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My black knight Episode 24

And then some S-xual Tension
👇👇👇 Enjoy!!! 😃
Make Sure To re-ad The A/N at the end of the Happen…..🙏
🎴Happen 24
As Produced By Sheriff Squinty
Theme: se-duction
To avoid any further conversation I quic-kly hurried into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind me. Just a moment later I was preparing to str!p off my attire and step into the shower when I realized something.
I hadn’t brou-ght my clothes into the bathroom with me.
I mentally swore, realizing in my haste that I had forgotten to gr-ab night attire. I strode back towards the door of the bathroom, prepared to walk right back out and fetch clothes before coming back in here and undressing, when a sudden thought st©pped me.
You shouldn’t go get clothes. You should just go out in a towel after you shower, my Wolf said, and I detected a mischievous lilt in her tone. I blinked, the idea causing a blush to rise on my cheeks.
Go out there in only a towel? That’s ha-rd ly decent!
You think he will have such an easy time re-sisting you in that?
What, you mean…s£dûç£him? The thought was almost appalling, not because of Gabriel, but because I just knew I’d be an awful se-ductress.
No, just show him what he’s missing. Our Mate should want us, my Wolf said firmly. I could tell her pride had been insulted by the two-be-d thing and this was her way of getting Gabriel back.
I chewed on myl-ip, contemplating. It may not be wise to behave like that when Gabriel was so volatile. On the other hand, he may not even notice. Did I want to find out how he would react? Would he be tem-pted?
He deserves to be tem-pted after how he spoke to us and how he’s been treating us, my Wolf continued. I admittedly agreed with that. I wasn’t sure how he would behave if I walked out there, glistening from my shower and clad only in a towel, but a large [email protected] of me wanted to find out. He was our Mate but he was acting like he wasn’t even attra-cted to us. I deserved to find out if he at least felt
something beyond overprotectiveness.
I had made up my mind. I would deliberately not go get clothes.
Besides, I had just made a big show about storming off to take a shower, as childish as it was. I really didn’t want to walk right back out there and deal with Gabriel again, at least not before I relaxed a bit with the warm water running over me.
I stepped into the shower, closing my eyes and taking a de-ep breath as I finally let some of the hurt wash over me.
I just didn’t un-derstand. I was so ridiculously attra-cted to every [email protected] of Gabriel, from his dark and brooding features to his muscular physique, yet he seemed to feel nothing close to the same. Or, at least, he was able to brush it off much easier than I was. Granted, I wasn’t as beautiful as some other she-wolves, but I was still his Mate.
On t©p of that he could be so short with me, often bordering on cruel. I had seen true flashes of emotion in him but he seemed to be trying ha-rder than ever to turn his feelings off. He was succeeding, because I had been just about to leave him when he took me on this trip. If I didn’t get the answers I wanted I wasn’t sure what I’d do.
With these perturbe-d thoughts I soa-ked for a few more minutes, washing and conditioning my curls with the shampoo and the conditioner provided by the h0tel, as mine were still out in the room in my bag. My hair would be exceptionally difficult to deal with later, but I pushed the thought aside. I quic-kly scru-bbe-d my b©dy down with a bar of soap before turning the water off and gr-abbing one of the thin towels, wra-pping it around my small frame. Stepping out, I saw I had completely fogged the mirror up with the curls of steam rising from the h0t water.
I ru-bbe-d the humidity away, observing my appearance. My face was slightly flu-shed with the heat of the shower but I still looked pale; the terrible lighting did nothing for my complexion. My eyes stood out in my white face, giving me an almost haunted appearance.
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It was time to leave the bathroom and face the consequences of my deliberate decision not to bring clothes in with me.
I wasn’t good at this sort of thing, but I convinced myself that all I had to do was walk out there and act normal, as if I wasn’t even aware that I was in a thin towel.
Taking a de-ep breath I pushed the door open and stepped out, the cool air of the room raising goosebu-mps on my ba-re skin. Averting my gaze from Gabriel as if he weren’t even there I walked across the room, ignoring my pounding heart. I made my way over to my be-d as if I were going to look for clothes. I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it but I could’ve sworn I felt two dark eyes fixated on me from the be-d were Gabriel was going to sleep.
Almost nervously I held onto my towel with one hand while I [email protected]£d my wayward hair with the other, pu-lling it away from my face and tucking it behind me so I could see. I deliberately pu-ll-ed the towel up another inch or two to expo-se more of my legs, wondering if I was doing any of this right.
There was a blur of movement and a rush of air, and suddenly I found myself slammed against the wall nearest my be-d.
My breath left me in a [email protected] of air and I ba-rely held onto my towel as I looked up in surprise to see Gabriel towering over me, one of his hands on each of my ba-re shoulders as he pressed me into the wall. His eyes were [email protected]!ngly dark and there was a hunger in them that I had never seen before. Heat seared from his hands’ contact with my ba-re skin, sizzling throu-ghout my b©dy.
Gabriel lowered his head to the side until his face was but a couple inches away from my n£¢k. It was a position oddly similar to the one on the first night we’d met and I shivered at the memory and his proximity. Slowly, Gabriel took a de-ep breath of my scent and I heard him growl softly, intensely. His expression appeared entranced, as if he weren’t in full control of himself. I wondered how close his Wolf was to taking over.
“Why are you doing this?” He asked, his voice much dee-per and huskier than normal. The sound of it set my insides on fire and I squirmed.
“I-I don’t-” I began to stammer, my voice coming out breathlessly. I cut off, unsure what I was going to say anything, too distracted by my raging hor-mones. Gabriel’s che-st was a half foot away and I just wanted to reach out and run my hands down his torso, the outline of his muscles visible even throu-gh his shi-t.
Gabriel lowered his head further, hesitating a bit, extremely tense. There was a scant inch between hisl-ips and the side of my n£¢k now. I wondered if he was having a mental battle with his Wolf. Slowly he re-leased one of my shoulders and moved his hand up into my we-t hair, gripping the back of my head in a firm grip.
I wanted his mouth to make contact with my skin so desperately that I was nearly [email protected] for it. At this moment I was so blinded by my lvst and want for him that I forgot all about his curt behavior earlier, the cruel words he had said to me the night before. All I knew was that in this moment he wanted me, and he was having a ha-rd time denying his attra-ction to me. It was the first time I felt like Gabriel was as attra-cted to me as I was to him.
I knew that later, I would regret this moment of weakness when I was supposed to be giving him the cold shoulder. But right now, my s-en-se of logic was not in control.
“Gabriel…” I managed to whisper, my voice so contorted by lvst that it was ba-rely recognizable.
The sound of his name escaping myl-ips seemed to put him even more on edge, for another hungry growl emitted from his che-st. In an abrupt movement, as if he was doing it before he could think it throu-gh, Gabriel closed the distance and began to k!ssthe side of my n£¢k. His mouth skimmed from the area un-derneath my jawline, trailing down along my n£¢k until hisl-ips brushed my collarbone. I felt a trail of fire from where hisl-ips t©uçhed, my skin h0t and feverish. I [email protected] despite myself at the s-en-sation and felt warmth pooling in my belly. I stood on my ti-ptoes to press my skin even more firmly against his mouth, craving more as my Wolf yipped feverishly in the back of my mind.
As Produced By Sheriff Squinty
Gabriel’s mouth obliged, k!ss!nghungrily on the side of my n£¢k before sliding down onto my expo-sed shoulder. He pressed his ha-rd b©dy against mine until I was even more firmly pinned against the wall. I reached one hand up and tangled it in his dark hair, reveling at the softness of the strands. Every muscle in my b©dy was on fire and I was nearly incapable of coherent thought at that point.
Gabriel’s mouth grew firmer on my skin as it moved across my collarbone. His k!sses were dee-per, more lingering, as if he were savoring the taste of me. I let out a strangled noise as I felt the brush of his ton-gue along the crook of my n£¢k, leaving another trail of heat. He let out a husky sound of approval, and it was then that I felt the sharp prick of canines on the side of my n£¢k.
I tensed despite myself, a small [email protected] escaping myl-ips. Was he going to Claim me, here and now? My thoughts began a frantic whirlwind as my b©dy craved Gabriel’s bite but my mind was trying to process everything that was happening. I wasn’t re-ady.
As if my b©dy’s reaction had brou-ght Gabriel to his s-en-ses, he suddenly froze, every muscle going rigid. His mouth abruptly moved away from my n£¢k and he quic-kly took a step back, re-leasing me. His dark eyes were churning with a multitude of emotions, but there was one predominant among them: horror. This horror was quic-kly replaced by anger, although I wasn’t sure who it was directed at, and Gabriel spun away, clenching his fists so ha-rd his knuckles turned white.
“GODDAMMIT!” He swore furiously. I felt a tremor of worry, quic-kly replaced by pain. Did he really regret it alre-ady? Pain sh0t throu-gh me at the notion, even though I knew it was [email protected] my fault for tempting him in the first place. On the other hand, it wasn’t like I f0rç£d him to press me up against the wall and k!ssme.
Still, I should’ve have done it. I should have expected him to react like this. I mentally swore at my own impulsiveness.
Gabriel swore again, looking like he was going to punch something as he ran a hand throu-gh his alre-ady disheveled hair in agitation.
He spun around, eyes locking with mine. There was a fire burning in them.
“Goddammit Skylar! Why did you have to do that?” He demanded, fury evident in every line of his b©dy. His accusatory tone stung, but at the moment I was too stunned by the intensity of his anger that I couldn’t even feel defensive.
I recoiled, pressing myself against the wall, stomach fluttering with fear. “I didn’t-” I began feebly, but he cut me off.
“I told you it was better for us, for YOU, if we stay [email protected]!” His voice was still incredibly loud and I was worried the people next door would hear. I winced at his words, my Wolf whining at the thought of staying away from the Mate that had made her feel so blissfully happy a moment before. Gabriel turned around and r0ûghly shoved a chair out of his way as he stormed to the bathroom. It t©ppled to the ground with a loud thud and I flin-ched.
“But I-” I tried again.
“Put some fv¢king clothes on!” He snapped in fury over his shoulder, ma-king his way into the bathroom and slamming the door loudly behind him. The whole frame shuddered from the impact and I was worried he had broken something.
I heard the shower turn on but I could only just stand there, standing numbly after him. The s-en-sations of Gabriel k!ss!ngthe side of my n£¢k kept repla-ying over and over again, the way he’d filled me with a fire I’d never felt before. The husky growl of approval…
But then the fury in his expression was like nothing I’d ever seen. It’d been mixed with horror, regret and, worst of all, worry. He truly thought it was a mistake. Whatever his reasons, he still thought that k!ss!ngme was a mistake.
Trying to fight back tears, I slowly changed into my pajamas and then slid into be-d, not bothering to turn off the small lamp beside my be-d. I wriggled un-der the covers, trying to fight away the rising pain. The one time Gabriel and I had any sort of inti-mate contact he had ended up almost losing it. He had been horrified with himself. I vainly tried to see it from his side, as Gabriel had said he had his reasons, but I kept coming back to the fact that it was not natural for my own Mate to have that kind of reaction to k!ss!ngme. And he hadn’t even been k!ss!ngme on thel-ips!
I turned on my side, away from the bathroom, resting my head on my hands. I wanted to leave now. I wasn’t even sure I could bear seeing him again after that. He’d made me feel so complete and perfect before throwing the whole thing away like it didn’t matter. How could we ever truly Mate if he lost it over the first hint of physical contact?
I wasn’t sure how I would handle seeing him tomorrow. I felt my Wolf’s misery; she didn’t un-derstand how he could go from wanting us to nearly hating us in such a short time span. It seemed that any possible progress I could ever have made with Gabriel was now completely erased. Normally the way he yelled at me would have infuriated me, but I was too hurt and befuddled at the moment to feel any sort of anger. That would probably come tomorrow as soon as I regained some semblance of control.
Despite my attempts to hold the sadness in, I felt one rebellious tear trickle down my cheek. I angrily wiped it away.
How pathetic am I? I demanded, not really expecting my Wolf to answer that. She attem-pted to soothe me but her level of agitation was evident.
I should never have tried that, I continued morosely, although the physical side of me didn’t regret it one bit.
I knew I was being self-pitying. The logical [email protected] of my [email protected] reprimanded me for acting so weak, but I pushed it aside. For once I wanted to wallow in pity before I had to make the most heart-wrenching decision of my life.
The shower was still going in the bathroom. I really did not want to see Gabriel again after what had happened, but what else could I do? He’d said the vampires couldn’t track us here but after what had happened in my room, there was no way in hell I was slee-ping anywhere alone. I found myself wishing that my parents, Maria, or even Will were here. Someb©dy I could talk to about this whole situation, ease the pain a little bit. My poor Wolf was trying not to be broken down by Gabriel’s constant rejections, at it went against everything in werewolf nature, but I knew she was growing tired.
I squee-zed my eyes shut, deciding to fake being asleep in preparation for Gabriel exiting the bathroom. I was not going to deal with him right now. Tomorrow, there would be no more attempts at a conversation with him no matter how awkward the silence was, and I certainly wouldn’t try to tempt him again.
I could only hope that whatever I learned tomorrow would bring some clarity to the situation…if it wasn’t too late.


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