing from the sheer amount of contact with silver. I was beginning to grow dizzy, unsure of how much more I could take before I pas-sed out.
The vampire scanned Anne’s face with disgust ma-king his l!pcurl. “The Alpha’s daughter, am I right?”
Anne growled against her gag, face contorted in pain.
“I didn’t plan on finding you, but I suppose you could work to my advantage. However, since I know you won’t come as quietly as I hope….” With one swift j£rk, the vampire r0ûghly twisted Anne’s n£¢k. There was a loud crack and the blonde [email protected] on the ground, unmoving, n£¢k broken and contorted at an odd angle. I [email protected] in horror, numbness creeping in as I stared at my friend.
“Oh relax, Maria, she’s not dead. A broken n£¢k won’t kill a werewolf, you think I don’t know that?” The vampire grinned cheekily, displa-ying a set of even white teeth. I had expected to see his canines expo-sed, but apparently he was containing himself. “She’s just collateral damage,” he continued, picking up Anne’s motionless b©dy and heaving her over his shoulder. Then, he approached me, his [email protected]!ngform towering over my prone position.
His electric eyes darkened. “As are you,” he snarled, and the last thing I saw was his fist flying towards my face.

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