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My billionaire husband Episode 5 & 6

🌹 My billionaire husband 🌹
Chapter 5 🌻
~ Katharine ~
I woke up the next day and tidied up.
I went downstairs to get something to eat.
I walked into the kitchen and gathered some ingredients.
I’ll just eat vegetables…… Collard greens.
After filling my stomach with collard greens, I left the kitchen and sat on a couch.
I kept tossing and turning, feeling bored.
I switched on the TV but switched it off cause I wasn’t interested.
I wonder where Damon is.
I hope he’s alright.
I felt so disturbe-d and uneasy cause I don’t know where Damon is.
I got up and went to his room but he wasn’t there.
I checked every possible place that a human could be in the mansion but couldn’t find him.
OK now I’m scared.
Chill Kathe, he probably went to the office.
I’ll call his office to know.
But why am I so worried about him?
I mean if it was me, he wouldn’t bother about my whereabouts.
OK he will cause in the means to his so called company blah!
And I’m also the one in love with him and he isn’t so my feelings are my problems.
I took my phone to call his office but the door bell rang.
He must be the one.
I heaved a sigh of relief and opened the door.
My hopes were shattered when I saw that blondie bimbo.
What’s her name again? Pipe… No Piper..
“Damon sweetie ” she called and pushed me aside so she could come in.
“come back here “I said between gritted teeth and pu-ll-ed her back.
Waoh! I’ve got strength!
She folded her hands round her che-st, glaring at me.
“this house isn’t for sluts like you so get out ” I said sternly, loosing my temper every pas-sing second.
She scoffed as if my words didn’t get to her.
“whatever “she seethed and tried to walk past me but I pu-ll-ed her back.
This time she yanked her hands off my grip, pushing me in the process and I landed on my bu-tt.
Ouch! That hurts.
“listen bit-ch! You’re just here for the company contract and nothing more so know your limits ” she remarked.
I got off the floor and pushed her ha-rd .
She gro-an ed angrily and attem-pted to hit me but we heard Damon’s voice and she st©pped.
“Wo Wo Wo! What’s going on here ” he asked, descending the stairs.
Wait! He was in the house?
I think I nee-d a nap to know everywhere in this mansion.
“this bit-ch here [email protected] me ” she lied, going to Damon.
She stood beside him, feigning hurt.
“you’re the bit-ch here dweeb ” I corrected.
“now Katharine, do I have to teach you to behave with visitors ” he asked and I arched an eyebrow.
“special visitor ” he remarked and Piper blu-shed at the mention of “special “.
I rolled my eyes and turned my back on them.
I heard their footsteps going up and I sighed.
I slumped down on the couch and a tear slid down my cheek but I quic-kly wiped it off.
I took my phone and texted Olivia to come meet at a cafeteria right now.
I climbe-d the stairs, heading to my room.
Almost at Damon’s room, I su-cked in a breath knowing I’m gonna hear [email protected] s and that’ll break me.
It hurts.
But what do I care? I walked past the room and to my surprise, I heard nothing.
Whatever! They’d still do it anyway.
After dressing up, I took my bag and left.
~ Damon ~
Piper and I went to my room and I sat on the couch while she stood, staring at me.
She knew something was off, I was angry.
She stood, staring at me as she waited patiently for me to speak up.
“why did you push her ” I asked softly, trying very ha-rd to surprise the anger in me.
“who ” she asked innocently and I scoffed.
“why did you push Katharine ” I asked between gritted teeth.
“she [email protected] me ” she lied, defending herself.
“I don’t care, just never hurt her again “I remarked sternly.
“isn’t she here for the company contract only “she asked.”
“of course ”
“so why do you care about her, you’re starting to treat her special ” she seethed.
She smiled and sat on my [email protected], looking at me se-ductively.
“or is she more ” she asked.
“no, she’s just for the company contract, once I get that company, I’ll trash her ” I blurted and she smiled.
“good ” she said and started str!pping off her clothes.
~ Katharine ~
I sat at a table beside the window, waiting patiently for Olivia.
I sighted her coming towards me with that grin that reaches ears.
“oh plea-se tell me I’m not late ” she demanded and I scoffed.
“has there ever been a day when Olivia Marshall is not late ” I asked and she chuckled.
“now start talking ” she urged happily.
“and yeah, help me talk Damon into letting me stay in your mansion ” she smiled.
I rolled my eyes and la-id my head on the table in frustration.
“you’ll be shocked when you hear all this ” I said.
“will I be in coma after hearing it ” she asked and I chuckled.
“so start” she ordered.
~ Damon ~
“leave me Kathe, let me go ” Olivia gro-an ed, trying to free herself from my grips.
After telling her everything, she says she’s gonna go teach Damon a lesson for shattering her besties dreams and I’ve been holding her back.
“what are you gonna do to him if you go there ” I asked
“I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind and beat some s-en-se into his thick skull ” she gro-an ed.
We were now the trending video in the café cause everyone’s gaze is on us.
After coaxing Olivia not to go, we sat back down.
“are you sure you can do this ” she asked and I nodded.
” and here I was, thinking my bestie was the most lucky girl on planet after a billionaire fell in love with her ” she sighed and I smiled.
After he gets the company he wants, I’ll use the money he pays to rent a better [email protected] for us both ” I said
“I’m always here for you okay ” she shad and I nodded.
She pu-ll-ed me into a hvg.
“I have to go now cause I just took a few mins leave from work ” she said.
“hope you’ll be fine ” she asked
“yeah ”
We hvgged for one last time and she turned to leave.
“and don’t hesitate to come back home if that as-s-hole crosses his limits ” she yelled from the entrance and I chuckled.
Gosh! I totally forgot to order us something
But considering she works at a restaurant, no qualms.
I ordered French fries and ate.
“Olivia ” someone called and I looked up to see Ken.
“oh hey ” I smiled.
He took a seat and ordered himself jui-ce
We chatted for quite some time, exchanged numbers and I left.
I stood by the roadside, eating for a cab.
“hey ” someone called, running towards me and I arched an eyebrow.
He caught up with me and I breathed out an “oh” when I recognized him.
It was the waiter from the [email protected]
“hey ” he said.
“it’s you ” I said and he smiled.
” I’m Lance ”
“Katharine ” I said and we shook hands.
After exchanging numbers with him, I hailed a cab and left.
It doesn’t hurt to make friends.
I arrived home…. Mansion to be precise.
It’s not my home.
Without ringing the bell, I went in to meet Damon and Piper k!ssing.
I coughed so they could notice me and they did.
“have some respect and do it in the be-d room ” I seethed and went up to my room.
I freshened up and la-id on my be-d still full from the French fries I ate in the café.
The wind howled, staring my windows against each their.
I got up and closed the windows.
Looks like its gonna rain heavily.
The thought of it gave me goosebu-mps and I swallowed ha-rd .
I closed my windows and doors and made sure the room was safe.
Thun-der roared and I jumped in fear.
Soon I heard the rain heavily with thun-der roaring and lightening so I ran to hide.
~ Damon ~
I can’t help but wonder why Katharine kept ma-king noises from her room.
She screams softly and it disturbs me.
I left my room and headed to hers.
I knocked on her door softly but there was no reply.
I tried going in but the door was locked.
“Katharine open the door “I said loud enough to her hearing and I heard a little [email protected]
“are you alright Katharine ” I asked but no reply.
“Katharine open the door ” I demanded.
“no ” I heard her tiny voice. It was shaky and hoarse.
Wait! Is she scared? Scared of the rain?
“open the door Katharine, you don’t have to be scared “I said, trying to coax her to open the door.
“just open the door ” I hit the door ha-rd and I heard her faint [email protected]
She’s never gonna open the door like this.
I sighed and went to get the spare key from the store room.
I [email protected]£ back and opened the door.
I entered to find her be-d empty.
Did she leave?
“Katharine ” I called got no reply.
Thun-der roared and I heard her [email protected] Wait! Did I hear correctly where the [email protected] [email protected]£ from?
I turned around and squatter down to see Katharine un-der the be-d, trembling like crazy.
I wanted to laugh but she’d kill me if I even let out a chuckle.
She’s so scared and her facial expression is…. God! So funny!
“come here ” I said and she nodded negatively.
“I’m here with you, nothing’s gonna happen ” I as-sured trying to take her hand in mine but she flin-ched.
“what if the lightening strike the windows and… And… ” she [email protected] softly and I admired her expression.
She’s so cute.
“ssshhhh nothing’s gonna happen to you ” I said and took her hand.
I slowly brou-ght her out and carried her, bridal style.
She curled up in my arms and I held her ti-ght.
I took her to my room and held me ti-ght when she saw my room.
My windows were open and we could see the rain and thun-der in a blur.
“ssshhhh ” I cooed her and k!$$£d her forehead.
I gently la-id her on the be-d and closed the windows, fell the curtains, locked the door and dimmed the lights.
I la-id beside her and pu-ll-ed her close to me with my hands wra-pped ti-ght around her protectively.
Her b©dy relaxed in my arms and soon she was fast asleep.
I tried admiring her more as she sle-pt but my eyelids got heavy and I sle-pt off.
~ Katharine ~
I gro-an ed softly as I pressed closer into the warm pillow.
Wait! My pillow isn’t this ha-rd !.
I slightly opened an eye to see Damon.
His hands wra-pped ti-ght around me.
Gosh! How did I get here?
I sat up slowly and sighed.
The only thing I remember is “it was raining and I hid un-der my be-d cause of the thun-der and Damon cane to take me to his room and… And that’s all I remember.
I [email protected] softly when I noticed I was just in my singlet and the sweater I wore was on the floor.
Did we… Did we have……. I mean did he [email protected]£ me?
I looked over to him and [email protected] again when I saw his ba-re che-st.
He was just in his brief.
Why’s my sweater on the floor? And why’s he just in his brief?
That means we… Oh my God!
Chapter 6 🌻.
That means we…. Oh my God!
I [email protected] softly as anger boil in me.
Gosh! I’ve got smokes coming outta my ears.
“get up ” I yelled and hit him with the pillow as tears strolled down my cheeks.
“get you sophisticated dweeb ” I cried, still hitting him with the pillow.
I hit him ha-rd on the face and he sprung up.
“what the…. ” he was saying but trailed off when he saw my facial expression.
“plea-se don’t gimme that look of ” you wanna eat me raw “he seethed and I bur-st out in tears.
His eyes wi-de-ned in shock as he stared at me.
I can’t believe I lost my vir-ginity on a contract!!!
I wiped my tears as anger rise in me.
“you vagabond ” I cursed as I hit him with the pillow.
He sprung up and ran round the room in just his brief.
“you [email protected]£d me ” I blurted out and he [email protected]£ to an halt.
“you educated idiot “I cursed as he stood frozen on his sp©t.
He bur-st out laughing and I got angrier.
“you took advantage of me and you find it funny ” I asked, not believing my eyes and ears.
“chill I didn’t do anything, nothing happened “he blurted out.
“If nothing happened then why the fv¢k is my sweater on the floor and why the hell are you just in your brief ” I cried.
“calm down Katharine, just calm down “he said and I relaxed a bit.
“start talking ” I ordered and he sighed.
“do you feel so-re “he asked
OK that’s a good question and I didn’t think of that.
I’m a v!rg!nand we had S-x, I’d feel so-re but I feel normal.
I nodded negatively as my face turn red in embarras-sment.
“I didn’t re-ad advantage of you as you put it, you were freaking out last night so I brou-ght you here to calm you. Late in the night, you kept tossing and turning cause you were starting to heat up so there, I took off your sweater ” he explained and I looked down in embarras-sment.
“and I’m in my brief cause I always sleep in just my brief” he added.
I felt so embarras-sed to look up at him so I just stared at the floor.
I felt a warm hand raised up my chin and my amber eyes met with his blue ones.
“I wouldn’t do anything you’d not want to do “he said softly.
We stared at each other and ur was starting to get awkward so I looked away.
“I.. I’ll got to my room ” I stuttered.
Alre-ady at the door, I st©pped and turned back.
I took my sweater and hurried out.
Phew! That…. Was… A, it was… I don’t know but it was something and my heart almost exploded.
I got to my room and got re-ady to freshen up.
My phone rang and I picked it up.
“Olivia ” I breathed out.
“are you in an hospital ” she asked over the phone and I arched an eyebrow though she can’t see me.
“why would I be in an hospital” I asked.
“it rained heavily yesterday and the thun-ders and lightening were quite scary so I thought you pas-sed out which you often do whenever it rains that heavy and I know Damon doesn’t care so that’s why I called this moring to check up on you ” she blurted out.
“you won’t believe this Olive but he did care ” I blurted.
“what” she exclaimed.
“yeah he did and I’m grateful ” I said.
“OK I’ll hang up now since you’re alright, don’t wanna be late to work ”
“OK bye ” I said and hung up.
I freshened up and ordered myself pizza.
I ate and went back to my room, feeling bored than ever.
My phone rang and I smiled at the caller ID.
“hey Ken ” I said into the phone.
“hey! I just wanted to ask if we could catch some time together tomorrow ” he said over the phone.
“are you asking me out on a [email protected]£ ” I asked.
“that’s what it is ” he said.
“hmmmm” I hummed into the phone as if contemplating.
“plea-se, I’d really be happy ” he said.
I’ve not really be out on a real [email protected]£, considering the man I have as an husband.
Plus Ken is really fun to be with. S
“OK ” I said.
“so tomorrow 9:30”
“fine ” I blurted out and hung up.
My life!
A married woman going out on a [email protected]£.
Well not to me, I’m not married.
I’m just on a “contract”.
My phone rang again and I gave a blunt look at it.
It’s Lance, the waiter from the [email protected]
“hey ” I said lowly.
“Kathy what’s up “he said over the phone.
Hmm he’s got more enthusiasm.
“I’m good, just bored to death here “I blurted out.
“funny! I’d be given a leave tomorrow so I thought maybe we could spend it together ” he asked. I could s-en-se the nervousness in his tone.
Wow I feel so special today.
“of course since I have nothing to do “I replied.
“thanks, s£nd your address and I’ll come get you tomorrow at 9:25”
“sure, bye “I said and hung up grinning ear to ear.
Wait! Did I just agree to go on a [email protected]£ with two guys on the same day and almost the same time?
OK who should I call to cancel now?
Lance or Ken?
Lance or Ken?
My phone rang again, jo-lting me outta my reveries.
“Kathe ” Olivia breathed out over the phone.
“you won’t believe this olives ” I blurted out.
“what ”
“I’ve got [email protected]£s with two cuties on the same day and the same time approximately ” I said.
“what’s cool ” I asked.
“never mind, you won’t believe I still got to work late and I’m to work extra hours for it ” she sighed over the phone.
“sorry ” I said softly.
“it’s okay, just enjoy your [email protected]£s ” she blurted out, enunciating the “[email protected]£s”.
I chuckled and hung up.
I threw my phone on the be-d and la-id down.
I’ve never been so bored in my life!
Hell yeah I have. Ever since I got married to Damon.
I la-id on my be-d, staring at the ceiling.
My eyelids got heavy so I sle-pt off.
~ Damon ~
I stood at the door of Katharine, admiring her as she sleeps.
Don’t get me wrong, I was pas-sing by and saw her door open so I decided to peek a little.
I didn’t know she had this beautiful side of hers.
She’s so adorable when she’s scared.
I wish it could rain everyday so I can get in my be-d and cudd-leher in my arms.
Gosh Damon! Get a hold of yourself. What are you thinking?
I’m sure I just wanna get her in my be-d like every woman.
Even if she’s not my type, there’s nothing bad in tasting her.
My phone rang so I left to answer it.
~ Katharine ~
I yawned, stretching my stiffened b©dy.
I sat up on my be-d and let my eyes wander to the wall clock.
“Aaaaaahhhhhh!!! ” I screamed out my lungs when I saw it was 17:30.
Gosh! I’m late for work.
I sprung up, running round the room, searching for God knows what.
My door flew open and Damon rushed in.
“what ” he asked as I stare at him.
It then dawned on me that I’m now matured and no more “working ”
I sighed and slumped to the ground.
“nothing ” I said lowly.
“are you sure ” he asked and I looked up at him.
“are you worried about me ” I asked.
Don’t know why I asked but I did.
“worried about you ” he scoffed.
“then why did you come here when I screamed ” I asked.
“cause I don’t want anything to happen to you ” he said and I stared at him.
“I mean if something bad happens to you, I might loose the company contract ” he blurted out and it cli-cked something in me. Anger!
“as-s-hole get out ” I ordered.
“it’s my house and I take no orders “he said sternly.
“but since you’re insisting and I don’t have fun staring at you, I’ll leave ” he said and walked out.
It’s almost night time alre-ady.
I nee-d to tidy up.
My stomach growled and I smiled.
“and I nee-d to feed you as well ” I said, ru-bbing my tummy.
I freshened up and put on my nightwear.
I went downstairs and the aroma and of different food filled my nostril.
I went to the dining and my eyes almost popped out of its sockets.
So many food!
I glanced at Damon to see a sm-irk on his face.
“is there a [email protected] or what ” I asked and took a seat.
He didn’t reply but took his cutlery and started eating.
Tch! As if I care!
I took my cultery and dug into the mashed potatoes in front of me.
After filling my stomach, I belched lowly.
Now that I think about it, did Damon prepare all these?
I looked up at him to ask him but a lady walked in.
She bowed her head to me and started clearing the table.
Ah! I should’ve known.
“let me help you “I offered the lady.
“no it’s Kay ma’am, I’ll handle it “she declined.
“I insist so I’ll help you ” I blurted out and stood up to help her.
“you don’t have to do it, it’s her job and I pay her for it “Damon seethed.
I paid no attention to him as I cleared the table.
“leave it Katharine ” he ordered.
I looked up to confront him but flin-ched when I saw his eyes.
It was dark with anger.
“it’s her job so let her do it ” he ordered and I swallowed ha-rd .
I left the dinning and ran up to my room.
What a svçkup snob.
I la-id on my be-d and wasted no time falling asleep cause my stomach was full and ti-ght.
~ Damon ~
Did I scare her that much?
I left the dinning and went up to my room.
I brou-ght out my phone, contemplating whether or not to call Piper.
I sighed and dropper my phone.
I la-id on my be-d and before I knew it, I sle-pt off.
~ Katharine ~
I woke up the next day, cold and drowsy.
I ru-bbe-d my eyes, yawned and stretched.
I tidied up and did my morning routine.
I looked up at my clock and it was 9:10.
I woke up late!
I left my room and headed downstairs .
Alre-ady at the stairs, I remembered.
[email protected]£!
I ran back to my room to dress up.
After dressing up in a short go-wn that ba-rely covered my knees, I did my make up and went downstairs.
I met Damon in the sitting room.
I stood frozen on my sp©t as he stared at me.
“and where are you going ” he asked lowly but I could see the anger in his eyes.
“Mr Saltzman, wherever I go is none of your business ” I replied boldly.
“really ” he asked and stood up.
The door bell rang and we looked at each other.
I went to get it and Lance was standing at the porch.
he smiled when he saw me.
“what’s going on here ” we heard Damon’s voice behind us.
Damon’s eye darkened more when he saw Lance.
I think he recognize him as the waiter.
We all stood at the door, glancing at one another.
“Tada! ” Ken said from nowhere ma-king me squeal and he chuckled.
He noticed the tension in the air and glanced at me.
“OK what’s going on here ” he asked as the four of us stare at one another.
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