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My black knight Episode 28

🎴Happen 28
🍭🍭 #Phase 1
As Produced By Sheriff Squinty
Theme: Taking It All In (1)
As soon as we re-entered the sitting room, Raziel made his way over to the box that he had brou-ght out earlier. “There are a few things I nee-d to give you before you leave. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I have all of them here. If they aren’t in this box, I’ll have to make a trip to go fetch them.”
I must have looked puzzled, because he continued to explain. “Over the many years I’ve walked among humans, I’ve collected hundreds of trinkets, some more valuable than others. Some of them are quite sought after. That being said, it wouldn’t be wise to keep them all in one place.” He was digging throu-gh the box now, pu-lling out various artifacts as he spoke. “I told you two before, vampires are demonic creatures. Because of that, they can be warded off by a Holy object, something that has been blessed.”
Mouth twisting in contemplation, Raziel pu-ll-ed something out of the box: a delicate n£¢klace, adorned with a wooden cross. I blinked at it, recognizing the symbolic meaning of the cross itself. I’d always thought that most of the myths about vampires were false, including the one where they shied away from crosses, but perhaps I was wrong. Raziel approached me and held out the n£¢klace. I took it lightly in a hand with some precaution; I had no familiarity with human religion, so the cross made me slightly nervous.
“Unfortunately, this is the only thing I have here that can really help you. It has never been worn before, so it’s still quite potent. Put it on,” he j£rked his head, indicating I do so.
Almost hesitantly, I pu-ll-ed it over my head. The wooden cross was cool against my ba-re skin. “This is similar to something humans call a rosary, although it is slightly different. It is very old. Wearing it constantly is the best way to utilize its protec-tion.”
I nodded. What did Raziel mean by ‘potent’? I voiced this question out loud.
“A blessed object’s power won’t last forever. As soon as it is put in use, as in someb©dy puts it on, its protec-tion is in place but the power will slowly drain from the object the longer it is worn. This n£¢klace should protect you for a couple of weeks, Skylar. With it on, the vampires can’t t©uçh you, but as it gets weaker, Cain will likely find a way to get past it.” I glanced down at it. Was I just imagining it, or had the cross warmed slightly since it had t©uçhed my skin? The concept of it all was a bit over my head, but after everything I had learned today, I was beginning to just accept what I was told.
“I have other objects that can help protect your packs, at least for a time, but it will take me a few days to fetch them. They’re at one of my more well-guarded places of storage.” I distantly wondered just how many artifacts he had. How long had Raziel been on Earth, anyways?
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“I can’t be away from my pack for that long,” Gabriel grit out. He was staring at my n£¢klace intently.
Raziel frowned. “Could you meet me halfway, then, as soon as I’ve retrieved the items?”
Gabriel shook his head slowly but didn’t say anything. I could tell he was weighing the risks of leaving his pack against the reward of having the blessed items.
“Gabriel, I’m not sure how soon this Ritual is, but as it approaches, the vampire attacks will likely increase in frequency. This is the only protec-tion I can offer, since I no longer have any of my…abilities.” I felt my heart skip a beat at the thought of vampire attacks. I couldn’t bear to witness another scene like Riley’s death.
“I hope that what you have is worth it.” I could tell my Mate’s thoughts were following a similar pattern as my own.
“I’ll contact you the usual way,” Raziel replied, nodding in response. I wondered how they spoke when Gabriel didn’t have a telephone or anything similar.
“What else do you know about this…Ritual?” Gabriel asked. I noticed he was avoiding my gaze as much as possible, although for some reason I felt like he was ashamed, instead of aloof like usual. I felt a small pang and quic-kly diverted my thoughts to the conversation at hand.
Raziel’s countenance had darkened considerably and he sighed heavily. “Unfortunately, not much. I’d heard whispers and rumors of there being such a Ritual, but it wasn’t confirmed until the vampires started chasing Rebekah.” Gabriel’s shoulders tensed at the mention of his mother’s name.
“So you can’t tell us anything?”
Raziel’sl-ips thinned. “The one person, the only person I know of, who found out the more inti-mate details of the Ritual is lying inanimate, locked inside her own mind.”
My mouth opened slightly in surprise. “So she…Rebekah, she learned something about it?”
“After she left her pack and found the geneticist, she devoted every waking second to studying the Ritual and the vampires. Rebekah often endangered herself recklessly to get information. She wanted to know how to st©p the Ritual from happening. She was taking the medicine to kill her Wolf more as a safeguard, if the vampires caught her. Although, honestly, I think she knew it was inevitable. Cain always finds his prey.” I had to look away as I could see the sadness bright and visible in the Angel’s expression.
“Why didn’t she tell you what she found out?” Gabriel demanded.
I saw a flash of sorrow in Raziel’s icy gaze. “She kept minimal contact with me at first. It was safest that way. She stayed away from anyone who knew about you, and she kept away from me because she didn’t want the vampires to know where I was in case they caught onto her scent. She was too nosy at times, and eventually it caught up to her.” His face ha-rd ened. “Cain eventually found out that the hybrid he was pursuing wasn’t just fleeing him…she was prying into his de-epest, darkest secrets.”
I could tell Raziel had no de-sire to talk about this, and truthfully I felt a bit guilty, but this was my problem now; it was my family’s problem, and both of the packs’ problem, too. We had a right to any information he could provide.
“Rebekah had a big breakthrou-gh just before she died. It was important enough that she wanted to share it with me, in case she didn’t make it. She told me to meet her at a certain place in three days’ time. If she thought the vampires were tailing her, she wouldn’t show up, but if not…well, Rebekah planned on telling me everything she knew.”
Gabriel had stilled. I could tell he hadn’t heard all of the details of this story before. I felt pity for him, having to hear about his mother like this. Despite his mixed feelings for Rebekah, she was his flesh and blood. That had to mean something.
“I waited for hours at our meeting place, but instead of Rebekah, the geneticist showed up. He said that Rebekah knew the vampires were going to catch up to her. She was going to administer the rest of the medicine. I was worried that she hadn’t calculated right, that it would kill her. The geneticist led me to her.” His voice had taken on a bitter edge. “I showed up right as she died. The vampires were there, too. I hid and watched as Antonio, the vampire that does a lot of Cain’s “dirty work”, threw a fit that the ‘hybrid bit-ch’ had killed herself. They took the human geneticist with them and left Rebekah there on the pavement, cold and lifeless. I couldn’t leave her there.”
If I wasn’t mistaken, Raziel’s hands were shaking as he relived the memory. I had to fight back a lump in my throat. I also noticed that he had a very strange expression on his face and his mouth had twisted as he spoke about the vampires leaving Rebekah on the pavement, almost as if he was holding some details back.
“I went to bury her, but it was then that I realized she had revived…well, slightly. She had been lifeless for a short time, but her Angel bloodline brou-ght her back from the brink of death. I couldn’t bury her while her heart still beat, however slowly. You know the rest.”
I was amazed at Gabriel’s composure as he spoke. “Did the geneticist tell the vampires about my Pack’s location? Is that how they found me?”
Raziel shook his head, slowly. “Rebekah never told him about you. She never told anyone else. She couldn’t risk someone being captured and tortured and telling the vampires everything.”
“David said my mother loved him. The geneticist, that is. When he went looking for her he found them…together.” His voice was cold, but I could tell Gabriel was just ba-rely masking his anger. It did not miss my attention that he didn’t call his father ‘dad’ or anything endearing.
I wondered if this was the reason David hated humans so much. Because of the geneticist that ended up with David’s Mate. There had always been rumors about the Black Mountains Pack preying on them. The notion was unplea-sant so I brushed it aside.
Raziel’s face softened and I saw a fli-cker of sympathy. I could tell Gabriel noticed it, too, and did not appreciate the emotion.
“She didn’t have a Mate anymore, Gabriel. She didn’t intend on falling in love with the human. But if she did, you have to remember she was out of t©uçh with her Wolf.”
I felt my stomach plummet. So if Gabriel’s mark faded after we Mated….would he eventually fall in love with someone else? The thought was horrifying and I vainly tried to overcome the rush of pain that struck me. Judging by Gabriel’s expression, he knew exactly what I was thinking.
“We nee-d to leave now. I have to get back to my pack,” He said shortly.
Raziel seemed displea-sed with the turn the conversation had taken but he simply nodded. With a glance at me, he indicated we lead the way and the three of us made our way to the entryway of his house.
Gabriel opened the door without a word and strode ahead. I half-heartedly thanked Raziel for his hospitality and moved to follow my Mate but Raziel caught my arm, pu-lling me back. I looked up into his piercing eyes, taken aback as usual by the intensity of his gaze.
“Skylar, it is imperative that you do not say anything about this. To anyone. You cannot speak of me, of Gabriel’s lineage, and especially not about Rebekah. The vampires think she died that day. She’s the only leverage we have, especially if we can wake her up one day and she can tell us everything.” He didn’t look too confident in the idea, but Raziel continued anyways. “We cannot risk word getting out in any way, so it is just best to remain quiet.”
I knew my family would demand an explanation for why I was returning home so downtrodden and confused. Alpha Brett, too. I un-derstood why this nee-ded to be kept a secret but I would have to be very careful; if I was too reluctant to give information, and Alpha Brett caught on, he could just Command the information out of me.
“plea-se, Skylar,” Raziel asked almost pleadingly. It was strange, to think that an Angel, a Holy Being was practically begging for me to do something. “If you tell someone, you’ll only put them in danger. Cain will not shy away from torture to get the information he requires. He obviously knows about Gabriel, but others do not have to. Not until it is absolutely necessary.”
After a few more seconds of silence, I slowly nodded. He was right; I could only imagine Alpha Brett’s reaction if he found out about Gabriel. Plus, it wasn’t my secret to tell. I could only hope that withholding the information would not put my family and friends in more danger.

The drive home was tense, miserable, and agonizing. The more minutes Gabriel and I spent together, the stronger I felt the pu-ll. Yet now that I knew everything I didn’t dare get closer to him. I couldn’t, not until I sorted everything out in my head. Sitting a few feet away from him was torture, and I was sure he felt the same way I did.
I slumped down in my seat, resting my head against the cool window. My Wolf emanated soft whimpers every few moments. I had never felt her like this before. It wasn’t the sharp, agonizing pain I would anticipate [email protected]£ with rejection; this was more of a slow burn, setting my nerves into an agitated frenzy. Knowing everything about Gabriel’s past and knowing that there was a strong possibility he wanted me too did nothing to calm my hor-mones. Every time our close proximity would get the better of me, I would just envision the two possibilities that [email protected] and that sobered me up immediately.
I nee-ded to be away from him. I nee-ded to think. But despite my de-sire to be alone, thoughts continued to as-sault me. My Wolf just couldn’t wra-p her mind around the options.
He’s ours, my Wolf said, desperation evident in her tone. Those were the first coherent words she’d spoken in a while. I don’t want to let him go.
It’s almost like a cruel joke. We get the most emotionally isolated and [email protected]!ngMate on this side of the continent. Then once we see past all of that, we learn there could be horrible consequences if we follow our instincts.
I don’t know if I can let him go, she said, softly. Wolves were proud and noble creatures beyond measure, so to hear her sound so subdued and resigned was unsettling to say the least. His mother fell in love with someone else after the bond faded. What if that happened to us?
I bit myl-ip, ha-rd , to prevent any sort of sound from escaping as I felt yet another pang in my che-st. He said he’d never do what she did. He’d never leave us, I replied softly, somewhat uncertainly.
He wouldn’t leave. I’m sure of it. But if his Mark faded he’d never feel about us the way we feel about him was her quiet response.
That was true. If his Mark faded, that would mean the Angel side of him was dominant, and thus rejecting us entirely. His Wolf would no longer care for us. The way he’d made the situation sound with Rebekah and his father, there would be no affection left if the Mating pu-ll disappeared. Gabriel’s human side may never be capable of loving me if his Angel blood repelled him; even if he could, it would be a mere echo of what the Mating bond entailed, and my Wolf would be irreparably broken.
How DO we feel about him? I mean, I’m not even sure what I’m feeling right now. My eyebrows furrowed. I’d yet to take a step back and really examine exactly what I was feeling.
If you decide to reject our Mate, I’ll never want another, She said adamantly. I expected nothing less. A Wolf only had one designated Mate their entire lifetime. Even if, years and years into the future, I found another, my Wolf would never grow truly attached to them.

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