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My billionaire husband Episode 3 & 4

My billionaire husband.
Chapter 3.
~ Katharine ~
I still can’t believe I foolishly accepted to stay and help Damon with his work.
I just couldn’t refuse him and now I’m stuck up here.
I left my luggage at the edge of my be-d and la-id on my be-d.
I’m too tired to rearrange my clothes back in the wardrobe.
I closed my eyes and sle-pt off.
I woke up the next day with a slight headache.
I yawned, got down from my be-d and went to do my morning routine.
Done with my morning routine, I went downstairs and met Damon at the dinning.
Hé waved at me and I rolled my eyes.
So dramatic. He acts as if last night never happened ___ as if nothing happened.
“come sit your bu-tt for breakfast ” he said and I walked over to him at the dinning.
“is this breakfast ” I scoffed.
“yeah ” he replied.
It was just pizza and wine.
Wine in the morning, what a good diet.
Too hungry to argue, I sat down and stuffed some pizzas into my mouth.
“why are you staring intently at me ” I asked with my mouth full as Damon stare at me.
I mean if it’s the way I’m eating then duh!
Last night I didn’t eat anything at the function and when we [email protected]£ home, I couldn’t eat after all the heart breaking words Damon said so I’m damn hungry.
“so about the contract or whatever you call it ” I said and his head snapped up at me.
Tch! What does he think I want to say?
“let’s emphasize more on the contract, I mean the one between us ” I blurted out and he held a blank expression.
“so you want payment ” he said and I nodded.
“after all, marriage is just a legal paper signed and we can also sign some papers to break if off ” he blurted out and I su-cked in a breath.
I know that and he don’t have to remind me that I’m nothing to him.
Our marriage was just legal formalities and nothing more.
“yup ” I said with a fake smile.
I’m really nothing more to this man.
“OK I’ll get everything in paper and we’ll sign it. I’ll pay for as long as you stay for the contract and when we’re done, well sign the divorce papers “he said with no glimpse of guilt and I nodded.
He gulped down the remains of the wine in his glas-s and went over to a couch to sit.
He brou-ght out his phone to make calls and I focused on my food.
I’m too hungry to care about his phone calls.
After eating all the pizzas and flushing it with the wine, I discarded the pizza box and cleared the table.
The door bell rang and Damon and I glanced at each other.
He sat still not re-ady to get his bu-tt off that couch so I went to get the door.
“good day ma’am, these are for Mr Saltzman ” a boy in his 20s said, handing me some do¢v-ments.
“thanks “I said and closed the door.
I walked over to Damon and dropped the files on the table in front of him.
“it should be “ours ” he said and I arched an eyebrow.
“sit your pretty as-s on the couch ” he ordered and I sat opposite him.
He took one of the files and gave it to me.
The file was for our agreement, statement or contract, whatever it is.
I’ll be paid for as long as I stay here and that’s for as long as the contract he wants, lasts.
He’ll pay 15,000 $ a month and the money will be transferred to my account.
I f0rç£d a smile and looked up to Damon.
“is it okay ” he asked.
“of course, I’m fine with the pay ” I said with the f0rç£d smile.
“OK then sign it ” he said.
I picked up the pen that la-id on the table and signed the do¢v-ment.
He arranged the files and got up to leave.
I stood up to go to my room but missed my step and almost fell but Damon’s strong arms caught me just in time.
I breathed out a relief cause had I hit my bu-tt on the tiled floor, I might even be hospitalized.
He held me close to his che-st as I tried to calm my breath.
“are you alright? ” he asked, his arm still wra-pped around me.
I was so lost in him that I could stay like this all day.
I breathe in his scent, staring at his ha-rd broad che-st.
I was trying ha-rd not to run my hands down his che-st.
I thought I’d finally have him after marrying him but no!
“are you alright? ” he asked again and I looked at him from my lashes.
My eyes drifted to hisl-ips and before I knew it, myl-ips were on his.
I k!$$£d him gently with my hands on his che-st.
I thought he’d pu-ll away but he reciprocated and ourl-ips moved in perfect sync.
He pu-ll-ed me closer to his ha-rd b©dy and r0ûghly [email protected]£d my h!ps ma-king a [email protected] escape from the back of my throat.
He asked for entrance and I gladly opened up to him.
He slid in his ton-gue, teasing me.
Oh jeez! He’s really to die for.
Just when our make out intensified, the door bell rang.
“what a perfectly perfect time ” I muttered un-der my breath.
Damon sm-irked and went to get it.
“Piper ” I heard Damon say.
A woman with blonde hair, tiny legs and luscious brea-sts [email protected]£ in.
“hey ” she said and k!$$£d Damon.
My eyes wi-de-ned when Damon pu-ll-ed her to him and k!$$£d her but I kept my cool.
I mean I’m just a means for him to win a contract and nothing more.
The lady which I know to be Piper pu-ll-ed away and her eyes landed on me.
“who’s she? ” she asked as they walk closer.
“hmmmmm not anyone important ” Damon said and they walked upstairs.
I su-cked in a long breath, blinking away the stupid tears that welled up in my eyes.
I swallowed the lump I presume to be stuck in my throat and went upstairs.
Pas-sing by Damon’s room, I heard [email protected] s and I felt my heart sink.
I ran to my room and [email protected] on my be-d.
All my dreams, everything is shattered.
T🌹 My billionaire husband 🌹
Chapter 4 🌻
~ Katharine ~
I gro-an ed softly as my eyes slowly open.
I looked around as the familiarity of my room settled in me.
I sat up on my bu-tt when I realized I had cried and fallen asleep on the be-d.
My face was ti-ght from all the crying.
I looked over to my wall clock and it was 17:50pm …… sle-pt that long.
I washed my face in the bathroom and [email protected]£ out.
I felt bored so I decided to call Olivia.
My friend since college. We lived in the same house until I got married to Damon.
“hey Olives ” I said into the phone.
I expected my voice to come out with glee but it [email protected]£ out low and hoarse.
“Katharine! ” she yelled over the phone, ma-king me squeal.
“you forgot about me, how dare you? Since you got married to that S-xy Greek god of yours, you don’t even call. You’re so caught up in ecstasy that you totally forgot about your bestie. By the way how’s that S-xy [email protected] of yours doing? How was the first night? How long did he last?” She blabbe-d over the phone.
I su-cked in a breath and heaved it out.
Olivia the parrot!
“first of all Olives, I didn’t forget you ” I said when she finally gave me a chance to speak.
“I was so caught up in my miserable shattered life that I didn’t have the chance to call you ” I blurted out and she breathed out an “oh”.
“why would you say that? What happened ” she asked softly.
I sighed and looked over to my table to see a pres£nt lying there.
“we’ll talk when we see each other but for now I’ll hang up ” I said, eager to know what the pres£nt is.
“OK take care ” she said and hung up.
I went over to my table and took the pres£nt.
I tore it to reveal a silver dinner go-wn.
It’s so beautiful.
“you like it ” I heard a voice and my head snapped to the door to see Damon standing there with all his glory.
Why does he have to be so cute.
I closed my eyes and looked away when I remembered what he’s done.
“it’s for a [email protected] that the CEO of the company I want, organised ” he said but I said nothing. Just admiring the dress.
“we’ll live at 19:30 so get re-ady ” he said and left.
There’s nothing I can do.
I alre-ady accepted to help him.
My stomach growled and I sighed.
I’ll eat at the [email protected]
I went to the bathroom and tidied up.
I put on the dress, styled my hair and applied some make up.
I looked at my reflection in the mirror and smiled.
I’m so beautiful.
I looked over to my wall clock and it was 19:25.
How fast time flies.
I took a matching purse with my heels and went downstairs.
My mouth slightly fell open when I saw Damon in his tux.
I blinked ra-pidly and looked away from the evil grin on his face.
“let’s go ” he said and I followed him out.
The ride was quite long and calm.
We got to the [email protected] and alighted.
Damon intertwined my hand in his arm and we dramatically walked in as lovely couples ……… Fake couples.
There were [email protected]£ras cl!çk!ng from all angles and my legs wo-bbled a little.
Damon noticed and slid his arm around my [email protected]!st then pu-ll-ed me to his side.
We went to a round table where I presume all important people sat.
My eyes wandered everywhere looking for something to eat and paying no attention to the boring speech that was going on.
I smiled as some waiters served our table food.
“what would you like ma’am ” a male waiter asked.
He squatted to my mouth level so he could hear me.
“just get me French fries and orange jui-ce ” I said and he nodded.
I smiled and looked over to Damon to see him glaring at the waiter.
My French fries arrived and I smiled at him.
I slowly ate my French fries as the activities go on.
The table was cleared and a man in his 60s [email protected]£ to the table.
I’m sure he’s the CEO of the company Damon wants.
I can’t help but wonder why Damon wants this company.
I mean Damon is a well known billionaire so what the hell does he wants it for?
“so Damon is she the angel that captured your heart “the man said, looking over at me and Damon nodded with a fake smile.
“she’s beautiful ” he complimented.
“thanks ” I smiled.
After the little chit chat, I felt bored when they started talking about business stuffs so I went out to catch some alone time.
“hi ” I heard someone say and my head snapped up to see a cute guy.
He’ll be the same age as Damon if I’m correct.
“hi ” I said slowly.
“can I sit with you ” he asked and I smiled giving him the hint to sit down.
“I’m Ken ” he smiled.
“I’m Katharine ” I smiled back.
My mood lightened up with Ken’s pres£nce.
I found myself laughing at any joke he makes.
I sighted Damon coming toward us and my laughter died.
“we have to leave ” he said, glaring at Ken.
“why? The [email protected] isn’t over yet ” I said, not wanting to leave Ken.
“I don’t care, let’s leave ” he growled.
I looked at Ken to see him a little shaken from the way Damon acted and the glares he’s receiving.
“no ” I stated bluntly.
He hissed between gritted teeth and held my arm, being gentle not to leave a bruise then he pu-ll-ed me up.
“let me go ” I demanded but he paid no attention as he dragged me to the car.
He opened the car door and gently pushed me in.
He boarded the car and drove off in high speed.
We arrived home and alighted.
Damon gave me a blunt look and entered the house.
I wonder what’s up with him.
I went up to my room, freshened up and la-id on my be-d.
I took my phone and texted Olivia where to meet tomorrow at 10:20am.
I dropped my phone and sle-pt off.
~ Damon ~
After having a cold shower to calm my nerves, I put on my brief and la-id on my be-d.
What’s wrong with me? Why did I behave like that?
I was so angry when that waiter at the [email protected] was smiling and interacting with Katharine.
I got more pissed when I saw her laughing with a guy outside and that’s why I left the [email protected] even though it was still going on.
But why did I do that?
It’s her life and I better st©p being pokey.
I sighed and la-id on my be-d with closed eyes, waiting patiently for sleep to envelope and [email protected] thinking why I got so angry when I saw Katharine with that guy.
T. B. C

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